How much does it cost to mail a 9×12 envelope?

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Often it’s a bit confusing to calculate the exact cost of mailing a large envelope. No matter what, you can’t expect to pay less than 1 dollar for the mailing.

To be more specific, the charge is double here compared to the cost of mailing a regular-sized. As the stamp cost has increased up to 3 cents, the mailing enclosure charge 6 more cents in total.

One needs to spend up to $1.16 to send the document through first-class mailing services. The entire charge is equivalent to two forever stamps.

You will get to know the rest as you continue reading the article till the end.

Cost to mail a 9×12 envelope

Mailing a 9×12 envelope can charge you up to $1.16 per ounce. To deliver it to the mailing address, one needs to attach two first-class forever stamps.

However, the cost is applicable only for the first ounce of the mail. With every extra ounce, the sender needs to add more $0.21 to the expenditure.

9×12 envelope weightCost

The maximum weight of a large enclosure shouldn’t be more than 13 ounces. If the package crosses the limit, one can’t anymore expect to calculate through this criteria and pay for the postage.

Meanwhile, the cost depends on the number of types of stamps used on the package. We’ll have a detailed discussion down there in the article about the stamps as well.

For example, if the enclosure weighs 3-ounce, the charge goes up to $1.58. Meanwhile, the cost depends on a few more things as well.

  • The dimension of the package
  • How heavy the package is
  • The thickness of the package
  • Type of mail
  • Receiver’s destination

The dimension of the flat mail is constant as we’re talking about 9×12 enclosures. It’s considered a large-sized envelope, whereas a manila enclosure is another type.

Weight is associated with the cost of sending the enclosure. The weight can be as low as 1 ounce and go on to the peak weight of 13 ounces.

There’s a thickness limit for the mail, which is not more than ¾ inches. It’s neither considered a small letter nor a postcard; rather works as a large enclosure.

Mostly, these mailing enclosures are 6.125 to 12 inches wide and 11.5 to 15 inches long.

What are you sending through the mail is enough to decide the type. There’s a difference in the cost between a thick and thin postage mail.

Moreover, it may be bendable because of containing a sheet of paper inside.

On the other hand, having any hard product inside makes it rigid and more of a package than an envelope at the same time.

The cost varies quite a lot depending on where the mail is sent. However, how it’s sent and what time it will take impact the overall cost also.

Cost to mail a 9×12 envelope internationally

To mail a large envelope containing any document outside the USA, you have to pay $1.20 per ounce. But how is it calculated?

In general, the cost for the shipment is the cost of the stamps. And how many stamps you need for the international shipment will impact the total pricing.

However, two types of stamps are popular for sending any package internationally.

Type of stampCost
Forever stamp$0.58
Global forever stamp$1.20

Now, there’s a popular query among our readers what really makes forever stamps and global forever stamps so different?

The simplest answer to the question is that the global forever stamp is for international shipments specifically, whereas forever stamps are used for domestic ones.

However, forever stamp has broad usability, and it’s very valid to attach these stamps on package top for global shipments.

It doesn’t matter what’s the destination for the shipment, you can suppose to complete the job by attaching three forever stamps.

The cost per forever stamp is 58 cents, which takes the entire cost for one ounce of international mail cost to $1.74.

Well, unless you want to spend extra 54 cents for the mail, it’s better to choose a global international stamp.

For a single ounce, one global international stamp is required that is worth $1.20.

How many stamps to mail a 9×12 envelope?

The number of stamps is directly related to the cost of sending a 9×12 envelope. Depending on the size, weight, and distance between the sender and receiver basically decides the number.

Meanwhile, the rule of thumb is to put on two forever stamps on a regular large-sized enclosure.

The thing about the forever stamp is that it never loses its value just as the name suggests.

Chart showing stamp rate

Types of stampsCost
Postcard stamp$0.36
Forever stamp$0.58
Unusual postage stamp$0.88
Global forever stamp$1.20
Semi-postal stamp$0.65
Non-machinable surcharge stamp$0.75

To mail a regular-sized enclosure through US postal service, what one needs to pay is to attach the stamps. 9×12 inches is neither a small letter nor a large package, it’s a large enclosure.

For domestic shipment, the first-class mail postage will tell you to put on two forever stamps on the package.

There’s no expiry date of forever stamps, and the cost of the stamp that you have already bought will stay the same.

Meanwhile, the charge for sending one-ounce large postage is no less than $1.16 which is equivalent to two stamps.

On the other hand, if the comparison is with a standard-sized letter, the cost will come down to one stamp’s charge only which is 58 cents.

Meanwhile, the charge applies only when the parcel shape is rectangular.

In case the shape becomes square and the size or thickness is unusual for the package, the rate becomes 88 cents with an increment of 30 cents.

What if the sender has to send a postcard through a priority mailbox? The stamp cost is here no more than 36 cents per ounce for sending a postcard. 

However, the large enclosure is more of a flat mail. If the dimension doesn’t fit with the flat mail criteria, you most probably need to pay the surcharge stamp cost.

A surcharged stamp is an additional stamp for any product in the package that isn’t machinable.

In that circumstance, the postal service will charge you 75 cents as the non-machinable surcharge stamp cost.

However, one key thing that most users wanted to know from us is where they can get these stamps?

Well, two ways are there to lead any buyer to have forever stamps or any stamps for mailing envelopes.

The first one is by going to the nearest post office and collecting an adequate number of stamps for the postage.

If it’s tough to find the nearest post office or someone is looking forward to saving time, it’s good to rely on the online platform.

One can purchase stamps through a smartphone or PC from the site. Print the stamps to attach to the package.

Postage to mail

Have you yet decided where to send the mail? Let’s take that the answer is negative, and it’s impossible to estimate the total postage cost.

On the contrary, the postage cost starts from $0.58 per ounce. It can go up to a few dollars as the weight increases and the destination changes.

Basically, the postage cost means the entire mailing cost. Postage cost can be as low as 36 cents if it’s a small document like paper or something.

Meanwhile, whether the envelope is bendable or not can impact pricing. Rigid products may not get into the enclosure category as well sometimes.

Moreover, flat rate mailing has a lower postage cost because of the limited thickness and weight.

The parcel remains a large enclosure as long as the weight remains within 13 ounces.

And at the end of that, the total cost won’t get over the 4 dollar mark.

9×12 envelope vs. Manilla envelope cost

The blend of yellow-brown texture with unbleached paper makes a manila envelope that can cost as low as $0.58.

You can now say that a 9×12 enclosure is definitely the costlier option in comparison to manila packages. But do you know about the classification of manila parcels?

  • Small parcel with a dimension of 5 by 7 inches
  • Standard parcel with a dimension of 6 by 9 inches
  • Large parcel with a dimension of 9 by 12 inches.

The lowest charge is applicable for both small and standard-sized parcels. Small parcels typically don’t even weigh 1 ounce.

Paying 58 cents for a single stamp is all that you need here.

On the other hand, a standard parcel can easily weigh 1 ounce which is equivalent to $0.58 as it requires a single stamp.

But what makes you pay more for the package is the additional weight which is more than one ounce.

Even if it weighs 1-ounce, the package dimension is larger, which requires two forever stamps for a priority mail express shipment.

The crucial thing that makes manila unique is the design, which came from the abaca plant.

Moreover, manila envelopes are suitable for sending official documents and materials. And it’s considered a good mailing process for official or business purposes.

Can I send a 9×12 envelope in the mail?

Yes, you can anytime send a 9×12 envelope in the mail as long as the dimension and weight don’t transform it into a package.

From a small letter to a large unusual-sized package, anything is transferrable through postal services like USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.

However, all these postal services follow some criteria to deliver the things to the destination. The criteria are crucial to deciding how much to pay for the mail.

9×12 is one of the largest enclosures that is sent through flat rate.

  • Large envelopes are 6.125 to 9 inches wide.
  • 11.5 to 15 inches long
  • The maximum weight of the parcel is 13 ounces.

As long as your product meets the criteria of a standard large enclosure, it can be mailed through a 9×12 envelope using postages.

Types of 9×12 envelopes

Often while placing the document or file inside a package for transfer, you get confused about whether you have chosen the right one or not.

It happens because the user is unsure about the different types available for this particular enclosure. Thinking so, we’ve done some research and brought up the solution for you.

One of the most common types of envelopes is a catalog or open-end one. They can come in different variants –

  • Clasp Close
  • Gummed
  • Easy Close
  • Self Seal.

Clasp Close enclosures use a heavy-duty and reliable gummed flap with a metal clasp for extra security of the documents inside. The packages are highly durable and tear-resistant to maintain enhanced protection.

Gummed enclosures have gummed edges on two sides for reinforced seams. Moreover, the fold-over flap makes sure it is ideal for both personal and official use.

Easy Close ones have a peel-off paper that ensures the documents inside remain safe with the sticky closure. The user only needs to peel off that sticky paper to enable the Gummed closure.

The self-seal feature comes with adhesive on the flap and on the other part of the flap. This dual adhesive requires no more extra moisture to shut off the package securely.

Meanwhile, four more types are worth knowing –

  • Booklet
  • Poly
  • Full Face Window
  • Padded.

Booklet types are open from one side and are mostly known for sending thick materials or documents. It’s a familiar type for professional use.

Poly enclosures are specialized types as they offer moisture, tear and puncture resistance. As long as you are sending something that is not fragile, it’s a good mailing option.

The full-face Window offers the same features as the name suggests. It allows anyone to see what’s inside.

However, it uses self-sealing gum or peeling off the sealant to secure the documents inside.

Padded ones are suitable for fragile products to maintain their safety during the transfer.

How to mail a 9×12 envelope?

You know, you are sending something that is big not in thickness, but in the dimensions. Therefore, the most perfect mailing option is to go for a 9 by 12 enclosure.

If the document is large and doesn’t fit into a small-sized one, it’s mandatory looking for the large option.

Here’re the steps to follow to mail this envelope.

  • Gather the document to send.
  • Bend it if required.
  • Measure the dimension of the document.
  • Choose the type of sealant you need.
  • Insert the document or file inside the envelope.
  • Measure the weight into a weight scale.
  • Put the address on the enclosure.
  • Seal it to secure the documents inside.

Now, send the parcel to the postal service and choose the mail type you need for the delivery.

When the mail reaches the destination?

How fast the mail will be received by the recipient depends on the mailing service chosen by the sender.

First-class priority mail, express mail, and priority express mails are some of the common types used for the transfer process.

On average, it can take 1 to 3 business days to get the mail. However, the quicker service, the more you have to pay for the postal service.

Meanwhile, 2 to 5 business days is considered the slow option here.

In most cases, international mails tend to be slower to reach their destinations compared to domestic ones.

What can you mail through a 9×12 envelope?

9×12 envelopes are considered large-size ones compared to those used to mail a letter. The extra-large size enclosure is not used basically for sending a letter; rather it’s all about mailing large items.

Meanwhile, it’s anytime crucial for the sender to know what he can send through the enclosure or not. Therefore, we thought why not provide a shortlist about this.

  • Book with or without soft covers
  • DVDs for movies
  • DVDs for video games
  • Large manuscripts
  • Artwork with proper packaging
  • Photo albums
  • A bundle of notes etc.

Sending books through this large enclosure is one of the common things. Basically, the covers used on the book can be soft or hard, which will impact the total weight.

In case you don’t know, books with hardcovers tend to become heavier than books with soft covers.

One can send either one DVD with the content or more than one through the parcel. Discs available for DVDs are lightweight and small enough to sit inside the enclosure properly.

However, the more discs you want to deliver to the destination, the heavier mail it becomes. Also, the cost for the delivery will vary depending on the mailing weight.

One more thing to know is that DVDs can contain movies, drama series, or any video gaming DVDs that one of your dear and near one’s needs.

Mailing manuscript basically refers to mailing paper containing letters. However, the primary differences between these two things are the number of pages and the weight.

Where letters aren’t more than 2/3 pages, manuscripts can contain twice or thrice the number of pages.

Again, the inclusion of more pages makes the parcel weigh more. Although it may not get transformed into a postcard, it can still cost you a lot.

Artwork is one of the most sensitive things that are transferred through this large package. And to ensure the safety of this sensitive product, packaging before sending is crucial.

Try packing the artwork by putting a cushion around it. The cushioned packaging ensures it remains safe as long as it remains inside.

Sending photo albums is similar to sending other things through the US postal. How large and heavy the album is, are the only things to decide how much to spend.

You can send a bundle of paper notes similar to sending letters through an envelope. The thicker the package is, the costlier it will be to send.

Cost analysis

After all that you have got to know, you can ask yourself how much you have to spend on mailing a 9×12 envelope? We’re sure it’s not a riddle anymore.

In general, the cost of the postage can vary depending –

  • The larger package is the costlier one
  • The first ounce costs $1.16
  • Later, every ounce is worth $0.20
  • Thickness has a direct impact on the price
  • Destination of the recipient
  • Mailing type you have chosen.

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