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Having your feast at Golden Corral can be one of your weekend delights and a part of your vacation. It is known as America’s #1 buffet restaurant among many.  Golden Corral is known for its clean environment and food service across the nation. Homemade taste and a greater list of buffet items are going to please you. With a reasonable price, it is serving the foodies of America for a long time.

How much would it cost at Golden Corral? People going their very first time requires to know the prices and certain rules that are must in this buffet restaurant.

Breakfast is $11.99 and lunch starts at $10.99 with dinner starting from $17.99 for an adult. Where seniors’ breakfast is priced at $11.49, lunch from $10.49 and dinner starts at $16.99. Children can join starting with $4.99 to $10+.  

No matter what you are hungry for, the rich menu is ready to serve you everything you could ask for. They claim to be the #1 buffet in the USA. However, it becomes debatable when you visit a Golden Corral. Here, we will be telling you the facts behind the contradictory makeout.

I have discussed the prices of buffets and foods at a Golden Corral in this article and mentioned the rich, traditional menus of the Golden Corral.

Golden Corral reviews

The story of Golden Corral

Nearly 50 years ago, in 1973, the Golden Corral debuted in the restaurant business in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Today it serves at nearly 500 locations all over the United States. 100 of them are company owned and the rest are franchised. The gross sales of Golden Corral are estimated to be 1.5 billion USD to this day.

After the establishment of the restaurant chain, it took a while to spread all across the 43 states in the US. Gradually, the company started lodging new spaces for expanding the business. In 1991, the 7 largest ‘Metro Market’ concept restaurants opened. This was twice the capacity of the previous ones. And Golden Corral started to make business with time.

The early pandemic of 2020 has greatly devastated the economy of this restaurant chain as they had to shut the restaurants to prevent the virus of Covid-19. These days, Golden Corral is fighting to regain their past.

Buffet Price at the Corral

Since this is the most convenient buffet restaurant in the USA, it offers a great menu of buffets in every location. Though prices vary from place to place, they offer nearly similar to each other and that makes good deals.

Buffets are served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Basically, prices are categorized regarding the age of the customers. Prices vary for adults, seniors, and children. Kids under 3 are free of cost.

I have included the prices of the buffet menus in the boxes below. As of September, this is the latest price list for the Golden Corral buffet king.

Adult  Buffet Price

Your BuffetPrices

Senior Buffet Price

Buffet MenuPrices
Senior Early Bird Special$8.99

Kid’s Buffet Price

4-8 years$4.99 – $5.49
9-12 years$5.49 – $5.99
13-14 years$9.99 – $12.99
3 years or belowFree

Food items on menus and their prices

Golden Corral features foods in an outstanding number. There are probably nearly a hundred items on their buffet list. I have listed out some of them and mentioned the prices following Doordash and Uber Eats. Let’s start with something sweetener and find out the prices in the boxes below.

Desserts and Beverages

Bread Pudding$4.49
Banana Pudding$4.49
32 oz. Fountain Drink$2.99
Frozen Pina Colada$9.99
Frozen Lime Margarita$9.99
Signature carrot cake$5.29
Chocolate Cake$4.99
Single Yeast Roll$1.69
Peach Cobbler$4.99
Pumpkin Pie Slice$4.49

Kids Meal

Item namePrice
Chicken Tenders$4.99
Fried Chicken$1.99
Grilled Cheese$4.99
Chicken Strips$9.99
Kid’s Mac and Cheese$8.99
4 oz. Kid’s Steak$10.99

 Family Meal

Bourbon Street Chicken Family Meal$64.99
Fried Fish Family Meal$64.99
Meatloaf Family Meal$64.99
Pot Roast Family Meal$79.99
Fried Chicken Family Meal (12 pcs)$44.99
Coleslaw (24 oz. bowl)$6.99

Individual Meal

Item namePrices
10 oz. Sirloin Steak$12.99
Smoked Pulled Pork$11.99
Baked Fish$9.99
Cobb Salad$9.99
Chicken Caeser Salad$9.99
Apple Pie$1.99
Chocolate Cake$1.99
Brownies (2 each)$1.99
3 Side Sampler Meal$15.99
Chicken and Spinach Alfredo Pasta$16.99

Pizza and Hot items

12” Pepperoni Pizza$16.99
12” Cheese Pizza$15.99
Chicken Noodle Soup$4.99
Broccoli Cheddar Soup$6.99
40 Wings (2 sides)$59.99
Traditional Southern Fried Chicken Meal$17.99

Other catering items and prices

Item namePrice
Bourbon Street Chicken$32.89
Pot Roast (2 pcs)$55.00
Carved Ham$7.69
Macaroni and Cheese (15 people)$24.99
Seafood Salad$34.99
Smoked Pulled Pork$9.89
Potato Salad$25.00
Sweet Potato Casserole$24.99
Cheese Pizza (12-inch)$5.99
Pepperoni Pizza (12-inch)$6.99
Mashed Potatoes (15 people)$24.99
Green Beans (15 people)$22.00
Red Bliss Potatoes (15 people)$17.99
Baked Potato$1.99
Buttered Corn (15 people)$22.00
Steamed Carrots (15 people)$22.00
Steamed Broccoli (15 people)$20.00
Tuna Salad$35.00
Seasoned Pinto Beans (15 people)$25.00

Menus at Golden Corral and its franchise

The restaurant offers a great menu for breakfast, meal/lunch, and dinner. It offers you too many appetizing food items. Starting with desserts to hot items like the best Signature Sirloin Steak, you will find anything and everything on their food menu.

Menus come in three different categories.

  1. Breakfast menu
  2. Lunch menu
  3. Dinner menu

There is a diet-friendly option for people looking forward to keeping their low-carb food habits even on the restaurant menu. According to them, they are promised to ensure the best food following a nutrition plan. Here in this menu, you will find,

Low-carb, Low-calorie, Low-fat, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Plant-based, Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Primal, Keto, Atkins, DASH, MIND, TLC, and Gluten-free

nice outing with some family in golden corral
nice outing with some family in golden corral

Breakfast Items on Buffet

The breakfast catering will bring you some delicious items that are going trendy with the buffet menu. They are not highly expensive yet they are a good source of your energy.  

The breakfast options available on the menu are like they are mentioned in the table below.

Hot breakfastCold breakfastOmeletDesserts
Scrambles eggsAssorted yogurtsFresh eggsFruit cobbler
BaconAssorted donutsBacon bitsBread pudding
Sausage linksStrawberriesDiced hamSugar-free options
Sausage pattiesWatermelonSausage crumblesManager’s choice daily
Sausage gravy Grilled corn beef hashGrapefruitGreen peppersFeatured cake and pies
Craved hamBananasMushroomsHand-dipped ice cream
Skillet hash brownsApple juice Sift serve vanilla ice
Breakfast casseroleOrange juice Soft serve chocolate ice cream
Sautéed mushroomsCranberry juice   Ice cream cones  
Sautéed onions+ peppersMilk   Hot fudge
Cheese sauceWhipped margarine Strawberry topping
Homestyle pancakesHoney margarine  
Blueberry pancakesWhipped cream  
French toastJellies  
Golden waffles   
Cinnamon rolls   
Buttermilk biscuits   
Texas toast   
Maple syrup   
Sugar-free syrup   
Strawberry topping   

 These are the items offered on the breakfast menu. There could barely be anything missing from it. But, hey, remember that all franchises do not provide even breakfast. So, it is suggested to contact your nearby restaurant or franchise to ensure the menu and schedule.

Dinner Buffet Items on Menu

Hot dinner favoritesHot dinner sidesSalad bar+ dressingsDesserts
Golden delicious shrimpBroccoliVariety of fresh veggies, fresh fruits, meats, cheeses, crackers, dressings, and additional toppingsCarrot cake
Carving stationCarrotsManger’s choice of daily featured prepared salads including seafood saladsAssorted cupcakes
Carved-Bone in TurkeyGreen beans Assorted cookies
Signature sirloin steakBrussels sprouts Pumpkin pies
Bourbon street chickenCorn Fruit cobbler
Awesome pot roastCabbage Fudge brownies
MeatloafBeans Banana pudding
Fried chickenMashed potatoes+ gravy  Cotton candy
Fried fishSweet -corn puddings Soft serve vanilla ice cream
Baked fishCinnamon apples Soft serve chocolate ice cream  
Manager’s choiceRice Ice cream cones
Featured Pork EntréeMexican rice Hot fudge
Pot pie or chicken and noodleMacaroni + cheese Strawberry toppings
DumplingsItalian pasta bake Chocolate-dipped fresh strawberry skewers
PizzasSoup of the day Chocolate-dipped marshmallow skewers
 Yeast rolls with honey butter  

Lunch Buffet Items

Hot lunch favoritesHot lunch sidesSalad bar+ dressingsDesserts
Steak-burger barBroccoliVariety of fresh veggies, fresh fruits, meats, cheeses, crackers, dressings, and additional toppingsCarrot cake
Bourbon street chickenCarrotsManger’s choice of daily featured prepared salads including seafood saladsAssorted cupcakes
Awesome pot roastGreen beans Assorted cookies
MeatloafBrussels sprouts Pumpkin pies
Fried chickenCorn Fruit cobbler
Fried fishCabbage Fudge brownies
Baked fishBeans Banana pudding
Manager’s choiceMashed potatoes+ gravy  Cotton candy
Featured Pork EntréeSweet -corn puddings Soft serve vanilla ice cream
Pot pie or chicken and noodleCinnamon apples Soft serve chocolate ice cream  
DumplingsRice Ice cream cones
PizzasMexican rice Hot fudge
 Macaroni + cheese Strawberry toppings
 Italian pasta bake Chocolate-dipped fresh strawberry skewers
 Soup of the day Chocolate-dipped marshmallow skewers
 Yeast rolls with honey butter  
 BroccoliVariety of fresh veggies, fresh fruits, meats, cheeses, crackers, dressings, and additional toppingsCarrot cake
 CarrotsManger’s choice of daily featured prepared salads including seafood saladsAssorted cupcakes
 Green beans Assorted cookies

So, lunch and dinner items seem somewhat similar except for some hot items on the list. We have already seen the price difference between them. We hope you already have got an idea about the expenses at Golden Corral.

What else do they offer?

Golden Corral is proud to declare that they have been doing the special Thank You Dinner on their Military Appreciation Night. Over $6 million in free meals were served to the on-duty and retired military heroes of the US. For over 20 years Golden Corral and its Guests have raised over $17 million for disabled American veterans.

Besides, the Camp Corral is working as an aid for the children of injured, wounded, or fallen military families.

Plus, GC Cares Fund is their subsidiary funding that is used to assist employees of Golden Corral, its franchise, and other branches who falls into serious financial crisis and requires funding. This way the company is looking after itself.    

Time of Opening and Closing

The buffet is available at Golden Corral 24/7. You can simply order your buffet anytime online as well. We suggest contacting the nearest franchise of yours so that you can get the approximate schedule of closing and opening of Golden Corral.

Most Golden Corral restaurants follow the schedule mentioned in the list below.

Lunch and dinner: 11.00 am through 10.00 pm

Breakfast:7.30 am through 11.00 am

Other than these holidays the restaurants are mostly open. You will only find the changes in the schedule depending on the franchise and location.

Golden Corral near me

Golden Corral is serving the people of 43 states and more than 500 restaurants are located all over these locations. So, there is a high chance of being one of them near you. That shortens the trouble to travel more. We have included some of the locations that may help you to find your nearest one easily. Since there are way too many of them spread all over the United States, you can look for them in particular or the best way could be the official website that contains all information on them.

We have stated them by per state to make it easier to find out the one you are looking for.


  • Cullman, 1720 Cherokee Ave SW, Cullman, AL 35055
  • Florence, 362 Cox Creek PKWY, Florence, AL 35630
  • Hoover, 3117 Lorna Road, Hoover, AL 35216
  • Montgomery, 1480 Eastern BLVD, Montgomery, AL 36117


  • Gilbert, 1318 North Cooper Road, Gilbert, AZ 85233
  • Kingman, 3580 Stockton Hill Road, Kingman, AZ 86409
  • Tucson, 6385 S. Midvale Park Road, Tucson, AZ 85746
  • Yuma, 590 East 16th Street, Yuma, AZ 85365


  • Bellflower, 17308 Bellflower BLVD, Bellflower, CA 90706
  • Concord, 2050 Diamond BLVD, Concord, CA 94520
  • Lake Elsinore, 18625 Dexter Ave, Lake Elsinore, CA 92532
  • North Highlands, 4940 Watt Ave, North Highlands, CA 95660


  • Aurora, 11090 East Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO 80012
  • Grand Junction, 1100 Independent Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81505
  • Sheridan, 3677 S. Santé Fe Dr, Sheridan, CO 80110


  • Boynton Beach, 389 Winchester Park BLVD, Boynton Beach, FL 33436
  • Brandon, 815 Providence Road, Brandon, FL 33511
  • Cape Coral, 410 Andalusia BLVD, Cape Coral, FL 33909
  • Fort Myers, 4690 Colonial BLVD, Fort Myers, FL 33966
  • Lake Placid, 322-US 27 South, Lake Placid, FL 33852


  • Albany, 1228 N. Westover Ave, Albany, GA 31707
  • Cumming, 2025 Market Place BLVD, Cumming, GA 30041
  • Dublin, 2113 Veterans BLVD, Dublin, GA 31021
  • Tifton, 190 Virginia Ave, Tifton, GA 31794


  • Bedford, 1521 James St, Bedford, IN 47421
  • Clarksville, 1402 Cedar Street, Clarksville, IN 47129
  • Greenwood, 160 S. Marlin Dr, Greenwood, IN 46142
  • Indianapolis, 6102 West 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46254
  • Richmond, 3625 East Main Street, Richmond, IN 47374

These were a few addresses from some of the cities in different states. Golden Corral is available in all 43 States and the count of its franchise is growing faster with the newer setup of the chain.

All locations golden coral

Golden coral Facebook page

Golden coral Instagram page

Thanksgiving Day special

The day is a special one so is the menu. It arranges an event almost every year. On every Thanksgiving day, buffets are served at a cheaper price all around. We have mentioned the earlier thanksgiving buffet prices in the list below.

Kids (4-8)$6.99
Kids (9-18)$8.99
6 people$89.99

Occasions like this claim to make differences in the menus too. The discounted price and food items are only available for the day. Drinks and beverages are similarly priced.

Allergen Safety!!

Foods may contain an allergen that can cause you allergic health conditions. Our kitchen experts always working to make sure you get the best food items for your health. Still, there is a possibility that the ingredients may cause you an allergic condition. Items with nuts, milk, soy, or wheat can trigger allergies.

We suggest learning the food quality and information about the ingredients to avoid such conditions. If anything unusual happens, please contact a physician.

Allegations made

Once Golden Corral was accused of the improper storage of food and alleged the service of rotten food. The answer came from the executive and said that it was never going to be served to the customers.

Rather he claimed that the video maker/employee was trying to make money instead of serving the consumers at the restaurant. Even after all these incidents, the CEO of the company allowed the employee from being terminated. 

Contradictory Opinions

Since the buffet provider has so many restaurants and franchises, often there are complaints and underrating comments over the food and service quality. The CEO of Golden Corral has appointed its best and most experienced managers to those locations to overcome all unwanted contexts and to ensure the branches are following the rules and ethics set for Golden Corral.

But, the overall ratings are increasing noticeably. And the reason is that Golden Corral is making sure their workers are well organized and experts by training them through experienced trainers.

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