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How to Apply for a German Student Visa from Bangladesh? An A to Z guideline for students wishing to have higher education

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Applying for a German student visa as a Bangladeshi student is easier than in any other country. One will have to find a suitable university and a course and get a seat or offer letter. Fulfilling all the criteria such as language proficiency; IELTS, TOFEL or German, block money, health, and travel insurance, and others one can apply for the visa.

If everything is original and the intention of the student is clear, the applicant will get a visa with 3 months to 6 months duration. After reaching their city they can extend the duration of the visa from 1 year to 2 years.

Apply for a German Student Visa from Bangladesh, to get the answer to this question, one will just need to research the internet. It is easy to apply via the online portal of the embassy and the fee is only 75 euros. However, before that, one will have to meet certain requirements.

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How to Apply for a German Student Visa from Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is one of the countries that allow its people to travel to different countries for different purposes. Almost every country of the world has a good relationship with this country and welcomes its people with warm hearts.

Among those countries, Germany is one of the countries that offer different types of visas to Bangladeshis. This country has an active embassy called German Embassy in Dhaka. They process the application of the applicant in different categories. Submitting a legal application with legal documents, people get a call for a face-to-face interview.

After facing the interview, visa officers make the decision thoroughly and carefully. After validating all the documents and purposes, they issue the visa. Among all the applications, the Student Visa is one of the most demanding ones among the students of this country.

Every year, more than one thousand students are going to Germany for their higher studies. They apply for bachelor, master’s, and Ph.D.’s in different universities. One of the main reasons for choosing this country is the quality of education, the huge number of options in university, and the subject of their interests.

Mainly, this country is well known for engineering students of all disciplines. We can predict this by the huge number of giant companies and industries in Germany mainly, this is heaven for mechanical and computer science students.

Because this country is the father of companies like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and more. So, the opportunity of gaining practical knowledge in the field is huge. These are the reason makes this country is better compared to many others.

If you are a student and planning for higher studies in Germany, you need to know things that require to know. Mainly the pre-preparation for a German student visa. Here, things work differently compared to other countries. Mainly, the requirement of the documents and the process of the visa.

Below, I will discuss the whole process in a different section of questions and explain everything in detail. Fulfilling all the requirements, one can easily book an appointment online and wait for further notification from the embassy.

Who can apply for a student visa in Germany?

Any Bangladeshi nationality holding a valid passport can apply for a student visa. However, the applicant must meet all the requirements provided by the authority. They can apply in three categories, graduation, post-graduation, and doctorate. Besides, they have the option of Studienkolleg too.

Moreover, every stage of education has its own rules and regulation to follow while applying. The students must follow all those requirements and prepare their documents according to that before the application.

Application for bachelor student visa in Germany

If one is planning to go to Germany for graduation, there are some rules which are extremely different from those of any other country. Normally, students can directly apply for a bachelor’s in any subject matching the subject of their Higher Secondary Education.

However, in Germany, they follow 13 years of schooling which is 12 years in Bangladesh. In that case, they have to complete one year of bachelor’s degree in any Bangladeshi university first. After completing that one year or 25% of credits they match the 13 years schooling of in Germany.

Moreover, the subject they choose to do one year of bachelor’s has to match the subject they are going to choose in a German university. It is the mandatory criterion to match. If one did one year in Computer science and engineering, they cannot apply to Civil Engineering. It has to be related in any case otherwise the university as well as the embassy will reject the application.

Before applying for an appointment in the embassy, they have to secure a place in any university. The good thing is they have many options for students in both public and private universities. But the problem is most of them have German as a medium of instruction (Moi).

In that case, students have to show German language certification of B2 to C2 level. In the case of the English-taught subject, they will have to prove their expertise in English through IELTS or TOEFL. Besides, they will need a good result in SSC, HSC, and their 1st-year bachelor’s. Specifically, GPA 4 and CGPA 3 are the lowest criteria.

However, securing a place with the lowest result in such a competitive place is hard. So, they need to have a good result to secure a place.

After enrollment in the university, now they are ready to apply for the appointment. However, one will need to have health and travel insurance for enrollment as well as a visa. Also, a block amount of 11208 euros is mandatory to be capable of the application.

Requirements to apply for Student Visa for Masters

The process of applying for a student visa as a master’s student is the same as the bachelor’s. However, there are some differences in the university application. As with the other one, one will have to get an offer letter from any German university for any master’s course. However, the master’s has to be related to the study of the bachelor’s degree of the applicant.

To apply for the master’s course, the student has to complete 4 years of bachelor’s first from anywhere. Also, the CGPA has to be good to get a place among hundreds and thousands of people from all around the world. Besides, the other requirements are the same as the bachelor’s degree application.

Apply for a Ph.D. visa

Applying for a doctorate visa is somewhat different from the other two. The student can either apply directly after their bachelor’s or after their master’s. However, they first have to get a place like the other two. However, the application is different.

First of all, they will have to create a research idea and then convince a professor of that specific field. If the professor like the idea, he or she will assign the applicant as a doctorate student under his or an issue an offer for them.

In some cases, the authority provides all the insurance, accommodation as well as a monthly allowance. So, the applicant will not need any additional insurance and block account for the visa.

How to apply for Studienkolleg in Germany from Bangladesh?

Before going about the application of Studienkolleg, one must know what it means and why one should take it this way.

Specifically, Studienkolleg is a prep school in Germany for international students. Mainly, the people who do not meet the requirements of studying in Germany. They can enroll in this two years of course and get prepared for further studies.

Mainly, students who completed their HSC or diploma and want to move to Germany for further studies can choose this one. The institution will teach the subject at different levels. Those are,

  1. T-Kurs: German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Informatics
  2. M-Kurs: German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  3. W-Kurs: German, Mathematics, Economics, Business, and Sociology
  4. G-Kurs: German, History, German Literature, Sociology, and Statistics

For the application, one will have to show language proficiency in Germany as we can see from the above list. The German language is their main priority at this level and also, the previous educational qualification has to be one of the listed below,

  1. High School Diploma
  2. Baccalaureate
  3. A-Levels
  4. GCSE

After securing a place in the program all the other procedure for a visa is the same as graduation and post-graduation.

What type of documents are needed to apply for the student visa?

The applicant will have to provide all the necessary documents via an email reply from the embassy. After getting the email, they will have 7 days to submit all the required docs. So, it is wise and mandatory to organize all the required things before getting the email.

Those are,

  1. 3 biometric photographs not older than 6 months.
  2. signed visa application form
  3. Passport data page
  4. A valid offer letter
  5. Medium of Instruction of the current degree
  6. Enrollment certificate (All)
  7. B.Sc. certificate and transcript
  8. HSC certificate and transcript
  9. Letter of Motivation
  10. Curriculum Vitae
  11. Proof of language proficiency
  12. Block confirmation with an amount of 11208 euro
  13. Health Insurance
  14. Travel Insurance
Document checklist for student visa from Bangladesh
Figure: Document checklist for student visa from Bangladesh

While facing the interview, one will need to bring two sets of copies of all the listed documents. Also, they will have to bring the original documents of

1. Passport

2. B.Sc. certificate and transcript

3. HSC certificate and Transcript

4. Language Proficiency certificate

How to apply to German Universities as a Bangladeshi Student?

There are different rules for students who did not get their earlier education from any EU country. Bangladeshi students also fall into that criteria. Well, the application for German universities needs to follow a sequential way.

First of all, students have to find their intended degree and university through DAAD. This is the largest database of German education to find the subject for both native and international students. This website has all the required information such as course structure, admission requirements, tuition fee, application time, and more.

After that one will have to apply for the subject and there are two ways for that. Some universities have their self-portal for the application even for international students. In that case, Bangladeshi students can directly apply using the university portal for free.

However, some of the universities ask for applications via uni-assist This is an official organization approved by the government. Their responsibility is to check all the submitted documents according to the university. They will check the originality and whether the documents meet the requirement of the university.

If everything is okay, the uni-assist will forward the application with all the documents to the intended university. After that, the university will provide the final result of the admission. One has to note that, even if the uni-assist forwarded the application, there is a 100% chance to get a rejection from the university.

Because the uni-assist is just responsible to check the documents not deciding on the admission, it is only on the admission and selection board of the intended institution. So, one must make the mental preparation for any good or bad even if that organization forwards the application.

Moreover, some universities ask for written and verbal examinations for admission. It is one of their selection criteria. They will prove an assessment and also take a virtual interview before making the final decision.

If the university has such a requirement, they will mention it on their website on the page of the course application process. Also, they will mention the way and the structure of the question. Sometimes, they change their decision on some special application depending on the expertise of the student and offer direct admission.

What type of language proficiency is needed to apply in Germany as a student?

The language requirement will be needed in two places while applying for the university and the visa. For the university, the language requirement will vary. Mainly, it will depend on the medium of instruction of the intended subject.

If the course is in the German language, the applicant will have to have a sufficient score in the German language taste. In the case of an English-taught course, they will have to match the minimum requirement for that.

Many universities accept an IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent. For some of the subjects which have a high level of expertise or a complicated course, ask for a minimum of 7 in the IELTS or an equivalent score in TOEFL. Moreover, some universities also ask for GRE or SAT.

As for German language proficiency, it can be A2 to C2 depending on the university. However, the minimum requirement of the Embassy is 5.5 in IELTS or B2 in German. However, they will check the university requirement, if the university asks for 7, the embassy will ask for the same. So, one has to make sure that they meet the minimum requirement of the University first.

How much is the application fee for German Universities?

Some of the university that allows application through their portal ask for no fees. That means if the student applies to such universities where they can use their self-portal for the application will not need to pay any fee.

However, most the university ask for uni-assist applications. In that case, one will have to pay a fee. For the first application, the fee is 75 euros, and then for every application, it will be 30 euros for that running semester.

Moreover, some of the universities arrange free applications even via uni-assist. Because they paid the fee to this organization for the students. so, the total application fee will depend on the choice of university as well as the number of universities.

In the German Embassy of Dhaka, the student visa application fee is 75 euros. If we convert it to BDT, it will depend on the euro rate of the day student will face the interview. The Visa Officer will ask for the amount by calculating the rate of that day. It can be 7500 BDT or more or less.

Sadly, there is a long waiting period at the German Embassy in Dhaka. For the May 2021 applicant, the waiting period was at least 12 months. However, after that, the applicant from July 2021 is facing a waiting period of at least 16 months.

email from the embassy mentioned the waiting period
Figure: email from the embassy mentioned the waiting period

How much is the tuition fee in German universities?

German is one of the countries with a highly developed education system and a wide range of universities. Here, there are both private and public universities. Luckily, public universities are free of cost even for international students including Bangladesh.

That university only asks for a semester contribution fee of 90 Euros to 350 euros. With that fee, one will have access to all the facilities including the library and public transportation. However, the tuition fees in private universities are extremely high.

Depending on the subject and the university, it can be high as 30000 euros per year and sometimes per semester. So, one must wisely choose their subject and university while applying.

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