Bora Bora cost: A French Polynesian group island (Plan and everything 2023)

A couple can make their honeymoon by spending a few thousand bucks. The cheapest rooms are available from $100 to $3,000 per night per room. The most luxurious resort on the other hand can cost you more than $13,000 per night. The food and traveling cost will add an extra $500-$1,000 on a few days’ trips.

A perfect wedding destination, a great honeymoon spot, and a complete family trip package are the Bora Bora Island of French Polynesia. How luxurious is this place? It is so lavish and grand as well as a sky-high landmark that millions crave for visiting it, at least once in a lifetime and a few get to know it.

The blending of blue, reflecting clear water, and the volcanic island rests in the eyes of its visitors. The luxury costs money. Thus, there’s so much to consider before going to make a trip to one of the finest islands on the planet.

There’s so much more to know about the island and its offerings. We have discussed the cost and everything as of august 2023. Get to learn about this beautiful, scenic natural island with our article. 

Bora Bora living cost

The history behind the God-Made Island

According to World Data Info, French Polynesia is a democratic country in south pacific Polynesia and a territory of French. Nations Online says it is a collection of 118 islands and covers a Europe-sized area in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Bora Bora Island is a part of this Tahitian land and a part of the so-called Society Island. In ancient times it was called ‘pora pora mai te pora’ meaning ‘created by the Gods’ in the Tahitian language.

It is searched over 4 million times a year. But only a few find the way to this beautiful natural series of islands. The small island is only 30.55 km² in the area yet a picture of the finest natural creation.  

This volcanic beach represents the blue water shore with white and black sandy beaches in different directions of the island. It is mostly known for its beautiful lagoons and luxurious overwater bungalows.

Though the island was built as a base camp during World War II, it was never in combat. So, the camp was shut down in 1946. Once again the charming scenario and resourceful activities started the island to be a nice vacation spot for anyone. Today, tourists from all over the world come to visit and enjoy their vacation with pleasure. A few WW II attractions are also proposed to learn more about history.  

The average cost of the Bora Bora Trip

Expenses depend on your selection of luxury and the time you are about to stay on the beach. We can split the cost into a few categories to make it easier for you to understand. First, accommodation varies greatly depending on how luxurious rooms you are booking. The cheapest one comes in less than a hundred bucks. $130-$ 350s are the affordable ones. Luxury starts from $400 to a thousand bucks. And the most luxurious options are available with a $1,000+ price tag.

Flights are either included when you are on an all-inclusive package, or you will have to find your air service from wherever you are flying to Bora Bora. Flights from Tahiti to Bora Bora costs $200 to $260 on a couple of flying tickets.

Foods are not considerably cheaper. Cost completely depends on your food habit.

bora bora travel

Kardashian’s leisure spot on this island

The Kardashian are popular public figures worldwide. They have been exposed even to day-to-day life. The famous Kardashians got visited the island in 2011 with their film/production clan in April 2011. It was a 7-day family visit trip with an actual reason to shoot their 3-day Bora Bora season for their celebrity show.

Kardashian and their team could find the best deal with The Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa. It is considered one of the 4 most beautiful and luxurious resorts on the island.

Overwater Bungalows stated the room price is $4,302 per night and additional bucks for the suites and also said that the regular bungalows start at $950 per night at The Hilton Nui.     

Where to stay on the island?

Staying in Bora Bora is fun and lavish. Both luxury and cheaper options are available here. At least 14 hotels and resorts are providing accommodation for tourists/visitors. Water Bungalows, Resorts, Hotels, and Vacation Rentals are featuring residences for tourists all around the year.

Let’s take a look at the popular hotels and resorts on Bora Bora Island.

Hotel Matira

The cheapest one on the island is the Hotel Matira. It offers double room accommodation with a starting price of $136. The wooden lagoon hotel is not too close to the public beach rather it offers the most scenic beauty of nature.

This lagoon bungalow is spacious enough to accommodate 4 people and offers everything mandatory on a vacation.

Prices of available rooms with different facilities are given in the box below.

Bungalow typeStarting Prices (per night/double room)
Standard Bungalow$136
Garden Bungalow$158
Lagoon View Bungalow$182
Beach Bungalow$199

Hotel Royal

Hotel Royal is located in two parts; 10 buildings with 80 rooms of accommodation are all set with mountains beside one part and a small natural seaside reception on the other side.

A double room rental starts from $155 at Hotel Royal Bora Bora. Rooms come with air conditioning, cable TV, Coffee, Fridge, Hair Dryer, in-room internet access, Shower, Telephone, and Terrace.

Rooms are accommodated with exclusive facilities and services.

Hotel Maitai Polynesia

Hotel Maitai is an overwater staying spot for visitors and it is one of the cheapest options of all. It offers a sea view with a mountain view at the same time. There is an open space in the middle of your rooms to have a view of the underwater view right beneath you.

Hotel Maitai costs around $175 for a double room. Prices of available rooms with different facilities are given in the box below.

Rooms and BungalowsStarting Prices (per night/double room)
Garden View Room$175
Ocean View Room$241
Beach Bungalow$315
Overwater Bungalow$478
Premium Overwater Bungalow$543

Rohotu Fare Lodge

A boutique lodge starts from $318 for a double room in Bora Bora. This one is a three-unit mountainside lodge with shade and coolness.

An intimate and romantic surrounding makes your dream honeymoon come true offering a quiet, mountainside lush botanical garden view from the terrace. 

Prices of available rooms with different facilities are given below.

  1. A/C Superior Lagoon View BGL and Kitchenette – from $318
  2. A/C Garden View Suite and Kitchen – from $318 

Hotel Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resort

This hotel is redefined with the traditional touches of architecture using natural materials like wood, bamboo, stone, ropes, etc. The wooden cabins and rooms are like natural shelter and fresh, crystal blue water allows kids and olds to swim for longer.

Here, a double room starts at $708 per night. Prices of available rooms with different facilities are given in the box below.

Villas/BungalowsStarting Prices (per night/double room)
Garden Villa and Pool$708
Overwater Bungalow$954
Beach Villa and Pool$994
Otemanu Overwater Bungalow$1,078
End of Pontoon Overwater Suite and Pool$2,005
Royal Beach Villa and Pool$2,948

Hotel Intercontinental Le Moana Resort

Le Moana Resort is on the white beautiful sandy beach of Matira Point; with a shuttle boat, just 25 minutes away from the airport. This is a 4 start-rated hotel and resort and the price for a couple of rooms starts from $832.

The presence of a crystal clear lagoon makes the resort more cherishing with the clear water view. But no diving center or spa is available at the facility. Prices of available rooms with different facilities are given below.

Title of the BungalowsStarting Prices (per night/double room)
Beach Bungalow Lagoon View$832
Lagoon Overwater Junior Suite Bungalow$1,153
Horizon Overwater Junior Suite Bungalow$1,258
End of Pontoon Overwater Bungalow$1,411
2 Bedroom Overwater Suite Poevai $2,689

Hotel St Regis Resort

St Regis Resort was founded in 2006. Options for choosing rooms/villas are available while booking. Spa, fitness center, and swimming pools along with bars and lounges, everything a 5-star resort requires is here.

The rent starts at $937 per night for a couple.  Prices of available rooms with different facilities are given below.

Name of the VillasStarting Prices (per night/double room)
Reef Side Garden Villa and Pool$937
Beach Side Villa and Pool$1,149
Overwater Superior Villa$1.374
Overwater Deluxe Suite Villa$1,480
Overwater Deluxe Otemanu Villa$1,675
Overwater Premier Otemanu Vila and Whirpool$2,156
1BR Overwater Royal Otemanu Villa and Pool$3,518
2BR Overwater Royal Otemanu Villa and Pool$4,201

Cheaper staying options

The overwater bungalows are not a pocket-friendly option at all. The expenses of living out in these allow people to presume that Bora Bora is a highly costly tourist destination, but not. Running on a tight budget? Your savior options can be both the hotels we have stated above and the locals who will offer your accommodation at a minimal price.

But those bungalows and resorts are not the best choices to save your account anyway. Resorts are over a thousand bucks and some of them over tens of thousands of dollars per night! Whereas, hotels offshore are not much uncomfortable within the price.  

2-star and a few 3-star hotels like Hotel Matira, Hotel Royal, Hotel Maitai, and Rohotu Fare Lodge are some of your cheaper options on the island.

Featured Vacations/Honeymoon packages 

A few romance-inspired resorts and bungalows are built to offer the best quality time for couples on their honeymoons and weddings. Featured vacation packages are,

  • Bora Bora Pearl Honeymoon
  • Three Island Honeymoon Allure
  • Le Moana Honeymoon
  • Lagoons and Pink Sands
  • Island Elegance
  • St Regis Luxury Honeymoon
  • Conrad Bora Bora Opulent Honeymoon
  • Inspired Luxury etc.

All these packages are included airfare and they feature daily breakfast and dinner included in the package. The prices of honeymoon vacation packages are given below; if you are interested in a lavish honeymoon trip.

PackagesValid DatesDurationPrices 
Bora Bora Pearl Honeymoon1 August, 22 – 31 March, 246 nights$3,795/pp
Le Moana Honeymoon1 August, 22 – 10 December, 236 nights$3,895/pp
Lagoons and Pink Sands1 November, 22 – 23 September, 237 nights$4,395/pp
Island Elegance1 November, 22 – 31 March, 247 nights$5,295/pp
St Regis Luxury Honeymoon1 August, 22 – 31 March, 246 nights$5,550/pp
Conrad Opulent Honeymoon1 November, 22 – 31 March, 246 nights$5,695/pp
Three Island Honeymoon Allure1 November, 22 – 31 March, 2410 nights$5,795/pp
Perfect Paradise1 November, 22 – 10 December, 2310 nights$6,995/pp
Leeward Island Explorer1 November, 22 – 10 December, 2310 nights$8,895/pp
Inspired Luxury1 November, 22 – 10 December, 2310 nights$13,500/pp

Prices are taken from Tahiti Tourism

Bora Bora destination wedding package cost

Luxury resorts and hotels offer wedding packages on Bora Bora Island. It is a dream of many to celebrate their marriage ceremony here.

A 7 days/6 nights wedding package at Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resort is priced at $5,599 per person in the off-season and $7,799 in the high season which is from June to October.  

Four Seasons is offering a few more wedding packages with different criteria with different pricing for the events. Romantic Dance, Colorful Dream, and Pearl of Love are the three of them. The package Romantic Dance has a price tag of $2,549.60 (Converted from pacific franc to USD). Then, Colorful Dream offers a picture-perfect island wedding starting at $3,399 (Converted) and finally, the Pearl of Love wedding package with a starting price of $4,815.90 (Converted).

The Royal Wedding Package is featuring the Intercontinental Resort and Thalasso Spa. The price of this wedding package is $7,895 per person, including the airfare. An advance purchase before 90 days of the visiting day receives a resort discount.  

Four  Seasons Resort cost on the island

This resort is located around 3.7 miles from the heart of Vaitape and only 15/20 minutes away from the airport.

Toronto-based hotel and resort chain Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts raised the resort in Bora Bora. It is one of the luxury resorts on the island featuring 100 overwater bungalows and 7 beachfront villas along with the outer coral reef.

The resort is called the best romantic leisure spot for honeymooners. Though, it can be also a good destination for a family trip. This luxury resort has a high expense with all the best amenities and services. We are including the cost of staying a couple per night. Let’s take a look at the highly generated prices.

TypeFeaturesPrice (per night)
Overwater Bungalow SuitesOne bedroom, beach view overwater bungalow suiteFrom $3,175
Specialty Overwater Bungalow Suites with Plunge PoolsOne bedroom, mountain view overwater bungalow suite with plunge poolFrom $5,382
Beachfront Villa EstatesThree bedroom, premier beachfront villa estateFrom $18,398

So, Four Seasons is not a cheap option at all. The cost of luxury demands a great price. Seasonal promo codes and discounts shall cut a good amount of the overall price.

When to go to Bora Bora?

Seasonal visiting to the island can be very handy when thinking about saving the account. On contrary, a few crave to get the most in the right season spending whatever it costs. Specifically, the island features two seasons; Dry and Wet. And the Dry Season is considered to be the best time to visit the island. Where Wet season is the savior option.

The dry season remains for at least 6 months a year. Usually, it starts in May and lasts till October. This time of the year tourists enjoy the clear sky with low humidity in the environment. Hiking through the jungle or swimming and boating on the clear blue water excites them the most. The temperature is around 24°C on average.

During Off Season, it gets easier to afford a luxury resort or hotel with more discounts and offers since the numbers of visitors are shortened during this period. The Wet Season consists from November to April. At this particular time, hotels and resorts discount 10%-20% off!

According to Planetware, August is the best month to visit the island and the worst is December with high humidity and rain. But, there are still things to relish like the Va’a Bora Bora Race at the beginning of December, the Bora Bora Liquid Festival in the mid of the month, and so on.   

Other activities and their prices

See, the island is not just about swimming and roaming all day long. It has so much to offer you. The thrill and adventure you were looking for, and everything that excites you.

Activities like an island tour, aqua safari, private wakeboarding, island tour by jet-ski, and many more are waiting to cheer your nerves up. We have included everything you can enjoy besides your quality time here and their prices. Let’s take a look at the box below.

Activity NamePrice-per-person
4×4 Cultural Island Tour by Natura Discovery From $90
The Love Boat Bora Bora Sunset Dream CruiseFrom $121
SnorkelingZcoolFrom $125
Dinner at Bloody Mary’sFrom $102
Shark and Ray Lagoon Cruise with Motu LunchFrom $155
Bora Bora Underwater ScooterFrom $175
The Loveboat, Private Lagoon Lovers Photo TourFrom $228
Tanoa Private Discovery TourFrom $350
Private Sunset Cruise and Motu DinnerFrom $465
Bora Bora Lagoon FishingFrom $537
Helicopter Beach Escape to TupaiFrom $1,150

From fishing to sky diving, photos shot to honeymoon package, everything that you could desire is here in Bora Bora. All are valued considering a tourist necessity. 

Bora Bora address and map

Bora Bora is a democratic part of French Polynesia and is a French territory. It is a volcanic island in the Society Island of South Pacific Polynesia; just northwest of Tahiti.  This is only an hour of journey from the airport of Papeete.

The geographical map of the island shows you how to surf all across the island and the setting of the coral island. Here is the inclusion of the map of Bora Bora Island. 

A 45-minute trip by inter-island carrier or Air Tahiti will reach you to your dream destination. Flying will serve you more amusement over the island. The top view of the mountains floating on the blue crystal ocean tells a story of the finest blend of nature here on this island. Up to 6 flights are being operated a day from Tahiti to Bora Bora.

Bora Bora map

How to get to Bora Bora?

Bora Bora is not an easy and low-time travel destination for international tourists. Distance from popular cities, such as New York (11,500 km), Los Angeles (7,000 km), Tokyo (9,500 km), Sydney (6,100 km), Paris (18,000 km), and Berlin (19,000 km) is a day away airborne at least.

Yet the fastest way to get to the island is the air service. Air Tahiti is the prime domestic airline service operating at least 5 to 6 flights a day. . Air Archipels, Sarl Pol’Air, and Tahiti Air Charter operate chartered flights on the island.

Air Tahiti Nui operates international flights all across Asia, Europe, the Pacific, and the Americas. Other international airlines flying to Tahiti are Air France, Air New Zealand, Latam Airlines, and United Airlines.

Getting around the Beach

Cruises can be a great adventurous traveling choice for getting around in Bora Bora, of course, if you can escape from seasickness. There are several options like Huahine, Raiatea, Taha’a, etc. by the shipping company Hawaiki Nui.

Air-conditioned speed boat with 3 voyages per week, Taxi Motu, Lady Pearl Bora Bora is a couple of taxi boat services for inter-island touring.       

Scooters and car rentals allow enjoying the scenic beauty of the island limitless. Albert Store Bora Bora and Avis Bora Bora are a few offering you car and scooter for rent. 

Is it worth visiting the island?

French Polynesia is a tourism-dependent country for most of its economy and is the purest and cleanest in the world. Bora Bora Island is a greater part of that. This is an enchanting and once-in-a-lifetime desired spot for many. Bora Bora is a perfect honeymoon destination for the couple as well as for family vacations. The crystal clear blue water and the mountain view from the same spot shall mesmerize anyone. The rides and the adventures are thrilling and romantic at the same time.

This may the best vacation on your bucket with everything fresh and loving. Hundreds of reviews are given with positive scores and recommend others to make a trip to the quiet, cheerful beaches of South Polynesia.

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