How much is the average monthly job salary in Bangladesh?

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Skill, competency, and experience are the three vital factors that dictate the pay scale for an individual. Labor cost in Bangladesh is comparatively low, but some high-skilled jobs are providing envious salary to the employees.

The lowest possible salary range in Bangladesh is 6,500 BDT/month which is equivalent to 70 USD. The maximum salary range in Bangladesh can go over 250,000 BDT/month or 2705 USD. The average pay scale in Bangladesh is 30,000 BDT/month or 325 USD.

monthly job salary in Bangladesh

The labor cost in Bangladesh is still low

Low labor cost is one of the main reasons why Bangladesh is witnessing fast growth in recent times. Even if the low-labor cost contributes to the progression of the economy, it is never a complete blessing.

Low-paying jobs usually generate unskilled manpower. As a result, survival, in the long run, can be harder.

The Government Republic of Bangladesh is already giving more importance to the practical aspect of knowledge.

If the project come out to be a success, Bangladesh is likely to play a great role in South Asia with a population of over 165 million.

Minimum salary range in Bangladesh


The minimum salary range in Bangladesh is 6500 BDT/month. Most part-time employees and low-skilled personnel get the cheapest pay wage in Bangladesh.

Nursery school teachers, Textile workers, Shop assistants, lifeguards, and security guards are some of the common low-paying job opportunities in Bangladesh.

Mainly, the garment worker who works more than the standard time of 8 hours gets the lowest benefit. Also, they do not get any proper treatment and security of life most of the time.

The scenario is worst with the workers of tea gardens in this country. They get paid on basis of the weight of the green leaf they pick from the garden. Overall, they can earn only 120 BDT to 170 BDT or $12 to $17 per day.

Besides, current college-level or undergraduate students give part-time services in restaurants, shops, or food delivery platforms to bear their expenses. At the end of the month, the minimum wage range varies from 3,500 BDT to 12,000 BDT.

Average salary range in Bangladesh

The average salary range of this country is lower if we compare this to other developed countries. According to sources, the scenario will be,


The average salary range in Bangladesh is 30,000 BDT/per month.

With that much earnings, a middle-class family consisting of four members can somehow bear the monthly expenses.

Bankers, Assistant teachers, Journalists, Product Managers, and Office administrators are some of the positions where the mentioned average salary is paid. 

Getting into such a position requires at least a Bachelor’s degree and proficiency in any related field.

Most average-paid jobs in Bangladesh demand educated and experienced personnel.

Maximum salary range in Bangladesh


Well-skilled experts in any particular field usually get the maximum pay in Bangladesh.

The best pay scale in Bangladesh is 80,000 BDT.

The maximum wage limit in Bangladesh is from 80,000 BDT to over 200,000 BDT.

Professional surgeons, Engineers, IT specialists, CEOs, Lecturers of Universities, and Human Resource coordinators are some of the best-paying job opportunities in Bangladesh.

Best-paying jobs in Bangladesh

Position NameSalary in BDTSalary in USD
Civil service50,000/month$540
IT specialist60,000/month$650
University Lecturer75,000/month$811
HR manager/coordinator100,000/month$1,080
Chartered Accountant70,000/month$760
High Paying Jobs

We can see from the table that doctors and surgeons can earn the maximum among all the highest-paying jobs. To be honest that mentioned salary is not their official earnings but the total. Normally, the original wage of a doctor of highly experienced is not over 50000 BDT or $500 per month.

However, they run private consultants and charge for surgery too which adds to their income. that means they can earn 10x or more than the mentioned amount.

besides, architects, software engineers, android developer, and HR earns a salary of 6 digit here. With time they gain experiance and the range goes high to high.

Civil service

Bangladesh’s Civil Service (BCS) is regarded as one of the best job opportunities in the country. Almost every undergraduate student after completing their Bachelor’s sits for the BCS examination to secure a position.

Due to higher competition, Civil service is a golden egg for almost all job seekers in Bangladesh. Every year almost 2,000 candidates get the opportunity to secure a position among millions.

The basic salary scale in Bangladesh Civil service is 32,000 BDT. Unlike private jobs, Civil services are believed to bring security to life.

A Civil Service officer in any field can get a maximum pay of over 150,000 BDT per month.

After retirement, a Civil Service officer gets a bigger pension for the services he paid during the working days.


The basic monthly salary of a Surgeon in any field is over 50,000 BDT. Surgeons are usually high-skilled professionals. In any situation, better skill brings higher pay. The maximum monthly wage of a professional surgeon can go over 200,000BDT.


Any profession related to health and safety tends to bring higher pay. The average monthly income of a professional Doctor is over 30,000 BDT. As we said above, they earn lot more than their based wage.

Completing an MBBS Degree takes more than six years. A specialist doctor in any field can earn over 200,000 BDT/per month easily. Unless one is studying in a Government Medical, Private medicals are expensive to study.

It is estimated that a student needs to spend over 4000000 BDT to complete MBBS from a private medical in Bangladesh. However, all the hard work and investments worth it, once they get to surve the people.


Engineers also get better pay in Bangladesh. Due to higher competition, engineers are shifting to other job sectors in recent times. The basic monthly salary of an engineer in Bangladesh is over 80,000 BDT.

A professional engineer in any field can earn over 150,000 BDT/month in Bangladesh.

IT specialist

The IT sector of Bangladesh is bringing some of the best job opportunities in Bangladesh. For example, a software or mobile app developer can earn over 200,000/month in Bangladesh. The average monthly income of an IT specialist in Bangladesh is 60,000 BDT.


CEOs of any corporate or tech organization are getting lucrative pay well. The average salary scale of a CEO in any sector is over 80,000 BDT/month. The salary range of a CEO in Bangladesh is from 80,000BDT to 150,000 BDT/month. 

University Lecturer

Both private and public university lecturers are getting good pay in Bangladesh. While private university lecturers are getting more than public university lecturers, the pension system facilitates public university lecturers after retirement.

A university lecturer in Bangladesh gets a salary of over 75,000 BDT/per month. The salary scale of a university lecturer varies from 75,000BDT to over 150,000 BDT.

HR manager/coordinator

Human Resource management is another hot topic in Bangladesh.Both HR managers and coordinators are getting higher pay in Bangladesh.

An HR manager or coordinator earns over 100,000 BDT/per month in Bangladesh.

Managing people and resources is a tough job. Due to their higher proficiency in such a field, the wage of an HR manager and coordinator is more than average in Bangladesh.


For a single project, an architect will ask over 150,000 BDT. However, the basic salary of an architect will be around 30000 BDT or $300 monthly. Bigger projects bring bigger profits.

One thing is common to all high-paying jobs. The higher the proficiency level, the better the pay. Architecture is also a popular subject in Bangladesh that most undergraduate students in Bangladesh want to study.


Managing the overall situation of a particular environment is a messy thing. Therefore, well-organized managers get better pay in Bangladesh. The monthly income of a manager in any field is over 85,000 BDT/month.

Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountants also have a great demand in Bangladesh.The average monthly income of a Chartered Accountant in Bangladesh is over 70,000 BDT every month. The highest pay in this profession can go over 150,000 BDT every month.

Average earners in Bangladesh

Job positionSalary in BDTSalary in USD
College teacher30,000/month$325
Graded govt. officers40,000/month$432
Marketing jobs30,000/month$325
Law services45,000/month$485
Quality control officers35,000/month$380


The monthly earnings of a Banker in Bangladesh are from 30,000 BDT to 50,000 BDT. Bankers usually belong to the middle-class and higher-middle-class communities in Bangladesh. Depending on the position, the monthly salary of a Banker can go over 70,000BDT/month.

College teacher

Any teacher giving service at the intermediate level gets over 30,000 BDT monthly. Teachers of private educational institutions usually get lower wages than those who teach in government institutions. Teachers in Bangladesh usually witness a lower increment rate.

Graded govt. officers

The salary of a graded govt. officer varies from 12,000 BDT/month to 70,000BDT/month.

ClassGradeSalary in BDTSalary in USD
1st class1-935,000-78,000$380-$845
2nd class1016,000-40,000$175-$432
3rd class11-169,500-30,000$102-$325
4th class17-208,250-22,000$90-$235

Promotion is the good thing about graded govt. jobs. It is possible to step up one grade every five years.

Marketing jobs

Marketing is a tedious job with an optimal salary range. The average monthly income of an employee working in any marketing department is 30,000 BDT.

A good position in any marketing department can ensure a 50,000 BDT/month salary. Most employees working in law services earn over 30,000BDT/month.

Law services

The monthly salary of a judge is over 60,000 BDT. On average income of a lawyer in Bangladesh is over 50,000 BDT per month. The law-related study is becoming another popular field among the young generation due to its higher income possibilities. 

The average salary of most law agents in Bangladesh is over 45,000 BDT.

Quality control officers

Personnel working in the quality control department also get optimal pay/month. The average monthly income of a quality control officer in Bangladesh is over 35,000 BDT/month. The field is becoming broader and broader day by day.


Bangladesh has over 165 million of population. Almost 90% of the population uses a mobile phone for communication.Therefore, the Telecommunication department recruits a good number of employees every year.

An employee working in the Telecommunication department can earn over 30,000BDT/month in Bangladesh.


Managing finance is not that easy. Any job related to Finance thus provides an optimal salary range in Bangladesh. An employee working in any finance department can earn over 35,000BDT/month.

The salary range in Finance Department is from 25,000 BDT/month to 55,0000 BDT/month.

Worst paying jobs in Bangladesh

Job nameSalary in BDTSalary in USD
Food delivery10,000/month$108
Textile workers15,000/month$162
Shop assistant7,500/month$81
Security  Guard7,500/month$81
Nursery school teacher8,500/month$91

Food Delivery

Food delivery services like Foodpanda, Pathao Food, and Hungry Naki have better popularity in Bangladesh.These services thus require delivery agents in every city and town. Self-employed students willingly provide such services to maintain their cost of living in Bangladesh.

A food delivery boy in Bangladesh earns   10,000 BDT/month on average.

Textile Workers

The low labor cost in the garments and textile department is one of the main reasons why the Bangladeshi Clothing department is earning great revenue every year.

The average monthly income of a Textile worker in Bangladesh is 15,000 BDT which is equivalent to 162 USD. At the same time, the salary range of female workers is still low in Bangladesh.

As most workers in the Textile department are female, the companies are earning good revenue by paying them less.

Anyway, the Textile department is one of the main reasons why the Women’s employment rate in Bangladesh is increasing every year.

Security guard

Security guards in Bangladesh get the lowest pay as salary.The average monthly income of a security guard in Bangladesh is 7,500 BDT.

Depending on where the guard provides his service, a security guard can get a maximum pay of over 12,000BDT/month in Bangladesh.

Nursery school teachers

The average monthly wage of a Nursery school teacher in Bangladesh is around 8,500BDT.

Depending on the quality of the teacher, the monthly salary of a Nursery school teacher in Bangladesh can go over 15,000 BDT. The number of classes one takes can also influence the overall salary of the teacher.


Sweepers and cleaners in Bangladesh also get the lowest pay for their services.The average monthly income of a cleaner in Bangladesh is 6,500 BDT/month.The salary of a sweeper fluctuates between 6,500BDT/month and 10,000BDT/month.


Clerks, cobblers, caregivers, packer production employees, and Postal delivery workers are some other low-paying workers in Bangladesh.The average low-paid salary in Bangladesh is 10,000 BDT/month.

Working  hours in Bangladesh

The working hour in Bangladesh is from 9 am to 5 pm. Most private organizations are open from Saturday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday are the national weekly holiday in Bangladesh. Govt. offices are open from Sunday to Thursday.

Before June 2022, educational institutions used to remain open from Saturday to Thursday. According to the new law, all educational institutions will remain close on Friday and Saturday.

Salary range by age

Age groupJob conditionEarning in BDTEarning in USD
Less than 20Unemployed00
20-25Part-time jobs7,500-15,000$80-$160
25-35Permanent job25,000-35,000$270-$378
35-45Permanent job40,000+$430+

The group having the age 20 and below is mostly unemployed in Bangladesh.

People aged from 20 to 25 are mostly part-time employees. The salary range of this group is between 7,500 BDT/month and 15,000 BDT/month.

For the age group of 25 to 35, the monthly income is from 25,000 BDT to 35,000BDT. From 35 to 45, employees usually earn over 40,000 BDT in Bangladesh.

However, 35 to 45 can also be marked as the elite group. This exact group gets the highest income in Bangladesh.

Anyone sitting in a better position in this age group can earn over 80,000 BDT/month.

Earning of entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur levelEarning in BDTEarning in USD

Entrepreneurship was not enough popular in Bangladesh until 2018. Nowadays both educated parents and the young group of Bangladesh is shifting towards entrepreneurship.

A stable entrepreneur running his own business can earn over 100,000 BDT in Bangladesh. A beginner entrepreneur in Bangladesh can expect to earn over 20,000BDT/month.

However, the start might not be that smooth for everyone. If someone is passionate about doing something on his own, it is better to get into the field with better research.That is how one can expect to reach the finish line ultimately.

Relation of salary to education

If you look at the literacy index of Bangladesh, a correlation between education and income is easily discernable. 

YearLiteracy rateAverage earning/individual/month

More importance on education by the Republic of Bangladesh has already started to generate better economic growth.

bangladesh relation of salary with educaton
Relation of salary to education in Bangladesh graph

At the same time, people are giving more importance to a better lifestyle. As a result, Bangladesh has come a long way since her Independence.

While the average monthly income of a Bangladeshi citizen was only 4,000 BDT in 1981, the average wage shifted to 30,000 BDT within 40 years.

Money inflation has indeed played a role here, but the progression of such a country can no way be neglected.

Salary increment

An employee working in any field in Bangladesh gets an increment of over 6% within 5 years. Depending on the job context, the salary increment rate in Bangladesh can be from 3% to 10% every five years.

A better salary comes with experience, skill, and education. No matter whether an employee wants a good starting salary or an increment over the present salary, skill and experience along with education always work behind salary increment.

An employee with a good educational background can easily expect to get into a better position in Bangladesh.

Some new organizations in Bangladesh are prioritizing practical skills over Educational background. Such thinking can be a new trend in near future. Therefore, better survival will demand better skills.

At the same time, experience also plays a good role in determining the salary and increment range.

An employee working in a corporation for more than 5 years can expect to get an increment of more than 10% over his initial salary.

Salary comparison: Male vs Female

Female in Bangladesh is still a little behind in terms of the salary range. Male employees are getting at least 10% more in salaries than females in Bangladesh.

Anyway, the scenario is not the same in all professions. Females are comparatively getting more in salaries than males for the profession of teaching, office representative, beauty parlor, textile department, and the like.

Salary comparison  with other countries

CountryAverage monthly income

Asian countries are comparatively cheaper to live in than Europe.

While the gross monthly income of an American is over $5,500, an average Bangladeshi earns hardly over $350/month.

While an Indian earns around $377/month, the average monthly income of a Bangladeshi is $325. The gap is nearly 50$/person.

Bangladesh is doing great as a developing country. The average income of $325/month may look smaller, but Bangladesh is still far ahead of most south Asian countries.

bangladesh salary infograpic
salary in Bangladesh infographic

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