How much is Dodge Ram Engine Replacement Cost? (Updated)

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Dodge Ram Engine Replacement Cost will be like every other pickup truck of any manufacturer. Since this is an old series with a lot of options, one may get confused about many things. First, they will have to find out what engine they have by the model and model year.

After that, they will have to decide which engine they want to pick as a replacement. If they choose any used engine then the cost will be lower. However, the labor cost of this job is not something low. Furthermore, one needs to read through the whole article to know everything.

Dodge Ram Engine Replacement Cost
Dodge Ram Engine

Dodge Ram Engine Replacement Cost

Four distinct manufacturer units came together to create the Ram Dakota or Dodge Dakota. They began producing the trimmings in 1987 and continued doing so till 2013. However, just a few variants of some of the trims are still being produced. These are several mechanical and physical variations of mid-sized pickup vehicles.

Normally, the engines of this series will last at least 200,000 miles or 10 years. After that, they will require a replacement. It is possible that owners may need to replace their engines before the time ends. Moreover, the engine replacement cost of Dodge Ram will depend on so many factors.

Mainly, different trim because of different designs will require different times to finish the work. So the labor cost will be different. Moreover, the used engine and rebuilt engine will have different price tags. Overall, it will cost $4000 to more than $8000 to replace the engine.

For the engine, the owners will have options as below,

Sample EngineConditionSample Price
1999 3.9LUsed (137k miles)$1,350
2007 3.7L Used (97k miles)$1,699
2007 3.7LRemanufactured$3,375
2007 3.7LRemanufactured$3,575
2002 2.5LRemanufactured$1,835
2009 3.7LRemanufactured$3,300
2002 5.9LRebuilt$2,280

These are the used and rebuilt or remanufactured engine price for the different model years. It will be different for different types of engines. If one goes for bigger than the mentioned size then the price will go higher.

Moreover, the labor charge which will be different for different trims will vary from place to place. Normally, one may need 6 to 12 hours or even more to do with the replacement job. If one calculates the total labor cost at $150 an hour then it will be so much.

Minimum Labor Charge Estimate$680 – $960
Maximum Labor Charge Estimate$1,200 – $1,800
Average Labor Charge Estimate$850 – $1,000

Therefore, one may have to have the idea of all the factory engines of Dodge Ram to know their trims. It is always great to replace the dead engine with the same specification engine. Till now, this series has three different generations and a lot of options in engines. Next, one will get all the information on the engines.

1st Generation

225 cu in or 3.7 L Slant-6 I695 hp or 71 kW170 lb-ft or 230 N⋅m
239 cu in or 3.9 L LA V6 125 hp or 93 kW195 lb-ft or 264 N⋅m
239 cu in or 3.9 L Magnum V6175 hp or 130 kW225 lb-ft or 305 N⋅m
318 cu in or 5.2 L LA V8 140 hp or 104 kW240 lb-ft or 325 N⋅m
318 cu in or 5.2 L LA V8 170 hp or 127 kW260 lb-ft or 353 N⋅m
318 cu in or 5.2 L Magnum V8 230 hp or 172 kW280 lb-ft or 380 N⋅m
360 cu in or 5.9 L LA V8 175 hp or 130 kW260 lb-ft or 353 N⋅m
360 cu in or 5.9 L LA V8 190 hp or 142 kW292 lb-ft or 396 N⋅m
360 cu in or 5.9 L Magnum V8 230 hp or 172 kW325 lb-ft or 441 N⋅m
359 cu in or 5.9 L Cummins 6BT I6 160 hp or 119 kW400 lb-ft or 542 N⋅m

2nd Generation

3.9 L or 239 cu in Magnum V6175 hp or 130 kW225 lb-ft or 305 N⋅m
5.2 L or 318 cu in Magnum V8230 hp or 172 kW295 lb-ft or 400 N⋅m
5.2 L or 318 cu in Natural Gas V8200 hp or 149 kW430 lb-ft or 583 N⋅m
5.9 L or 360 cu in Magnum V8 230 hp or 172 kW325 lb-ft or 441 N⋅m
5.9 L or 360 cu in Magnum V8245 hp or 183 kW335 lb-ft or 454 N⋅m
8.0 L or 488 cu in Magnum V10 engine300 hp or 224 kW450 lb-ft or 610 N⋅m
5.9 L; 359.0 cu in Cummins 12-valve diesel I6175 hp or 130 kW or manual, 160 hp and 162 PS or auto420 lb-ft or 569 N⋅m or manual, 400 lb-ft or 542 N⋅m or auto
5.9 L; 359.0 cu in Cummins 12-valve diesel I6215 hp or 160 kW and 180 hp or 134 kW440 lb-ft or 597 N⋅m or manual, 420 lb-ft or 569 N⋅m or auto
5.9 L; 359.0 cu in diesel I6235 hp or 175 kW or manual, 215 hp or 160 kW or auto460 lb-ft or 624 N⋅m or manual, 420 lb-ft or 569 N⋅m or auto
5.9 L; 359.0 cu in Cummins ISB 24-valve diesel I6235 hp or 175 kW or 5-speed manual or automatic460 lb-ft or 624 N⋅m or 5-speed manual or automatic
5.9 L; 359.0 cu in diesel I6245 hp or 183 kW or High Output505 lb-ft or 685 N⋅m or High Output

3rd generation

3.7 L or 226 cu in Magnum V6215 hp or 160 kW235 lb⋅ft or 319 N⋅m
4.7 L or 287 cu in Magnum V8235 hp or 175 kW295 lb⋅ft or 400 N⋅m
4.7 L or 287 cu in Magnum V8310 hp or 231 kW330 lb⋅ft or 447 N⋅m
5.9 L or 360 cu in Magnum V8245 hp or 183 kW335 lb⋅ft or 454 N⋅m
5.7 L or 345 cu in Hemi V8345 hp or 257 kW375 lb⋅ft or 508 N⋅m
5.7 L or 345 cu in Hemi V8390 hp or 291 kW410 lb⋅ft or 556 N⋅m
5.9 L or 360 cu in Cummins diesel I6250 hp or 186 kW460 lb⋅ft or 624 N⋅m
235 hp or 175 kW460 lb⋅ft or 624 N⋅m
305 hp or 227 kW555 lb⋅ft or 752 N⋅m
325 hp or 242 kW610 lb⋅ft or 827 N⋅m
6.7 L or 408 cu in Cummins diesel I6350 hp or 261 kW650 lb⋅ft or 881 N⋅m
8.0 L or 488 cu in Magnum V10310 hp or 231 kW450 lb⋅ft or 610 N⋅m
5.7 L or 345 cu in Hemi V8345 hp or 257 kW375 lb⋅ft or 508 N⋅m
5.7 L or 345 cu in Hemi V8388 hp or 289 kW404 lb⋅ft or 548 N⋅m
6.7 L or 408 cu in Cummins diesel I6305 hp or 227 kW610 lb⋅ft or 827 N⋅m
8.3 L or 505 cu in Viper V10510 hp or 380 kW535 lb⋅ft or 725 N⋅m

These are all anyone out there will need to know to replace their engine. They now have the idea about the several engines of the series and they can find their one too. Also, they have an idea of the labor cost as well as the replacement engine cost whether it is used or rebuilt.


Hopefully, one has got all their answers on Dodge Ram Engine Replacement Cost. This is not a hidden truth that the most expensive replacement cost of any car is the engine replacement cost. Because the engine itself is an expensive part of the car. Also, it takes the maximum time to get replaced with a maximum labor cost. So, one can get an idea that it will cost them a fortune if the car is old and rusty.

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