How much is the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Salary in the USA, are all their headwork pays well?

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Among all the countries in the world, the United States of America offers a high range of salaries to aviation technicians. With a fixed requirement, one can earn a suitable range that is 11.3% greater than the state average. Moreover, some of the cities also offer at least 20% more than the national average for AMT itself.

Besides, the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Salary in the USA will easily support the living of a family in any city. Interestingly, the persons working in the defense in this position will earn more since they do not have to pay income tax. Furthermore, one can have more data below illustrated by our experts.

The average hourly pay scale is $31.43 and $65,380 annually. Moreover, one can even earn more than $98,590 with high skills and maximum experience. Besides, Maryland offers $84,240 annually which is the highest and New Jersey offers $81,130 which is the second highest by state. Overall, it will depend on the skills, experience, state, and employer.

Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Aircraft Maintenance Technician Salary in the USA

Talking about the job in aircraft people mostly imagine it as flying a plane or helicopter or attending to the customers inside it. Interestingly, there is so much more than just flying and attending the flight. One of the most important characteristics of a job in this industry is being an aviation maintenance technician. After every flight, that awesome creation of mankind requires maintenance. Since this is directly involved with human life and it is not possible to solve the major problem when it is up in the air, great maintenance by experts is always required.

For this significant job, there is a specific position called aircraft maintenance technician or AMT. Whether one is running an airline business, having a personal, or anything they will need an AMT to make sure that the vehicle is safe for flying. Recently in the USA, there are at least 125440 employment positions in this specific area.

Moreover, this is an ongoing area that has a vital chance to grow at least by 50% in a couple of years. Because the aircraft industry is growing fast with the blessing of technology. Now, people like to go from one place to another by air to save their precious time. In the future, this industry will be more affordable and available to the general public. That opens a huge opportunity for the AMTs.

Are aircraft technicians well paid in America?

Among all the jobs in America, the AMT is one of those that comes with a professional salary. Because they will be working using both their physical and mental strength in this sector. The great responsibility for the safety of life of the passengers, pilots, and flight attends on the hand of those technicians. So, they give their best to do their job which is tiring. So, it is expected that wherever in the country they are working, they will get a deserved salary. 

According to the BLS, the average salary of this position will be around $ 69,470 every year which will increase according to skills and experience. Moreover, lest see the percentile of this specific position to get a clear picture.


So, the entry-level salary of any AMT will be around $38270 annually with minimal experience. Moreover, a person with the highest experience and skills will earn the highest which is around $98590 annually. So, the average of a technician in aircraft maintenance will be 11.3% more than the national average. Therefore, we can state that this profession gets well paid in America. From the entry-level to the maximum, one will get enough to lead a perfect life in this country with their family.

What type of education and skills are required to be an ATM?

We have already mentioned the important responsibilities of an AMT in the aviation industry. Their work is directly related to the life and death of every individual taking flight in any flying vehicle. That is why they need to be highly educated in the related field with skills and expertise. Let’s see the requirements of education, skills, and training for this specific job in detail.

Education and Tanning

Most of the time students decide to be an AMT after their high school degree and joined an FAA-approved technician school to learn and complete their required education. Those schools have the educational syllabus that makes the applicant ready for the FAA written and verbal exam which is one of the most criteria. Though the applicants do not need any bachelor’s degree according to the Bauru of Labor Statistics, an additional degree in engineering, transportation, or related field will add extra benefits to the background.

As for the training, one will have two options. Either they can train themselves on spot in their jobs or they can learn through training in the military.

Other requirements

To become a professional one will have to meet the minimum requirement estimated by the government. According to ECFR, the minimum requirements are,

1. The applicant must have to be at least 18 years old.

2. Need to have a strong foundation in English. They need to have the ability to speak, write, read, and listen fluently.

3. Successfully passed all the prescribed written and oral tests within 24 months.

4. At least 18 to 30 months of practical experience with the procedures, practices, materials, tools, machine tools, and equipment generally used in constructing, maintaining, or altering airframes, or power plants clearly mentioned by the FAA and DOT.

5. AMTS or OJT training.


The job of a Technician to maintain the aircraft requires strong mental and physical skills. This sensitive job is not only based on good academic results but on skills and experience. Including all the requirements we have mentioned above, a person needs to have some specific skills to do well in this job. Those are,


The ability to do the work and maintain every detail is important here. They will have to adjust and fix different parts and nuts of the airplane to exact specifications. A mismatch of an extremely little bit is not acceptable. They need to maintain the exact specific measurement and tension of the nuts and everything else.


Another important skill needed is able to do difficult actions quickly and skillfully with a finger. That means they need to maintain the coordination of their fingers perfectly at any angle and speed. This is highly required to grasp, manipulate, and assemble tiny too big parts.

Highly Observant

The issues of any machine will not be visible all the time and there are plenty of problems that are invisible yet crucial. That is why that technician needs to be a high level of observation quality. They need to understand every noise, color, and change, and analyze them to find out the specific issue.

Mental and Physical Strength

This profession requires both mental and physical strength. Mental strength is necessary to observe and deal with difficult problems easily and quickly. In this job, they will need to carry heavy parts and instruments sometimes which requires physical strength.

Aircraft Maintenance Technician working

Are Aviation Maintenance Technician jobs in demand? 

As we said, the aircraft industry is growing fast and the recent employers who have crossed the maximum age are retiring and the number is huge. That means there are more open places than ever to fill by expert technicians of aircraft. According to the report of ATEC, the recent age group is 30 to 50 years old and 25% of the employers are over 64 years old that means in coming years, there will be at least 35% open place in an existing area excluding the new opportunities that the world is going to have.

After completing all the requirements to become an AMT, the world is open with many jobs in different sectors both nationally and internationally. The sectors where they can find a place with suitable salary and other benefits are,

  1. Commercial airlines
  2. Private companies
  3. Air Force bases
  4. Flight schools
  5. Freight carriers
  6. Military/government
  7. Aviation manufacturers
  8. Local airports
  9. Private aircraft owners
  10. Tour companies
  11. Air Medical

All those industries having aircraft will surely need an AMT because without that person they cannot fly. Before every flight, they have to make sure everything is in the right place for ensuring safety. If there is aviation there have to be maintenance technicians.

Now, the readers are ready to know the different salary ranges of this job. The level of experience, skills, and location of the job will alter the total income. So, we will be illustrating the income in some different categories which will help to capture a clear picture. Most of the salary data below are retrieved from the government estimate.

Aircraft Maintenance Technician Salary in the USA

Top Paying Industry for AMT in the United State of America

IndustryYearly Wage
Utility System Construction$104,740
Legal Services$ 100,390
Scheduled Air Transportation$ 88,760
Navigational, Measuring, Electromedical, and Control Instruments Manufacturing$ 88,090
Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing$ 81,430

These are the most common and highest-paying industry for aircraft mechanics and technicians all over America. Among all, the utility system construction will pay the highest which is around $104,740 yearly.

Which states of America offer a high salary to Aircraft maintenance technicians?

New Jersey1,770$39.01$81,130
New York3,530$37.64$78,290

We have mentioned the five States of the USA with the highest salary rate and employment rates. Maryland is a mid-Atlantic region state near the capital with a vast opportunity for the aerospace industry. This state has at least 8700 active businesses which open opportunities for employment and high salary. According to the government statistic, there are 1750 employees of AMT with an average of $40.50 hourly and $84,240 annual wage rate. Statistically, this rate is 21.2% more than the national average for this specific job.

Moreover, the wage rate in the most popular states New York and New Jersey is also pretty high. Both these cities share almost similar wage rates with Maryland. Specifically, the average AMT salary in New York will be $78,290 and $81,130 in New Jersey.

Cities of the USA that pay maximum to the Aircraft Maintenance Technicians

Metropolitan areaHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
San Jose, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara$41.57$86,470
Baltimore, Columbia, and Towson$41.53$86,370
San Francisco, Oakland, and Hayward$41.28$85,860
Manchester, NH$40.12$83,450
Washington, Arlington, and Alexandria$40.05$83,300
California and Lexington Park$40.02$83,230
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Bloomington$39.74$82,660
New York, Newark, and Jersey City$39.43$82,010
Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and Roswell$39.24$81,620
Chicago, Naperville, and Elgin$38.87$80,860

The highest salary for Aviation Maintenance Technicians is recorded in San Jose, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara which is around $86,470. Moreover, San Francisco is in a third position offering $85,860 to two other cities. Besides, Washington DC and California are almost similar being in 5th and 6th position. The popular city of New York will offer $82,010 as an average yearly wage for this position.

Highest Paying Employer of Maintenance technicians in the Aircraft industry in the USA

One may be searching for the best companies or place that offers a high range of salary with a good work environment and other benefits. As we said earlier that this country is a gold mine for the AMT job, it has thousands of company that offers a good place and a good salary. Below we will be illustrating some of the best organizations collecting data from an authorized job searching platform.

Name of the employerOffered average annual salary
US Air Force$105000
United Airlines$93000
American Airlines$89000
Lockheed Martin$84000
US Army$69000

When it is to joining any government position as an aircraft technician to maintain, people chose either the US air force or the US Army. Luckily, both of them offer a high range of salary. Specifically, the Air force offers the maximum salary which is around $105000 on average with suitable qualification requirements. Moreover, one of the popular airlines United Airlines also offers a suitable salary which is more than 50% compared to the national average. An expert AMT can earn an average of $93000 annually from this airline.

Besides, American Airlines and Lockheed Martin offer handsome earning options for their employee. All of them also provide health and life insurance including family vacation, accommodation, and many more things.

Income Tax for Aircraft maintenance technicians in the USA

According to the US Department of State, all job holders including aircraft technicians needed to pay a regular income tax. The estimated tax will depend on the individual income. Comparing the salary and estimate of the National Finance Center System and Processing Bulletin, the income tax for them will fall in the 22% to 24% range. However, an employee of Defense like the US Army and US air force does not have to pay any income tax.

Lastly, we will compare the average salary range of the AMT profession in the USA with other countries. It is to find out the quality and satisfactory level of the wage in the USA compared to other countries. Since the qualification, afford work criteria and almost everything will be similar, it will be easy to judge the benefits the USA is offering to their Aircraft technicians.

In the USA vs other countries, the average salary of Aircraft technicians

CountryAverage wageComparing
Germany$48,95628.7% low
UK$4500036.9% low
UAEAED 120,000 or $ 32670.7166.7% low
Canada$57,53613% low

Compare to most popular countries for Aviation technician jobs, we can estimate that the USA is one of the best countries that offer a suitable pay range. According to the data in the table above, we can see that there is a huge difference between the US and other countries. There are some facts that needed to be considered when one is comparing the salary of the two countries. However, the difference is huge which justifies the greatness of the USA when it comes to paying the ATM professionals.

Therefore, we can say that the USA offers a suitable salary range to their aviation technicians with so many benefits. All the hard work those people put in from the beginning to all their working life is paid well in this country. So, if one is hunting job in this specific position from anywhere in the world they can consider the United State of America.

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