FedEx TV shipping cost: Is it worth shipping a TV through FedEx?

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As TV is a fragile electronic material, it’s hard to ship it domestically or internationally. However, FedEx is here to provide the customers with the safest possible shipment for $120 to $200.

The cost depends largely on the weight and size of the Television. Moreover, which shipping service you choose and the quickness of delivery is going to have a clear impact on the shipment cost.

Meanwhile, one must visit their website to select the right type of packaging to store the TV. Moreover, paying customs charges is an extra expenditure for international shipping.

Can I ship my TV through FedEx? 

Yes, you can ship your TV anytime through FedEx. Whether you are moving from New York to Northern California or want to send the TV anywhere outside the country, FedEx is always there.

Average domestic shipment cost:

It offers a vast number of shipping services that let you choose the right one and ship the Television domestically or internationally.

Some of the popular domestic shipping services are –

  • Overnight service
  • Express saver service
  • SameDay service
  • Ground service
  • Residential ground service
  • Freight shipping service.

On the other hand, you can ship a TV internationally using the following shipping services too.

  • International Priority
  • International Economy
  • International next flight
  • International ground
  • International premium.

FedEx charge to ship a TV

On average, FedEx charges from $140 to $170 to ship a TV domestically. But one must follow the right procedures to know what the shipping actually charges.

To identify the total domestic shipping cost, you need to calculate the shipping box cost and the shipment cost individually.

In general, they offer three types of boxes to ship a television inside the country.

  • Small box from 35 to 40 inches
  • Medium boxes from 45 to 55 inches
  • Large boxes from the 60 to 75 inches.

However, the large boxes are divided into two categories, large and extra-large.

Now, here’s the quick thing all of us need to know the price of these shipping boxes.

Type of boxCostSize of the TV
Small box$15 to $2030 to 35 inches
Medium box$22 to $2640 to 50 inches
Large box$28 to $3555 to 70 inches

The point is that the size of the TV including the width and height will let you decide which one of these three boxes turns out the most suitable one.

Meanwhile, with the increasing size of the box, you are supposed to pay extra dollars for the shipment.

Another key factor that has a direct impact on the cost is the domestic shipment cost. Although there are a lot of shipment services offered, we’ve made an average cost according to the television size.

Size of TVAverage domestic shipping cost
30 to 35 inches$100 to $110
40 to 50 inches$115 to $130
55 to 70 inches$135 to $150

If you add both domestic shipping cost and packaging cost, the total shipping cost will come out. Meanwhile, the customer has plenty of shipment services option to choose from.

Overnight delivery:

It’s one of the quickest ways to ship your TV. If you have done everything correctly and got the Television ready for the shipment today, the overnight shipment will take it to the destination at 9.00 a.m. the next day.

However, overnight delivery has three more categories depending on the time of receiving the product.

  • First overnight
  • Priority overnight
  • Standard overnight.

Same-day delivery

Most probably, the quickest delivery is offered by the same-day shipment services. When you need an urgent shipment in any part of the country within a few hours, it’s the best option you have.

Business day delivery

This is the cheapest and comparatively the slowest delivery option offered by FedEx for television shipment. It can ship –

  • From 1 to 5 business days
  • 2 business days
  • 3 business days.

The first option is the commercial ground shipment service, which can take up to five days for the shipment.

Home delivery

It’s a quick shipment process as well, and you get the product within 1 to 2 days. The good thing is that the product is delivered to the doorstep of the recipient.

FedEx international TV shipping cost

Shipping TV is not all about transferring it from one place to another in the country. It offers an international shipment service for televisions as well, where the cost ranges from $170 to $250.

Well, the cost depends on the destination you have chosen to deliver the electronic item. And of course, the packaging with padding is an addition to the entire cost.

International TV shipmentCosts
Small to extra large shipment boxes$15 to $35
30 to 35 inches TV $130 to $140
40 to 50 inches TV$145 to $170
55 to 70 inches TV $185 to $210 

However, another additional expenditure for the shipment is customs charges. In most countries, any electronics like TV is charged from 32% to 36% of the assessed value.

Meanwhile, it offers several services to make the shipment quicker according to the sender or receiver’s demand.

Isn’t the Next flight option the quickest one?

Shipment products under this category reach the destination within 24 hours as the authority finds out the next available flight for the region for the delivery.

How many days does the Economy service take?

As the name suggests, this particular international shipment option is for those who are searching for something economical but reliable. Typically, the shipment time ranges from 2 to 3 days.

However, sometimes it can have a 2 to 5 days shipment period depending on the destination.

How quick is express service?

Comparatively, Express service is a quicker option you have from FedEx for international shipping. It ships the product to the destination from 1 to 3 business days. However, it has three categories.

  • International first
  • International Priority
  • International priority express.

Is International ground service a cheaper option?

Yes, undoubtedly the international ground service is the cheapest option you have because it’s a slower one as well. It takes 2 to 7 business days to deliver the product.

Why shipping TV through FedEx is so expensive?

Well, the main reason that makes TV shipment through FedEx expensive is that it’s a fragile electronic product. And there is every bit of chance for it to get damaged during the shipment, it’s not packaged properly.

  • TV needs quite a large box for the shipment.
  • Padding is required for safe packaging.
  • Being heavy makes the shipment expensive.
  • The destination impacts the overall cost.
  • The type of shipping service you chose is related to shipment cost.

Television isn’t something that weighs a couple of pounds. Even a medium-sized 35 inches TV can weigh nearly 25 pounds. And weighing up to 40 pounds for a standard 50-inch TV is natural.

For this large and heavy electronic piece, you need a large packaging. The packaging box solely can cost you up to 30 bucks. And it’s never safe shipping a fragile piece like it without inner padding or cushioning.

This extra padding inside the box can add a few more dollars to the shipment. Moreover, the customers are allowed enabling insurance for the product’s safety, which is another addition to the cost.

Meanwhile, the distance between the shipment area and the receiving area is going to impact the entire cost.

However, if you aren’t okay with the slow shipment from 2 to 5 business days, pay extra charges for the overnight shipment service.

FedEx TV shipping vs. DHL shipping

DHL shipping is anyday one of the cheapest shipment options available for international shipments. The cost can be $20 for international shipping, and the highest you are expected to be $300.

However, the sole downgrade of this shipment service is delivering the product slowly compared to FedEx international. Even the fastest delivery from DHL takes one to three business days.

The same thing happens when you ship a television through DHL. However, the criteria to determine the overall shipping cost are identical to the FedEx shipping.

  • We could have made a tie between these two as the cost doesn’t seem to have much difference. But the fastest shipping service does make FedEx the winner over DHL.

FedEx TV shipping vs. UPS TV shipping

UPS shipping service offers free-of-cost packaging that undoubtedly saves a lot of dollars compared to what FedEx charges for the packaging.

UPS ships a variety of products including small to large throughout the USA and outside the USA. And the cost is minimal here for the small products. But what happens when it’s a TV and it’s international shipping?

Well, the customer might have to pay at least $150 for a large and fragile product like a TV in that circumstance. However, you could have enjoyed the shipment for $120 with FedEx here.

But don’t forget that one doesn’t have to pay anything extra for the packaging of this large product while shipping through UPS.

  • Hard to define a winner here because FedEx appears to be a slightly affordable option. At the same time, it has an individual packaging charge. So, it’s a tie here.

How to ship a TV?

Whether you want to ship a TV through FedEx domestically or internationally, some common criteria are subject to follow any day. And don’t forget, you are packaging a fragile and sensitive item.

  • First, determine the dimension of the TV.
  • Measure the weight.
  • Choose a box that doesn’t have too much or too less space.
  • Remove any stand, cord, or anything from the TV.
  • Place it carefully inside the box.
  • Put on padding materials around the edges.
  • Proper padding secures the product inside.
  • Use tape outside the box to secure the packaging.
  • Choose the destination and type of shipment.
  • Send the package to the authority.

FedEx calculator is available on their website letting you calculate the shipment cost depending on the product type, shipment type, and destination.

Cost analysis: Are you ready to ship the TV?

FedEx is one of the most reliable shipment services you have for shipping within the USA or outside the USA. However, shipping a TV through FedEx often turns out a bit expensive.

You can expect to pay at least $130 for a domestic shipment of a medium-sized TV. However, if it’s big, then the cost can suddenly go up to $200.

Meanwhile, the reliability and the variety of shipment services let the customer stick with it anytime. Both cost-efficient shipment and costlier services are available here.

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