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Cedar point amusement park is known for the diverse scenario of the park arena and the natural facility that makes visitors robustly amused. Now it is being operated by Cedar Fair, Ohio, an entertainment company, and is a flagship in the chain of amusement parks.

The park started with the idea of making things lively and perfect living for visitors. People from all over come to enjoy their weekends and holidays at Cedar Point.

It is called America’s Roller Coast with 16 roller coasters and is the fourth-most after the Canadian Wonderland. And the addition of the latest steel vengeance has surely made this popular among the public and visitors of all ages. The 2nd oldest amusement park in Ohio is still operating nicely with all the updated assets.

Today we have discussed the overall cost of the park-site visit for a person. We have included all the latest prices for the rides and packages. So, stay with us for more information. 

Cedar Point Roller Coast
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Park information

A 150 years old traditional park, ‘The Cedar Point’ is a class by itself. It is lit in the city of Ohio. Cedar Point is more than just riding on the roller coasters, more than thrilling rides. The park is a greater source of amusement.

The park is equipped with many facilities from riding to swimming. It is a good spot for families to spend time together. The exterior view of the facility will surely shock you with the mesmerizing view of the whole park in a frame. It offers 70 amazing rides that are worth your money. Cedar Point is considered to be the 2nd oldest amusement park in the USA.

It is situated in Sandusky, Ohio, United States. The seashore park is built on a 364-acre space and features some of the largest roller coasters in the world.

We have gathered the information on the park and discussed them below so that you can learn the slightest information about it.  

Operating time

The park usually remains open from 10 am to 8 pm, and the water park from 11 am to 6 pm. We have included the opening and closing schedule for the rest of the month and the first week of September to help choose the most suitable trip to Cedar Point.

The first table describes the last week’s schedule, and the second one will tell about the first week of September ’22.

August 2022

DateCedar PointCedar Point Shores
August 24, Wednesday10 am – 8 pm11 am – 6 pm
August 25, Thursday10 am – 8 pm11 am – 6 pm
August 28, Sunday10 am – 8 pm11 am – 6 pm
August 29, Monday10 am – 8 pm11 am – 6 pm
August 30, Tuesday10 am – 8 pm11 am – 6 pm
August 31, Wednesday10 am – 8 pm11 am – 6 pm

September 2022

DateCedar PointCedar Point Shores
September 1, Thursday10 am – 8 pm11 am – 6 pm
September 2, Friday10 am – 11 pm11 am – 6 pm
September 3, Saturday10 am – 11 pm11 am – 6 pm
September 4, Sunday10 am – 11 pm11 am – 6 pm
September 5, Monday10 am – 8 pm11 am – 6 pm
September 6, TuesdayCloseClose
September 7, WednesdayCloseClose

The table above says the schedule for the 1st week of September as well. After September 5 there will be a break till the 11th day of the month. Again another three days off before the HalloWeekeend starts.

Cedar Point admission ticket cost

Season Passes

Cedar Point has a certain accessible method to the main arena. Visitors are offered an access pass spending an amount required for it. There are two passes available at this moment.

1. 2023 Gold Pass

2. 2023 Platinum Pass

Both offer identical services except for a couple of advantages of the Platinum Pass. We have included the pass details below and also stated the latest price as of august 2022.

Park Tickets

The park has been offering different packages for the tickets. Day tickets are available both at the online store and offline. They are,

  1. Single Day Admission
  2. Funday Bundle
  3. Funday Bundle Max
  4. Two-Day Cedar Point Ticket
Single Day AdmissionFunday BundleFunday Bundle MaxTwo-Day Cedar Point Ticket
Single-day visit onlyOffers free parking and dining at a low priceParking, single-day funPix, gameplayTwo-day visit on any open days
All the rides and attractions are available on the ticketThe admission fee is considerably cheaperAll-day dining plus access, relaxing seating, phone chargers, and moreThe due date is till September 11 of the year

Group tickets and Military tickets

Ticket typePrice
15+ group ticket  $45
15+ group tickets for 2 days$75

Group tickets are available at the best value. There are two options available. For 1 day trip and another one for 2 days.  

Cedar Point is offering a military package for only $45. This includes all the basic rides and trailing in the park and gives a chance to be a member of Cedar Point.

Kids under 2 years of age are out of the count by ticket.

Water Park ticket cost at Water Shore


TitlePrice (without tax)
All Season Dining$109*
Season Pass Drink Plan Paper Cup$34.99*
All Season Drink Bottle$34.99
All day Dining$31.99
Premium All-Day Dining$44.99
Souvenir Bottle or Drink Wristband$16.99
Single Meal Deal$15.99
2023 All-Season Tumbler$49.99

Fast Lane

Package titlePrice
Fast Lane$89*
Fast Lane Plus$114*
Season Pass Fast Lane Plus$950
Platinum Season Pass Fast Lane Plus$999
Fright Lane$49*


Standard Cabana$129
Premium Bronze Cabana$259
Premium Silver Cabana$299
Premium Gold Cabana$329


Manual Wheelchair Rental$20
Electric Wheelchair Rental$50
Electric Wheelchair with Canopy Rental$65
Single Stroller Rental$17
Double Stroller Rental$22


Millennium Club LoungeBoardwalk Cruiser ToursPrivate Beach Bungalow

FunPix and more

2023 All Season FunPix$66.99
Single Day FunPix$34.99
2022 Play and Save coupon book$20
Private Beach Bungalow$159*

Available Rides at the Cedar Point

There are some serious roller coaster rides in the field. Along with these, many more to enjoy for people of all ages. There are more than 100 rides available at Cedar Point in Ohio. We have mentioned only a few of them from the people’s favorites.

Blue Streak Cadillac Cars Camp Bus Cedar Creek Mine Ride Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad Corkscrew Gemini Magnum XL-200 ParasailingPipe ScreamPoint Plummet Power tower Raptor Sky Ride SlingshotSteel Vengeance Top Thrill Dragster Wave Swinger 

Some will thrill you to their peak, and others will amuse with an adventurous environment and setting. 17 world-class coasters and a huge water park built for fun and thrill. That is why Cedar Park is called ‘The Amazement Park’. It is the only park that has 5 roller coasters with more than 200 feet!


Special discounts and offers are available at Cedar Point at this moment. We have included them in the table below. It offers ‘’Bring a Friend’’ that allows you to take your friend on a thrilling journey along with you. A number of 6 guests are allowed to get in with a pass-holder for the starting price of $19.99

The random day sales may cost a bit more than the discounted price. You will be spending around $30 for the package on average days. All have a single visit to the show.

Other than this, there are occasional events and discounts offered by the park. Most of them are limited by the members thus it would be beneficial if you look forward to buying a pass and membership of the park.

The trip planner by Cedar Point

Cedar Point park is a huge place for a day outing and thus you need to plan to comply with the program. Here you can get the advantage with the Cedar Point Trip Planner.

Mostly, people want to arrange the tour plan on their own. When are people new to Cedar Point the trip planner can be the best option for you. Either you are about to make the

Your visit can be of different types and occasions. Some want to visit the park with friends, others come with family. Kids love to be adventurous. Therefore, some visit with their kids. There can be a large group of travelers willing to visit Cedar Point. Special occasions can be celebrated also with your nearest one. The trip planner will show the perfect spot to select meeting the given criteria. 

Lost and found

At the facility, visitors are requested to keep their items and objects (having the possibility of loss) for their safety. Yet, it happens to occur that many of them lose their carrying goods. Therefore, they made an arrangement of collecting them and delivering them to the owner.

Lost articles/items are stored in the Lost and Found room near the main gate (if found). They are available for the next 48 hours and then are about to get disposed of. The ‘Lost and Found’ is near the main gate.

Objects that can lose should be checked by the owner. When rolling on the coaster lose objects are not allowed.

Park administration asks to keep in communication with your party because addressing announcements is not available at Cedar Point. Large groups or students or families should build continuous contact with members to keep in touch with others.    

Where to stay?

The park has its own residential and accommodation for the visitors. It offers a number of hotels to stay in as long as you want. Cedar Point resorts can be a good destination for your staying.

Besides, there are vacation packages that offer you to stay right beside your playing zone. This means you will only be a few steps away from the park and the water park shore.

The Breakers Boardwalk Package, available from May 27 to this upcoming September 5, offers $136 for a day at the amusement park. Besides, there is the Sawmill Creek Golf package at $132 that offers to play at your residence. Hotels and resorts you will find are,  

  • Hotel Breakers
  • Lighthouse Point
  • Express Hotel
  • Castaway Bay
  • Sawmill Creek and
  • Marinas

In Cedar Point, the cost of living at Hotel Breakers per night is estimated between $224.25 and $428.64. At Castaway Bay it will be ranging from $152.15 to $331.83 per night. Express Hotel offers to start at $111.75 to $374.84.

The locations of these hotels are near Cedar Point and the Water-park shore. So, you are about to take your nape just beside the main park. The Cedar Point Marina and Castaway Bay Marina both are the best options to sail for the summer boating fun. The other hotels and resorts are in the nearby location that you can reach of them in the most comfortable manner and within a short time.

Foods and Dietary

The park has several restaurants, and they offer foods according to the customer’s choice and requirements. Gold and Platinum pass ensures unlimited drinks free of cost. Around 59 restaurants are available at the park. You can choose your preferred dietary meal from them.

The list below includes a few of the restaurant titles that can be your dietary destination on the trip.

Meal   Coasters Drive-In BackBeatQue Bay Harbor at Cedar Point Marina Derby DogsDockside Grill at Cedar Point Shores Hugo’s Italian Kitchen Miss Keat’s Smokehouse  The Corral  Snacks   Starbucks Hot Potato Dippin’ Dots Beaches and Cream at Cedar Point Shores Coaster Coolers Custard Creamery Dive In

Whether you are on a diet menu dairy-free, gluten-free, or soy free, or you are a vegan or vegetarian, find these restaurants and snack bars right with your preferences. They provide fresh and healthy food for the visitors at all times.

Upcoming special events in September ‘22

Special event, like the HalloWeekend, is coming and a few more special events are to take place in the meantime. The ceremony will be held from September 15 to October 30. The schedule of the HalloWeekend at Cedar Point is given in the table below.

September 15 – October 276 pm – 12 am
September 16 – October 2911 am – 12 am
September 18 – October 211 am – 8 pm
October 911 am – 10 pm
October 16 – October 3011 am – 8 pm

Tickets are available both online and offline. The HalloWeekend tickets are available at $49.99 and onwards. Discounts and promo codes are not valid. Though, online ticket purchases can save a bit with the new discounted price. The Fright Lane tickets are available for $49 as well. The accommodation cost range for the special event will be likely,

Hotel Breakers$224.25-$807.64
Lighthouse Point$99.00-$439.64
Express Hotel$111.75-$374.84
Castaway Bay$152.15-$541.83
Sawmill Creek$179.00-$598.12

Now that you have the information about the scariest event of Cedar point, you will join the outraging thrill we assume.

Cedar Point VS its competitors

No doubt Cedar Point has its brand value on top. Yet there are many competitors out there. Several amusement parks are being operated across the USA. Some of them offer more than just riding and trailing. Thus, it is very competitive nowadays.

But Cedar Point is upgrading with the touch of modern trends. The thrilling machines, specifically implied for youth now offer family excitement and lovely tours.

We have briefly discussed the ticket and pass costs of a couple of main oppositions (the King’s Island and the Six Flags) of Cedar Point side by side.

TicketsCedar PointKing’s IslandSix Flags
Season Pass$99 (Gold) $250 (Platinum)$105 (Summer Pass) $130 (Gold) $250 (Platinum)$175 (Gold) $225 (Platinum) $320 (Diamond)
Daily ticketsFrom $49.99From $44.99From $85
Groups$45 (one day) $75 (two days)$41 (one day) $75 (two days)$75

There you go. We believe that now you can decide which is going to be the destination of your next thrill ride. Cedar Point has its own reputation and is enlarging with many more assets. It wouldn’t be a bad choice, huh?

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