Is Course Hero worth money

Is Course Hero worth money? Will it be helpful for learning and taking preparation for exams?

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Besides academic study one need to develop their skills to stay in the race of the job world. Also, students at the university level need some extra guidelines. All of this is available on the course hero platform.

This is a subscription-based education site where highly experienced teachers of high-ranked universities are the authority. Also, it is a place where people also can earn by being a tutor with no experience at all. This is a versatile place with millions of courses, notes, practice questions, and whatnot.

Answering the question Is Course Hero is worth money, we will say that it will worth more than anything. Paying $10 to $40 per month, one will have access to so many materials of many subjects.

Is Course Hero worth money?

With the modernization of the world and the popularity of online, many things are becoming online-based. Now, people are using the blessings of technology and the internet almost in every sector. Because it is the thing that put the whole world into a small device.

Businesses become e-business, health consultants become e-health and education become e-learning. Now, people are using this online platform to make education in different sector and type easily available for everyone all around the world.

Long before one may have the desire of learning or studying at Harvard University. However, they couldn’t make it to that institution because of so many boundaries. However, in this world of scientific magic, one can learn from the highly qualified teachers of Harvard the courses like Harvard CS50.

Like this one, there are many online courses organized by top-ranked universities. People beyond educational background, geographical boundaries, race, and all can join. They can easily access those using the online platform, learn, participate in exams, and gain professional certifications.

These steps or certificates or learning will positively impact their career. They will get a better job, have a promotion, and improve themselves. Those opportunities are available and accessible to everyone having the internet that makes things easier.

Course Hero

What is Course Hero?

As like we are learning, Courses Hero is an online educational platform offering educational services of different types. Specifically, this platform offers more than 30 million courses in different subjects. So, it does not matter which background you are from, here you will always find what you desire.

It is perfect for all kinds of learners. Are you a beginner and want to learn a specific subject and gain a specific degree? Or you are going to have your exam and you do not understand the concept of your subject. In all those situations, you will find this platform extremely helpful.

All the courses are designed with study guides, practice problems, notes, videos, and step-by-step explanations of core concepts for easy understanding. That means if one does not have any idea about the topic, they will be learning from basic to core about that here. Also, the practice problems of that specific area will help them understand the question pattern they can face in the exam.

History of Course Hero

Originally, the course hero is based in Redwood City, California. Andrew Grauer founded this online education platform at Cornell University in 2006 for college students. The main motive of this media was to make a place where students can share lectures, class notes, exams, and assignments easily.

After that, they formed a company in November 2014 and raised $15 million in the fund in a series A funding program. In series B funding in 2020, 10 million more were added to the fund which rise the value of this company to 1 billion USD. Amazingly, they get a $380 million Series C fund at a $3.6 billion valuation.

With the increasing amount of funds and the valuation of the company, one can guess its originality and popularity of it. Now, millions of students are engaged with this platform to learn and make their careers better.

How much to pay for course hero membership?

Almost every online educational platform requires paying a weekly, monthly, or yearly fee. Some of them are free but not the Course hero. One will have to pay a subscription fee based on type. As for this platform, there are three types of subscription fees based on the type. Those are,

  1. Annual membership: $9.95 per month which is billed in one advanced installment of $119.40.
  2. 3-month membership: $19.95 per month which is billed in one advanced installment of $59.85.
  3. Monthly membership: $39.95 per month.

Comparatively, the one-month subscription fee seems like the most expensive one, and the annual one will be the most efficient. specifically, for one month one will have to pay around $40. However, for an annual subscription, the monthly fee is $10. So, there is a huge difference of $30 which requires consideration.

Is there any free trial of Course Hero?

If you are confused about taking help or paying for any course in course hero, you can always take the free trial to see for yourself. You can get the free trial by paying nothing and checking out all the features they are offering. It will help you decide whether the specific courses will help you or not.

Though there is no official way to get the free trial directly there is any way you can find. First of all, you can log in or add your user profile to the server and access the course for a few hours. In the meantime, the students can read and check out their desired courses.

Moreover, there is another effective way to access this site for free and it is sort of tricky but easier for some people. Mainly, for the students who take notes or made notes of their study materials. Simply take clear pictures of your notes and upload them to the page for uploading study material for getting free access.

You can find more than one way to trail the courses of the platform by finding your suitable one. After that, you can decide whether you are going to take their services or not.

What subjects have lessons in Course Hero?

Amazingly, this platform has millions of courses for almost every discipline and subject. Moreover, students are actively participating by uploading their study materials which makes this site more resourceful for new students. They can take help from those notes to prepare their lessons.

  1. The main disciplines are,
  2. Arts, Humanities
  3. And Languages
  4. Engineering And Technology     
  5. Business             
  6. Math    
  7. Social Science

In those, there are more than 5o subjects and countless courses. The table below will give an overview of that.

Arts, Humanities, And LanguagesEngineering And TechnologyBusinessMathSocial Science
WritingElectrical EngineeringAccountingStatistic and ProbabilityLaw
JournalismMechanical EngineeringFinanceAlgebraPsychology
HistoryCivil EngineeringBusinessCalculusSociology
ReligionIndustrial EngineeringEconomicsTrigonometryPolitical Science
PhilosophyBioengineeringManagementLinear AlgebraAnthropology
CommunicationsComputer ScienceMarketingDifferential Equations
EnglishApplied Mathematics

Are there any requirements to get a subscription to course hero?

Almost every online learning platform does not ask for any requirements or any experience except for some advanced courses. Your educational background does not matter to enroll in online courses most of the time. As for course hero, you will need to follow some steps for getting the subscription. Those are,

  1. Basic information

While creating a profile or account, first one will have to put their basic information such as first name, last name, address, email address, phone number, etc.

  • Select your tutoring subjects

If you are going to open the account as a student, you will not have to select this option. It is for the people who want to be assigned as tutors. They will have to select their area of expertise specifically along with the disciplines and subject.

  • A copy of your ID

Any document which can serve as proof of your identification will work. You can submit your passport, residence card, driving license, or something like those.

  • Academic credentials

In this part, the candidate or the user will have to submit their academic credentials. It will depend on the choice of the subject area. If one chooses engineering and science, one must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in that specific field.

Is course Hero worth money for the students?

Many have the misconception that a course hero is just something like a forum. Where other people give answers to specific questions. That is why they think paying for a such thing does not worth it. Well, this is a part of the platform but it is so much more than that.

One will get organized course material with notes and practice questions from other students. There are hundreds of experienced teachers ready to clarify your doubts at any day any time. Everything is easily accessible through the internet. One will feel like they are carrying a class on their computer, mobile, or any other smart device.

Overall, paying such a fee per month, one will get countless courses, suggestions, and guidelines from experts. Everything in one pot paying a minimum fee is something like getting a lottery. One can even take preparation for academic exams using this platform. So, the options and the benefits are countless here.

Before, going to any conclusion or deciding blindly, we will suggest you check out all the features and details using the free trial. You can easily get it by login in for a few hours. Also, you can add your study material to their portal and get some more time for the free trial. After that, you can decide whether it is worth it or not.

What is a course hero tutor?

The course hero tutor is a subprogram of this platform. To maintain the demand of thousands of students and millions of courses, they hire online teachers. They actively participate in the learning and teaching process of this site.

The tutors will help the students having the tutors help 24/7 hours. Whenever they seek help, they will help them with their studies, doubts, problem-solving, and everything. Though there is no minimum or maximum time range, tutors can spend as much as they want.

They will be promoted to the levels according to their service as well as the number of questions they answered. The higher the level, the more they will earn from this site.

How much do the tutors get paid in the course hero?

Normally, one can apply to become a tutor on this site after completing their bachelor’s. The payment will be based on the hour. The payment starts from $12 and it can be $20 depending on their teaching level.

Moreover, the teaching is extremely flexible. One can spend time according to their preference. Whenever they are free, they can attend the tutoring. Also, the person has to be good at English specifically. At some point, they may have to prove their creditability in English.

Pay per hour$12 to $20
Language requirementsEnglish
Minimum DegreeBachelor
Teaching experienceNo
Minimum Hours0

Is the course hero legitimate?

Many have a misconception that a course hero is not legit. They do not have the permission of teaching online. Well, it is completely wrong information. The authorities belonging to Stanford university is proudly tunning this platform for almost a decade with billions of values.

Thousands of students are getting help from here to prepare for their exams or career. Also, hundreds of people are earning from here serving as a tutor on this site. So, it is beneficial in every way. Students can learn and earn from here.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a course hero?

Everything may have lots of advantages but nothing is free from disadvantages. Something extremely helpful for a person can be useless or harmful to others. Things are kind of similar with this platform too. It is something with both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss both of the areas for this one.

Advantages of Course hero

1. One can access any resource of the site by paying the fee.

2. Students will get help from experts at any time whether it is midnight or early in the morning.

3. They will get more than enough resources for every topic with practice questions and everything.

4. For tutors the application process is simple.

5. They will not have to show any experience in teaching.

6. The working hour is flexible with a good pay rate.

Disadvantages of Course hero

1. Few of the students complained about getting the wrong information about their problems.

2. Some of the tutors complained about their account suspension without paying their fees.

What do the users say about course hero?

It is not normal to have the same opinion about a particular thing. People will always have mixed feelings about something. The same goes for the course hero platform. Mostly, they provide a good review of the education and the learning process of this site.

Value for money4.5
Ease of use4.5
Customer support4

The overall rating of this site is 4 according to hundreds of users. They specifically mentioned that they supported the performance or the service of the authority. Users also liked the friendliness of the site. Because the design and the policy of the site are extremely user-friendly.

Is there any alternative of course hero?

The online world of this era is so much better than a few years back. After the covid pandemic or you can from the covid pandemic, the online education system is getting better and more popular. People all over the world favor online education or learning besides their academic education.

So, it is no wonder that there is plenty of options as like course hero and sometimes so much better than this platform. Some of the popular options of people are,

  • Quizlet
  • Studypool
  • G2 Deals
  • Kahoot!
  • Brainscape

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