Copper ingot price: How much does a copper ingot cost?

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Even though copper isn’t a precious metal, it’s one of the few metals that doesn’t lose its value after recycling. A copper ingot is available mostly as a copper bar and coins that are worth $2 to $3 per ounce.

However, one ingot that sells as a one-pound copper bar with the manufacturer’s branding can cost you no less than $30. Melting the unused copper scraps is a good way to transform these wires into ingots.

Whether the ingot is sold as coins or bars, it can carry historical information, number, old coin models, or anything else.

Copper ingot

Copper ingot price per pound

One of the most common ways to sell copper ingot is by manufacturing bars of one pound. If you are looking for an ingot to gift someone on his birthday, you are supposed to spend $25 to $45 per pound.

Copper ingot sizePrice
1 ounce$2 to $9
2 ounces$3 to $10
5 ounces$8 to $13
8 ounces$15 to $20
10 ounces$20 to $30
1 pound (16 ounces)$25 to $45
2.2 pounds (1 kg)$50 to $60
100 ounces$55 to $100

The design of the ingot clearly proves it like a paperweight. However, the cost will vary largely on the finishing and branding. Typically, two types of one-pound copper bars you will find.

  • Affordable ones that cost no more than $30
  • High-end ones cost up to $45.

Regardless of the pricing, you are supposed to have identical designs on these bars. Meanwhile, the designs can include US coins, paper money, and any popular figure.

However, including info on the bar surface as you need is possible when you are ordering it for someone to gift.

Types of copper ingots and their price

One of the most common questions we’ve got about copper bar ingots is how many types are there? Basically, there’s no binding to make some particular types of ingots using this industrial metal.

However, the reason behind calling it an industrial metal is that it’s been highly used in industrial works and infrastructures.

Meanwhile, these metal bars do come in different types. One of the major factors that categorize the ingots is the shape and design. Among several designs, the followings are the most common ones –

  • Copper bar
  • Copper coin
  • Copper paperweight
  • Copper bullet

Copper bar cost

Copper bars are basically the thin type of ingot that is sold in different designs. Typically, the bars can weigh from 1 ounce to a half-pound. And the price of a one-ounce copper bar ranges from $2 to $9.

  • 1-ounce bar costs $2 to $9
  • 5 ounces bar costs $10 to $13
  • 8 ounces bar costs $15 to $20
  • 10 ounces bar costs $20 to $30

The half-pound or 8 ounces bar is the largest and thickest one you can get in this category. These bars can contain historical information, brand name, weight info, US paper money design, etc.

Copper coin cost

Another most common type of copper ingots that are available for sale is coins. When one of your younger brothers or sister has graduated, you can gift him or her a copper coin that won’t cost you more than 3 bucks.

Copper coins weigh no more than an ounce, and the price differs due to the manufacturer. According to most manufacturers, they have both low-grade and high-grade coins for sale. 

Moreover, they purchase these coins from the vendors for $1 per ounce and sell them for 2 or 3 dollars. Basically, the coins contain US coin designs.

Copper paperweight cost

If you are bored trying out the lightweight and thin copper bar bullion, it’s a good option to move on to heavy paperweights. Basically, the paperweights are sold for one pound and cost no less than $25.

  • 1 pound paperweight costs $25 to $45
  • 1 kg paperweight costs $50 to $60

However, most of these paperweights have 999 fine copper designs on the upper surface. Also, it has a copper sign from the periodic table that makes it look much better.

Meanwhile, these large one-pound paperweights can be as expensive as 45 bucks.

Another option you have for these paperweights is that these are available for 1 kg ingots. In that case, the cost can go up to $60 as well.

Copper bullet cost

Copper bullets are another type of ingot you can get to buy. These ingots look similar to genuine bullets in size and shape but are only used for decoration. However, the cost ranges from $3 to $12 for these bullets.

Three different sizes of bullets you will get here.

  • 1-ounce bullet
  • 2 ounces bullet
  • 5 ounces bullet

A 1-ounce bullet won’t cost you more than 4 bucks, whereas the price becomes double for 2 ounces. And for a 5 ounces bullet, you may need to spend 10 bucks.

Following the category of shape and design, another crucial factor that categorizes the ingots is the size. However, the size is defined by the weight of the piece. These metal pieces are available in the following sizes.

  • 1 ounce
  • 2 ounces
  • 5 ounces
  • 8 ounces or ½ pound
  • 10 ounces
  • 16 ounces or 1 pound
  • 1 kg or 2.2 pounds
  • 100 ounces

If you can get a one-ounce bar for 3 bucks, it’s not the case every time that you have to pay 10 times more money for a 10-ounce copper bar. The cost depends on the design, shape, branding, and manufacturers.

How much do 100 ounces of copper ingot cost?

Basically, 100 ounces of the copper ingot is the largest one you will get for purchase. And without any doubt, it’s the most expensive one as well cost you no less than 55 dollars.

These copper pieces are known as either paperweights or bars. On both occasions, it will stay the most expensive piece among all the ingots.

However, what would mostly impact the pricing of the ingot is the finishing on the surface and the branding by the manufacturer. A non-branded piece may come unfinished or with an uneven surface that can reduce the selling price.

On the other hand, a branded and properly smoothed surface ingot can cost you as high as 100 bucks.

What’s the cost of 10 ounces copper ingot?

10 ounces copper ingots are basically found as copper bars. Compared to other copper bars, it’s the thickest one you will get. A well-finished 10-ounce bar is supposed to cost you up to 30 bucks.

However, $30 is worth paying only when it has branding on the surface and the edges are well finished. Meanwhile, uneven edges may sometimes appear attractive as well.

If someone is searching for a cost-efficient option but wants to serve the ingot as a paperweight, it’s better to spend $20 on this unfinished 10-ounce metal piece.

Is there any price difference between branded and non-branded copper ingots?

Yes, there’s a huge difference between the price of branded and non-branded copper ingots. You can expect to pay double the price for a branded piece than for a non-branded piece.

However, which factors differentiate a branded and non-branded copper ingot mostly?

Branded ingotNon-branded ingot
Comes with a finished surfaceThe surface and edges remain uneven
Have branding sealNo branding seal
Accurate size and weightLess accuracy in weight and sizing
Costs up to $100Costs no more than $60

Meanwhile, it’s never necessary to go for a branded metal piece every time. In case, the uneven and rough design of any metal piece appears good for your purpose, you are good to go with it then.

Copper ingot price vs. copper scrap price

One of the most common ways to produce copper ingots is from unused copper scrap. However, the scraps don’t come at the same price as the ingots as it is available for 3 bucks per pound.

Meanwhile, it’s only the average price of these scraps. The lowest you can expect to pay is one dollar per pound, and the highest amount for these scraps is no more than $4.

These scraps are available in different variants –

  • Wire
  • Tubing
  • Insulated wire
  • Communication wire etc.

If someone compares the price of copper ingot and copper scrap side by side, the difference will be huge. When you want to purchase a 1-pound copper bar from an authorized shop, it will charge you no less than $25.

Without any doubt, the minimum cost of this metal piece is more than 5 times the price of copper scraps.

Copper ingots vs. other precious metals

Two of the most precious metals we all know about are gold and silver. And it’s never worth comparing these two metals with any industrial metals like copper.

The worth of one gram of gold is similar to the worth of 100 ounces of a copper ingot. One gram of gold ingot is available for as low as $80, whereas a copper ingot of 100 ounces won’t cost you more than $100.

However, comparing these two metals side by side through a one-ounce ingot will provide a clearer image of the price difference.

  • One ounce copper ingot is worth $2 to $3
  • One ounce gold ingot is worth $2,000 (minimum)

On the other hand, another precious metal on the list is silver, which costs more than 10 times the copper ingot. Let’s compare one-ounce ingot from both these metals.

  • The minimum cost for a 1-ounce copper ingot is 2 bucks
  • The minimum cost for a 1-ounce ounce silver ingot is 30 bucks

Copper does hold its value in its field for making antique pieces with precise design. But it’s never worth comparable with either gold or silver.

Where can you get?

Any e-commerce site or physical shops are ready to provide your cherished copper ingots for your dear and near ones. However, you may like to decide which particular design and type of ingot are required.

Without ensuring the requirement first, it will consequently turn into a poor decision at the end of the day. Moreover, some shops may allow you to contact the manufacturer and make a design of your own choice.

In that case, the price might become a considerable factor. Meanwhile, online shops are offering the same pieces at almost similar pricing. But the fact you need to consider is the delivery time here.

It means considering, how many business days it will take to deliver the particular item to your residence.

Cost analysis

Does the metal piece appear a bit expensive? Well, even though it’s not amongst the precious metals, it has a huge impact on our civilization. If you remember there was a bronze age which is connected to copper.

The cost of these metal ingots depends on –

  • Whether it’s a paperweight or a coin
  • A 1-ounce piece is more affordable than a 1-pound piece
  • Branded and non-branded ingots
  • Design and finishing.

For thousands of years ago, copper is being used by human beings for several purposes. Now that people love keeping collections of antique pieces, copper appears as one of the most lovable metals.

It creates antique pieces in the shape of a coin, a bar, or a paperweight mostly. It also, includes various historic information, branding, number, weight, US coin, and paper money designs.

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