Baggage cost in the USA (A complete guide 2023)

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Depending on the class, elite status, type of ticket, flight origin, and destination, all commercial air transportation offers baggage allowance. A certain amount of goods are allowed to carry on per passenger. And for the extras, airlines have a baggage policy to follow; that will cost you extra bucks along with your ticket fee.

Usually, carry-on luggage or handbag is free of cost that follows the company’s recommended measurement policy. And checked baggage is more likely to cost you extra money.

Some airlines cost you around $18 to $70 for your handbag. Likewise, checked bags start with $20 for the first checked and can cost you all the way up to $200 and more depending on your flight status.

Today, we have discussed the baggage cost per airline in the United States. We have gathered the latest and authentic information by 2022. Willing to know more about This? Please, read our article thoroughly to get ideas on baggage costs here in the USA.


Types of baggage allowed in the airport

Two types of baggage are allowed in any airport.

  1. Checked baggage
  2. Hand/Carry-on luggage

Carry-on baggage is mostly free of cost. Certain airlines may cut a minor amount of fee on that. Where checked baggage requires toll fixed by the company/airline.

Passengers can carry their pet carrier too (with some specific airlines). Usually, carry-on bags are measured with a fixed width, length, and height. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has announced the baggage limit (weight, size, identification, and suggestions) for airlines; though all airlines do not tend to adhere to that recommendation. Therefore, they have their own.

What is your ‘baggage’ exactly?

Hearing the word ‘baggage’ makes us feel like carrying a load of stuff in a suitcase. The actual term is a lot like that. But there is the confusing part with another word called ‘luggage’!

Though, both the words are meant for carrying goods and other stuff like that. According to Collins Dictionary, baggage is a carrying case or suitcase or a large bag that is loaded with other bags and packs. Where luggage is an empty suitcase that does not contain any goods.

Therefore, when someone pronounces ‘baggage’ in the United States that means the luggage is containing items. And at the airport, your baggage is counted as a paying payload in most scenarios. So, you are likely to spend a few bucks if they exceed the policy provided by the airline. 

Your baggage allowance

Many airlines do not charge passengers for their baggage within a limited amount and height and weight. But when your bag exceeds the size and weight, you are about to pay for those.

You may find your baggage cost mentioned on your ticket. But this depends on your flight and class. Not all airlines do offer baggage free of wages. Here, we have discussed the charge of your baggage while traveling to the US for domestic or foreign flights.

American Airlines

American Airlines offers carry-on baggage at no cost with the Basic Economy flights. But this claims to have a fixed dimension that should not exceed 22×14×9 inches. Personal items must fit under the seat in front.

Check up to 10 bags on domestic flights and Transatlantic and Transpacific regions; up to 5 bags are allowed for checking up on Mexico/Caribbean/Central America, South America, and Brazil flights. Fees for checked baggage are mentioned below respecting flight destination and tickets. And extra baggage/oversized and overweight baggage fees are also included in the table next.

Checked Baggage cost

Baggage type1st baggage2nd baggage3rd baggage4th baggage+
Central America$30$40/$65$200$200
South America$0/$45$65$200$200

Overweight and oversized baggage fees

RegionsOversized (158-320 cm)Weight (51-70 lbs)Weight (71-100 lbs)
Between U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada$200$100$200
Mexico / Caribbean / Central America$200$100$200
Europe, Israel, Qatar$150$100Not accepted
Cuba$200Not accepted
China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, India, Australia, and New Zealand$200$100$450 (except flights from/to Australia)


  • Checked bags over 126 inches/300 cm are not accepted by American Airlines on any flights. And also bags weighing more than 100 lbs/45 kg are not acceptable on flights operated by the airline.
  • Business and Domestic First confirmed customers can check 2 bags up to 70 lbs/32 kg at no extra cost.
  • Flagship First confirmed customers and AAdvantage Executive Platinum, AAdvantage Platinum Pro and One World Emerald members can check 3 bags up to 70 lbs/32 kg at no extra cost.
  • Seasonal and/or year-round checked bag limitations apply to some cities in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.


Like many other airline companies, JetBlue is offering carry-on bags free of cost on your flight. It requires maintaining a fixed dimension provided by the airline baggage policy. The changed policy offers a personal item or a pet carrier that must not exceed 22×14×9 inches (L×W×H). Else they will be considered as oversized and overweight baggage.

We have included the charges for your checked bags and below the charges for overweight and oversized ones by JetBlue.

Within the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean

Departure type1st bag2nd bag3rd bag+
Blue Basic$35$45$200
Blue PlusIncluded$45$200
Blue Extra$35$45$200
MintIncluded (up to 70 lbs)Included (up to 70 lbs)$200
JetBlue Plus Card MemberIncluded $45$200

Between US and UK

Departure type1st bag2nd bag3rd bag
Blue Basic$65$105$200
BlueIncluded $105$200
Blue PlusIncluded $105$200
Blue ExtraIncluded $105$200
MintIncluded Included $200
MosaicIncluded Included $200
JetBlue Plus Card MemberIncluded $105$200

Overweight and oversized baggage cost

Bags exceeding 50 lbs (22.68 kg) and an overall dimension of 62 inches (157.48 cm) will be considered overweight and oversized baggage. Charges are likely to be the following ones.

Fees may vary with the class and the type and schedule of the flight. Seasonal flights may require some extra.

Baggage typeDimensions/weightFees
Overweight51-99 lbs (23.13-44.91 kg)$150 (per bag)
Oversized63-80 inches (160-203.3 cm)$150 (per bag)

Frontier Airlines  

Frontier Airlines also offers cost-free carry-on bags and personal items including a pet carrier within the dimension. Personal items must not surpass 18×14×8 inches (W×H×D). The maximum size for your carry-on baggage should be within 16×24×10 (W×H×D) of dimension and 35 lbs of weight.

Bags between 63 and 110 inches (linear) are subject to price. The fee is $75 and bags more than 110 linear inches are not allowed. You can check your baggage fee regarding your flight schedule from here.

We have included the excess baggage allowance in the table below and the dimension and a weight exceeding which your bags will be considered overweight and oversized baggage. Take a look at them.

Baggage weightPrice
41 – 50 lbs $50
Over 50 lbs (51-100 lbs)$100
63 to 110 inches (linear)$75 (per bag)

Spirit Airlines

Noticeable information on some airlines (especially with budget airlines like Spirit) is that a few do not include any baggage with its base allowance. And Spirit Airlines is one of them. You are not even allowed to take a carry-on bag on the flight. Only a little purse is allowed out of cost.

We have included the fees from booking to online check-in. This includes Standard and Saver$ Club packages.

Spirit Airlines baggage


  • Some routes may limit the number of checked bags allowed (please refer to the online baggage calculator tool).

Extra baggage fees

Baggage exceeding the maximum dimension and weight will be considered extra baggage and additional charges will be cut. The cost of your extra baggage will be the following amount.

Allegiant Air

The changed baggage policy of Allegiant Airlines allows your carry-on bags and personal items that do not exceed the overall dimension provided by the baggage policy of the airline. Personal items including a laptop or backpack should not exceed 7x15x16 inches (17.8 cm x 38.1 cm x 40.6 cm) of overall dimension. And your carry-on bag must not exceed the dimension of 9x14x22 inches (22.9 cm x 35.6 cm x 55.9 cm), or else that will cause you some extra expenses.

Here are the latest baggage fees after the policy is updated.

Except for the one carry-on or personal item, you will be paying $50 per bag for the next 5 carry-on baggage at AllegiantAir.

Extra baggage cost

Allegiant Air extra baggae cost

Airport bag fees apply to bag fees paid at the airport, including oversized Personal Items and oversized or excess Carry-on Baggage. It may be necessary to gate check baggage including, but not limited to, the following circumstances: oversized carry-on bag brought to the gate, limited overhead bin space or car seat/stroller brought to the gate.

Delta Connection

Flights by Delta are going to offer you personal items and a carry-on bag at the same time at zero cost. A linear 62 inches of handbag or a personal item like a purse or anything that fits in the chamber in front of the seat is allowed at no cost.

Delta costs $30 for the 1st standard checked bag and $40 for the 2nd one. In both cases, the weight must not exceed 50 lbs. Additional charges for excess baggage considering flight destination are in the table below.

Excess baggage costs within the USA

1st baggage$30
2nd baggage$40
3rd baggage$150
4th to 10th$200

Excess baggage cost on international flights

Overweight and oversized baggage cost

Bags surpassing the standard dimension are considered to be overweight or oversized. You will have to pay extra charges for each of them. Below we have mentioned the charges for extra baggage that exceed the measurement limit.

Oversized baggage

delta Oversized baggage

Overweight baggage

delta Overweight baggage

Southwest Airlines

Another known US airline is Southwest Airlines, providing customer satisfaction and bag/change fees. It is offering the first two checked bags free of cost and charges only for the additional baggage that is overweight and oversized.

Here, we are including the fees of the latest updated baggage policy by Southwest Airlines. Hopefully, they will be enough for your next flight.

Baggage typeFees
Carry-on bag$0
Personal item$0
1st checked bag$0
2nd checked bag$0
3rd checked baggage+$75
Large media camera equipment$75

The first two checked bags are free of cost and ‘Southwest’ also offers a carry-on and a personal item that follows the dimension of the baggage policy of the airline. More than 100 lbs of baggage are not allowed at Southwest and within the limited dimension and weight, you will likely be spending $75 per baggage after the 2nd checked baggage that is free of charge.

Overweight and oversized baggage charge

Southwest Airlines Overweight and oversized baggage charge

Military traveling on active duty or permanent change of station orders need not pay any fare for those they carry.

The given prices are subject to change and can vary according to the baggage policy update by the company. You can check the latest baggage fees at Southwest and take a glance at the updates.

United Airlines  

United Airlines is another air travel agency that offers flights domestic and out of the country. It features some grand business and first-class flights for its passengers.  We have included the economy-class baggage costs here at the beginning.

Economy class baggage fees

united airlines Economy class baggage fees

And now we are including the fees of your baggage/excess baggage on other elite class flights. Or you can simply go check your baggage information and fees with the baggage fee calculator by United Airlines.

RegionPremium PlusBusinessFirst Class
Domestic1st bag – Free 2nd bag – Free 3rd bag+ – $150 1st bag – Free   2nd bag – Free 3rd bag+ – $1501st bag – Free 2nd bag – Free 3rd bag+ – $150
Us/Cuba1st bag – Free 2nd bag – Free 3rd bag+ – $5001st bag – Free 2nd bag – Free 3rd bag+ – $5001st bag – Free 2nd bag – Free 3rd bag+ – $500
US/Mexico1st bag – Free 2nd bag – Free 3rd bag+ – $1801st bag – Free 2nd bag – Free 3rd bag+ – $1801st bag – Free 2nd bag – Free 3rd bag+ – $180
US/South America1st bag – Free 2nd bag – Free 3rd bag+ – $1501st bag – Free 2nd bag – Free 3rd bag+ – $1501st bag – Free 2nd bag – Free 3rd bag+ – $150
US/East Asia/Australia/New Zealand1st bag – Free 2nd bag – Free 3rd bag+ – $2001st bag – Free 2nd bag – Free 3rd bag+ – $2001st bag – Free 2nd bag – Free 3rd bag+ – $200

Overweight and oversized baggage fees

51-70 lbs baggage71-100 lbsOversized (63-115 linear inches)
$400$600 –


  • Outside the USA-based airlines, we have included a few other popular airlines’ baggage costs that may prove handy if you are traveling to those destinations mentioned specifically.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines operates regional flights. It has flights on neighboring islands, across North America, and international flights. Here, you get no cost-free baggage facility except for your carry-on like many others.

We have included the checked bag and overweight and oversized baggage fees stated by the airline baggage policy. 

Checked bagsNorth AmericaNeighbor Island
1st checked baggage$30$25 $15 (HawaiianMiles Members)
2nd checked baggage$40$35 $20 (HawaiianMiles Members)
3rd checked baggage+$100$50
  • Fees are subject to change regarding the baggage policy and ticket, class, and flight.

International flights checked baggage fees

Region1st checked bag2nd checked bag3rd checked bag
American Samoa / TahitiFreeFree$150
Australia / New ZealandFreeFree$150/200 NZD
JapanFreeFree$150/15,000 JPY
KoreaFreeFree$150/15,000 KRW

Overweight baggage cost

Weight  DomesticHawaii/North America
51-70 lbs$35$50
71-100 lbs$70$200
100 lbs+Not allowedNot allowed

Oversized baggage cost

Overall sizeDomesticHawaii/North America
62-80 inches (linear)$35$100
80 inches+Not allowedNot allowed

For further and detailed information on all fees at Hawaiian Airlines, you can look for the list of all fees here.

Airlines services in the USA yet not owned by the USA

A number of airline services operate flights on the same route despite being managed from outside of the USA. Some of them are well organized and have achieved fame for their quality of service. Here we have mentioned a couple of them well known to the people of America, in fact, all over the world.

Emirates Baggage Allowance  

‘Emirates’ is known for its worldwide praising service in flying transportation. This large airline company operates nearly 270 aircraft to provide service to its air passengers.

‘Emirates’ offers baggage free of cost per flight for a fixed dimension and weight. Exceeding that, you will have to pay extra charges for your oversized or overweighing bags. Here, we have given information on the extra baggage fees by Emirates. 

Overweight and oversized

US/Africa75 USD75 USD
Flights to/from the Americas and flights to/from Africa$75$250
Canada95 CAD95 CAD

When you are purchased with additional weight and still the baggage exceeds that amount, you will be paying for the extra weight and size with the added additional pieces. For excess weight and size fees will be likely $275 for overweight baggage and $325 for oversized baggage.

To learn in-depth, we are including the Emirates Extra Baggage Policy that will illustrate the fees and related information.

Etihad Airlines

Your extra baggage charges depend on your destination of flying. At Etihad, additional baggage fees are being paid per kilogram as well as per bag. These depend on the location your flight is going to.

In this part of the article, we have gathered the extra baggage cost you will be paying outside the size and weight limit.

Baggage cost per kilo


Flights by Etihad from the Middle East to the Philippines will charge $25 per kg and the Middle East to Japan or Korea $40 per kg.

Fees per bag

Up to 23 kgUS/Canada$225$250$250$275
Up to 32 kgUS/Canada$270$300$300$330

Except for these, flights from USA/Canada to Japan or Korea will cost you $275 per extra bag weighing up to 23 kilograms; $330 for weighing up to 32 kilograms at Etihad Airlines.

Important information on airport baggage fees

Mostly baggage fares depend on the size and weight of your baggage. The IATA recommended measurement is followed by many airline companies. Whilst others have their own. The size and weight restrictions are available for all kinds of baggage. Therefore, exceeding the standard size will cost you extra money.

A few airline companies offer checked baggage free of cost for the first two or one (depending on the class, flight status, and ticket). Additional and extra bags are likely to cost more.

We request the passengers to follow the size and weight restrictions of an airline before boarding. Each of them has its baggage policy that requires following the statement as per the rule. It is recommended to check the baggage policy and fees (contact and provide information of your flight to authority if needed) required for your standard and additional bags.

Prohibited items on-boarding

You can certainly not be allowed for taking some specific items in your baggage. Some are requested to take in a handbag or personal transparent bag. And some are strictly prohibited to take on.

We are briefly mentioning them to give a primary idea of what you cannot take while boarding a plane or things that are not allowed for baggage.

  • Liquids: Liquid substances like drinks, aerosol, toothpaste, cosmetics, etc. are the subject of transparent holding bags. And mostly a maximum amount of 1 liter of liquids is permitted to carry per person.  
  • Sharp objects: Objects that appear to be a weapons or can cause harm in the cabin are prohibited to carry. Rather passengers can pack them on their hold baggage.
  • Inflammable: Inflammable objects are similarly restricted to bear in the passenger cabin. It risks lives around and can cause great harm. Therefore, acids and other flammable items and toxic substances are not allowed.
  • Weapon: Any type of weapon is not allowed in any aircraft and the authority of the airlines has the toughest security to ensure the absence of these items in all conditions.

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