Bellabooty Belt reviews: Wear a belt for hip thrusts for active.

Hip thrusts are common and very popular exercises for increasing glute size and strength. These particular types of exercises are for specific personnel only. They improve athletic performance, and aesthetics and support overall lower body strength.

This complex exercise improves and extends your hips ensuring a stable upper body formation. However, a group of friends consisting of personal trainers and product engineers invented the Bellabooty Belt making the exercise fun and more effective at the same time.

Bellabooty Belt is the product that makes your hip exercise experience more effective and riskless. Today we are going to discuss this latest invention that makes your hip thrust safer and more accessible with your glutes.

Let’s find out the effectiveness of your booty shaper.

Bellabooty Belt reviews

What is Bellabooty Belt for?

Your booty workout is not the easiest one whether you do it at a gym or home. The traditional hip thrust exercise technique uses a tool like a barbell that does not help with comfort. These are strong hamstring exercises that require a careful hand. On the other hand, the experience with a barbell is no good to anyone to this day. It is painful and inconvenient for many at the same time.

Then there is the Bellabooty Belt, a working product on your hip thrusts that is a highly researched innovation to solve the problem with the barbell. The Bellabooty Belt is for your comfortable yet effective hip thrust exercises that promise to make a difference in your workout.  

This innovation helps you more accessible and safer booty workout and is more effective than conventional hip thrust exercises.

How to use a Bellabooty Belt?

Using a Bellabooty Belt is quite simple and fun. Instead of setting up a barbell and positioning a bench then placing your hips underneath that weight-lifting stick you can simply hook up your dumbbells, kettlebells, or weight plates at the two sides of the belt and place them on your hips with no barbell attached!

Dumbbells work pretty well with Bellabooty Belt. It pushes your booty muscles effectively and stays right in place. You will find a huge change in the way you did your hip thrusts with the barbell for sure.

Kettlebells are good to go with this belt. A taller person must enjoy the weight lifting he never could with a barbell. But the weight plate might not be for everyone to lift with the belt. The weight plates are larger in diameter they require more space for ground clearance. But if you can do your thrusts, they will surely change the shape of your buttocks. 

Bellabooty Belt

User Reviews

This newly introduced product has effectively changed the perception of hip thrust exercises in a short time. People are sharing their opinions through social media and other platform. We intend to help you discover how are people feeling about this. Let’s take a look.

  • Ben Yogman, a user of the Bellabooty belt shared his experience on Amazon on 2nd September this year. He had submitted a mixed experience or maybe a more precise one. He said that he was not happy with his shoulders while exercising with the belt. But he found it very useful with his back. Ben advised the users to pick the weight wisely and carefully. However, he expected it to be more useful for him. Finally, he praised the quality of the belt and was happy with the build and stretch.
  • Gaby in September this year expressed his experience on Amazon as well, he was happy with the product and its usability. Gaby said the belt can weigh up to 50 lbs of dumbbells. He felt safe from falling into the dumbbells and did his workout routinely.
  • Natalie, a professional trainer discussed the Bellabooty Belt in a review on her YouTube channel that might be helpful to you.
  • Lean, a verified buyer of the Bellabooty Belt rated the product with a 3-star. Now, he is obsessed with the weight limitation of the belt. But the belt has a certain amount of weight written on each model. And you are advised to remain within that.
  • Another verified buyer is Kristina who has given a 5-star rating and expressed her joy that the belt is sturdy and can carry easily for her hips thrusts. According to her, this belt can weigh enough weight that help her complete the workout and she need not wait for a barbell or other tool to do so.

They’re more than hundreds of reviews on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms. Many reviews are given on the official website of Bellabooty that might help you get a clear idea of the product.

Why choose Bellabooty?

Bellabooty is now a popular brand across the nation. With more effectiveness and ease of access, it is a preferable alternative to barbells and other equipment. Hip thrusts are now more fun and safe.

To enlighten the reasons for choosing Bellabooty we must start with how it improved itself. Let’s take a look at why Bellabooty should be on your bucket list for your hip thrusts.

  • Comes with a slip resistance padding that eliminates the bitter and painful memories of barbells.
  • Flexible and easy to fit with dumbbells, kettlebells, and weight plates.
  • Certified to hold up to 400lbs
  • Simple setup in under 20 seconds
  • Convenient to carry
  • Usable for multipurpose tasking

Additionally, Bellabooty is offering a 90-day money-back guarantee and 2 years of warranty!

Cost Analysis

Bellabooty Belt’s price was $59.95 but right now the belt is sold only for $49.95 each. You will be given The Bellabooty Belt Movement Guide for no cost if ordered with no further delay.

The company is offering a 30-Day Glute Focused Program you might get useful. The program is available for $39.99. The E-book program consists of more than 80 pages of workout sessions, tips, tutorials, and so on. They promise you real results with this course that can be taken at a gym or at home.

A consistent performance can achieve your target as they claim.

Bellabooty is offering a bundle discount that will decrease 20% of the total cost and also offers you free shipping. The regular price of the bundle is $89.94 which includes the Bellabooty Belt, the Movement Guide, and the 30-Day Glute Focused Program. But at this moment this bundle is available only for $69.95 which is a great saving!

Coupons on Bellabooty Belt

Bellabooty is offering 20% off with their bundle offer on their official site. Yet, a few additional coupons are available through some seller websites. Want to grab a few?

wethrift offers 11 active coupon codes right now. Grab yours before they go null.

USA Today offers coupons and promo codes worth 50% altogether on Bellabooty Belt purchases. 

Follow the social media platforms for the latest coupons and promo codes on Bellabooty.

Pros and Cons

Hip thrusting is not an easy piece of workout and they are not meant for all. Since these types of exercises are directly related to your hamstring any careless movement can harm your physical in bad shape.

Bellabooty Belt delivers the promised advancement and effectiveness. Yet these belts might not be a perfect suit for all. So, what possibly could be the drawbacks of such a tool?

Yes, though only a few, there’s still some catch. Let’s find out the positives and negatives of this belt.

The best alternatives to barbellShorter people may find kettlebells less effective with Bellabooty Belt
Works more effectively with dumbbellsWeight plates are only good for taller persons
Easy to set up 
Can weigh enough weight 
Durable structure 
Slip resistance padding 

Tips for effective usage

This belt makes your booty workout more effective when used properly. Since you are about to choose the Bellabooty Belt as an alternative to your old barbell ways, you must ensure proper usage with safety and precautions.


This belt offers a simple setup that only takes less than half a minute. At first, open the Velcro and take the adjustable strap out. Place your dumbbells or other weights and close the strap fitting them over. Finally, close the Velcro and put the whole set up on your hips right after getting into position.

Positioning of Weights

If you are using dumbbells place them vertically on your hips and they will hardly displace. Make sure the dumbbell head is over the grip of the belt. Move them till the sharp edges are away from your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it usable for all ages?

And. People who perform hip thrust workouts can use it for better effectiveness and comfort. Make sure you make a good setup and weight selection before starting your workout.

  • Is it worth to buy the Bellabooty Belt?

Ans. Bellabooty Belt has many positive reviews. It is worth a try at least!

  • Does this hip thrust belt work?

Ans. This belt is an innovative production of exercise equipment. It surely changes the way of work out for your healthier and nicely shaped booty.

  • How much is a Bellabooty Belt?

Ans. Bellabooty Belt is now being sold at $49.95 only at a discounted price. There is a bundle offer going on that saves 20% of your purchase money altogether.

  • Is it safe to use a belt for hip thrusts?

Ans. Hip thrust exercises are safer with good quality belts than barbells. This relieves you from the painful experience of barbells.


Hip thrust exercises are advantageous in many ways. Your buttock’s largest muscles, the glutes are the most helped part of your body. Hip thrusts specifically help activate and develop your glutes that help improve their size, shape, and overall strength.

They improve your athletic performance and also enhance posture. But these exercises need more than just weight lifting on your hips. Usually, barbells are used to perform these exercises. Nowadays the Bellabooty Belt is a good and essential choice to get the best out of your hip thrusts.

Easy usage and more effectiveness make it popular among butt fetishes. It is safer than barbells and has various usability. We recommend taking a test with Bellabooty.

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