How Much Does It Cost to Regear A 4×4 Truck?

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This is a burning question for all the truck owners out there. Being off-road aggressive one thing the drivers must care about is the regearing or tunning. Because the settlement is the thing that will provide intense performance on the challenging roads.

However, the regearing cost is not fixed, it will keep changing car to car, place to place. But the thing one can be sure of is that it will be pretty expensive. Looking for more? One will find all the information they need below.

Cost to Regear A 4x4 Truck

Cost Regear 4×4 Truck

If one is in love with their automotive then the whole concept of regearing will be interesting to them. Because they will find it fascinating to update or upgrade their beloved according to their wish. Regearing is something like upgrading the system of the car.

This will specifically allow the user of the car to upgrade or update the gear system of the car. Many drivers or users like to do so with their cars according to their will and needs. In short, regearing means changing the gear ratio of any specific vehicle or car. It is scientifically proven that if one higher the number in the ring and pinion of the gear, shorten the gear it will provide enhance the top speed.  

So, it is all about changing the gear ratio which is to improve the acceleration of the car. The main of all that hassle is to reduce the engine revs and engine wear. Mostly, when one is driving off-roads at an increasing speed.

It is not hidden that any upgrade or update in the automotive will cost a lot of money. It is also true for the regearing too. If one is planning for doing this, they have to make sure they are willing to pay that huge sum.

Depending on the size of the truck, regearing will cost around $1000 to $2500. Even with some of the popular beastly trucks, one will have to pay more than this. However, one can always save some of the cost by deciding wisely from beginning to end.

If one is not satisfied with their trucks or vehicles’ off-road performance, they can always do the regearing. Because it will increase the performance of the gear so does the acceleration along with overall performance.

However, one has to make sure that they are regearing the car in every axle and also in the exact ratio. It is always preferable to regear both axles with pretty accurate measurements to avoid any kind of error. Lets me know some gear ratio measurements.

4X4 truck gear ratio for the year 2007-2018

Tire Size3.6 V6 + 5 Speed3.6 V6 + 6 Speed3.6 V6 + Auto3.8 V6 + 6 Speed5.7L Hemi + 5 Speed6.4L Hemi + 5 Speed
35″4.56/ 4.884.884.884.884.104.10
37″4.88/ 5.385.13/ 5.384.564.56
39″ 5.385.385.385.385.134.88
40″ 5.385.384.88/ 5.134.88/ 5.13

4X4 truck gear ratio for the year 2018+

Tire Size3.6 V6 + 6 Speed3.6 V6 + 8 Speed2.0L Turbo + 8 SpeedEcoDiesel + 8 Speed5.7L Hemi + 8 Speed6.4L Hemi + 8 Speed

These are all the gear ratio one have to follow for their truck’s tire size. They have to make sure of the sizing because it is important. In case one is doing the regearing in any workshop, they need to make sure that they are getting everything they promised.

Regearing includes-Ring & Pinions and MASTER install kits
-New seals -Re-programming for tire size
-All fluids even the fluid after completion of a successful break-in procedure.
-Labor cost
-500 mile inspection

They need to make sure they are getting everything in the description above. Since the service will charge a lot of money that needed to be perfect. However, one can do the job at home. For this, they will need to do some precautions. Most of the interesting fact of doing such work at home is one can put all their mind into the work. Also, it will charge them less by minimizing the labor and service charge of any workshop.

Regearing at home1. Drain the gear oil.
2. Remove the axle shafts.
3. If one is not replacing the main caps, mark them so one knows which side they came from.
4. Clean all new parts and remove.
5. Coat all new bearings and seals with fresh gear oil.
6. Install the ring gear on the carrier, checking for proper shimming and backlash.
7. Install the pinion gear and press on the carrier bearing, checking for proper bearing preloads.
8. Reinstall the entire assembly into the differential housing.

 If one has some knowledge of working with the gear and axles, they can do the job at home. Some basic tools in the garage toolbox will do the job. Also, one will have to have the courage for such work. Overall, the decision is on the users to make. They can either go for the workshop or do it at home.


Overall, any truck or jeep of off-road specific will cost a lot of money to regearing. However, doing the job even if it is expensive is worth it. Because it will increase the total performance of the car even on the worst roads.

So, if one wants to get something new yet something insanely good, they must go for the regearing option for their axles. They have to make sure they are doing it in both of the axles to make sure there is stability left. Otherwise, the car will lose its balance and fall into accidents on bumpy roads.

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