Average Salary for a Software Engineer Working at Apple, is it fair compared to the other tech giant?

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The position of Software engineers is highly paid in almost every country in the world. Moreover, this is a position that almost every company desires more or less. Mainly companies like apple offer the most favorable salary range for software engineers. The amount will be 56% more than the United States national average. Also, in other countries like Australia, Canada, and the UK the pay range is not less than $65 per hour.

Overall, the average salary for a software engineer working at apple will be high everywhere. Let’s see some detailed data below to get a clear picture.

In the United States, the average salary of a software engineer will be around $170,950 in New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC. Moreover, the salary range will be A$111,700 in Australia and CA$105,907 in Canada. Among all the tech giant that offers software engineering jobs, Apple is one of the top company with the highest wage range.

apple software engineer salary

Average Salary for a Software Engineer Working At Apple

Worldwide, Apple Inc. is one of the giant tech companies that offers electronics, software, and other services related to technology. It is the largest company in the tech world with a revenue of $365.8 billion. This US-based company hires employees from all over the world in different positions. As of the last record, this company has a total of 154,000 employees.

Among all the jobs, the position of Software Engineer is one of the most demanding and hunted jobs. People from all around the world seek this job and apply to get a position. However, only a few applicants can get a chance. According to Apple, they have at least 210,000 software engineers and designers. Moreover, the interesting fact is that they have an open verdict where the fit person can apply anytime for the position.

However, getting a job at Apple as a Software Engineer requires a hell of skill and other qualities. This giant picks the best of the best from thousands of applicants. To be in apple as a software engineer one can have a bachelor’s or even a master’s. The minimum educational qualification is Bachelor’s. However, they will have to have skills and abilities in certain things. For example, in a recent Job advertisement for Apple they stated that they require,

1. High experience with design, development, and maintenance of highly available, distributed, and scalable transactional enterprise systems.

2. Strong software design and development skills

3. Extreme knowledge in OOP, design patterns, data structures, and algorithms.

4. Fault Tolerant architectures, zero downtime systems.

5. Excellent debugging, problem-solving, and communication skills

6. Strong backgrounding Algorithms and Data Structures

Moreover, they have asked for 5 to 10 years of experience in the relevant field. However, for the entry-level position, the experience may not be mandatory or may not be even considered if the profile of the applicant is high. Overall, the decision will highly depend on the recruiting team and their consideration.

It is clear that a person qualifying for this specific position for Apple needs to be extremely talented and skilled. That means that people have the ability to work for themselves. So, why they will come to Apple to give their afford and knowledge to grow this company? Here comes the magic of salary and other benefits offered by apple to the worthy applicant. They offer a fat salary with a high bonus, equity, and so much more.

According to the official profile of Apple in Indeed and the data given by the employees the salary range of this position is satisfactory. The majority of the employees think they are paid and treated fairly. Let’s see the salary range for this position.


The annual average base salary for this position will be around $181,629. However, this will keep changing according to the experience and skill level of the employee. But one can consider it as a base salary and they can expect 30% to 40% more than this with other benefits per year.

As we explained that the experience level of the employee will alter the range of the salary, it is true and valid. Because a person with years of experience will have tons of skills and deserve so much more than an entry-level. Moreover, let’s have a look at the data table below which we have designed with the authentic information collected from Glassdoor.

Experience levelBase SalaryAdditional PayTotal
0 to 1 year  or Level 1$185,676$17,201$202,877
1 to 3 years or Level 2$192,374$19,870$212,244
4 to 6 years or Level 3$194,832$20,828$215,660
7 to 9 years or level 4$199,617$22,060$221,677
10 to 14 years or Level 5$210,374$22,804$233,177
15+ years or Level 6$212,523$22,825$235,348

We can see from the data table above, that the entry-level persons will get the minimum range compared to others. However, employees with a maximum of experience inside the Apple or outside apple will get the maximum range. This is an estimated salary range of apple’s Software engineers. A level 5 software engineer will earn at least $235,348 yearly. However, the pay scale will be different in different countries. We will be illustrating some of the best areas or countries for Apple.

Apple’s Software Engineer’s Salary in the USA

We have already mentioned that Apple Inc. is a USA-based giant tech company. The headquarter of Apple is in Cupertino, CA. Moreover, there are other offices of Apple in a different state of America like Washington DC., New York, and others. According to BLS, the minimum hourly wage of a Software engineer will be $62.48 and $129,950 annually.

As for the apple, the average pay rate for Software engineers is,

Apple Software Engineer’s Salary in the USA

So, an entry-level software engineer in the USA will get at least $89000 which may increase according to state. On the other hand, he or she may earn more than $283000 yearly with a maximum of experience and skills. Moreover, this wage rate is almost 56% more than the national average. So, one can consider that this position offers one of the highest-paying jobs in the USA.

Apple’s Software Engineer’s Salary in India

In India, Apple has four sales offices in different locations. Those are in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon. This giant company also offers a few positions of Software Engineers to Indian’s office to operate the area and specific applications for that country. So, let’s have a look into the salary range for this country.

Apple Software Engineer’s Salary in India
₹1493,116 or $18853.66₹159,897 or $2019.03₹1,599,147 or $20192.52

According to the currency rate and value of India, the wage a Software engineer will get annually here is fair play. Because this will be at least 60% more than the national average of India. Since, this is a minimum range, with more experience this salary can rise at a high rate.

Apple’s Software Engineer’s Salary in Australia

One of the head offices of Apple is in Australia. The location of the office is in Sydney which is one of the most beautiful, rich, and diverse cities worldwide. Also, this area of the Apple industry is one of the well-known offering the best environment, working equality, and high-paid positions. As for the software engineers, they will also get a fair range of wages to have a luxury life in Australia.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the minimum hourly wage rate will be around $62. This will increase with the experience level of the person. Therefore, the wage rate will be,

Apple Software Engineer’s Salary in Australia
A$101,000A$10,700  A$111,700

Compare to Apple’s average pay rate of pay rate in the USA, the wage of a Software engineer in Australia in Apple will be 1% higher. That means employees in that specific position will earn more in Australia.

Apple’s Software Engineer’s Salary in Canada

Apple has one of the huge flagships in Canada namely Apple Canada Inc located in Markham, Ontario. This headquarter of Apple has a huge number of employees with an open invitation for software engineers. Moreover, according to the government of Canada the minimum wage rate for software engineers will be $69.33. Respecting that low, Apple offers a fair salary to their engineers specializing in software. So, the salary range will be,

Apple Software Engineer’s Salary in Canada
CA$105,907CA$5,186  CA$105,907

Even though Apple Inc. in Canada pays an average of CA$105,907 annually to software engineers, the rate is at least 20% lower than the apple average salary. That means compared to the USA or even Australia, the wage will be low in Canada for Apple’s software engineers.

Apple’s Software Engineer’s Salary in the United Kingdom

For sales support, marketing, technical support, and other things there is an Office of Apple in the UK called Apple UK situated in Battersea Power Station in London. They have opened this headquarters recently to support that area. So, they have taken a huge number of software engineers there. Let’s see the salary range they have offered to them.

Apple Software Engineer’s Salary in the UK
$115,617£17,000  $132,640

So, we can say that Apple UK has offered a fair salary to software engineers. This is the average pay rate which will increase for the level 5 and 6 positions. Compare to the salary of the base company of Apple, this is not low but good.

apple software engineer salary vs others
apple software engineer salary vs others

Apple’s Software Engineer’s Salary Vs Google Software Engineer’s Salary

Apple’s Software Engineer's Salary Vs Google Software

Both Google and Apple are US-based companies. However, apple specifically works with the electronics like mobile phones and laptops. On the other hand, google is a company of technology, the internet, and information. As for the salary range of these two companies, one will find similarities because of the location and the reputation. Now, let’s compare the salary range of this specified position for these two giant tech companies.

Experience levelSalary of AppleSalary of GoogleDifferences
0 to 1 year$202,877$227,106-11.4%
1 to 3 years$212,244$238,424-11.6%
4 to 6 years$215,660$239,640-10.5%
7 to 9 years$221,677$246,306-10.5%
10 to 14 years$233,177$258,489-10.7%
15+ years$235,348$260,866-10.6%

According to the information above, the software engineers’ salary range at Google will be at least 10% higher compared to apple. Specifically, from the starting to the professional level, all of the employees of software engineer positions will have a higher salary than Apple. So, we can say that Google will provide more salary and benefits to their software engineers than Apple.

Apple’s Software Engineer’s Salary Vs Meta Software Engineer’s Salary

Apple’s Software Engineer's  Vs Google Software Engineer's Salary
Experience levelSalary of AppleSalary of MetaDifferences
0 to 1 year$202,877$199,5851.6%
1 to 3 years$212,244$216,833-2.1%
4 to 6 years$215,660$223,431-3.5%
7 to 9 years$221,677$229,433-3.4%
10 to 14 years$233,177$241,917-3.9%
15+ years$235,348$244,250-3.7%

Formerly named Facebook, meat is a USA-based one of giant multinational tech companies. Based in Menlo Park, California this company owns Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and some other social media and marketing platforms. Compare to Apple the revenue of this company is less but the salary range is comparatively high. From the information above we can say for sure that the software engineers of Meta will get more pay and benefits than Apple. Specifically, this company operates all its work in software and related field. That means they need to develop and maintain those on regular basis and they do not have to do anything like a phone or something hardware rather than software.

For the entry-level or the starting level, Apple offers 1.6% more salary than Meta. However, for the software engineers above that, Meta will offer at least 3% more salary compared to the other one.

Apple’s Software Engineer’s Salary Vs Microsoft Software Engineer’s Salary

Microsoft is also a US-based giant tech company based in Redmond, WA. This company works with cloud, computers, software, apps, and some other things. As for the salaries of the employees of Microsoft, they offer a handsome range which is more than many giant companies. Let’s compare the scenario with apple to know their differences

Experience levelSalary of AppleSalary of MicrosoftDifferences
0 to 1 year$202,877$211,765-4.7%
1 to 3 years$212,244$224,781-5.7%
4 to 6 years$215,660$231,905-7.3%
7 to 9 years$221,677$239,526-7.7%
10 to 14 years$233,177$252,952-8.1%
15+ years$235,348$255,535-8.2%

From the entry-level to expert, in all positions, Microsoft will offer higher salaries compared to apple. Offering different rates of difference, Microsoft will provide at least 8% more salary to the software engineers.

Apple’s Software Engineer’s Salary Vs IBM Software Engineer’s Salary

IBM the short form of International Business Machines Corporation is an American multinational technology corporation. Another giant technological company is also based in America. There is no wonder why every tech giant is based in the USA.

As we are illustrating and comparing the software engineer salary, we cannot ignore IBM. Even though the revenue of this company is not much the impact and the quality of employee life here are incomparable.

Experience levelSalary of AppleSalary of IBMDifferences
0 to 1 year$202,877$166,54819.7%
1 to 3 years$212,244$176,66118.2%
4 to 6 years$215,660$181,43117.2%
7 to 9 years$221,677$186,62017.1%
10 to 14 years$233,177$196,71516.9%
15+ years$235,348$198,82116.8%

Overall, the salary range of IBM is lower than that of Apple. The starting salary of this tech giant will be 19.7% lower compared to Apple. Also, an employee of high experience will get a 16.8% lower wage at IBM than at Apple. However, getting into IBM is so much easier compared to apple which requires less eligibility too.

Apple’s Software Engineer’s Salary Vs Amazon Software Engineer’s Salary

Many know Amazon as an e-commerce business site where one can buy products. Well, this company is so much more than this. Starting with an online book store this one become one of the biggest tech companies with hundreds of billions of revenue. Specifically, the revenue of this company is almost close to Apple. So, one can predict that the quality of employment will be better here. Let’s compare the salary range of these two companies for the software engineer position

Experience levelSalary of AppleSalary of AmazonDifferences
0 to 1 year$202,877$187,3667.9%
1 to 3 years$212,244$201,6975%
4 to 6 years$215,660$207,9293.7%
7 to 9 years$221,677$213,9843.5%
10 to 14 years$233,177$224,9945.8%
15+ years$235,348$227,1663.5%

As we can see there are not many differences between the salary of Apple and Amazon. Still, apple offers maximum compared to the other one. As for the level 1 software engineers, there is a maximum difference of 7.9% which is lower for amazon. Because of the requirement of that position amazon is quite low than apple. However, the level 5 and 6 software engineers’ salaries of two do not have much of a difference.

As we can see the salary of Apple is comparatively higher than almost every giant tech of America. Expect Google which pays more than Apple, other companies will pay at least 5% to 10% less than apple. It is not like apple is a software company. Specifically, this one is a tech company that focuses mostly on gadgets. However, all the salaries they offer to their employees are satisfactory and worth it

Also, the life of a software engineer is so much flexible with apple. Mainly, in the United States like San Francisco, Austin, and Washington DC the minimum salary of a software engineer in Apple can cover all the living expenses quite easily and they can have a luxurious life even with 5 to 6 family members.

If one is asking how hard the job will be? Well, one will be having a great environment with a handsome salary and many opportunities. Also, the workload of the company is not much to melt the brain. If one loves coding and their job, they will enjoy working at apple. That’s why many engineers choose apple over google even if they offer more salary than apple.

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