eCornell Certificate Cost: Get Online Courses Done From Cornell University

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For both students and professionals, eCornell online courses are the ultimate options to improve skills. In this highly competitive world, one will have to improve themselves with time to be in the race. for that learning and getting certifications from different authentic online courses will be beneficial.

Meanwhile, not every institution will offer verified certificates for online courses, but Cornell University does. Their eCornell certification cost is from $2,500 to $3,900 most of the time depending on the course duration. However, 1-course certificates can be as low as $900.

One of the best things about eCornell courses is that there’s enough flexibility of time for the learners to complete any course. Moreover, regular interaction and collaboration make it much more convenient.

eCornell Certificate Cost

What’s the relation between eCornell and Cornell University?

eCornell is an online-based education system offering various courses authored by Cornell faculty members. The courses are 100% online and the certificates are issued online as well. If one has a question in their mind regarding whether it’s connected with Cornell university or not, the simplest answer is, yes. This is an external program of this university.

With the availability of more than 150 courses, eCornell’s online learning management system continues the online programs for 3 to 5 hours per week. Moreover, it provides more than 100+ award-winning certificates in various courses to the participants.

These online programs are available all over the world and people can participate in any of these programs from any end of the world. Also, they have partnership programs with several renowned open online course platforms like Edx.

For the betterment of either your professional or academic career, these online courses will play a vital role. Taking specific courses from highly renowned faculties will not only improve the knowledge, one will have a more rich way of analyzing things and finding solutions.

Are eCornell certificates expensive?

Yes, eCornell certificates can be expensive and affordable at the same time. The certification cost will depend on the type, of course, one is taking. On average, the courses can cost you $3,200 to $4,000. However, the course fee can be as low as $2,500 and as high as $8,000.

After successfully completing the course, one will get an online certificate which will be free of cost. If one is looking for just adding it to the resume then this certificate will be enough. however, for a professional and valid certificate, they will have to pay.

Sample of the eCornell online certificate
Sample of the eCornell online certificate

A total of 170+ online programs are available here for professional development. Let’s go through the following chart to know about different course fees.

Certificate typesCost
Marketing programs$1,600 – $8,000
Data science and analytics programs$3,000 – $8,000
Leadership programs$3,000 – $5,000
Environmental, social, and governance programs$2,500 – $3,900
Diversity and inclusion programs$2,500 – $3,750
Technology programs$3,700 – $8,000
Human resource programs$1,750 – $5,500
Project leadership$3,900 – $7,000
Business and finance programs$3,750 – $15,500
Hospitality programs$1,000 – $11,500
Food and plant science programs $900 – $3,700
Real estate programs$3,750 – $5,500
Engineering programs$3,700 – $8,000
Healthcare programs$3,700 – $5,000
Nutrition programs$2,000 – $3,000
Law programs$3,000 – $3,750
Beekeeping program$900
Partner program$1,260
Estimated average certifications cost

Marketing Certificates Program

Marketing is one of the longest programs with more than 130 individual courses. This is a beginning to advance level course for the business professional. Mainly who want to gain expertise in a specific field to boost their career to another level.

After completing the courses one will have intense skills in market research and analysis, customer development, strategic brand management, and more. This will be an MBA-level strategic and data-driven program. The organized course and excellent faculty will teach things to understand the business in depth and make effective decisions.

In this program, one will find 18 subprograms with a different number of courses. Let’s see what is there to offer for the learners.

Marketing Strategy Certificate

The marketing strategy course is organized and divided into 6 different parts. One will get to learn the marketing strategy and how to apply those in the business strategy. After completing all of the courses one will get knowledge of MBA-level marketing strategy plans. It will help them take strong marketing decisions for the growth of the business.

The courses are,

  1. Essentials of Marketing Strategy Course or LSM521
  2. Applied Marketing Strategy and Decision-Making Tools Course or LSM522
  3. Market Research and Analysis Course or LSM523
  4. Creating and Communicating the Value of Your Brand Course or LSM524
  5. Introducing New Products: Successes and Failures Course or LSM525
  6. Distribution Strategy and International Marketing Course or LSM526

One can see, that all of those will cover everything in the marketing strategy. Moreover, the course will cost differently as they provided options. For the structure of determining the course schedule according to the student’s choice, they will have to pay $3,750.

If one select learn and pay as you go, they will have two paying option, one is 6 months payment which is $675 and the other one is 3 months with $1300 every month. Doug Stayman, the associate faculty of the business college is the instructor of the program.

He will teach many things in this 2-week long course and, one will have to give 3 to 5 hours every week for this course. At the end of the classes, they will have much knowledge such as the Application of the concepts of segmentation, targeting, and positioning to a product or service, Identifying and avoiding common strategic pricing mistakes, and so on.

Marketing AI

Recently electronic or digital transformation is reshaping the industry and connecting the whole world. For business one can now think borderless and the impact of AI in business is growing fast. It is stated that more than 2.6 trillion businesses will be affected by Artificial Intelligence and its tools.

With the introduction of technology in business, the traditional method will be long gone. Moreover, this new up to date method will help grow the business much more than in the past. So one needs to learn and apply AI and digital marketing strategy in their business. That is why ecornell designed this AI marketing course for business experts.

In this 2 months and 2 weeks lengthy course the students will have 4 different courses. Those are,

  1. Digital Transformation in Marketing
  2. Assessing Opportunities in Paid Digital Media
  3. Assessing Opportunities in Owned Digital Media
  4. Marketing Automation and AI

Author Clarence Lee is the instructor of the course and he will teach everything about the topic. Such as designing marketing strategies, identifying opportunities using AI tools, and so on. The cost of this course will be $3699 in total or $975 per month. If one is a professional in,

  1. Marketing managers
  2. Content marketers
  3. Marketing automation specialists
  4. Product managers
  5. Marketing data analysts
  6. Brand managers
  7. CMOS
  8. Entrepreneurs must join this course to develop their skills.

Marketing Analytics

The ultimate purpose of this course is to use all the available data, analyze those and develop information that is useful for the business. One will be learning a different way to research the data and uses of different analytical tools, and more in 6 different courses, those are,

  1. Measuring Customer Preferences
  2. Analyzing Segmentation and Targeting
  3. Using Data for Positioning Brands
  4. Predicting and Managing Customers’ Lifetime Value
  5. Market Response Modeling
  6. Optimizing Digital Advertising with Analytics

This 3 months duration course and 2 weeks length, the expense will be $3750 in total and $675 per month. Moreover, the persons who are suitable for this are,

  1. Marketing managers
  2. Product managers
  3. Analysts

Social Media Marketing

Instructed by three different authors, this Social media marketing is designed for teaching how one can utilize the social media platform for business. It will help them find potential customers and advertise their products. This 3-month long course with the same cost as the previous one has 6 different sub-courses. Those are,

  1. Social Media Strategy
  2. Social Media Marketing Across the Purchase Funnel
  3. Creating Effective Content Marketing
  4. Building the Brand Through Influencer Marketing
  5. Social Listening and Community Management
  6. Measuring Social Media Marketing Success

Creating content as the voice of the organization, measuring the effectiveness of the approach, and many others strategies will be taught here. People from the background of,

  1. Content marketers
  2. Social media managers
  3. Marketing channel managers
  4. Product managers
  5. Entrepreneurs
  6. Account executives
  7. Brand marketers
  8. Marketing communications specialists
  9. Copywriters
  10. Marketing consultants should join this which will be proven highly effective. One can bring their business from traditional less effective methods to a digital approach of high effectiveness.

Marketing Growth

It is like Marketing with AI and marketing analyst. The growth marketing course will boost the knowledge of the other two courses. Paying $3699 or $975 per month, the courses students will get are,

  1. Growth Marketing With AI
  2. Assessing Opportunities in Paid Digital Media
  3. Assessing Opportunities in Owned Digital Media
  4. Marketing Automation and AI

So, it is about using AI tools and knowledge in marketing growth by analyzing different strategies. People holding important positions like analysts, project managers, entrepreneurs, and others should join this 2-month long program instructed by Clarence Lee.

Product Marketing

As applies the name Product marketing is bringing the product to the market. it is an announcement to the consumer that something like that exists in the market and one can buy that. It may sound easy it is not. Paying $2999 or $800/month, they will get 4 different courses,

  1. Value Creation and Profitability
  2. Change, Disruption, and Growth
  3. Market Research and Analysis
  4. Pricing Strategy

All the business people related to this area will learn to use different tools to market their products in the real world.

Digital Marketing

This term is the most well-known and applied term in business now. In short Digital marketing is the process of marketing in digital approaches. Covered by Mr. Lee in 2 months, this one will have,

  1. Understanding the Digital Marketing Landscape and the Customer Funnel
  2. Assessing Opportunities in Paid Digital Media
  3. Assessing Opportunities in Owned Digital Media
  4. Implementing an Integrated Digital Marketing Plan

From identifying key payers and marketing agencies to developing compression marketing, one will learn A to Z of digital marketing.

Hospitality Digital Marketing

The approach of digital marketing in the hospitality industry is enhancing opportunities to another level. Now they can easily reach their customers with their service. This is one of the important areas of marketing that many should take. Five different instructors will take classes for 3 months long courses. This hospitality digital marketing has four different courses, those are,

  1. Marketing the Hospitality Brand Through Digital Media
  2. Implementing Brand Strategy Through Digital Media
  3. Success Metrics for Hospitality Digital Marketing
  4. Social Media Strategy

For all the courses and knowledge one will have to pay $3699 or $790 per month.

Strategic Hospitality Marketing

It is the advanced method of the previous course. One can use different tools of strategic hospitality marketing to improve their business. In this 3 months program, one will get 6 different courses with $3699 or $667 every month fees.

  1. Services Marketing Planning and Management
  2. Evaluating Business and Customer Factors Affecting Marketing Decisions for Services
  3. Building a Resilient Services Marketing Information System
  4. Developing a Service Strategy and Managing the Brand
  5. Managing Service Demand through Pricing and Distribution Strategies
  6. Developing an Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy for Services

Digital Marketing 360

Offering 20 courses, this is one of the longest programs Under marketing. Eight different instructors will take 10 months to complete the courses listed below.

  1. Understanding the Digital Marketing Landscape and the Customer Funnel
  2. Assessing Opportunities in Paid Digital Media
  3. Assessing Opportunities in Owned Digital Media
  4. Implementing an Integrated Digital Marketing Plan
  5. Social Media Strategy
  6. Social Media Marketing Across the Purchase Funnel
  7. Creating Effective Content Marketing
  8. Building the Brand Through Influencer Marketing
  9. Social Listening and Community Management
  10. Measuring Social Media Marketing Success
  11. Measuring Customer Preferences
  12. Analyzing Segmentation and Targeting
  13. Using Data for Positioning Brands
  14. Predicting and Managing Customers’ Lifetime Value
  15. Market Response Modeling
  16. Optimizing Digital Advertising with Analytics
  17. Data Privacy in Marketing

As we said, this longest course will cover every detail of digital marketing. One takes this in the first place if they do not have any idea about this field. However, this will be quite expensive. One will have to pay $7999 or $450/month to complete this course. Now, the learners need to decide whether this expensive course is worth it or not for them.

Integreated marketing 360

This integrated marketing program is for the marketing professionals designed to teach them generating growth, engagement, and every other factor for the business. Running for 8 months, 5 instructors will take 16 courses. Those are,

  1. Understanding the Digital Marketing Landscape and the Customer Funnel
  2. Assessing Opportunities in Paid Digital Media
  3. Assessing Opportunities in Owned Digital Media
  4. Implementing an Integrated Digital Marketing Plan
  5. Measuring Customer Preferences
  6. Analyzing Segmentation and Targeting
  7. Using Data for Positioning Brands
  8. Predicting and Managing Customers’ Lifetime Value
  9. Market Response Modeling
  10. Optimizing Digital Advertising with Analytics
  11. Marketing Symposium 
  12. Hospitality Symposium 
  13. Marketing Strategy Elective Track
  14. Strategic Hospitality Marketing Elective Track

As we can see from the course listing, it covers everything about integrated marketing. So, one can take this paying the same as the previous one.

Consumer Behavior

One will learn about consumer behavior against different products. It is all about identifying the targeted customer who will be interested in some particular items. In this $3750 course, one will learn,

  1. Introduction to Behavioral Science
  2. Drivers of Consumer Behavior: Attention, Emotion, Coherence
  3. Using Behavioral Science to Influence Customer Behavior Online
  4. Behavioral Science for Innovation
  5. Behavioral Science for Branding
  6. Behavioral Science for Pricing

Brand Management

By attending the coursework of this program, one will learn all the building blocks of brand management. Whatever the business is, unique branding is important. This 3-month-long course instructed by 2 authors will cover,

  1. Brand Purpose
  2. Brand Strategy
  3. Brand Positioning
  4. Brand Planning
  5. Brand Activation
  6. Brand Measurement

Moreover, the price of this cost is not affordable but expensive. To complete it, they will have to pay $3900.

PR Strategy

One of the most important strategies to represent the business outside is the PR strategy. It can break or grow the organization in just a few moments. So, it is important that the business holders know about these methods. Spending $3750, they will get,

  1. Communicating with the Media
  2. Strategic PR Planning
  3. Hiring and Managing PR Agencies
  4. Communication Planning for Change
  5. Crisis Communication Planning

Corporate Communication

Another important rule of an organization is that will have an impact on both external and internal communication. The growth of the business highly depends on the communication skills of the people of the organization.

  1. Here, the course will cost $3750 and teach,
  2. Communication Planning for Change
  3. Crisis Communication Planning
  4. Navigating Power Relationships
  5. Leading Strategic Change Initiatives
  6. Problem-Solving Using Evidence and Critical Thinking
  7. Making a Convincing Case for Your Solution
  8. Planning and Delivering Effective Presentations
  9. Mediation for Managers

User experience design

As we know that digital products or digital marketing are rising to their peak. In that case, companies need to focus on user experience design or UX UI design. This will help give a satisfactory visit to the users in their business sites. This course offered by ecornell at the same price as the above, one will learn,

  1. Human-Centered Design Essentials
  2. Effective User Research
  3. Creating User Personas
  4. Developing a UX Design Concept
  5. Prototyping and UX Feedback
  6. Evaluating Usability

Web Design and Development

Maintaining a website for the business is another way to promote it online or digitally. For that one will have to have skills in web development, design, and maintenance. Normally, the business school does not offer such a course. Since it is necessary they can take this and learn it online. Moreover, this particular program will cost the same and cover,

  1. Framing Front-End Web Development
  2. Structuring Content with HTML
  3. Styling Web Content with CSS
  4. Composition and Responsive Design
  5. Improving User Experience with Interactivity
  6. Collecting Data with Forms

Digital Photography

Under this marketing program, this photography course is the most affordable course which will cost $1599. However, the participant will learn from the fundamentals to advance photography. It will open the door for them in many areas to work. Moreover, in this 4 months program, they will learn,

  1. Photography Fundamentals
  2. Camera Selection and Mechanics
  3. Digital Asset Management
  4. Lighting
  5. Style and Expression Through Photography
  6. Building a Photography Portfolio
  7. Professional Photography

Data Privacy Strategy 

With the availability of technology and its benefits, there are so many risks. That is why one needs to know about the ways of protecting their sensitive data online. Mainly, business organizations have the responsibility to protect their customer’s data from dishonest means such as hackers online.

Therefore, in this $2500 and 2 months long course, they will learn all the methods, tools, and other things to protect their data. This program includes,

  1. Data Privacy in Marketing
  2. Defensive Data Strategies
  3. Data Protection Solutions
  4. Emerging Data Privacy Challenge

Data Science and Analytics

This program of ecornell focused on Data Science and Data Analysis. Moreover, business persons can use different tools of this program to help their business. Let’s see what is there for the learners,

Program nameCourse NameCost
Data Science Essentials Certificate (2 months)Exploring Data Sets With R Course
Summarizing and Visualizing Data Course
Measuring Relationships and Uncertainty Course
$2999 or $800/ month
Data Science With SQL And Tableau (3 months)Querying Relational Databases
Working with Data Using SQL
Creating Data Visualizations with Tableau
Enhancing Data Visualizations with Tableau
Telling a Data-Driven Story with Tableau
$3750 or $800/ month
Data Science ( 4 months)Understanding Data Analytics
Finding Patterns in Data Using Association Rules, PCA, and Factor Analysis
Finding Patterns in Data Using Cluster and Hotspot Analysis
Regression Analysis and Discrete Choice Models
Supervised Learning Techniques
Neural Networks and Machine Learning
Making Data-Driven Recommendations Using Optimization
Making Predictions Using Simulation
$3750 or $519/ month
Data visualization in tableau ( 2 months)Creating Data Visualizations with Tableau
Enhancing Data Visualizations with Tableau
Telling a Data-Driven Story with Tableau
Planning and Delivering Effective Presentations
Problem-Solving Using Evidence and Critical Thinking
Strategic Decision Making
Building Compelling Slide Decks and Reports
$3699 or $975/ month
Data Analytics ( 9 weeks)Understanding and Visualizing Data
Implementing Scientific Decision Making
Using Predictive Data Analysis
$3750 or $1300/ month
Data Analytics 360 (19 weeks)Understanding and Visualizing Data
Implementing Scientific Decision Making
Using Predictive Data Analysis
Modeling Uncertainty and Risk
Optimization and Modeling Simultaneous Decisions
$5499 or $1150/ month  
Data Analytics In R (3 months)Predictive Analytics in R
Clustering, Classification, and Machine Learning in R
Prescriptive Analytics in R
$3750 or $1300/ month
Python 360 (10 months)Python Fundamentals
User-Defined Functions in Python
Controlling Program Flow
Mastering Data Structures
Auditing Datasets
Developing Data Science Applications
Creating Data Arrays and Tables in Python
Organizing Data with Python
Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Python
Building Predictive Machine Learning Models
How to Write Programs That Work With Databases
How to Develop Web Interfaces With Online Protocols
How to Create Interactive Websites With HTML and CSSHuman-Centered Design Essentials
Designing Slides for Live and Legacy Use
Strategizing for Audiences With Different Expertise
Interpreting and Communicating Data
Using Statistical Tests to Make Decisions
$7999 or $584/ month
Python for Data Science (5 months)Constructing Expressions in Python
Writing Custom Python Functions, Classes, and Workflows
Developing Data Science Applications
Creating Data Arrays and Tables in Python
Organizing Data with Python
Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Python
Building Predictive Machine Learning Models
$3750 or $586/ month
Python Programming (4.5 months)Python Fundamentals
User-Defined Functions in Python
Developing a Currency Converter
Controlling Program Flow
Mastering Data StructuresAuditing Datasets
$3750 or $675/ month
Spreadsheet Modeling ( 2 months)Making Data Usable
Creating Effective Data-Driven Dashboards
Developing Robust Models to Evaluate Decisions
Optimizing Decisions and Assessing Tradeoffs
$3750 or $988/ month
Machine Learning (3.5 months)Problem-Solving with Machine Learning
Estimating Probability Distributions
Learning with Linear Classifiers
Decision Trees and Model Selection
Debugging and Improving Machine Learning ModelsLearning with Kernel Machines
Deep Learning and Neural Networks
Linear Algebra: Low Dimension
Matrix and Linear Algebra: High Dimension
$3750 or $586/ month
Statistical Foundation ( 2 months)Interpreting and Communicating Data
Using Statistical Tests to Make Decisions
Applying Statistical Tests
Making Predictions With Data Models
$2999 or 800 per month
Data Ethics (2 months)Individual EthicsEthics and the Data Lifecycle
Integrating Virtue Ethics Into Data Science Practice
Creating an Ethical Data Science Practice and Workplace
$2550 or $675 per month
Business Statistics ( 4 months)Presenting Quantitative Data
Descriptive Statistics for Business
Making Predictions Using Statistical Probability
Inferential StatisticsMultivariable Comparisons
Statistical Forecasting
Practical Applications of Statistics
$3750 or $586/ month
Business Analytics (3 months)Getting Started with Spreadsheet Modeling and Business Analytics
Harvesting Spreadsheet Data
Visualizing and Communicating Insights In Excel
Making Predictions and Forecasts with Data
Using Prescriptive Analytics in Excel
Creating and Sharing Interactive Data Models
$3750 or $675/ month
Marketing Analytics (3 months)Measuring Customer Preferences
Analyzing Segmentation and Targeting
Using Data for Positioning Brands
Predicting and Managing Customers’ Lifetime Value
Market Response Modeling
Optimizing Digital Advertising with Analytics
$3750 or $675/ month
HR Analytics ( 2 months)Essentials of HR Analytics
Strategic Talent Analytics
Applied Predictive Analytics in HR
Valuing HR Initiatives
$3750 or $988/ month
All the course information including cost of ecornell Data Science and Analytics program


31 program certificates are available in this category, where 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 courses are included.

  • Executive presence for $3,750 (1-course)
  • International public and NGO management for $3,000 (3-course)
  • Digital leadership for $3,750 (4-course)
  • Servant leadership for $3,750 (5-course)
  • Performance leadership for $3,900 (6-course)
  • Leadership essentials for $3,700 (7-course)
  • Executive leadership for $5,000 (8-course)

Environmental, social, and governance

You will find 21 programs in this category. Course numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6 are available here.

  • Corporate sustainability for $3,900 (3-course)
  • Diversity and inclusion for $3,700 (4-course)
  • Sustainable business for $3,700 (5-course)
  • Equitable community change for $2,500 (6-course)

Diversity and inclusion

A total of 6 programs are available in this category, including 4, 5, and 6 courses in different programs.

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion for $3,700 (4-course)
  • Women in leadership for $3,000 (5-course)
  • Diversity and inclusion for HR for $3,700 (6-course)


23 programs are included in this particular category, and you will find 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 15, and 20-course lengths in different programs.

  • FinTech for $3,750 (4-course)
  • Web App Development for $3,700 (5-course)
  • Technology leadership for $3,750 (6-course)
  • Digital transformation for $3,700 (7-course)
  • Women in product for $5,500 (11-course)
  • Python 360 for $8,000 (15-course)
  • Product Management 360 for $8,000 (20-course)

Human resource

There are a total of 16 programs available in 1, 4, 5, 6, and 9 courses.

  • PHR Prep for $1,750 (1-course)
  • Human rights in the global supply chain for $2,500 (4-course)
  • Labor relations for $3,750 (5-course)
  • Human resources essentials for $3,750 (6-course)
  • Human resources management for $5,500 (9-course)

Project leadership

A total of 6 programs are available in this category, including 5, 6, 7, and 11-course lengths.

  • Project management for $3,900 (5-course)
  • Project leadership for $3,900 (6-course)
  • Systems design for $3,900 (7-course)
  • Project management 360 for $7,000 (11-course)

Business and Finance

You will have a total of 37 programs here. However, 35 programs are 100% online and the rest two programs require a campus with only 1 course.

4, 5, 6, 7, 14, and 38 are the course numbers for different programs in this category.

  • Food executive (on-campus) for $10,000 (1-course)
  • Spreadsheet modeling for $3,750 (4-course)
  • Business economics for $3,750 (5-course)
  • Business management essentials for $3,750 (6-course)
  • Business statistics for $3,750 (7-course)
  • Communications 360 for $8,000 (14-course)
  • Business 360 for $15,500 (38-course)


You will get a total of 29 programs here. 6 programs are campus-based, and 1 program needs both campus and online.

1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 18 are the number of courses available in different programs.

  • Hospitality management essentials (on-campus) for $5,500 (1-course)
  • Wines of France for $1,000 (3-course)
  • General managers program (online + campus) for $11,500 (3-course)
  • Beer essentials for $1,600 (4-course)
  • Hospitality strategy for $3,750 (5-course)
  • Hospitality management for $3,750 (6-course)
  • Hospitality Management 360 for $8,000 (18-course)

Food and plant science

There are 6 programs with 5 and 6 courses in different programs in this category.

  • Food product development for $3,700 (5-course)
  • Medicinal plants for $3,000 (6-course)

Real estate

7 programs are available in the real estate category, where one program is campus-based. The length varies in 1, 6, and 7 courses.

  • Hotel real estate investment management (on-campus) for $5,500 (1-course)
  • Real estate investment modeling for $3,900 (6-course)
  • Real estate development for $3,900 (7-course)


16 programs are available in this category, where the course lengths are 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, and 20.

  • Probability analysis for $3,700 (1-course)
  • Spreadsheet modeling for $3,750 (4-course)
  • Fluid dynamics simulations using ANSYS for $3,750 (5-course)
  • Design thinking for $3,750 (6-course)
  • Product development for $3,700 (7-course)
  • Project management 360 for $7,000 (11-course)
  • Product Management 360 for $8,000 (20-course)


11 programs are available here, and each one is online-based. Meanwhile, the course lengths are 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

  • Healthcare change management for $3,700 (4-course)
  • Senior living management for $3,750 (5-course)
  • Strategic healthcare leadership for $3,750 (6-course)
  • Healthcare management for $4,400 (7-course)
  • Executive healthcare leadership for $5,000 (8-course)


Only 3 programs are available in this category, where one program has 1 course, and the rest two programs have 6 courses each.

  • Client-directed counseling for nutrition professionals for $2,000 (1-course)
  • Nutrition and healthy living for $3,000 (6-course)


The learners will get 15 different programs with three different course durations, including 4, 5, and 6.

  • Legal essentials for $3,700 (4-course)
  • Employment law for $3,750 (5-course)
  • Immigration law for $3,000 (6-course)


There’s only a single program available which is Master beekeeping with a 5-course duration, and it’s available for $900.

Partner program

Plant-based nutrition is the only program available for $1,260 with a 3-course duration.

Do you have to pay for eCornell certificates?

The payment of $2,500 to $4,000 is basically for getting certificates from the online courses from Cornell University. However, if you think the certificate charges anything extra, you’re wrong.

Accreditations for eCornell courses

Even though eCornell courses are a part of Cornell University, the accreditation for the courses isn’t the same as the academic degrees.

Meanwhile, several reputed institutions have given approval and recognition to these online courses at Cornell University.

  • ACE or American Council on Education
  • HRCI or Human Resources Certification Institute
  • CDR or Commission on Dietetic Registration
  • PMI or Project Management Institute
  • FCM or Foundation for Care Management
  • SHRM or Society for Human Resources Management.

Adding eCornell certificate to my resume

To show the recruiter that you are a continuous learner, and you have completed an online course from Cornell University, not an official degree, adding the certificate is a good way.

According to the experts, there’re three sections you have to add these online certifications.

  • Under the certification category
  • Under the professional development category
  • Under the Education category.

The best way to show off the certificates is by adding them to the certification category of your resume. However, you must make sure that the online course certificates are separated from the official degrees.

Unless it will be hard for the recruiters to identify which one is acquired online and which one’s an official degree. Having misconceptions about the certifications can create a bad image in the recruiter’s mind.

The other way is to add the certificates to the professional development category. Professional development courses can turn out helpful in your professional life, so as these certificates.

The certificates you have got are from a reputed University. But it was only done because to get extra knowledge in a particular subject.

The third and the least used way to add the certificate is in the education category. There’re high chances of taking it as a pure educational degree here.

Therefore, it’s suggested to avoid this particular category to show off your extra knowledge gained through various online courses.

Meanwhile, wherever you add the certificate, a few things must be kept in mind.

  • Show off the skills gained through the degrees
  • Make sure, the recruiter is not misguided
  • Keep a slight difference between official and online degrees

Add your eCornell certificate to your LinkedIn profile

Modern-day job seekers must have a decorated profile both online and offline. And to get the interest of the recruiter of any industry, the best way is to decorate your LinkedIn profile.

Adding an online certificate from a reputed University like Cornell means you’ve made yourself an expert in a particular subject.

So, add your eCornell certificate to your LinkedIn profile from the moment you have completed the course. Follow the provided instructions below –

  • Put the mouse pointer on “Profile” at the top of the homepage.
  • Now, select “Edit profile”.
  • Click on “Certifications” on the right side of the page.
  • Then, click “Add” in this section.
  • Provide the information regarding the certification.
  • Correctly type the authority to display their logo.
  • Click on “Save” to save the information you have recently added.

Choosing an online course from Cornell University

Online courses from Cornell University are on the expensive side most of the time. So, think before you choose any online course.

However, some confusion can still arise in your mind regarding the selection of courses. Therefore, you better get going to know the ways of selecting an eCornell course.

  • Choose the course length that matches your busy schedule.
  • The curriculum must be relevant to your career goals.
  • Course cost should meet your financial condition.
  • Choose between expert supervised and self-paced classes.
  • Short duration or long duration class.

Most people choose online certification courses as they have no time to get academic degrees. Therefore, choose a course that doesn’t hamper your regular schedule.

If you course you have completed is never going to help you in your professional life, it’s a total waste of money and time. So, be wise in choosing the course subject.

You can expect to pay quite a large amount for even a short online course as these are pricier. However, before that ask yourself whether it’s favorable to your financial condition or not.

One may love to learn things on his own, and the other needs an expert’s guidance. Choices can be different, and you must choose whichever suits you best.

Class lengths basically depend on the curriculum. Therefore, you must know the class duration after selecting any course and decide whether it’s adequate or not.

Only then, you should pay for that particular course.

Are these online programs beneficial?

Being the executive education unit of the renowned Cornell University in New York, there’s a place of trust for eCornell.

Having trust isn’t something that will prove beneficial to the users. You have the freedom to complete courses within the definite program duration here.

Let’s go through some more benefits that you can find through these programs.

  • Getting a verified certificate from a renowned University.
  • Users have the freedom of learning at any time of the day.
  • Easy to access for being an online platform.
  • A detailed and comprehensive curriculum.
  • Can get personal help through correspondence.
  • Short videos that emphasize quickly specific matters.
  • There’s a deadline to submit the term assignments.
  • Real-life examples are used in the courses.
  • The experts help you to use the course concepts in the real world.
  • A vast opportunity for interaction and collaboration.
  • Availability of online tools and downloadable resources.

Certificate from Cornell University

Even though these online programs offered by eCornell can be a bit expensive, getting a certificate from a prestigious University like Cornell is priceless.

It’s good to know that Cornell is world’s one of the most renowned universities that are situated in Ithaca, New York.

The University has nearly 80 different major courses in its seven schools.  

Curriculum and flexibility of time

The curriculum they issue for a particular course is comfortable for any professional with a busy schedule all day long.

Therefore, the users have the flexibility to complete the courses during the most comfortable hours of the day. However, the entire course must be completed within the bounded days.

Participants from all over the world

You have already known that it’s an online program that allows anyone around the world to take part in their interested courses.

Making it online is broadened the interest of the learners. Moreover, the professionals can distribute their time in a lot better way.

Personal help with interaction

You are never alone there as more than 30 learners are there, who are part of the same online program.

The interaction between the learners themselves can lead to a solution that you might have been looking for a long time.

The opportunity to share and exchange ideas, and participate in discussion will quicken your learning for sure.

The course videos are short

If you have participated in other online courses before, it may not be new to know that most of those course videos used to be up to 30 minutes.

But this can be the sole reason why many professionals might back out as they already have a busy schedule throughout the day.

Thinking so, eCornell has made their course videos from 4 to 5 minutes long, while emphasizing the subject matter from the very beginning.

Also, the inclusion of real-life examples makes it much more convenient for the learners to understand.

There’s a deadline to complete the course

Most of the courses here are for two weeks, and one must get it to end within these two weeks.

As the total course time doesn’t really go above 5 hours, learners have huge flexibility. But the start and end time of the course is definite and unchangeable.

Our recent survey says, nearly 94% of the learners complete the courses in time.

Introducing the course to the real world

The experts here basically do three things for the learners. The first thing is to guide the learners to understand the program.

Later on, he will emphasize the subject matter through real-life examples. Also, challenge one to ensure better learning.

Lastly, the most important task is to introduce the learner’s online program to the real world.

Everything isn’t pleasant about it

Although it seems that the courses are easy to get, complete, and get the verified certificates. But it isn’t the perfect option again.

We’d a long survey on the learners and tried to know what things have provides them a bad experience here.

  • Unavailability of additional resources except for the pre-recorded videos.
  • The instructions are briefly stated.
  • Unprofessionalism in some experts.
  • Lack of criticism and correction in the feedback.
  • Exploring less analytical tools.
  • A person without a busy schedule finds the course video shorter.

Annoying not to have additional resources

Except for the pre-recorded videos, there are not any extra resources added to the courses.

For example, digital marketing learners need to know extra things to get inside the study properly. But the lack of resources keeps their learning incomplete.

Instructions should have been more detailed

People without having any past experience with online learning should love to know the detailed instructions.

On the other hand, the instructions on the courses are only briefly stated.

Unprofessional experts

During the interactions with the learners, a few experts seem to be unprofessional. The incapability to answer the questions proves their unprofessionalism.

Better feedback is expected

If you don’t find enough criticism on your writing, you may never improve whatever you have mistaken.

For example, you know you have made a mistake in the writing. But there are only positive feedbacks, which will definitely make you think again about their quality.

Videos could have been a bit longer

If you have a busy schedule, then the videos’ lengths are perfect for you. But a learner with vast free time will find them useless.

Users’ reviews

  • Peter said about eCornell courses, “It’s good to have such online certificates from a reputed University like Cornell.”
  • Mitchell Hope was satisfied with the courses as he expressed this, “Oh! I didn’t have to waste my valuable time here during my busy hours. I could easily complete the classes as there was immense flexibility.”
  • Shelley told us, “The class hours seem too short for my course. A bit lengthier classes would have been better.”
  • According to Paul Ian, “Correction and criticism wasn’t enough, which was something I hated about the course.”
  • Renee said, “Adding such reputed online courses has easily decorated both my online and offline profiles.”

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