Google Vs Amazon Salary

Google Vs Amazon Salary: Who pays more?

Many people dreamt to work at Google or Amazon from their early stage of life. Also, a huge percentage of youngsters try to develop their skills to get a job offer from either of these companies. Sometimes, they get lucky enough to get job offers from both or others at the same time.

That is when they need to know the difference between these two companies in terms of salary and other factors. Then it becomes easier for them to choose the best one from the bests.

Google Vs Amazon Salary, to clarify this in simple words, Google will offer more wage range to the beginner as well as seniors than Amazon. Not only the salary, in many ways google is better than the other one such as in work-life balance.

Google Vs Amazon Salary

Both Google and Amazon are two of the most popular company. Many people from all around the world have a desire or we can say dream to work in these companies. Sometimes, some of them are so talented that they get a job offer from both of these companies.

In these situations, they get confused about whether they should choose Google or Amazon as their workplace. Because of that dilemma, they ask about the differences in salary to justify the overall work environment. It is mentionable that both of the company offers a six-figure salary for most of the position.

However, there are other benefits related to the base salary which is to be considered. Because at the end of the month all of those will be on the count. Mainly, the amount of compensation is necessary to keep in mind when one with tremendous talent is entering into corporate life.

Before going into the salary difference discussion let’s know the history of these two companies. Because the overall environment and history affect a lot in the salary range and the experience one will be going to have in the company.

First of all, Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It is an American-based multinational technology company. It focuses on many areas of technology. Mainly, people recognized it as a search engine and they do not know beyond it.

Amazingly, Google has online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and consumer electronics service worldwide. As of this year, it is running its empire with 174,014 employees worldwide.

Do you know the popular YouTube is owned by Google? Yes, including YouTube it owns Kaggle, firebase, blogger, and many other things. So, you can imagine the greatness of this individual company as well as working here as a valuable employee.

On the other hand, Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. In that case, Amazon is older than Google and one can think they have more to offer than the other one. Well, let’s not go to any conclusion now. Like Google, this company is also dedicatedly to contributing to technology in different sectors such as e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

With 1,468,000 employees they are running a platform like Audible, Zappos, Whole Foods Market, Ring, and more. As you can see, Amazon has so many more employees than Google because of their e-commerce which requires huge manpower.

First Google started as a search engine and Amazon started as an e-commerce Company. But later on, they become much more than what they started with. 

Overall, we can expect a healthy, comfortable, and resourceful work environment in both of these companies. Now, let’s put light into the scenario of the salary and other benefits they provide to their worker. It will be the ultimate discussion on choosing any of these companies for starting the working life.

Before going into any internal details, now we will compare some of the popular positions jobs in both of these companies.

Software engineer$192,157$210,800
Research Scientist$112,162$280,980
Research Engineer$210,076$233,338
Product Manager$213,882$250,675
Site reliability engineer$186,352$223,244
Sales Engineer$236,352$291,329
User Experience researcher$153,833$139,559
Network Engineer$171,707$200,129
User Interface Designer$181,940$139855
Database Administrator$173,281$199,523
Software engineer intern$129,015$153,830

Have a look at the table above with the salary range of different positions of these two giants. We have collected these data from authentic sources. The running and ex-employees of these two companies shared their experience in different forums.

If we have a clear look, almost all the jobs have a higher salary range in Google than Amazon. If one starts their career as a software engineer, amazon has an offer of around $129015 and Google will offer $153830.

That means as a beginner software engineer, one will get more salary in Google than the other one. Once they confirmed their position as a permanent employee they will get at least $210,800. However, Google will offer more than the regular salary if they think the candidate is capable or worthy.

On the other hand, amazon will provide $192,157 for this position which is quite low comparatively. One of the highest paying jobs in both of the companies is Sales engineer. While Google is offering $291,329 for this position, amazon will offer around $236,352. Like them, some other companies such as Apple offers a convenient advantage.

Moreover, the position of product manager also has a salary range almost similar to the other one. as like that this one also has a lower wage range in Amazon than the other company. There are some amazing and most wanted positions like research scientist and engineer.

Both of these areas will get six figures from both of the companies. However, Google will still be providing much more than the other one.

Mainly, the research scientist’s salary on Amazon is only $112,162 while google is offering $280,980. That is a huge difference to consider if you are looking forward to this position in these two companies. Like this, there are many other similar positions with a huge difference in salary range.

It is now clear that, if you are hunting for a job, Google will offer more than amazon for the same post. It is because of the policy of this company. Also, one can take the fact of the lesser employee in this company than the other one.

One or two of the positions in Amazon may have more salary than the other one. but the number is so tiny to recognize. Many will not even notice that fact concerning the majority. However, it will still depend on the ability of the individuals in terms of salary. They will offer differently from their existing employee.

So, it is important for you to develop your skills and gain experience if you are thinking of either of the company. Because you will get 15% to 30% more than the national average in any of these two companies. For that, you will have to look for the job advertisement of them.

Normally, they have different sections of vacancies on their official website. But some online job advertisement agencies are quite resourceful in terms of having job news of companies like those. First of all, the interested one has to find those authentic vacancy advertisements.

After that read the requirements and qualifications of the job properly. Find out what sorts of degrees they are looking for and the additional skills. If you are not already doing your, bachelor, make sure to choose that discipline. For example, if you want to be a software engineer, it is necessary to have a bachelor’s in computer science and Engineering.

What type of skills and qualifications are necessary to get a job at Google or Amazon?

For an intern in that post, the companies will not ask for so much of skills but some basic programming skills. However, if you are planning or applying for the permanent post of it then you will have to have some other specific skills.

The required qualifications of an entry-level software engineer are,

1. BS (or foreign equivalent) in CS, Engr, Comp Info Syst, Math, Phys, or a related field
2. Knowledge of programming language; C++ or Java
3. Distributed systems or multithreading
4. Machine learning, MapReduce, or API dev

That means the person trying to get a job as a beginner in these companies will need to complete a bachelor’s in the mentioned department. Also, they will need to have prior knowledge in some programming languages as well as some other area such as machine learning, multithreading, and more.

Responsibilities of this job will be,

1. Use required technologies to support, maintain, and upgrade code and participate in necessary redesign and reimplementation of existing components of Google software applications.
2. Work on small tasks that are part of a single-system project and/or small projects that are part of a multi-system project.
3. Implement, test, and maintain, as well as contribute to the design of, moderately complex subsystems.
4. Navigate relationships between parts of simple projects.
5. Identify key stakeholders to involve in decisions, such as implementation, changes in the interface, and revisions to existing design documents.

At the beginning of their job, they will be learning and working at the same time. All the other people will help the newcomer learn and perform their responsibilities. Well, we will be evaluating the environment of these two companies below to justify the statement.

Which company will be better to work with, Amazon or Google?

For many people, the salary of the job place is not the only subject to choosing that place. Many lucky and talented people get job offers from more than one renowned company at the same time. That time they get confused about which one to choose.

Well, if you are personally concerned about the wage range of that company, you better go for the one which is offering more. If not then it is important that you look for the other measurement factors too.

For judging amazon and google, we have gone through some forums where people share their real-life experiences about their journey in some specific company. We have interviewed some of that employees and taken data from those forums.

According to our research and analysis, the consequence is,

Culture & Values3.74.4
Diversity & Inclusion4.14.4
Work-life balance3.44.3
Senior Management3.54.2
Compensation & Benefits3.94.4
Career Opportunities3.94.3
Amazon or Google job analysis

As we can see from the information you have gathered that Google is far better than Amazon in many criteria. We can measure life or imagine the experience we will have in any company by those factors.

Such as the work-life balance which is the most important criterion for every human being, google has a rating of 4.3 out of 5, Amazon only scored 3.4. This is a disappointing difference in quality. Even if a company is paying you well, it does not mean that you are going to leave your life to work.

Missing the sunset and sunrise, enjoying an evening with family, and having a fun time with the people you love are extremely important. It will not be convenient if you lose those because of your work responsibility.

But in this case, Amazon is not going to pay you more than Google. Here, this company will offer more and they will be giving more time to their employees to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Moreover, if you join a company as a junior developer, you will be expecting that after one or two years based on your performance, the company will be promoting you to a higher post increasing your salary.

What it will be like if you are working like hell for years but there is no promotion or increment? It will be frustrating to experience.

In this case, Google is a few steps ahead too. With a rating of 4.3 from their employees, we are assuring a great career opportunity in this company than Amazon.

Overall, both of the companies will be great to choose for starting your career. The wage difference may be much for a few positions but most of them will have a bit of a difference. Moreover, if you are skilled enough, they will hire you with the opportunities you desire. So, make yourself worthwhile.

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