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In the world of ever-changing fashion and trends, there is one such accessory that does not fade away with time. Your bag is that long-lasting companion that has been with mankind for centuries. Today luxury brands are leading their products with pride inherited from a trend that started long ago. This outstanding piece of accessory is now full of craftsmanship and is the identity of a person in many ways.

Gladstn London is one of the most popular brands that sell luxury bags in the USA. It is inspired and inherited from the historic Gladstone Bags with all the historic reputation, embodying the very essence of sophistication and refinement. It was also voted the luxury luggage brand of the year in 2022-23.

Join us on a journey through the world of Gladstone luxury bags, where we will uncover the history, craftsmanship, versatility, and enduring charm of these iconic accessories.

gladstn london bag review

Historical Significance

Today’s Gladstn is highly inspired by the iconic Gladstone Bag and London’s rich heritage. Thus it represents and shares a great history in the world of modern bags.

Originally the Gladstone bag was a small suitcase made over a rigid frame that separates into two sections. The first bag was manufactured at Westminster and designed by J.G. Beard at his leather shop. These bags were specially made of stiff leather. These bags are named after William Gladstone, the four-time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 

The purpose of the bags was to carry things easily while traveling. By the end of the 19th century, these bags started being used by doctors. These days those antiques are called doctors’ bags as well.

The Gladstn London is a combination of this historical piece of art and the rich heritage of London at that time. The brand has a rich collection of leather bags for men and women that represent those rich historical and cultural importance.

gladstn london bag

The Original Gladstone Bag

The beginning of the Gladstone Bag was saturated and it was something very necessary indeed. These popular and historical bags were introduced in the Victorian Britain period. The bags were named after Prime Minister, William Gladstone, one of the most recognized prime ministers in the history of Britain.

The tradition of these bags was then passed to the next Prime Ministers as a symbol of love and respect and choice of the classics.

The designs of the original Gladstone Bags are simple yet elegant. And they were more handy and capable than the bags used at that time. Gladstone Bags had a different approach to design and aesthetics. The usability also increased the design pattern.

These were small suitcases built on a frigid frame. The frame made two separate rooms inside the bag. The bags were typically made of stiff leather. And the belts were of lanyards. Now they are antiques and goes in peoples’ collection. 

gladstn london bag design

Design and Features of Gladstone London

Gladstn London follows the similar design aesthetics inherited from the legendary Gladstone Bag. Their production line mainly works with leather. The original Gladstone leather bags were used mostly by doctors after the ‘90s. But those were invented for more than that.

Today, Gladstn London is leading with a unique pursuit and a dream to make an aesthetic change to the bag industry.

Gladstn London has been manufacturing more and more designs and models with bets craftsmanship keeping that classic aesthetics. Travel bag, handbag, and luggage are their main production. Nearly all the products are fan-favorite right now. With royal color options and a leather aesthetic, these bags are finely crafted for the journey.

Limited edition bags are a piece of art. Those are precisely finished and show passion and greater craftsmanship.

Who owns Gladstn London?

Gladstn is renowned for its pursuit of perfect bags and craftsmanship. Their principle is to create the best leather bags with no compromise to the quality. The man behind all of these great aspects is Mr. Richard Sharman, a successful man with an experience of 25 years of corporate career.

“Have bag will travel”- this spirit of curiosity and exploration empowers to go for the world to know. In an interview with GR8T, Richard Sharman said that they preserved their product line neat and only worked with some 2nd and 3rd generation artisans.  

The owner of the Gladstn brand mentioned the importance of his mother’s presence and how he got inspired to the way of becoming the Chief Bag Carrier. He mentioned lots of stories meanwhile and also shared the bags he carries.

What are Gladstn Bags made of?

A trip is undone until you get your favorite bag. Because your bag is the closest companion in your journey. It takes care of your goods and everything necessary when you go for an outing on a vacation or attend important functions. Your bag will shine your choice and class.

Various fabrics are used on bags. To name a few there are leather bags, canvas, nylon bags, polyester, silk, and so on. The fabric plays a vital role in which type of bag you are selecting.

The popular one in today’s market, the Gladstn Luxury Bag however made from a very classic yet elegant material. Gladstn Luxury Bags are made of luxurious Italian leather.

They use the best quality materials for straps, zippers, padlocks, and keys. This simple yet long-lasting elegant craftsmanship is a unique package.

A brief to the Gladstn London users

Gladstn may be seen as the predecessor of the great Gladstone Bags. It is only highly encouraged by the quality and design aesthetics but not the name. Therefore, the story of Gladstn starts with the story of the quintessential British icon, the Gladstone Bags from over two centuries ago.

The Gladstone Bag was a strong, basic design used by travelers in the 19th century.

Doctors liked it for carrying their medical stuff.

It was used on the Titanic to keep First Class passengers’ valuable things safe.

Even during World War II when there were material shortages, the Gladstone Bag design stayed the same and got bigger to fit more things, like gas masks.

Now, the Gladstone Bag is a useful bag for daily use and travel. Gladstn Luxury bags are also inspired by it.

Gladstn London Luxury Bag Models

Gladstn offers their bags in two categories. There is the Luxury Bag Collection or the Everyday Friends Collection and the Made to Order category. Bespoke and Limited Edition bags are in the Made to Order collections.

Everyday Friends Collection leads with the most popular bags of the brand, the Renegade. Renegade is a lightweight bag for daily usage. It shows a sophisticated design language. It can be used as an everyday bag for trips, gym, office, and business.

Late Nights and Lie Ins is their other item which is an Italian leather weekend bag. It features adjustable woven shoulder straps and padlock. Then, Mad Dash is the big boy of the class. It is a cabin-sized trolley with four scratch-resistant wheels. This is big enough to carry your trip for days.

Case in Point, Hands-Free, Carte Blanche, Hampton Bag, and Freedom of the City are the other bag models by Gladstn.

On the other hand, Limited Edition brings a couple of models. The Stanley Bag is one of them. It is credited to Angela Stanley, the mother of the founder of the brand who was an iconic and stylish figure to inspire his son.

The Ellery Bag is the finest moment catcher. It shines with the customization and choice of your reflection. The Ellery is one of the most sold made-to-order products of Gladstone.

How much does a Gladstn Bag cost?

This brand ensures the most efficient products in every way. Gladstone believes their bags are not an item of waste. So, they have only limited production of their bags to secure the standard of quality and culture.

Currently, they are working with only a handful of people who mastered the craftsmanship of the production. Since these are not the ones found on the street, they are not a cheaper deal either. We have given the models of the bags and their prices along with all the items of the Everyday Friends collection. 

Renegade£1,400 (around $1,697)
Late Nights and Lie-ins£1,600 (around $1,940)
Mad Mash Trolley£2,100 (around $2,546)
Case in Point£895 (around $1,085)
Hands-Free£1,100-£1,300 (around $1,334-$1,576)
Carte Blanche£800 (around $970)
Hampton Bag£895 (around $1,085)
Freedom of the City£495 (around $600)

Now Limited Edition costs a bit differently since they require customization and toilsome precision. Two of the class seems to have different price hit.

The Stanley Bag is a tribute to a very special person, Angela Stanley. This is a highly customizable bag. It weighs around 2.7 kg and the price starts at £5,000 or around $6,064.

The Ellery Bag on the other hand is your partner of the evening or occasion. It is a limited edition design and handcrafted in a few numbers only. It features an exclusive new GL logo now. It is a very lightweight (0.5 kg) bag and the price of this Ellery Bag starts from £1,500 or around $1,819

Archive Models and Their Prices

Gladstn presents their archive items every year only a little in numbers. Here we have included the information on their archive items. We have only included the items available for this year and we also managed to mention their prices for your convenience.

Duffel Bag£325 (around $394)
Gym Bag£275 (around $333.50)
Limited Edition Holdall£400 (around $485)
Briefcase£300 (around $364)
Trolley£700 (around $849)

Note: The prices in ‘$’ are converted and they may change overnight.

Business and Collaborations of Gladstn

Nowadays, Gladstn has accomplished the goal of fame and uniqueness. The brand has decided to go for more. Collaborating with J Smith ESQ grows the brand. The Hat Bag-Shark is a desirable item for Gladstn enthusiasts.

It gives an elegant design with bespoke service. It is maybe the most aesthetic and dutiful alternative to the hat box. They provide only a number of products. Yet this is an elegant and desirable item on the cart. 

This hat bag looks very sleek and it weighs 1.8 kg. The bag is available only in shark grey color. The price of the bag starts from £1,350 or about $1,637.

Payment and Return Policy

A Hat Bag from Gladstn London will come beautifully wrapped when you order one. It will arrive in approximately three days if you live in the UK and they will send it to you for free.

You will not be charged UK taxes if you are ordering the Hat Bag from outside of the UK, and delivery is also free. It will arrive in approximately five days, but local taxes may apply.

Although they hope you’ll love your Hat Bag, you have 14 days to return it if you need to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay sales taxes?

Ans. Within the UK currently, 20% VAT is included and displayed with the price. Outside the UK there is no UK VAT and worldwide delivery is free.

Can I return my order?

Gladstn London offers a return policy of 14 days from the day of purchase. If you have any issues or receive a faulty bag by any chance contact them within 14 days. Gladstn will provide a free exchange or return.

What items are not returnable?

Ordered and customized items with individual requirements are not returnable according to the return policy of Gladstn.

What are the payment options?

Gladstn accepts all major debit and credit cards including VISA, MASTER CARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS. They also accept bank transfers but not cash.

Who is the owner of the Gladstn London?

Ans. Richard Sharman, a successful corporate member is the owner, leader, and chief bag carrier of the company. 

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