How much does 3.0 Duramax Oil Change Cost?

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3.0 Duramax Oil Change Cost will not be expensive but affordable. Duramax is one of the affordable and easy-maintained engines among all the best performers. So, the oil changing cost of this engine will not be so much for the users.

One needs to maintain the oil change schedule to protect the engine from any expensive harm. However, one can also choose the option to change the oil at home. That will lower the overall cost. Moreover, one can have a look below to know more details on the cost.

3.0 Duramax Oil Change Cost

3.0 Duramax Oil Change Cost

Many people confuse oil with gasoline or petrol when they say, “oil in the car.” Changing the oil, not the fuel, refers to the engine oil, which is a lubricant.  Engine oil, on the other hand, is the substance that maintains the engine lubricated while it is in operation. Engine specifications may include 3.2L V6 engines or 4L V8 engines, with the litter denoting the amount of oil in the tank. This indicates that the engine will be filled with that amount of oil.

When the engine is running, there is a significant amount of metal-to-metal friction, which generates heat. It’s no mystery that the metal will erode and be damaged if there’s nothing to lubricate the metal’s interaction. Also, if the engine does not have oil, there will be flames within a minute of starting the car because of the frictions.

However, the oil in the engine is not forever, it will lose its quality with the use of the car. Once it is all burned out and gained a blackish color, one must change the engine oil. Moreover, every manufacturer added a strict schedule to maintain the engine which includes the engine oil change. Every 5000 to 10000 miles, the owner needs to change the engine oil.

As for the 3.0 Duramax which has a 3L engine oil capacity will also require an engine oil change on schedule. Specifically, the owner will need to do it every 7500 miles. They will require 7 quarts of OW-20 oil for the engine which will cost around $250 to $350. Specifically, the labor cost will be around $50 to $10 and the rest is on oil and oil filters.

If one wants to be more specific about the cost of the oil change or the maintenance of the engine, one needs to know the schedule.

Maintenance of 3L Duramax

MaintenanceRecommended time
Replace engine air filter45,000 miles
Change engine oil & oil filterFor every 7500 miles
Replace fuel filter30,000 miles or 2 years
Replace serpentine beltAs needed
Service engine cooling system150,000 miles or 5 years
Replace the oil pump belt150,000 miles
Replace automatic transmission filter & fluid45,000 miles
Replace transfer case fluidNormal97,500 miles
Severe45,000 miles

Oil and Fluid Capacity of 3L Duramax engine

Engine oil7.0 quarts w/ filter change
Engine coolant 20.2 quarts
Automatic transmission fluid13.0 quarts
Transfer case fluid1.6 quarts
Front differential oil1.15 – 1.25 quarts
Rear differential oil2.1 – 2.75 quarts
Diesel exhaust fluid5.3 gallons

These are all one needs to keep in mind about the maintenance of the engine. However, they need to be careful in the selection of the oil. Most of all using synthetic oil is the best option. There are other options in the oil depending on the situation of the use. If one is expecting a light-duty performance then synthetic oil will do great.

Oil typeFeatures
Conventional Premium OilIt is for the new light-duty vehicle that most people drive on a daily basis. Specifically, the vehicle is used solely to travel from home to the office, or from the grocery store to the child’s school.
Synthetic OilA bit more expensive than standard oil which ensures perfect function in different temperatures. The high-tech engines which have complex mechanisms require this oil type.  
Synthetic BlendsPeople who require the synthetic but cannot afford it look for this type. Because this is a bit affordable and works just perfectly. Crafted with synthetic and organic oil aimed to withstand high temperatures.
High MileageThis one is the longest-lasting heavy-duty oil which oil provides high mileage.  

Overall, one can go for the premium oil option for the Duramax or the synthetic blend will be fine. If one specifically wants to use the synthetic, they can which will benefit the health of the engine. However, there is no need to waste money when the affordable options are doing great.

What are the specifications of the 3L Duramax engine?

The 3L Duramax engine is one of the widely used small engines for average performance. let’s get to know the engine from its specifications.

ConfigurationInline 6
Cylinder bore84 millimeters (3.3 in)
Piston stroke90 millimeters (3.5 in)
Block materialCast aluminum
Head materialCast aluminum
Timing drive systemChains
Compression ratio15.0: 1
Power output277 horsepower (207 kW)
Specific power92.3 hp/L
Torque output460 pound-feet (620 N⋅m)
Fuel typeultra-low-sulfur diesel B20 biodiesel EN 590 diesel
Length908 millimeters (35.7 in)
Width914 millimeters (36.0 in)
Height903 millimeters (35.6 in)
Dry weight212 kilograms (467 lb)

These are all the information one will need to know about the engine and its oil change. Both the engine and its maintenance including the oil change will not cost that much. The good thing is that this is a simply designed engine. So, one can easily change the oil and the oil filter at home. This will cut off the labor cost which is around $100. One will only need to buy the oil and the oil filter. Overall, the decision is on the users to make which one will be better for them.


Overall, it is not a matter to get worried or being in chaos about the oil change of Duramax. Because, unlike many performative engines, this one will not cost so much to the owner. In fact, the maintenance cost of this is an easy going process.

Besides, one can always do some of the maintenance including the oil change at home easily. Hopefully, the readers have already got all the information on the 3.0 Duramax Oil Change Cost.

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