Belkymood jewelry is Good In 2023: Is Belkymood legit?

A necklace is not just a piece of jewelry but emotions and stories that make it a magical ornament. It is a silent poet, crafting verses of elegance with each delicate link. It brightens your day and gives you a fresh start to write new stories.

BELKYMOOD is a brand that truly believes in your stories. They have crafted the emotions of many and waiting for yours too. Your necklace is not just a hanging pendant around your neck but your choice, class, and desire; that is what BELKYMOOD has been crafting for people.

Are you looking for a trusted and reliable source that can make your dream happen again? Are you looking for the chance to present your stories and emotions? Sit tight, we are about to become acquainted with a brand where elegance is redefined and your personalized story pendant is delivered with care and surprise.

BELKYMOOD Necklace review

History of Belkymood Necklaces

Necklaces or pendants are a quite fascinating object that has a rich and significant cultural history. They have been worn for thousands of years to bear cultural and symbolic importance. Besides they were and still are a sign of a person’s status, wealth, and religious beliefs.

In many ancient cultures, this particular ornament was more than just an adornment. People believed these ornaments bore the spiritual essence of nature and protective powers. In ancient Egypt, they buried pendants with the dead so that they made a safer passage to the afterlife. Many ancient civilizations followed similar or different ideologies on this specific object.

Ancient Egyptians were the race who figured out the point of usage of such an object. Many talismans were found during the excavation of several ancient Egyptian archaeological sites. Find more about the historic significance of necklaces here.

Today, a necklace means many things at the same time. It shows your personality, passion, stability, emotion, and your stories that make you a complete you.

Belkymood jewelry


BELKYMOOD is a personalized jewelry supplier. They are known for their simple yet elegant production of necklaces and pendants. Their productions are 14K Gold Necklaces and Sterling Silver Necklaces.

Customized necklaces take precision and care-to-detail crafting. They are made out of elegance to embark on the peak of any trend. These are the ornaments that form a bond on relationships and values. BELKYMOOD crafts its products by hand. They are so uniquely designed and finished that they ensure there is not a single piece of element that is alike.

 This is a brand that treats jewelry as an art and the art is precisely crafted by the expert hands of BELKYMOOD. Users and fans love them as a unique brand that represents their heartiest moments and desires through a simple locket.

BELKYMOOD’s Unique Design Philosophy

The collection of jewelry is unique. All the products are handcrafted and all pieces are firmly fixed.

They have come with a unique design philosophy of simple chain necklaces with customized wording. The vision of the BELKYMOOD is a unique design that can be personalized and is a piece of handicraft.

The necklaces are so uniquely designed that you would barely find a look-like piece made by them. This simple yet elegant design approach is appreciated by all. One can use these necklaces on a regular basis and for occasional uses as well, meaning they are fine with both casual and formal use and they also can be used as a regular pendant around your neck. 

Customized necklaces have been a sign of taste, with BELKYMOOD, that refines as an art. You can hardly keep yourself from praising those simple chains that are crafted with more than words.

Belkymood jewelry box

Popular Necklace Styles

BELKYMOOD stocks a number of collections. These handcrafted items are a sign of minimalistic beauty that lasts for a long time. Nearly all the products are customers’ favorites. They offer a few choices with minimal chain necklaces to craft with.

  1. 14K Gold Designs 

The unique collection of 14K Gold Design now has 5 products available in stock. The necklaces start from $108 to $195 with at least a 40% discount ongoing. This may be the best time to grab your order with their 14K Gold Design collection in hand.

  • Name Necklaces

Personal Name necklaces are a few trendy items. Usually, they are designed with cursive and customized names. This category provides a precise finishing to the letters and names made out of solid sterling silver and 14K gold.

The price starts at $19.17 for silver which goes all the way up to $195.00 for gold.

  • Big Letters

You can order your necklace with a large size of letter instead of a name or signature. They offer you a necklace made of solid sterling silver that comes with both gold plating and silver.

The price of the necklace is $33.60 with a discount right now that saves nearly half the amount.

  • Cursives

These necklaces come with a wording design and consist of a name or customized signature; mostly written in cursives and a single word of your selection. Currently, two designs are available in stock.

  • Sideways

Sideways are chains like necklaces that display a certain word in an artistic pattern or some letter with a simple design. The designed words are crafted on the side instead of right at the front. There are 2 designs available as well.

Materials and Quality

Well, BELKYMOOD is always concerned with the quality of the material of their products. They have been only providing the best so far.

Primarily they are using 14K Gold and Solid Sterling Silver for their production. They are mostly concerned with the quality of the product and the uniqueness of their design. They assure you of a unique product.

Customer Reviews

Digging on the brand assurance? Why don’t check the experiences customers share across different platforms on the internet? We have collected a few opinions and thoughts shared by the customers of BELKYMOOD. Let’s see what they say…

  • On Etsy, Taylor shared the latest experience and said that the quality of the item she ordered was amazing. Similarly, Kaley, Dannyra, Angela, and many others shared their 5-star ratings with compliments. On Etsy, you will find more than two thousand reviews that show how the brand is gaining trust and popularity over time.  
  • On eBay tons of reviews are available. BELKYMOOD has a 100% positive seller rating here. Customers are happy with the design and quality of the products.


Yes, BELKYMOOD is a trusted customized jewelry brand that has affiliates and branches in popular online stores. Many reviews and positive ratings are available on the internet. All their products are available on eBay and Etsy, plus they achieved a great position with a seller rating on eBay.

Their subsidiary sources of selling and advertising partners are their bait of trust and loyalty towards their customers. We can only introduce you through our analysis of the brands’ reputation.

We hope you find BELKYMOOD as a trusted option for your dream locket production.

Do they make other jewelry?

They have production of earrings and bracelets besides their popular necklaces. The way necklaces reflect their craftsmanship and determination towards art, and the other products are also eye-pleasing and highly praiseworthy.

Currently, there are 3 earring designs in stock and they start at $29.40 to $43.00 with up to 50% discount. These earrings are simple and follow a similar concept to the necklaces. They are simple yet elegant, tiny but attention-grabbing!

Bracelets start at $29.00 and can be found up to $39.00 varying with models. With similar design patterns and elegant colors these will outperform your entire look and fashion. We hope they offer a combo with some more discounts in the meantime.

Cost Analysis

A handful of companies offer customized jewelry and BELKYMOOD is one of them. Considering the price and quality of the product we can say for sure that now is the time to claim your customized necklace, earrings, or bracelets since BELKYMOOD is offering up to 50% discount officially.

Their products are the best value for money at this moment in the market.

Solid Silver necklaces start below the $20 price tag! And a piece of 14K customized gold necklace is available only at $108.00!!

So, we must admit this is going to be a good purchase with all the offers running right now.

Pros and Cons

BELKYMOOD is undoubtedly a good source of customized necklaces and jewelry. It offers your enthusiasm coming to life. It inspires you to glow and shine with confidence accompanied by a simple yet powerful ornament. But of course, we must tell you all about the flaws it draws together. We have listed as much as we could do. Hope you find them useful in rating the brand in a realistic judgment.

Furnish their product preciselyLack in number of designs
Unique by appearanceDo not provide a return policy
Simple yet elegant 
Long-lasting and quality build material 

Return and Warranty Policy

BELKYMOOD offers no return policy on personalized handmade jewelry. They offer you a nice gift box with each item. Both the box and the purchased item are non-returnable.

But they provide a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase. This warranty policy covers any type of manufacturer defects. Now, what are the manufacturer’s defects? How can you claim your warranty?

Let’s find out.

Manufacturer Defects

  • Spring clasp breaking
  • Chain disconnecting from the clasp/jump ring
  • Chain breaking in the middle without force being applied to it (no stretched links)
  • Items that qualify for the warranty will be repaired free of charge. Their warranty does not cover items that were broken with force, such as accidentally pulling on the chain and breaking it. If your item doesn’t qualify for the warranty, they may be able to repair it for a small fee.

Starting a Warranty Request

  • Send an email to with the subject “Warranty Request – Order #xxxx”.
  • Attach clear photos of where the defect is.
  • Attach clear photos of the whole necklace.
  • In the body, please include a message with your name, and order number, and describe how it broke.
  • Once we receive your email, we’ll review it and get you taken care of!

Caring for BELKYMOOD Jewelry

All types of jewelry require preservation while not in use. Even when used they need proper care and cleaning. Jewelry from BELKYMOOD is no exception. Their 14K gold-designed necklaces, earrings, and bracelets need to be taken care of and well preserved for a longer life span and shining performance.

A few instructions to follow to take care of your jewelry,

  • Use a zip-lock plastic bag to store your jewelry when they are not in use.
  • Avoid taking them in the shower, pool, spa, or beach.
  • Keep out of reach from cosmetics and chemicals.
  • Wash them with professionals only.

Gold jewelry should be treated similarly to those given for silver ornaments. If color is fading away, which has not been reported yet, contact the BELKYMOOD officials immediately. Contact them here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is BELKYMOOD legit?

Ans. BELKYMOOD is a people’s choice brand with more than thousands of reviews online.

  • What is between BELKYMOOD and Etsy?

And. The brand is a renowned seller of Etsy which is an online supermarket. BELKYMOOD products are available on the Etsy app as well.

  • How much time does it take to deliver the product?

Ans. Usually, large amounts of products are delivered within 24 hours. But the handmade products take 3-5 working days to get to the customer.

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