Ford catalytic converter scrap value

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Among all modern automotive and commercial vehicles, Ford produces the most expensive catalytic converters.

For example, the catalytic converter on the Ferrari F430 model is over $3,700.

While most automotive vehicles have a single catalytic converter included in the engine, Ford automotive and commercial vehicles tend to have two to six CATs.

The scrap value of Ford CATs is therefore also high. Any scrap yard will give a quote from $400 to $850 for a Ford scrap catalytic converter.

Top five expensive CATs from Ford

While the average price of a catalytic converter falls between $800 and $1,500, a ford cat is most often over $2,000.

From 2020 onward, Ford is popular for having the most expensive cat in its repertoire.

Here are the top five ford cats and their prices-

Ford modelCat price
Ferrari F430$3,770/each
Ford F-250$2,800/each
Ford Mustang$1,500/each
Ford F-350$1,450/each
Ford F-150$1,400/each

Scrap value of Ford catalytic converters

Scrap ford catalytic converters are comparatively expensive. Even for a ford scrap pre-cat, it is possible to get over $350.

Therefore, scrap ford catalytic converters are worth from $350 to $850.

Catalytic converters found on the Ferrari F430 are worth over $1,000 for the scrap.

Ford ModelScrap CAT value
Ford Diesel CAT$350-$500
Ford Mustang$350-$650
Ford Explorer$380-$550

Almost all the Ford F series catalytic converters have a higher scrap value.

It is possible to get a quote from $400 to $600 for most Ford F-series scrap catalytic converters.

Ford F-150 scrap catalytic converter is worth from $450 to $550.

Ford F-250 and F-350 scrap catalytic converters will get a quote from $400 to $600.

Ford F-450 scrap cats are sellable from $450 to $600.

The popular Ford Mustang CATS will get a quote from $350 to $600. The scrap value of Ford Mustang cats seems to be a little higher than other models.

Ford Explorer and E-series cats have an almost equivalent scrap value. These converters will be worth from $380 to $600 in any scrap yard.

Ford Falcon series has the highest scrap value. Scrap Ford Falcon Cats will get a quote from $450 to over $700 from a scrapyard. 

Ford Phantom, Lincoln, and Ranger scrap catalytic converters are sellable from $320 to near $600.

Taurus and Torpedo cats will also fall on the high-value list. Ford Taurus and Torpedo converters are worth from $490 to over $750.

How to identify ford catalytic converters?

Unlike other conventional catalytic converters, ford has a unique catalytic converter numbering system.

As a result, identifying a ford cat might not be that easy for a novice user.

When you will go for a quote from any scrap yard, a scrapper will identify it for you.

But how can you identify a ford cat on your own?

Well, here are the processes-

First of all, most traditional ford cats will have slots and dots. This is the primary indicator that the catalytic converter comes from a Ford vehicle.

Some of the cats also include a specific Ford logo on the converter. As a result, identifying those converters become much easier.

Some of the ford catalytic converters will have an imprinted FoMoCo text above the serial number. FoMoCo here indicates Ford Motor Company.

Ford catalytic converters will have multiple codes in the serial number. Most serial numbers of ford catalytic converters will have a 4digit- 5digit- 2digit pattern.

For example, a Ford F-150 cat will have a serial number like XL34-5E214-JD.

A Ford Explorer CAT will have a serial number like 2L2A-5E242-VA

How many catalytic converters do Ford vehicles have?

A typical ford vehicle will have two to four catalytic converters. Some of the specific models are even popular for having six catalytic converters in a single vehicle.

Ford lovers call them pre-cat and post-cat.

Both Ford pre and post-cats are three-way converters.

But the placements of the converters are different.

In a ford dual system converter, one unit will remain on the front end and the other on the back end of the exhaustion pipe.

Therefore, Ford vehicles are more efficient in controlling the emission of exhaust gases.

How to get a better quote for a ford cat?

To get a better quote for a ford cat, identification is the most important step. 

Almost all of the ford converters will have over $350 scrap value.

But to get your desired amount, you will have to prove first that the converter directly comes from Ford.

Do not pull off the label on the converter. Doing so will give less certainty regarding whether the cat is from ford or not.

Once the identification is done, visit three to four scrap yards to get the best quote for your Ford catalytic converter.

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