Barnes and Noble salary: How much does the #1 book retailer pay in the USA

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The largest book retailer brand in the USA is delivering you with the most collection of books, eBooks, magazines, toys and games, DVD and Blu-ray, music, and related products and services. “Barnes and Noble” is doing business in all 50 states of America.

The company is paying a fairly good amount to its employees and offering discounts for the workers in shopping at the B&N.  

The average hourly pay is $11.96 at Barnes and Noble and it ranges between $9 to $18. The annual average is $65K as a base salary that ranges from $42,000 to $106,500.

Our today’s article will help you explicitly learn about Barnes and Noble Booksellers. We have included all the information precisely over the history of the company and discussed the salary in-depth. Let’s hope you find this beneficial in your quest. 

Barnes and Noble salary
Barnes and Noble salary

About Barnes and Noble

People know how the book retailer company is serving with knowledge and gadgets. B&N is helping people with a vast collection of books and instruments. Anyone can look for his favorite books online or in any of its offline retail shops. Millions of books and a number of gadgets and toys and other pieces of stuff including its own device, the NOOK are available all over the nation.

In 1971, the flagship bookstore Barnes and Noble was founded by bookseller Leonard Riggio in Manhattan. Within a few years, it became the largest book store with a collection of 150,000 textbooks and trade titles. 

Today it is not only a retailer and bookseller but also serves as a host and provider of educational elements across the United States. Over 5 million books are ready to ship and 3.6 million eBooks and 300,000 audio books are available to download at B&N online store. The largest collection of books of 160 million in number and still collecting the rarest piece of writing in history.

It is now one of the largest bookstore chains in the UK as well. Making it spread all over the globe.

The historic journey of ‘50 Years’

With a star beginning in 1971, B&N never looked back. Within a few years of its establishment, it became the world’s largest book store. In the next 15 years, it acquired nearly 800 retail bookstores and became the 2nd largest bookseller in the United States by purchasing B. Dalton Bookseller.

In the early ‘90s, the ‘superstore’ concept by Mr. Riggio revolutionized bookselling where readers could find a deep collection of book titles with experienced staff and a warm, comfortable atmosphere to enjoy gathering knowledge.

The company continued to grow up adding and acquiring many more brands and booksellers at that time. was the first e-commerce site by Barnes and Noble. Gradually many more became part of the brand.

Today, the company has its own production. It introduces the ‘NOOK’; one of the most advanced and feature-friendly eBook readers in the world. B&N is spread all across the nation and serves over 600 communities in all 50 states of the United States. That makes it the #1 book retailer in the USA.

The #1 book retailer in America

“Barnes and Noble Booksellers” is profoundly anticipating the world a reading room and targeting the readers to purchase the desired book and other stuff like that from any outlet across the nation.

Readers of all ages are warmly welcomed at the facilities of Barnes and Noble and the educational atmosphere is pretty admirable.

Being the leading bookstore retailer, B&N had to colonize all the states in America. Nowadays, you will find a store in every state. We share the expectancy of people’s choices all over. Below we have given a chart of the prime cities in the US with the popularity of people’s favorite Barnes and Nobles.

In the graph, there is only 20% of the interest of the whole population. There are 40 more states where Barnes and Noble have its retail stores selling books and other stuff.

Having stores and services in every corner of the state makes it America’s #1 book retailer brand.

A career at Barnes and Noble

The famous retailer offers several opportunities to make a career at B&N. You will get the chance to get paid a fair salary by joining the team here. You may find several posts in the vacancy. Why not try one of those?

Posts available right now are,

  1. Barista
  2. Manager
  3. Bookseller
  4. Manager, Tax
  5. Business Development Manager

For further employment information check the official site of Barnes and Noble Booksellers.

The average pay at any of the stores would gladly e enough for someone looking for a basic starting job. Moreover,  experience and skill are going to increase the amount of salary for sure. A job at B&N is always recommended whether part-time or permanent.

How much does B&N pay its employees?

B&N ensures proper supervision of the employees and it cares about them. Salary may not be the most appealing part. Yet, most of the workers are happy with what they get paid.

The average salary paid by the company is around $12/hour. That makes $65,000 a year!  The average annual wages at Barnes and Noble are higher than the national average.  

Aside from the average payment of all at B&N, we believe it will be helpful to elaborate on the salaries in particular with each post. So, we reached some reliable sources to provide you the valid information. Let’s take a look at the variety of wages paid at Barnes and Noble Booksellers.

At first, we will proved you with the hourly average payments and ranges of them. The next table will give you an idea in a short form of the annual wages of employees.

Worker’s Salary

PostAverage Salary/(hour)Salary Range
Book Seller$10$7-$13
Inventory Manager$15$11-$21
Assistant Store Manager$18$13-$27
Retail Store Manager$18$12-$26
Sales Coordinator$11$8-$15
Retail Sales Manager$21$15-$29
Book Keeper$12$9-$17

*Some of the amounts here are estimated and vary with expertise in job and experience. We strongly recommend you contact the in-office if willing to pick a post at B&N.

Now, the annual wages of employees at the largest book retailer in the USA would bring happiness to faces because the annual payment is above the national average in all states. The table below better describes the salaries of the company.

Worker’s Salary

PostAverage Salary/(year)Salary Range
Senior Operations Manager$90,000$57-$127K
Retail Store Manager$52,000$36-$76K
Staff Accountant$49,000$39-$62K
Retail Store Assistant Manager$58,000$47-$74K
Inventory Control Analyst$53,000$41-$69K
Associate Buyer$72,000$57-$92K
Store Manager (Unspecified)$50,000$38-68K

Many employees are working under Barnes and Noble. Paying them accordingly asks for proper management. The overall hourly and annual payouts of the workers are considered to be acceptable.

Refund and Return Policies

Barnes and Noble offer your refund and return policy with eligible items. If you have purchased the wrong collection or delivered not the one you asked for, you can return your item or simply ask for a refund.

The return and refund policy applies to the following items only,

  • Books
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Toys
  • Games

The return policy is valid for 30 days after the purchase and in that meantime, you can ask to return your book or other items. And again if you are willing to have something new for you, you just need to confirm the purchase.

Items that cannot be returned

A few items are not refundable or worth returning. You cannot return those and ask for your money back. They are,

  • NOOK digital content
  • Downloaded purchase
  • Bulk orders of 50 or more are not returnable
  • Access codes and gift codes  

What you can expect from Barnes and Noble

The largest book retailer company in the USA categorized its collection to find out your selection in the minimum time. We have briefly introduced the overall classes to help you get a glimpse of what you are about to notice at the beginning.   


Books are easy to find by searching with title, author, keyword, or ISBN. Since there are millions of books and titles, it was required to make it easier to find out the desired item you are looking for. B&N helps you with that. You will find the books even more precisely organized on the site of the shop.

They are categorized as,

  • Bestsellers
  • Customer favorites
  • Top subjects
  • Departments and
  • Recommended


Fictions are somewhat similarly organized due to the easy finding of the customer. Since there are countless fiction and stories in both the online and physical shop it is necessary to keep them in a row.

Fictions are categorized as,

  • Bestsellers
  • Fiction subjects
  • Shop fiction and
  • Recommended


You will find nonfiction books organized the same way the fictions are. Thus, it becomes easier to find whether you ask for fiction or nonfiction.

Categories are,

  • Bestsellers
  • Subjects search via keywords
  • Shop nonfiction
  • Recommended


  • Bestsellers
  • Customer favorites
  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Nook store
  • Departments


  • Bestsellers
  • Customer favorites
  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Kids
  • Teens and YA
  • Listen while …

Teens and YA

  • Bestseller
  • Subjects
  • Favorites
  • Popular authors
  • Browse
  • Popular Series


  • Bestsellers
  • Browse
  • Favorites
  • Popular authors
  • Age
  • Young readers
  • More for kids 

Toys and Games

  • Bestsellers
  • Shop toys by age
  • Toys categories
  • Games categories
  • Brands and characters
  • Browse 

Stationary and Gifts

  • Bestsellers
  • Categories
  • Brands
  • Greeting cards
  • Coupons and deals
  • Special collection

Music and Movies  

  • Bestsellers
  • Browse
  • Music genres
  • Music and TV genres
  • Special Collections
  • Special values

Category-based search option makes find the desired books/items in the least time. While looking for a book in a million could be the ugliest job without a proper searching method. Having a primary knowledge of the classification and categories of the books at Barnes and Noble’s site can save your time countably.

Nook by Barnes and Noble

NOOK is a digital eBook reader with colorful content and eBook document files. The device is made to ensure the best readability and feel like newspaper reading.

The device has some unique features that allow the reader read their content without hurting their eyesight and holding them comfortably. Alongside the basic features, the NOOKs have,

  • Higher resolution, glare-free, and scratch-resistant screen that offers crisper content
  • Night mode and GlowLight Illumination will help reading your book under any lighting
  • Comfortable design with soft touch finish makes it comfortable to hold for a long time
  • A single charge that keeps you for an entire month! No need to worry about the battery life.
  • Too many books to read and you get lifetime in-store support with your NOOK
  • The NOOK app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

B&N Kitchen  

Besides fulfilling your thirst for knowledge the retail bookseller also offers you appetizing food deals. Barnes and Noble Kitchen is a café, restaurant, and bar. The kitchen is in three locations and they all have different menus for each.

  1. Eastchester

Vernon Hills Shopping Center

680 White Plains Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583

  • Folsom

Palladio at Broadstone

280 Palladio Parkway, Folsom, Ca 95630

  • Ashburn

Ashburn-one Loudoun

20427 Exchange Street, Ashburn, VA 20147

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