How much does Cost to upgrade to 200 amp service?

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Nowadays, we humans are fond of doing all the necessary tasks by using an electrical device. But, old electric systems of home such as; 50 or 100 amp is not capable of providing efficient service. For that one needs to update the 200 amp service, the whole system which cost around $800 to $4,000.

Nevertheless, one doesn’t need to upgrade all the things of the whole system until it’s necessary. However, household people can replace the whole unit to make their space safer which will cost around $1,000 to $4,500. There is another additional cost that might be added to the total value for instance; wire cost, installation cost, and so on.

We will break down the cost of upgrading a 200 amp panel for home or office and other related subjects are discussed in this article. So, without a further I do, let’s move on to the main topic.

200 amps electric panel

Cost comparison of 200 amps electric panel

This is not obligatory to make the whole system of a unit with a 200 amp panel. It basically depends on the space of the home, the number of household appliances, and so on. If people need to use a very high configuration machine in their space, they must shift to more amp electric board. That is why individuals should know the prices of other alternatives.

By the following table, people can make the comparison as well. Overall, it also influences their decision and other things as well.

Number of ampAverage cost
100 amps$8,00 to $1,100
150 amps$1,100 to $1,400
200 amps$1,500 to $3,000
300 amps$2,000 to $3,500
400 amps$8,000 to $10,000
200 amps circuit panel

The significant gap between the high and low end of price happened due to having many additional things which are directly related to the whole system. Moreover, the price of a circuit board, breaker panel, meter socket, and many things influence the price as well.

We include all the possible costs which are related to the upgrading to the above-mentioned price. This might be increased or decreased due to adding or dropping other features. Moreover, the cost of labor and installation is also counted to measure the average price. But one must determine their need for choosing the perfect amps number for the panel.

Cost of hiring an electrician to upgrade the panel

200 amps line mechanic

A significant amount of money will need to be spent in this circumstance. The total cost of an electrician will be around $150 to $300. Moreover, that depends on the type of work. If laborers need to work with the whole system, the charge will be high. People can hire them on an hourly wage basis.

American people need to pay around $50 to $90 for one hour to a professional electrician. The estimated time for finishing the task is around 4 to 10 hours. But, one must be cautious about the quality of work rather than payment. Subsequently, it is related to the safety of people.

Cost of replacing circuit breaker fuse

In the past, people were very much dependent on the fuse to circulate the electricity to every part of the room. But, due to using a for a long period, it is not able to provide safe and secure service. For that reason, one must replace this with a new one which cost around $150 to $300.

But the cost will rise dramatically if a person wants to set up a whole fuse box which total cost will be around $1,000 to $1,500. The price of installation, wire and other things are included in this range. But this will not capable enough to provide the same service as an electric panel though it is easy to use. However, one cannot add more slots with this.

Price of replacing electric meter for 200 amps

One cannot serve the electricity to all the circuits without having a meter. This actually controls the overall system and provides optimal service to the users. The cost range of installing and buying this for a home is around $100 to $700.  The quality of a meter and other additional features set the total price for it.

Furthermore, the cost for this also varies according to its size. For a 100 amps meter box, individuals need to spend around $50 to $200. But the cost will be significantly higher which is around $400 to $700 for 400 amps. A good quality electric meter shows the data about power consumption from all sources which are distributed to all the household appliances.

200 amps

How to determine the perfect panel for the home?

This is a very easy process. One can do this by themselves by calculating the total amp which is consumed by the machines and devices. A good quality 200 amp electric board is capable of providing about 160 amp power at a time. This number is very much perfect for using in the home and other mini places.

Furthermore, for making the calculation accurate one can hire electric mechanics who will give exact information. On the other hand, one can measure this so easily by knowing the consumption rate of their electric machines. In the next table, we illustrate the information about the power which is needed by several types of devices.

Name of the electronic deviceCircuit breaker amps
Air conditioner (Central)25 to 30
Room air conditioner15 to 20
Dishwasher20 to 25
Washing machine30 to 35
Oven25 to 30
Heater30 to 40

These are the most common things which are used by the habitants of many countries people. We mention the consumption power as a range for all the appliances because of having versatility in the features and types. Most electric product manufacturing companies are always trying to offer low power consumption features so that people can save some money on their bills.

How many breakers do you need in your panel?

200 amps electric panel equipments

That depends on the number of appliances in a home and other places. Moreover, low watts devices are not usually connected with the panel directly. A 200-app electric board offers 30 to 40 slots on average and approximately 15 to 20 slots are dedicated to double slot breakers.

Basically, that completely depends on the users. If they have more household appliances like over 40, a 200 amp board will not be enough for them. They must sift to a 300 or 400-amp panel. In general, average size homes don’t face any kind of issue while distributing electricity. The best thing will be to check the eligibility level by professionals so that people can skip any type of accident.

Why do people use 200 amps electric panels?

There are many reasons behind purchasing an electric board. First of all, it helps them adapt to the excess amount of consumption which is happened due to heavy watts machines. That also assists to provide ultimate protection to the users and their appliances. In addition to that, it also increases the lifetime of their property.

Moreover, some common benefits are related to this like avoiding possible risks which might be occurring from fire. A great quality electric panel is also capable of protecting from damage as well.

Cost Analysis

Upgrading the power system of a home becomes essential for the people. The present world is moving so fast and 50 or 100 amps electric board is not capable of adapting to this. For that reason, most people around the world are upgrading by 200 amps. The total cost of doing this is around $800 to $4000.  

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