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Cinder blocks or concrete blocks are mandatory materials to construct a building. A concrete block making machine costing $25,000 to $80,000 works for mixing the quality raw materials at a proper ratio.

And the blocks are known as concrete blocks because of using Portland cement, sand, and fine gravel. Meanwhile, you can get the job done with an either automatic or semi-automatic machine.

Doing the job with an automatic machine is comparatively costlier than doing it on a semi-automatic machine. You are supposed to save nearly $10,000 to $20,000 with a semi-automatic machine to produce an identical number of concrete blocks.

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What machine is used to make concrete blocks?

With our fast-forward life, we demand to have fast-forwarded machines in every sphere of life. Coming out of the traditional, manual concrete block making, we’re dependent on automatic machines for the same task.

  • Both automatic and semi-automatic machines are available.
  • Both hollow solid blocks are made.
  • Hydraulic automatic block making machines.
  • A perfect mixture of sand, gravel, cement, and water.
  • Accurate block making any time.
  • Can change the size of the blocks.
  • Quick and time-saving process.

The machines are time-efficient, but not a cost-efficient option every time as you may have to spend more than $30,000 for a quality one.

make concrete block machine price

Moreover, the size and number of blocks are two key factors that can impact the pricing of the machine.


On average, a concrete block making machine can cost you from $35,000 to $50,000 which is automatic. However, semi-automatic and manual machines are there as well at an affordable price range.

Meanwhile, the two most crucial factors that impact the machine pricing are –

  • Machine’s automation level
  • Machine’s capacity to produce solid or hollow blocks.

Depending on the automation level, you can have three types of machines.

  • Fully automatic block making machine
  • Semi-automatic block making machine
  • Manual block making machine.

The number of blocks produced by any of these machines is related to the automation level. And the price varies depending on these two facts as well. Let’s check out the following chart.

Type of machinesCostCapacity of making blocks 
Fully automatic$35,000 – $80,0004,000 to 8,000
The capacity of making blocks $20,000 – $45,0004,000 to 8,000
Manual$4,000 to $10,000Less than 1,000

However, you may wonder that the block size doesn’t matter much when it’s to the pricing of the machine. The regular width and height of the blocks are 20 cm or 8 inches and 40 cm or 16 inches respectively.

Meanwhile, the thickness has a variation as you can get both hollow and solid blocks from the same machine. The blocks can be as thin as 10 cm or 4 inches and as thick as 30 cm or 12 inches.


Fully-automatic machine price

A fully automatic machine is the most expensive concrete block making machine you can get. It uses pressure and vibration to produce concrete mold and costs as low as $35,000 to as high as $80,000.

  • A fully automatic machine has almost no manual work.
  • A maximum of 4 personnel is required.
  • Can produce 4,000 to 8,000 blocks.
  • Much quicker block making process.
  • The result comes with top-notch accuracy.
  • Pressure and vibration are used to produce blocks.

When you are tired of resizing the blocks using your hands, and still unsure about the accuracy, the automatic machine comes to the rescue.

From the mixture between the Portland cement and the aggregates to sizing the blocks and bringing the output, everything happens automatically here. One needs the least number of extra personnel to finish the job.

Semi-automatic machine price

A semi-automatic machine is comparatively an affordable option than a fully automatic one as it can cost you as low as $20,000. However, the question is how accurate blocks you can get from these machines.

  • It’s mostly an automatic machine with a few manual works.
  • Can produce 4,000 to 8,000 blocks.
  • 7 or 8 extra personnel are required.
  • Works through using pressure and vibration.
  • Accurate sizing of blocks.

In case, you can’t afford a fully automatic concrete block machine, the semi-automatic one can be a good option. However, there isn’t any issue with the number of blocks it can make at a time.

Meanwhile, being dependent on mostly automatic functions, it has the least chance to compromise the accuracy in the sizing of the blocks.

Manual machine

A manual concrete block machine is the cheapest and the least used option nowadays on construction sites. This cheap machine can cost you $4,000 or sometimes less than that.

  • The machine’s performance relies on the number of personnel.
  • Can’t produce more than 1,000 blocks at a time.
  • Typically used for making solid bricks, mud bricks, and interlocking bricks.
  • Can produce hollow concrete blocks.
  • Hard to maintain the perfect size.
  • It’s not a time-saving option.
  • Manually mixes the raw materials.

Without any doubt, when you are looking forward to producing blocks manually, it’s going to take a lot of time. And this is going to result in the least amount of block production at a time.

The personnel working at the construction site have to mix the raw materials and let the machine create the mold. Therefore, it often becomes hard to maintain a proper block size.

Is a concrete block making machine expensive?

Yes, a concrete block making machine might appear a bit expensive when you don’t care about the amount of time it’s saving. The huge amount of blocks it can produce makes it a handy addition to construction sites.

The machines are basically referred to as automatic or semi-automatic machines. On the other hand, manual machines can never match the level of producing blocks.

Even though manual machines are cheaper compared to automatic ones, they are less powerful. In that case, one can’t just give a verdict calling a concrete block making machine an expensive one.

Automatic vs. Semi-automatic machine

The two most capable automation levels available in concrete block making machines are –

  • Automatic
  • And Semi-automatic.
Concrete block making machine
Costs from $35,00 to $80,000Costs from $20,000 to $45,000
Needs 4 personnelNeeds 7 to 8 personnel
Stacker robot or forklift to deliver raw materialsHandcarts to deliver raw materials
Highest level of accuracyComparatively a bit less accurate

Basically, these two machines are pretty similar in that one requires more labor than the other. The automatic machine works with a maximum of four personnel compared to the seven or eight personnel of a semi-automatic machine.

Mobile vs. Stationary block making machine

Have you ever needed a portable block making machine that can move to different construction sites? Well, you may not have it yet, but who knows if you won’t need it one day?

That is why mobile block machines are there to serve you as portable machine that is comparatively smaller than actual ones. Moreover, being lightweight and small, it’s easy to carry to any construction spot.

On the other hand, stationary machines are the ones that are built on concrete space for permanent use. It’s big, heavy, and not made for taking anywhere you like.

One big difference between these two machines is that you can have more blocks produced at a higher speed with less time through the stationary one. Moreover, the stationary one appears a bit pricier option.

How are made: The raw materials? 

Concrete blocks are made by mixing the raw materials in a certain proportion. But do you even know which are considered the raw materials?

  • Portland cement or cement
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Fly ash
  • Stone powder
  • And Water.

The ratio between the mixture defines how strong the block will be. Except for the Portland cement, the other raw materials are basically known as the aggregates.

After all the machine has all the raw materials inside, it mixes everything and transfers to the block shaping part. As a result, you can get perfectly sized hollow or solid blocks.


First up, you will think about how accurately and quickly the machine makes concrete blocks. The simplest answer is that the accuracy and quickness levels are top-notch here.

So, what else reasons are there to make it a profitable machine on the construction sites?

  • Reliable performance with accurate sizing.
  • It can cope with the size required for construction.
  • Quickly gets the job done by maintaining accuracy.
  • Requires less human labor for being an automatic machine.
  • Mixes the raw materials keeping a proper ratio.

Cost analysis

When it’s all up to purchase now, you should know how the cost goes up or comes down. The most crucial factor impacting the machine’s cost is whether it’s an automatic, semi-automatic, or manual machine.

The other effective factors to decide the cost are –

  • An automatic machine is the costlier option.
  • The level of accuracy can impact.
  • The fewer personnel, the pricier it will be.

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