Get a Job in Europe as an American

How To Get a Job in Europe as an American in 2023? The easiest way to Apply.

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If you are planning to move, a big shout out to you to make such a decision. But congratulations on the fact that finding a job and settling in any country in Europe as an American is easier. It is not so hard to find a well-paid job using the internet.

How To Get a Job in Europe as an American may seem difficult. But they should search for the companies of their expertise and get skilled according to the requirement. After that design a proper CV and apply for the job.

After that, they can simply book a flight to go to their city and registered for a long-term stay. It sounds simple, right? It actually is.

Surely you will find what you desire. But it is a must to plan through and do the right thing at the right time. Here, the article below will help with that.

Job in Europe as an American

How To Get a Job in Europe as an American?

Though America offers boundless opportunities in the job market with a suitable wage range, people find it hard to get a job because of the strict labor law of the USA. Moreover, many foreigners including Americans, mainly north Americans fantasize about Europe as a travel destination or living for the long term.

Because of the diversity of cultural, natural, and well define the economic condition, the countries in European Union are qualified to be the best countries to live in. in some cases, jobs offers high opportunity here than there.

All the countries here are rich in culture and history. They do their best to preserve what their ancestors left. Also, the food and the living style are quite healthier than in America. Moreover, the thing that attracts people from America is more paid holidays and parental leave.

The work environment here is quite flexible and human-friendly. That is why people do not need to run with time or faster than the watch. They can work in peace, enjoy their evening and morning with their families, get some time to go for a picnic on the weekend, and so on.

If you romanticize Europe and think the same as we are then it is the right place for you to start. Taking such a big decision of moving the USA to the EU is brave but you must not rush. Without proper planning and knowledge, it will be hard for you to go in the right direction.

Next, we will provide information from the very beginning to the end. Using that information, one will get a proper4 structural idea of the scenario. After that, they can start preparing to apply there.

What is the EU?

Many things the EU itself is a name of a country like the United States. But this is completely a misconception. EU is called the European Union and the whole of Europe’s geography does not include in this union.

As of the last change, 27 countries in this group are bounded together politically and economically. However, they have different governments, languages, and currencies. For example, Denmark’s currency is Kroner, and Sweden’s currency is Swedish Kroner. However, most the countries use Euro as their currency.

So, if you are planning to move to Europe, you must point out a specific country where you like to move. It is mentionable that the countries have different legacies and are famous for separate things. For example, Germany is highly popular for automobile engineering as well as computer science. On the other hand, Paris is full of fashion and cosmetics industry.

Do Americans need Visa to work in Europe?

As we were speaking that Europe has many countries and the visa requirement for those countries are different. Also, the processing will be no match with each other. However, the common thing is people will have to apply for a Schengen work visa to work in those countries.

But the question is whether Americans need to apply for visas like others. Well, the good thing is, the ranking of the USA passport is higher than EUs and the union allows Americans along with some other countries to enter Europe for many reasons including work.

That means, Americans do not need to apply for a Schengen work visa to work here. They will get the visa on arrival at the airport. After that, they will have to apply for a residence permit in the country they wish to work and live.

However, they will have to apply for the European Blue card which is equivalent to the American Green Card. According to the rules, if people from non-Eu countries intended to stay more than 3 months and wanted to do work, they will have to apply for the EU blue card.

Moreover, there are some rules and requirements for the applicants and they have to fulfill those to be qualified. Those are,

1. He or she will have to have a binding job offer for highly qualified employment for at least 6 months.

2. Valid documents confirming their professional qualifications.

3. Valid travel, and where required visa, documents

4. Evidence of health insurance if this is not covered in the contract.

That means one will have to have a job contract on their hand if they want to get a residence permit of more than 3 months or 90 days.

So, if you are planning to go for a job in any of the European countries, you must have a highly qualified job contract. For that, it is necessary to prepare properly and planned the process thoroughly.

Hunting for jobs in Europe is almost similar to America. One will have to go step by step and find the best suitable one. in the next section, I will be enlightening the steps for getting a qualified and well-paid job in Europe.

Find a Job in Europe as an American

As I was telling you that finding a job is a step-by-step procedure. When it is about getting into the corporate world in Europe, believe me, there is a hell of options in a different sector. Let’s see the process,

Find your passion

First of all, you must know your potential in any specific field. A person can be indeed good at many things. However, you must be the best to get a highly qualified job. So, find what you are best at. It can be anything, fashion, business, and more.

Select Your Preferable Country

I already mentioned that recently there are 27 different countries in the EU. So, one can move any of these. However, some countries are not suitable for people who are highly ambitious because of the loss of opportunities.

Among all those countries my top favorites are,


It is considered to be the heaven of automotive engineering. We all know the sensation of the automotive industry BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and some other popular brands’ birthplace in this country.

This one is highly industrially driven in the engineering sector of different disciplines. That is why finding a proper job will be easier. Moreover, English-speaking job opportunity in Berlin is quite high compared to other cities in the EU. Recently, more than 300000 Americans live in Germany which increases at least by 5% every year.


The world of tulips is one of the most beautiful and sophisticated partners of the European Union with cultural diversity. This country is also popular for various job opportunities. Like Germany, the Netherlands also has more than 31 thousand American who is living for the long term and doing jobs and business.


I will highly recommend choosing France if you are a fashion person. This country has a world-famous fashion and cosmetics industry. Not only that, but one will also find various opportunities in art and culture. Mainly in Paris, at least 15000 Americans are actively working and living. We can guess the total number though Paris is the only city with a majority of international nationality.


The nickname of Italy is Bel Paese which means a beautiful country. To be honest, you cannot but agree with the beauty of this country which will blow your mind. Every time of the year, day, and night, it decorated itself with something that people find this country very peaceful.

Moreover, the tourism industry here is pretty well established. If you are into the tourism and hospitality industry, this is your pick.


This country is not much popular amongst Americans to move for job purposes. Because this is a small country with fewer opportunities but high living costs. Compared to America, Denmark is much more expensive to live in. So there needs to be a very strong point to move from there to here.

However, more than 9,338 Americans are currently living here for different purposes including jobs.

Find the companies

After selecting your sector and country, now it is time to find the proper companies and vacancies. For that one can use the Internet. There are hundreds of useful resources to find a job on the web and you must not underestimate it.

Online platforms like LinkedIn, indeed, Zip Recruiter, and Glassdoor are highly qualified and recognized. You will find many jobs with specific details on the company, position, salary, and reviews of past and existing employees of the company.

Make European formatted CV

Once you have selected the companies, you must search for their requirements. If any specific skills everyone is looking for but you do not have, it is better first that you should get that skill and then apply it.

Now it is time to look for the CV which plays the most crucial role to get you an appointment for the interview. So, you must highlight your skills and qualifications according to the requirement of the company.

One must thing is, that companies in Europe prefer a specific formatted CV like Europass CV format. This structure is quite detailed and organized.


The last step is to apply for the job you are qualified for and wait for their response. Many companies have their portal to apply for a job and many prefer a drop CV in the email. You should go through their website and read the instructions.

After the application, they will respond to your application with the next thing to do. They may ask for an offline or online interview before finalizing your contract.

Book a ticket and apartment after getting the Job contract. Moreover, some of the companies offer accommodation and health insurance. If not, you will have to arrange those because the documents are mandatory for applying for the blue card I have mentioned above.

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What Jobs are popular in Europe amongst the Americans?

America itself is an extremely resourceful country offering highly qualified jobs with a better PayScale. However, many prefer Europe over America because of many reasons. Mainly, the living quality here is high and has a touch of nature, culture, romanticizes, and so on.

However, not all the jobs are fantasy Americans but some specific ones offer different facilities. Mainly, they look for jobs that have housing and health insurance along with paid holidays and parental leave.

Specifically, some of the popular jobs are,

OccupationAverage Annual Salary (EUR)
IT specialists46,000 – 55,000
Engineers40,000 – 50,000
Health care specialists86,000 – 93,000
Education facilitators52,000 – 64,000
Fashion Designer20,000 – 99,000
Makeup Artist18,000 –45,000
Social workers32,000 – 44,000
Lawyers94,000 – 1,17,000
Digital Marketing25,000 – 36,000

What are the pros and cons of working in Europe as an American?

We must accept that NO place on earth is a perfect place. There will be something that you will not like. Living in both America and any country in Europe will give you a different experience. Mainly, the weather is too different in these two areas. Even the EU itself has too diverse of weather.

However, the thing that will annoy people is the cold and massive snowfall in different areas. They will be seeing the summer hardly which is not very common there.

Moreover, the salary range will not be high but it is sure that at the end of the month or year, they will be saving and doing so much more here than in America. It is because of the low living cost here.

Overall, we have illustrated all the possible and required information. Now it is on the individuals to decide what they should do and how are they going to do it.

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