Atlantis Paradise Island

Atlantis Paradise Island: An ocean-themed resort (cost and everything 2023)

The Atlantis Paradise Island of Bahamas, a world-known Caribbean island resort featuring an unlimited source of fun and enjoyment; started at the edge of a generation in 1994. Today it is one of the most lavish touring destinations for visitors across the world.

With a great history and a vivid location, Mother Nature built the island on a great geological horizon. Later, it was greatly transformed and is now known as the popular Paradise Island, Bahamas.

People from all over the world wish to visit the island once in a lifetime. Paradise is not a cheap option at all.

The average per night staying cost for two people in Atlantis Bahamas is $260 at The Coral, $319 for Royal and Harborside Resort, $360 for The Reef, and $600 per night at The Cove.

There’s plenty more to know about the most beautiful scenic spot in the Caribbean. Grab a bucket of desire and let’s dive into the beautiful Bahamas Atlantis Island resort.

Atlantis Paradise Island visit

Atlantis Bahamas History

The collapsing and bankrupt Atlantis Paradise Island started its new journey officially in 1994. It was famous South African hotel magnate Sol Kerzner who purchased the island resort seeing potentiality. In 4 years (1994-98), he created the mythical city of Atlantis; spent more than $800 million to bring life to Paradise Island.  

Kerzner changed the name to Atlantis with the Royal Towers built. A few more hotels and accommodations were made during that time. The resort has had its 3rd phase of construction and infrastructural upgrades done. 

This aqua venture island resort is spacious enough to hold the largest open-air marine environment in the world, 6 swimming areas, countless waterfalls and many lagoons, arches, domes, and spires, Caribbean’s largest casino in the Royal Towers, Temple of the Moon and Temple of the Sun, and a few more luxurious resorts and hotels in the area. It is the combo pack of both adventure and relaxation.

The third phase of investment took more than a billion-dollar budget to make the dream come true. Now the resort is no longer owned or operated by Kerzner. It is being operated by Brookfield Properties and is a member of Marriot International, which is a multinational company and is the largest hotel chain in the world.

A Perfectly Paradise in the Bahamas

What would be the definition of a paradise to you? Atlantis is not just a picture-perfect facility for that, it is a perfect one.

In the Bahamas, it offers you a 5-mile-long white sandy beach of blue, fresh water. The largest marine environment is here; home to over 50,000 sea creatures representing more than 200 species. New lagoons and waterfalls all over the area will ensure endless fun for the time.

Several attractions are placed on every corner of the island. From modern resorts to mythic, legendary structures, the beautiful yet thrilling river across the Island and many more fun things are there. More swimming areas and open spaces to help you roam around and enjoy the natural breeze of the blue ocean.   

Golf, casino, spa, and many more attractions make you feel worth living with happiness and free of boredom. This is a perfect aqua venture and resort island for anyone looking forward to spending a great time with family, friends, and the nearest ones.  

How much does it cost at Atlantis Paradise Island?

Atlantis Paradise Island costs on staying at the resort. A few more attractions at the site need to get paid before you start enjoying them in the first place.

To stay at the resort, you need to book your hotel first. World-class hotels with all forms of suites and rooms are waiting to greet you with a warm gesture.

The usual cost of staying at any of the hotels depends on the type of suite or room you book. There are packages and special offers with discounted prices at this time of the season. The staying cost starts from $212.50 to $600.00 per night depending on the hotel you select. A 3-night trip for 2 adults will cost $1,800 at The Cove, $887 at The Reef, and $625 at Coral. These prices include daily breakfast and suite amenities.

The meal plan from Family Fun Atlantis says Casual Dining costs $85 for an adult per day. Children of 7-11 years ask for $20 per day per person. Below 6 years aged children are out of cost with purchased meal plans by their parents. The Gourmet Dining plan costs $135 per adult and $57 per child (7-11 years)

The Day Pass is a one-day visit to the island resort. From a variety of rides and exciting activities choose yours. We have included the price of the Day Pass and other categories of rides and activities available right at this moment.

cost at Atlantis Paradise Island

Hotels and accommodations

Featuring great locations and views of the scenic beauty of the island, Atlantis Bahamas offers its signature hotels and resorts for tourists. These inner residential apartments and resorts are full of excitement and they all have great dining within or around their fences.

Name, five of their hotels and resorts are well known for their services to visitors. The friendly and helpful gesture makes them popular among others. The very own hotels of Atlantis Paradise Island are,

  1. The Royal
  2. The Cove
  3. The Reef
  4. The Coral and
  5. The Harborside Resort

The Royal is located at the center of Atlantis Paradise. It is an iconic landmark and features the long-lost rising city of Atlantis. Royal Bath and the Dig both are refreshing and adventurous attractions for visitors.

The Cove is between two private beaches. This one is perfect for couples looking for a romantic vacation. With 600 luxury suites, The Cove is another mind-blowing structural phenomenon by men.

The nearby beach is The Reef. Fun is just a few steps away. With three-bedroom suites and a studious mosaic kitchen, Reef is perfect for experienced ones. 

Coral is the choice for those looking forward to spending their vacation with family and kids. Everything you need for all ages is available here. And Harborside Resort features waterside villas that are specially decorated for the seasoned traveler.

Dining at Atlantis

You will find several restaurants on the island offering you delicious food items and drinks. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served by most of them. Dining is available in a few categories under the hood. They are

  • Casual Dining
  • Fine Dining
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Quick Bites
  • Bars and Lounges etc.

No Caribbean vacation is complete without casual dining at the restaurant of Atlantis Bahamas Island. The locally inspired options and chefs of the Bahamas and Nassau cook a delicious environment for your dining.

Fine dining is offering a huge variety of items from all over the world. From sophisticated seafood to innovative sushi, French cuisine to Asian fusion everything is available here on the island.

Quick Bites is full of snacks and fast foods. Whether looking for a late-night snack or relaxing, gossip time light items, everything you will receive in the shortest time. Reserve a table at any of the restaurants to make sure you don’t miss the chance of enjoying your bread time by any means.     


You can enjoy a few more activities on top of your visit to the island. They increase your experience in a good way. Available activities are,

  • Spa
  • Golf
  • Fitness Center
  • Shopping


Award-winning Mandara Spa will be your companion to the body and mind-refreshing relaxation chamber. Available services are facial/skin care, massage, body treatments, hair, nail care, makeup, eyelash enhancements, waxing, and barbering.

Services are available from $45.45 (Add-Oxygen Blast-15 minutes) to $322.73 (Mandara Signature Facial-90 minutes) for facial and skin care.

Massages are available from a $100.00 package to $272.73. Body treatments start at $45.45 to $218.18. Waxing starts at $17.86 and the top-notch package is for $116.07. Barbering has recently been added to the courses that start at $27.27 for the cheapest one and the most expensive is $86.36 for a Pro-Collagen Grooming Treatment with Shave. Looking for a more specific search result of the services and prices? Here is what you will find more help with your query. 


Another attraction and ideal leisure activity will be the Golf at Paradise. With spectacular views of 7,100 yards, an 18-hole par golf course is masterfully designed by Tom Weiskopf.

Here, you get the assistance of a PGA-certified golf instructor. The Ocean Club Golf Academy offers private lessons, group clinics, and on-course playing lessons. The Half day Golf School is open for Tuesdays to Fridays from 8:30 am – 11 am.

The average cost per person for the Half Day Golf School is $220.00 and a maximum of 4 persons is allowed per group. Golf in Paradise will cost you $258.50 and Golf in Paradise Twilight is at $176.00 per round.

Fitness Center

At Paradise Island Fitness Center the daily fitness challenge ensures you are in the perfect shape. Available services are Yoga, Indoor Cycling, Boot Camp, Personal Training, and many more.

Personal Training is 60 minutes long per session and the rates are likely,

1 session$100
3 sessions$255
5 sessions$350

Fit republic group class packages offer the guests the advantage of Paddleboard Yoga, Aerial Yoga, TRX, RYDE Indoor Cycling, and so on. Per class is 45 minutes long and 1-7 classes are available in the package. Prices are,

1 class$53.18
2 classes$81.55
3 classes$105.18
4 classes$128.82
5 classes$152.45
6 classes$164.28
7 classes$176.10

The Atlantis Casino

Atlantis Casino is an innovative addition to Paradise Island. Linking The Royal and The Coral, the world-class casino is equipped with over 700 of the latest slot machines and 85 gaming tables.

The Cove Pool and The Sea Glass are the two terminals for the experienced high rollers and the newbie. Popular games like Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and Baccarat are the main attractions at the Casino.

A few promotions are available at this moment. The New Customer Promotion features a bonus of up to $500 in Free Slot Play. Hot Seat is offering $100 Free Slot Play and a winner every 30 minutes. Hot Seat is open from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm a day.     

You can contact one of the casino hosts directly from here. They are keen to provide the information you seek.

Special offers

As of September 2022, the All-Inclusive Vacation Package is not available.

Rather, you can enjoy all-new Special Offers by Atlantis Bahamas. The most featured offer is the Bundle package. And there are many more to find out on the island.

Bundle and Save

Explore endless fun and access to the most with the ‘Bundle and Save’ package. You can book an air flight and hotel at the same package and additionally can save up to $300! Isn’t that exciting?

This includes an all-access Paradise with the daily resort fee of $59 + 10% vat at The Royal and The Coral, and daily $70 + 10% vat for The Cove and The Reefs included. Services available will be a water park, shuttle service, coffee and tea, reusable water bottles, a fitness center, and Wi-Fi all access.

Fall Getaway Package

This one offers the most of your trip with your money. The Fall Getaway Package gives you the best of Paradise within your budget in this specific season. Now is the perfect moment to escape to Paradise.

Experience the warm tropical breeze, exhilarating water slides, sandy beach, and many exciting and adventurous events at Atlantis Bahamas. The package is available from September 7 and shall continue to December 14, 2022. This offer includes a $50 food and beverage credit and a $50 marine adventure credit. Fall Getaway 3-night package starts from $799 for 2 people.

The rate details of the package are given in the box below.

 Sunday – WednesdayThursday – Saturday
The Coral$799*$899*
The Royal$999 – $1,099$1,299 – $1,499
The Cove$1,499*$1,799

Cancellation is easy and terms will be applied.  

Dates with Hot Rates

A two-night trip to Atlantis Paradise Island heals your mind with happiness and excitement. How good would it be to find discounts even on the average costs?

Dates with Hot Rates may be the most value-for-money package for your trip. The lowest rates of this fall are offered in this package. The given dates are stated below.

September 11 – 14
September 18 – 21
September 27 – 30
October 1 – 6
October 18 – 19
October 25 – 26 
November 1 – 3
November 6
November 14 – 17
November 28 – 30
December 1 – 11

Prices for this package for a 2-night stay will be similar to these_

DestinationCost (2-night stay min)
The Coral$490
The Royal$618
The Reef$648
The Cove$1,150

Couples Getaway Package

‘LOVE IS HERE’ is the couples’ getaway package for those planning a romantic getaway to the Bahamas. Enjoy special inclusions when reserving the Couples Getaway Package. Special treatments like daily complimentary breakfast, a quiet dinner for two, late checkout, etc. are included in the package. 

This is an all-new romantic and enjoyable vacation for couples. This special package offer is valid from 1st January 2022 to 31st August 2023.

DestinationCost (5-night stay min)
The Coral at Atlantis$1,185
The Royal at Atlantis$1,453.75
The Reef at Atlantis$1,513.75
The Cove at Atlantis$2,650

A Little Suiter Package

This package is offering the ultimate luxury to your vacation with lavish suite rooms that come with more than just a view. The clear and shiny beach and the wide view of the ocean will make you feel like Paradise.

Exclusive amenities and perks are nice little gestures with the package. This special package offer costs you a good figure with all prerequisites.

The cost of a Little Suiter Package will be similar to the given ones below.  

LodgingCost per night
The Reef$430.67
The Cove$1,866.67
The Royal$6,005.67

Recent Events and Programs by Atlantis

Atlantis offers a greater interest in special events and programs ranging from musical concerts to hardcore fighting tournaments. We are including the latest and upcoming events by Atlantis, all against the backdrop of Paradise. A couple of events are scheduled as acting and upcoming programs. They are briefly described below.

Warmth, Love, Grandparents

In celebration of Grandparents Day, 11 September is going to be the Kids Sip and Paint Event at the Coral where refreshments and Face Painting are also included. The time of the event is from 12 pm to 2 pm or you can join your kids from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Restaurant Week

Don’t miss the chance to taste the world-class cuisine and items at the restaurants of Atlantis. Restaurant Week is going to be held from October 1st -9th. Enjoy complimentary valet and tolls throughout the week. Olives, Fish, Seafire, and Carmines are going to be the top selections of the week.

All valet and tool expenses will be reimbursed after the spending of $100 or more at any Atlantis restaurant, bar, or lounge during Atlantis Restaurant Week.

Concert Series featuring Sheryl Crow

The music Making Waves concert series is going to take place on October 8th, featuring Sheryl Crow at the Imperial Ballroom. The show time is 8:30 pm.

The concert series will be benefiting The Blue Project Foundation and provide economical support for the welfare of the marine environment at Paradise.

Halloween at Aura

Aura is the only ultimate fun and luxury nightclub in the Bahamas. The upcoming Halloween event at this adult-only club will be intoxicating with DJ Pisano. The sexy and cozy vibe will let you lose yourself. Halloween is going to be scarier here. 

29th October is going to be a hell of a Halloween at the Aura at Atlantis, Bahamas.

2022 Bad Boy Mowers Women’s Battle 4 Atlantis

Women’s battle for Atlantis is a successful tournament by Paradise. And this time it is going to make a 3-day tournament with 12-game on set. This college basketball tournament is getting popular with the succession each season.

The tournament will be held on November 19-21.

Battle for Atlantis Tailgate Party

Battle for Atlantis Tailgate Party offers you a live stream of all tournament games and a live DJ on the outdoor patio. The Women’s tournament Tailgate Party will start on November 19th and the Men’s tournament will be from November 23rd to November 25th. Buy Limited Tickets for the show.

Ultimate Mermaid Adventures

At Atlantis, your kid’s all-mermaid wishes come true. The Ultimate Mermaid Adventure will be taking place from November 22nd-26th. The 3 hours of poolside mermaid adventure will ensure magical fun for your kids.  

Children from 3-12 years of age can have their magical mermaid wishes come true here at Atlantis Paradise. Swimming with mermaids and 

2022 Bad Boy Mowers Battle 4 Atlantis

The 11th-year celebration of the elite collegiate tournament play is going hot on November 23-25. This 3-day tournament with 12 games will include Butler, Brigham Young, Dayton, Kansas, NC State, USC, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.    

Taste of Paradise

Taste and Paradise is a food and wine festival. The event will be taking place next year (2023) from March 1st-march 12th. You can enjoy ultimate food and beverages from world-renowned chefs. The food festival of Atlantis Paradise Island has gone paper and becoming more popular among people.   

Special Event cost

Event TitlePrice
Warmth, Love, Grandparents$49.80
Restaurant Week OlivesFish by Jose AndresSeafire Carmines Café Martinique  $30 $78 $62 $58-$64 $50
Music Making Waves ConcertFrom $53.90 (per ticket)
Halloween at Aura$25-$35 (men) $0-$25 (women)
2022 Bad Boy Mowers Women’s Battle 4 Atlantis$11.25
Battle for Atlantis Tailgate Party$111.25
Ultimate Mermaid Adventures$275


There are plenty of reviews on Paradise Island. Visitors have shared both the positives and downsides they faced. We have collected a few verified reviews from Trip Advisor. People were excited and exclaimed their joy with positive reviews of the island resort. They also shared what could be better out there. Let’s see what was their opinion on their vacation at the Atlantis Bahamas.

During the recent visit in this September 2022, Edvina shared a 5-star rating for the blissful experience of her birthday celebration occasion. Bridget on September 14 stated another 5-star review where they expressed their 30th-anniversary celebration.

Guapo on September 16 rated the site with 3-stars pointing out some lacking in eyes. Some others shared their disappointment starting with the transportation and staying at the resort.   

Average weather and when to visit Atlantis Bahamas

Weather Spark says early November to mid-May is the perfect time of enjoying the beach with hot summer activities.

A chart shows the average temperature at the Bahamas beach. You can see that the later mid of May to half of the September of the year, it remains hot with an average high temperature of 86°F-88°F and a low of 77°F-79°F. Another chart shows the average rainfall and information on it. October is the month with the most rainfall of the year with an average of 1.9 inches. And with an average of 0.4 inches, December is the month with the least rain.

The wind and humidity of the island represent significant variations over the year. The typically windier part of the year starts in October and lasts till mid of April. And the moist weather lasts for more than 8 months a year.

Address and Resort Map

Atlantis Paradise Island map image

Atlantic Paradise Island is located in Paradise Island, Bahamas. The address is One Casino Drive, Suite 41, Paradise Island. The island was formerly known as Hog Island. It is just off the shore of the city of Nassau.

Nassau International Airport is the first destination on your travel. Landing here, you need to book a taxi and take a 30-minute drive across the bridge that connects the island of New Province with Paradise Island. While booking a resort in the Atlantic Bahamas, you can ask the resort authority for airport transfers. Visitors can rent cars to drive across the island if not afraid of driving to the left. And can get a scooter as well.  

Now, one thing you will get more helpful is the resort map. This includes all information on the Atlantic Bahamas resort; including suites, resorts and restaurants, and other geological information. You can download the resort map from here.

The Blue Project Foundation

“Atlantis Blue Project Foundation (ABPF) is a private nonprofit foundation that fosters the preservation and conservation of coral reefs, sea turtles, sharks, manatees, and cetaceans, along with their Bahamian ecosystems, through scientific research, education, and community outreach,” stated on the webpage of Atlantis Paradise Island.

Blue Project Foundation was founded in 2005 to save sea species and their extraordinary habitats. It provides funding for research and conservation programs in partnership with The Bahamas National Trust.

The team is made of full-time marine biologists, aquarists, veterinarians, lab technicians, and co-workers experts in their field. Along with Bahamas National Trust, The Blue Project Foundation gets help from The Nature Conservancy, BREEF, Stuart’s Cove, Dr. Craig Dahlgren (Director of the Perry Institute for Marine Science), and a few more organizations working for natural reservations throughout the island.

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