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How much is the CySA+ exam cost in 2023, is it expensive? (A to Z guidelines)

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It is the intermediate course of the ensuring security of any system. It is a perfect fit for people related to any job which requires protection from cyber threats. Also, if one is looking for taking the CASP course, one will have to take the mentioned one first.

Specifically, the CySA+ exam cost will be anywhere between $350 to $600 depending on the course platform. In some cases, the cost can be as high as $900 in total. However, many authorized organization offers voucher by which one can save a lot.

Moreover, the course and exam costs will be expensive yet affordable. Before choosing to do the job, the interested one will have to think about the toughness of the exam. They will need to prepare perfectly because the CySA+ final exam is going to be hard.

About CySA+ exam

With the growing technology in every sector as well as its benefits, it comes with many risks and disadvantages. Now, with a computer, the internet, and different software we can do many things in less time and with less effort. For example, a bank stores millions and sometimes billions of user data in its database.

In the case of finding user information such as birthdate or account information, it is just a few keyboard and mouse clicks away. However, if we think of it as a manual process, they will have to store all the data in paper files.

In the time of searching for any specific user information, it will be a hard, time-consuming, and tiring job. Moreover, in paper-based storing, it is highly possible that those can get destroyed by natural calamities, thefts, and so on which is hardly possible in a digital way.

However, many dishonest people are extremely brilliant sadly. Have you ever heard of hackers and hacking? This is the sort of digital offense or cybercrime which comes with extreme benefits of digitalization things in every sector.

To prevent every sort of digital crime or cyber crime attempt by hackers or dishonest and deceiving people like those, we need to secure everything. Otherwise, people will fall into dangerous and heinous crimes like identity theft, stealing, hacking, malware, and so on.

Therefore, knowledge of cyber security is important for everyone. If we say the core or advanced skills on this, people directly involved with working digital systems should know this. Mainly, the people working as,

  1. Network and security professionals
  2. Cybersecurity engineers
  3. Network Architect
  4. Vulnerability Analyst
  5. IT Security Analyst
  6. Cybersecurity Analyst
  7. Threat Intelligence Analyst
  8. Security Engineer
  9. Information Security Engineers, and professionals like them.

The jobs I mentioned above are highly at threat of internet offense. So, they need to learn about protecting the system from threats. Mainly, people completing their bachelor’s or master’s in Computer science, computer architecture, and other relevant subject learn the basics about ensuring security. However, sometimes they need to have advanced knowledge.

To be a shortcut, they choose courses like CySA+ or CompTIA CySA+. This course will cover almost everything related to Cyber Security Analyst. One can take this course and pass the exam to add more weight to their career.

However, there is no scope to think one will not need any prerequisites or fulfill any requirements since it is an open or separate course. To be able to attend this course, the participants or applicants will have to fulfill some mandatory requirements. Such as,

1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Information Technology, Network Security, or relevant.

2. Knowledge of networking and Network Security.

3. 2 to 4 years experience in the relevant field.

From the requirements, one can guess the scale of advancements of the course. So, it is not for beginners or people who suddenly want to become cyber security analysts. People who already have enough knowledge and want to enhance their skills in the security area can take this and can be benefited.

So, let’s see how much it will cost for one person to take the course and complete the training.

Cost of CySA+ training cost

Well, many institutions offer this specific course with different designs of teaching and payment method. The interested one has to choose any authorized or renowned place for doing this course. because it is one of the hardest and most sensitive topics to learn.

Learning anything wrong or learning things that will not withstand the quality and do not justify the title, they will not be able to use the knowledge in their real job. Another thing is the overall cost will not be inexpensive but highly expensive. So, be prepared for that.

 Basic BundleExam Prep. BundleeLearning bundle
CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst$550 to $570$715 to $725$975 to $985

In the table above, I have illustrated the most common method of organization seating the cost for the CySA+ training. One will have different options. The basic will cost around $550 to $570 and will not include the classes and relevant class material.

The second option is the exam preparation bundle paying $715 to $725. It will include all the materials of the class including resources that can help one to take preparation for the exam. In case one wants both offline and online resources and access to every single benefit, one will need to pay around $975 to $985.

Well, you do not have to panic yet by seeing the high price of the complication of the training. That fee will cover everything including the exam fee. However, the good thing is several organization offers voucher on many occasion. So, one can grab that option. This will minimize the cost by 25% to 50% of the total cost.

What is the CySA+ test?

The CySA+ course is the one that will teach one to protect their system from possible cyber threats. Moreover, the test is proof that the person holding it has the capability of monitoring and protecting data and the whole system from any cybercrime.

Also, the person can analyze the data of the system to find put possible vulnerabilities and solve that. So, that no one dishonest can find a way inside the main server to cost any harm to the company, institution, or organization.

What is the course structure of the CySA+ exam?

It does not matter where one is going to take the course, all of the places will have to set their course structure according to the main exam requirements. So, there is nothing to think much about the course structure. However, one can get an overview before entering any classes.

Threat and Vulnerability Management              The importance of threat data and intelligence supporting organizational security vulnerability management activitiesVulnerability assessment toolsThreats to vulnerability and specialized technology threats to vulnerability and the CloudMitigating attacks and software vulnerabilities.
Software and Systems Security  Analyzing data security solutions for infrastructure managementSoftware assurance best practicesHardware assurance best practices.
Security Operations and Monitoring  Implementing configuration change proactive threat-hunting automation concepts and technologies.
Incident Response  Incident response process incident response procedureAnalyzing indicators of compromise digital forensic techniques.
Compliance and Assessment  Data privacy and protection organizational risk mitigation frameworks, policies, procedures, and controls.

Do the CySA+ course and test needs any skills and experience?

Many courses are technology-based but do not require any experience, high academic certificates, and skills. However, for tone is different. One will not only require a bachelor but of some specific area.

The participants have to have a degree in Computer Science and engineering or a relevant subject. Along with the experience of years. Moreover, the required skills are,

  1. Identify and address vulnerabilities
  2. Analyze and interpret data
  3. Leverage intelligence and threat detection techniques
  4. Suggest preventative measures
  5. Effectively respond to and recover from incidents

What are the benefits of CySA+ certifications?

If one completely passes the course, one will find it extremely beneficial. Not only it will capable them successfully detecting threads and solving those, but it can also prevent any kind of cyber-attack. Moreover, it will increase their yearly salary by at least 5%.

Even if the course will cost you a lot since it is quite expensive. But at the end of the day, it will be worth it. Along with learning the most demanding things in the IT sector, one will get a salary increment as well as a boost in one career.

What are the CySA+ exam design and pass marks?

For the CySA+ exam, there is a specific organization who have the authority to offer that. Moreover, the structure of the exam is also specified. There will be 60 to 85 different types of exams and one will have to score 75% to pass the test.

This 120 minutes to 160 minutes exam will be extremely difficult without proper preparation. Moreover, the question will have 3 different options for five different topics. Those are,

1. Multiple-choice

2. Drag-and-drop activities,

3. Performance-based

Moreover, the question structure is,

Migrating and upgrading12%
Configuring and administering tasks42%

For the exam, one will have to register in the VUE and open a user account. Moreover, the applicants can use different resources and books to take preparation for the exam. Everyone has to remember to study and practice hard to pass the exam. Because it will not go to be an easygoing exam.

Overall, the CySA+ is one of the intermediate courses which comes before the CASP+ course. One will have to pass this one to get into the other one. moreover, this exam is going to be harder than other basic exams such as PenTest+ and more. Since it is not an open book but a closed book exam, never leave any gap in your learning. Otherwise, all the money, time, and afford will go in vain.

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