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What are the top 10 Entry-Level Jobs for Introverts in 2023?

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The door of the job world is wide open for introverts having different skills. From home jobs to on-site, the people of this personality can be anything they feel comfortable too. Since almost half of the population of America is introverted, they are not the minority.

Able to think so much uniquely and the extreme observing ability of this personality gives them more than others. In some positions, their creative thinking and analytical skills give them wonderful results which are sometimes impossible for extroverts.

Entry-Level Jobs for Introverts are likely to provide a low wage range. However, many jobs like in the IT sector will be the best fit. Moreover, they can be painter, photographer, or anything exciting that do not need interaction with people.

One will find more information on the topic below.

Entry-Level Jobs for Introverts

If the person reading this article is either an introvert or came to know about the term. People have ideas about the personality test, they must know about introverts and extroverts. These types of tests are also used in different job sectors to measure the mind of people. There is a thin but strong line between these two personalities.

Extroverts are extremely social; they can make wonderful and meaningful conversations with anyone or even in a group. Moreover, they can express their feelings. All these things are absent in a person with an introverted personality.

There is a famous article on BBC that came to popularity during the covid pandemic situation. The writer stated that the workplace is created by extroverts for extroverts. People realize the potentiality of introverts when they start doing great in the context of working from home.

People with these personalities are extremely shy, they feel uncomfortable making conversation with people. Also, working in a group makes it difficult for them. However, this type of person has quite a different way of using their brain than other people. They are more likely to have some unique and effective skills naturally. Even though they are not socialized but they have,

  1. Empathy
  2. Analytical thinking
  3. Creativity
  4. Attention to detail
  5. Building relationships
  6. Adaptability
  7. Listening
  8. Independence

One of the most attractive things about them is that if they like something, they become the best at that. For example, Albert Einstein was quite an introvert but was a nonreplaceable scientist. Like him, many famous people are with this personality but are best in their field.

According to their want, they prefer a different work environment than other people. Mainly, where they do not have to talk with so many people and please them making a great conversation. For example, the job of marketing, sales representative, receptionist, and things like those are not for introverts. They never can do well in these sectors.

However, introverts are quite excellent in many sectors such as painting, writing, potting, and many more things. Because of their extreme analytical skill and creativity, they are good at things that require analytic thinking and a creative mentality.

Out of their nature, some specific jobs best suit them. Moreover, even if they are good at things, they prefer a certain environment. That is why many start preparing for that from the early stage of their career.

In case you are thinking there is no room in the corporate world for extroverts, you are in a misconception. The world is getting more modern and better. Now, every workplace value the mental health of its employees too. Even the coworkers are extremely cooperative towards different thinking of others.

Even though the world is open for introverts, they prefer quiet jobs where they can work peacefully by themselves. Well, the good news is, one will find plenty of beginner jobs where they will not need much experience but the pay range will be well. In the next part, I will enlighten those.

Best Jobs for Introverts to Begin With

Luckily there are a lot of jobs that are perfect for shy people. Though there are no classified groups, one can do all the normal jobs with that personally. Moreover, the fun thing the majority of people in America are introverts. According to statistics, 30% to 50% of the overall population is this way. So, one does not have to feel minority and left over.

It is a good thing that they will be blended in any office environment in America. However, I will be specified some popular jobs which are well fit and need almost no experience to get it.

Android App Developer

If we pick the top 10 jobs in the world which is going to rule the world, the Android app developer is one of them. Being one of the leading jobs, this one is perfect for the introvert. Because all they need to do is follow the instructions of the customers and code according to those.

They can seat in a corner or even in their room and just do their work. Having a long conversation and meeting with people is totally not necessary here. Moreover, as an Android developer, one can just be self-employed or even do freelancing. This skill opens many doors for skilled people.

As a beginner, one will get more than $55000 in any company. If one is self-employed then the income will depend on the range of their work which can be double the mentioned amount.

Software Developer

This job is almost like the other one, it is just one that will be developing software for platforms like windows computers, iOS, and Linux. The environment of this job will be exactly like the other one. the developer does not need to socialize or talk to so many people.

Self-employment and freelancing career in this sector is as bright as the sun. moreover, the future of this sector is also the same. The best thing is the beginner software developer’s salary will not be less than $75000. It is just the basic and it can be higher according to the type of company and your skills of yours.

Web developer

One of the most popular jobs is in demand in every sector. Because of the covid situation that stays for a couple of years with a total shutdown, the world become more online based which requires a webpage for them to run their service.

Whether you are of IT company running a small business, or anything, a web page is the demand of time. Here the web developer is the person who will develop and maintain a site for you.

The long the internet going to stay in this world, the long web and web developers will be. The fun thing is one even do not have to come to the office for that job. The customer will give the details of their business or a wireframe of the design. The developer will only follow the instructions which do not need a meet-up with many people.

Amazingly, the income of these professionals as a beginner will be more than $50000. One can also work at home without being employed. People hire web developers for a project on Fiver, Upwork, and even from his/her website of work.

Graphic Designer

One of the leading sectors in the world is graphic design. All the promotional banners, postcards, and everything graphical is the magic of a graphic designer. They have the demand both online and offline.

If you are an introvert but greatly skilled in graphic design, congratulation you have saved the day. For this job, there are many doors open where you do not have to face people. However, a few conversations by text or phone call may be necessary. 4

If you want to start as a graphic designer online, the income will not be fixed. Based on one circumstance it can be $300 to $30000 per month. However, in the contract official jobs, the wage in the starting will be around $50000.


The profession of photography was so underrated a few years back. Many do not even recognize it as a profession until the modernization of the world. Now, people having a passion for photography can take it as actual professionals who can earn a good amount of money.

However, photography has different segments, some do commercial photography, some are wild photography, landscape, and many more. In any type, a shy and not likely to be good at communication can do wonders here.

Moreover, the analytical and creative skills of an introvert, who can see the hidden things will be helpful in this area. They can extract the best of the object with their every click. Introverts with anxiety find wildlife photography more attractive and they can handle their antisocial personality in the wild.

Depending on the nature of this job, one will be earning different amounts. However, a person employed officially or in contract with some company will get a fixed salary. Moreover, an entry-level photographer will not get less than $25000 which will increase with time.

Content Writer

Content writing is a type of job which is a perfect fit for an introverted career. Because they do not even have to have so many conversations even with their boss. They can just work as per the instructions given and leave the office when it is time after completing the task.

Mainly, this type of job is best suited from home but many employers prefer spot hiring. However, shy people can start their careers as freelance writers or they can just work for google. Which will be enough for them to bear their regular life cost.

According to the government, the lowest salary should not be lower than $40k for a technical content writer. Well, depending on the responsibility, it can be lower or higher. But this is a great career for shy people to start with.


We all know the role of an accountant in an office or a bank. It is a universal role that every company has to handle its finance record. The job of this profession requires extreme concentration which is no issue for an introvert.

Because of their lack of interest in talking, they are the way to be observant and concentrate. That is why it is the best job for them. In the starting, they will get at least $60000 per year. Some of the companies even offer more than that. However, there is always a huge chance of getting a pay rise within a few months of joining.


The job of a translator is perfect for an introvert but this one is not so popular. The opportunities in this field will be limited. However, many look for translators online to translate different languages into English or vice versa. However, in that case, the person will have to be extremely expert in some languages which is a tough job.

So, even if this is a shy person’s friendly job, it is quite hard to get one even in the United States. Moreover, the salary of this job is not quite well. As a beginner one can get around $20000 to $25000.


Painting is a job of creativity that is sometimes genetically gained or a result of extreme practice and hard work. We have already mentioned that introverts are quite good at the work of creativity and painting falls into that category.

They love creating mesmerizing scenarios on the artboard using the pain of different colors. However, this is not an ordinary regular job but the happening of extraordinary.


Introverts love to read books in a quiet place. What job will be the best fit rather than librarian for a book lover introvert? Where people even are not allowed to breathe high, making conversation is a nightmare. So, as a librarian, they can enjoy their book in silence.

Moreover, the pay scale of a librarian is not bad. In starting, they will get around $25k to $30K. but the point is they will enjoy their job over the salary. Though the opportunities are not much because only the universities and the libraries (the number is not much) have libraries.

Moreover, the growth of this job is less than 6% which is considered to be less than average.

These are all the jobs an introvert can do at an entry level. However, some other jobs may require few experiences and a bit of ability to make conversation. But these jobs will be the best fit for anyone with a good scale of salary.

One can easily gain skills for those and can do both on-site and online. Some of those jobs have huge demand on online platforms. That means one will not have to go to the office at all. Now, it is on individuals to choose in which area they want to pursue their careers.

How to get a job as an introvert?

Many people ask a common question “is it hard to get a job as an introvert?” the simple answer to this question is NO, definitely a NO.

Being an introvert is not a crime or a drawback. Every personality has its benefits. May introverts are shy and feel uncomfortable around a lot of people. But their ability to observe events and their analytical thinking is way much better than other people.

So, it is kind of a thing to be proud of. With the concern of getting a job, there are hundreds of options in professional life with a handsome wage. However, first of all, one will have to decide or find out in which area they are good.

Knowing yourself is the first step. After that start building skills and knowledge in that relevant field. One can search for the best companies and jobs in this period to be specified of the skills they will need in the job.

Once you are ready, start applying through different online platforms. You may have to show your work portfolio and seat for an interview. That is all!

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