Top Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience

Jobs that require no experience, but pay well in 2023, how to get one?

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To live a healthy and good life everyone needs money. That is why people go for education and improve their skills to find a job that gives good pay every week or month. However, many people have less education and no experience and search for jobs.

Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience is not a dream or talk of fantasy. Many disciplines offer a place for beginners with a wage that can help them to live a pretty life with their families. Some of those jobs will require education and some of them will not.

It is good news that there are many opportunities for such people. Below we will be giving every detail that, stuck with us.

Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience

Human beings face so many ups and downs in their daily lives. Dealing with so many things right after waking up in the morning and till sleep at night, it will be nothing but unfair to stress over the job in a country like the United States.

Moreover, after a certain age, every boy and girl needs a top independent look for themselves. It is important they came out from their parent’s shadow and make their living or pay their expenses.

Being the 3rd most populous country in the world, the United States has over 300 million population where 0.63% of females and 0.66% of males are over 18 and capable of working part-time or full-time. That means the majority of the population of this country is capable of working.

Moreover, every year millions of international students and immigrants came to America for better education and better life. It is not [possible for them to survive here without having a proper job.

For example, an international student studying any discipline without any scholarship will have to pay healthy tuition fees. Because education in this country for international students is not free.

According to statistics, at least 1.2 million international students came to this country from all around the world. Moreover, thousands of refuses seek asylum there in the last year which increases the demand for living here.

All those people wanting a job will be of the entire level. We are saying about people 18 years old or more who have just graduated or dropped out of college. Also, international full-time students with the responsibility of studying properly. Besides, the immigrants, war refugees, and many more.

All of them will have almost no experience and many of them will have no college degree. In that case, what they will do for a living? It’s not like they can live or maintain their and their family’s living expenses just seating and doing nothing.

The thing they can do is sort a list of the job according to their limitations. Such as Jobs,

1. No experience is needed

2. No degree is needed

3. Degree is okay but no experience

4. Educationally qualified and have little experience.

5. Work remotely

After sorting which criteria, they fall into, it is time to search for the jobs that match those. As we were speaking, America is a bit of a country with extremely natural and cultural diversity. People living here have a bunch of opportunities in every sector.

So, we assure you whichever your situation is, you will find something that will support your living. Maybe the wage will not be high but can be enough to survive until you finish your study and gain some useful experiences.

Easiest Jobs that require no degree and no experience

If we talk about all the groups, we talked about above such as native underage or just graduated high school, international students who also came after graduating 12thclasses, or the refuge. All of them search for work that requires no experience and no college or bachelor’s degree.

Because in such an age and situation, fulfilling those requirements is somewhat impossible for many people. In that case, they go for jobs that will not ask for a degree and experience. Let’s get some information about such a job including the pay range.

Waiter/ Waitress

As we know America is one of the busiest countries where people work a lot. That is one of the reasons that people love eating outside. That is why you will see a wide number of restaurants in every neighborhood.

So, finding a job as a waiter and waitress is the easiest here. Most importantly, this role will require zero experience and a degree. However, the person will have to have some skills. For example,

1. Excellent communication skills.

2. Loads of patience to handle different types of customers.

3. Timeliness.

4. Ability to cope with different situations and adjust to coworkers from different walks of life.

Moreover, the minimum pay scale of this job will not be less than $7. Moreover, the overall earnings of a waitress/waiter will be,

Hourly Wage$ 8.58$ 9.63$ 12.50$ 14.83$ 22.07
Annual Wage$ 17,840$ 20,020$ 26,000$ 30,850$ 45,910

Sales Representative

We all go to buy this from the markets such as shopping malls, super shop, brand shops, and more. There some boys and girls guide us on products and where we can find what we need. Those employees of the shops are called sales representatives.

It is one of the jobs that does not require an educational degree and experience. However, people coming from non-English countries or people having English as their second language may need to show some sort of proof that they are excellent in English.

Because their main responsibility of theirs will be talking to the customers and guiding them on their confusion. Since the main language of this country is American English and all the people here can speak English, the sales representative must know this language. Rather than this, they will need,

1. Excellent skill in communicating and guiding people

2. Patience and sense of time

3. Good knowledge of the geography of the store and the details of the products.

As for the wage this profession can earn, it will depend from place to place and store. However, the minimum range of salary will not be less than $10 for the entry-level.

These two are the easiest job one can do without any experience or degree. However, some other jobs require nothing but hard work. Those are not easygoing but need to provide loads of physical strength and mental peace. Such as,


it is one of the most important roles in our world, the cleaners do the job not everyone can do. Without them, our life could have full of dirt and unhygienic stuff. Imagine a restaurant, mall, or a hospital running without a cleaner.

It may not be appropriate but I will say that the importance of a cleaner in a place is not less than the highest position. Moreover, this is one of the jobs that do not require any qualifications or experience.

However, one will need a lot of physical stamina and good knowledge of cleaning stuff. It is not an easy job to do. So, not everyone chooses this such as people under 20 and international students. Because they will need to study which they cannot do after such a tiring job.                              

Sadly, the income range of this profession is lower compared to the afford they have to put into their work. According to BLS, the entry-level cleaner will get around $10 per hour.                            

Work as moving helper

Another tiring and hard but easy-to-get job is a mover. Many companies hire such people as full-time, part-time, and casual workers. Working as a hand laborer and martial mover is one of the toughest jobs.

One may not need any educational, or professional qualifications and previous experience but one will need a hell of physical strength.

However, the pay range of this job is around $15 on average per hour. But many companies in different cities offer more than that. Compared to the toughness of the job, the salary is nothing to justify.

All of the jobs we mentioned above require no degree. People can be part-time, full-time, or casual employees in those sectors.

What are the easy jobs that require a degree and no or little experience?

People with a proper degree have a lot of opportunities in the job field. Many companies hire freshers as an intern and then give them full-time or part-time jobs. Some of the jobs will need no or little experience to be shown.

Depending on different disciplines such as science, commerce, and arts there are a lot of variations in positions. We will be discussing the most popular one here.

Web Developer

People graduating with Computer Science and having knowledge of web development can earn a job as a web developer. Moreover, people with a degree in another discipline can also have this job. But they will need to have certificates of the complecting relevant course and have the skills of developing a web.

In that case, they will have to show their portfolio containing their work. That will serve as proof that the person is capable of the job. That means this job requires skills over experience and a degree in any specific area. However, some companies may not hire employees rather than the CS department.

Moreover, the salary for this position is quite good. Offering both on-site and remote job opportunities, this one will provide more than $55000 with no or little experience.

Android Developer

The job Android developer is like web development. People graduating from computer science and engineering department normally get interested in this field. However, anyone can gain the skill of developing an app for mobile and secure a well-paid job in any big company.

So, here we will say that skills are more important than experience and degree. However, one will have to show some of their previous work and need to pass the complete interview process to get a job which is not easy.

The good thing is, even if the person is entry-level, he or she will get enough salary to maintain a healthy living. This amazing job will bring so much into your life even if you do not have any experience. An android developer with 0 experience will get at least $80000 per year.

However, this job comes with challenges and brainstorming which is hard to tackle. But the good thing is the excellent pay which is impossible to get any other jobs as a beginner. 

Software Tester

All software company tests their product in many ways before launching them in the market or giving it to the client. So, there is an actual position of software tester where people get hired to test the different products in the view of the end user. They try to find any bugs and lacking in it.

The person needs to have a good knowledge of coding, and some other areas. Normally, they need to do some extra courses along with their academic study. On average, the salary of this position will go to $109,020 per year.

Research Assistant

After post-graduation or sometimes graduation, people work as research assistants under highly qualified doctors or researchers, or scientists. Before doing their Ph.D. or during this study students get this job.

This one is highly popular amongst international students coming here for their higher studies. However, the opportunity for this job is not high as in other professions. But the wage one will get will be admirable.

Depending on the department, the salary can be as low as $50000 and as high as more than $10000 per year. Many professors or university offers a high range and other benefits with it.

Medical assistant

One of the jobs in the medical sector does not require experience as a beginner but one will have to get some special sorts of certificate to be qualified for the job. The job is crucial since the health of other people is related to it.

That is why hospitals prefer experienced employees over beginners. In that case, people can join the internet and the pay range of this state is too low. They will not get more than $28000 per year. However, after one or two years the wage will increase and it will continue with time.

Real Estate Agent

The relator’s job is one of the self-employed popular jobs that does not directly fall into taxable income. Also, one can just have their high school diploma and do some courses to seat for an official exam to gain the license. That is not so hard to accomplish. However, the income here is not fixed.

One will be having their earnings based on commission. The more one can sell the more one can earn. Trustworthiness and popularity are what are most necessary in this world.


When we go somewhere, in a big mall, hospital, hotel, resort, or many more places people seat at the front desk helping the customers. They are the receptionist who helps people with their queries related to the place.

They will not need any experience and as a beginner, the earnings will be around $23000 per year. That is extremely low if we calculate the context of living expenses. However, it will increase with time.

How to get a Job with no experience?

In recent times, getting a job is quite easier as well as harder. If we look for opportunities, there are a lot but many people are searching for a good position that will give them a proper salary. So, the competition in the job market is high.

However, finding or looking for a job is quite easier because of the internet and the use of different social media like LinkedIn. So, our first tip is to be smart and be updated with time, and use the online platform wisely and properly.

You must find a passion before finding a job and then create a profile on different job-sharing platforms. Make a proper and structured CV, highlighting your skills and qualifications. Don’t forget to create a portfolio if you are on the hunt for a software developer, web developer, graphic designer, photographer, and so on.

You need to have positive confidence and excellent communication skills. These two things will boost your chances. Do not lag, start preparing for your dream job.

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