Is Greentoe legit? Reviews with pros And cons.

Imagine a website where you can choose the price you want to pay for items. That is the main focus of Greentoe. Comparable to bartering at a neighborhood market, but done online.

Greentoe is not your typical online store. It’s different because you have the authority to specify the price range for a product. Following that, actual stores compete to sell it to you for that price. These are reliable stores that sell genuine goods and will back up your purchase.

So, it’s a fun way to shop and save money. You can set a spending limit and make requests for the things you want. Afterward, shops work to fulfill your request. It differs from the typical method of online shopping where prices are fixed.

It’s a new adventure for your shopping. A whole new perspective of online shopping is being established with this e-commerce platform. Let’s explore how Greentoe can change the way you shop online.

greentoe legit

What is Greentoe?

Online shopping at Greentoe is unique. It differs from typical stores. You get to decide how much you want to pay for items like appliances or electronics in this situation. After making an offer, actual stores try to sell the item to you for that price.

The fact that these are reputable retailers means that you won’t have to worry about purchasing fake goods. If there is a problem with anything you purchase, they will also assist you.

It resembles a game where you are the boss. You specify your spending limit and your needs to Greentoe. Afterward, shops work to fulfill your request. This new method of online shopping allows you to save money, which is pretty cool.

So, if you like finding good deals and want to shop differently, Greentoe might be your new favorite place to shop.

How does it work?

Since this is unlike regular e-commerce it has to work in some way following unique and simple ways. People should get a simple yet effective experience that helps them with their pricing freedom. We have pointed out the process of getting your shopping done with Greentoe and here’s what we found.

  1. Find a Product: First, visit the Greentoe website and search for the item you’re looking for, such as a TV or camera.
  2. Name Your Price: Instead of seeing a set price, Name Your Price lets you tell Greentoe how much you’re willing to spend on that particular product. Your offer is this.
  3. Competing Retailers: Greentoe sends your offer to legitimate stores. These shops are free to choose whether or not they want to sell you the item at your price.
  4. Acceptance or Rejection: Retailers have the option of saying “yes” and agreeing to sell you the item at the price you have proposed, or they can say “no.”
  5. Purchase: You can finish the transaction and the item will be delivered to you if the retailer accepts your offer.
  6. Trusted Shopping: Shopping from reputable merchants ensures that you will receive a genuine item with support and a warranty.

This is how Greentoe operates; it’s similar to a game where you make offers, and if a store accepts your offer, you can save money.

Is it legit?

Yes, Greentoe is a legitimate online store. It allows users to set their prices for goods like electronics and appliances and connects buyers with authorized retailers.

You can purchase if a retailer accepts your offer. Genuine products and support are ensured through Greentoe’s partnerships with reputable merchants.

The experience, however, might differ based on the retailer. Use secure payment methods, do your homework on sellers, and make cautious offers if you want to stay safe. Online bargain hunting is made legal with Greentoe.

Consumer Reviews

Customer reviews and their self-learned experiences are some of the best options that help your purchase decision over any product. Authenticity and trust between the consumer and the provider are a must in any kind of business. There’s nothing different.

You will find tons of reviews on Greentoe on the internet. Today we are about to share some of them taken from reliable and most updated sources. Let’s see if consumers are happy with shopping through Greentoe.

In my experience that includes a recent and past history of ratings and reviews on sources. More than 11 thousand reviews are submitted and above 80% of them are with a 5-star rating on Greentoe! Among the reviewers, one urged for more pictures and rated the experience with a 4-star.  

Another customer was happy with the prices and better deals; and rated Greentoe 5-star for his good experience. A verified customer recommended the platform with great experience and a 5-star rating. There are many more purchase histories you can search on that website.

A mixed yet positive rating is seen here. For more convenient shopping check a few more sites that provide real-life purchase history and consumer experience.

Tips for a successful bargaining

To succeed at bargaining with Greentoe and secure the best deal, follow these simple tips:

  • Initial Research Know the going rate for the product. Making a reasonable offer is aided by this.
  • Start with a reasonable offer that is below the MSRP. If necessary, you can always make it bigger.
  • Allow time for retailers to respond. Some might require more time.
  • If your initial offers are rejected, be prepared to modify your budget or expectations.
  • When negotiating, show decency and respect. A sincere attitude can go a long way.
  • Offer Details: Include information about the product model and any add-ons you desire in your offer.
  • To prevent confusion, keep a record of your offers.
  • Regularly review your offers and make any necessary modifications.

By using these straightforward suggestions, you can improve your chances of successfully haggling on Greentoe and getting fantastic deals on the products you want.

How to make a purchase?

On Greentoe, product pricing is a little different. The price you pay for it is entirely up to you as the buyer. This is how it goes:

  • Locate the Product: Start by searching the Greentoe website for the item you want.
  • Specify Your Price: You inform Greentoe of the maximum price you are willing to pay rather than seeing a set cost. Your offer is this.
  • Offer Specifics: Be specific about the brand and model of the product you want.
  • Retailers Analyze Your Offer: Your offer is sent to stores by Greentoe. If they can sell you the product for your price, they do so.
  • Accept or Disapprove: Shops have two options: either they say “yes” and agree to sell you the item at your proposed price, or they say “no.”
  • Finish the Purchase: If the retailer accepts your offer, you can complete the transaction and the item will be delivered to your address.

Just keep in mind that you are setting the rules for a negotiation game. Start with a fair offer, and you might just end up with a fantastic deal.

Greentoe Appliances

Greentoe has a vast collection of appliances. This is one of the rising e-commerce platforms growing rapidly with fame. They offer hundreds of products. Here we are about to learn only the category-specific items available on Greentoe at this moment.

We have also included the items in each category for a clearer concept.

PhotoCameras, Camera Lenses, Drones, Camcorders, Camera Tripods, Photo Lighting, Camera Bags, Camera Lens Filters  
TV’s and Home TheatreTelevisions, Receivers, Speakers, Projectors, Headphones, Turntables
AppliancesLaundry, Refrigeration, Cooking, Dishwashers, Small Appliances, Air Conditioners and Purifiers, Massage Chairs, Vacuums
FurnitureLiving Room Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Patio and Lawn Furniture, Office Furniture, Storage 
WatchesMen’s Watches, Women’s Watches, Smart Watches and Fitness Activity Trackers
OpticsScopes, Binoculars, Monoculars, Telescopes, Rangefinders, Optics Tripods and Support
Pro VideoDigital Cine Cameras, Digital Cinema Lenses, Professional Camcorders, Drones, Pro-Video Tripods, Supports and Rigs, Pro-Video Monitors 
MoreLuggage, Outdoor Living, Smart Home and Security, Car Electronics and GPS Systems, Music Gear, Games, Gaming Systems and Accessories, Auto Parts, Phones and Phone Accessories, Computers, Sunglasses, Fitness, Air-Conditioners, etc.

Greentoe Order Processing

Here is a brief explanation of how orders are processed on Greentoe:

  • Offer Acceptance: When a retailer accepts your Greentoe offer, they agree to sell you the item at the agreed-upon price.
  • Payment: You use Greentoe’s secure system to pay for the product. Utilizing a secure payment method is crucial.
  • Order Confirmation: Greentoe sends you an order confirmation confirming that the shop has accepted your purchase.
  • Shipping Preparation: It may take some time for the store to get your item ready for shipping.
  • Shipping: The item is delivered to you using the selected delivery method, and you are provided with tracking information.
  • Delivery: Your item is brought to your door. Make sure it’s in good shape by inspecting it.

The whole process involves your offer being accepted, payment, preparation, and delivery. Remember to be patient, as shipping times may vary.

Does Greentoe Charge Tax?

Retailers are adjusting in various ways as a result of recent changes in tax laws. Most states now levy taxes on retailers who operate outside their borders, and the types of taxes and the locations in which they are levied are constantly evolving.

When your offer is accepted, tax may or may not be included in the total you are charged. Sometimes it will be itemized and subtracted from the total. To learn more about the tax policy please reach out and place an offer and Greentoe will provide you with the total estimation of your product with and without taxes notified with the best price value for your purchase. 

Greentoe Extended Warranty

An extended warranty is given to extend the period of the initial warranty that comes by the manufacturer. This is more like an insurance policy that covers your product’s warranty for a longer period. This may cost additional charges but ensures your piece of mind.

Extended warranties are typically a separate purchase plan that allows you to cover the warranty policy in case of return or replacement of your product. Greentoe is happy to offer their consumers an Extended Warranty Policy. They are offering separately extended warranty for TVs, Home Theatre, Photo, and Home Appliances.

Extended Warranty on TVs

Greentoe offers extended warranty on TVs which are valued at $1,000 and the warranty period is 2-5 years at most. This typically covers your warranty policy even after your product is repaired with some applicable conditions.

If your TV is not repairable Greentoe will provide a check that meets the current value of your TV in the market. However, the extended warranty does not provide any burn-in coverage.

No deductibles or out-of-pocket expenses are required.

Extended Warranty on Home Theatre

Extended warranties are available for 2 and 3 years which are valued at $9,000-$10,000. You must purchase and claim your extended warranty within 30 days of your product purchase.

You will need to send your product to the nearest CPS repair facility. However, any kind of intentional damage will not be accepted within your coverage. Also, damage from a fall of more than 6 feet in height and any stolen items will not be applicable in coverage. If the product cannot be repaired it will be replaced as notified.

Photo Extended Warranty

Photo items are also within the coverage of a 2 and 3-year extended warranty policy. This warranty is valued at $9,000-$10,000. The accidental damage warranty covers any drops under 6 feet and liquid spills on the item. This coverage is on top of the standard warranty’s coverage, meaning all hardware malfunction is completely covered as well.

Items like DSLR Cameras, Point and Shoot Cameras, Camera Lenses, Camera Grips, Camcorders, Photo Lighting Equipment, Camera Bags, Mirrorless Cameras, Tripods, Lens Filters, and Camera System Accessories are included in this warranty.

Appliances Extended Warranties

A 5-year warranty of major appliances valued at $3,500-$10,000 is available on top. Any type of damage, labor costs for removal or reinstallation, labor costs for un-stacking units, and routine maintenance problems are not covered by this warranty.

The extended warranty covers 100% value of the repair and labor cost. This coverage will start after the first of the manufacturer’s warranty is over.

Greentoe Return Policy

Greentoe has an extensive return policy that consists of all types of product categories that apply to it and a product list non-applicable to the policy. We have given a brief yet significant overlook on the return policy of Greentoe. Let’s take a look at that.

Greentoe has standardized its returns policy across all of its retailers. This policy will start for all items after the shipping date of the product. The starting date of the policy shall be the following,

  • Photography: 30-day from the Date Shipped
  • Optics: 30-day return from the Date Shipped
  • Music Instruments: 14-day return from Date Shipped
  • Televisions & Home Theater: 30-day return from Date Shipped
  • Appliances: 30-day return from Date Shipped
  • Pro-Audio: 30-day return from Date Shipped

Some non-returnable items do not follow the return policy and the list is below.

  • Batteries
  • Special Order Items
  • Photography gear priced over $6,000
  • Clearance
  • Film
  • Paper
  • Canon Cine Cameras and Cine Lenses
  • Austin Air Purifiers
  • Drones
  • TVs with “Panel Pinch” caused by improper handling of the TV

Greentoe Promo Code

Greentoe promo codes are available in October. Several sites and dealers are offering discounts and promo codes during this month. Promo codes are your savior option and save a noticeable amount. Let’s take a look at the available discounts and promo codes on Greentoe.

  1. Offers 20% and 30% coupons and promo codes. There are 4 coupons currently available on this site.
  2. Comes with several promos remaining this month. Grab yours before they are taken.
  3. 3 coupons and promos are still available on  

Besides, black Friday deals come with extra coupons and promo codes. Keep your easy open and do not miss your chance.

Greentoe Customer Service

With assistance on your deals or any inquiry, Greentoe Customer Service is there for you. Reach them through their website or call this number- 1-888-840-0464

Greentoe has quite a controversial existence existence we must acknowledge. You will find people complaining about their communication and service providing lacks. The biggest drawback we assume is that they do not have a live customer care service. This sometimes causes too much time to communicate with the consumer which weakens the trust.

Yet they ought to provide you with a better deal in every aspect or so. We do not share strict assurance but assume that they are to ensure good customer service to every customer and reseller.

Greentoe Competitors

When it came to buying consumer electronics and appliances, Greentoe had a distinctive “name your price” model that set it apart from other online retailers. However, Greentoe faces competition from a number of other online marketplaces and merchants. A few of them are,

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Best Buy
  4. B&H Photo Video
  5. Walmart
  6. Target
  7. Overstock etc.

Greentoe Complaints

Researching the reviews and analytical data we have found a few drawbacks. These are basically complaints by users. We have taken a few points that might need action.

  • They do not have live customer care service.
  • People are not fully satisfied and acknowledge their refund policy.
  • The installation process sometimes gets severely delayed.
  • Sometimes products take too much time to arrive.
  • Questions often arise among people about whether the brand is legit or a scam because of poor communication service.

Greentoe is a Scam!

There’s been a rumor about this. In reality, Greentoe is a trusted e-commerce platform with thousands of reviews on the internet. We have already discussed the legitimacy of the company.

Still, you are free to be self-assured with a tip of your finger searching on the web. 

We always encourage consumers intending to make a purchase online to make sure that the platform they are going to utilize must have some sort of acceptance among people. We also advise you to look for reviews and ratings on the internet given by real customers and users.

Pros and Cons

The perspective of shopping through Greentoe is a newly introduced one. It comes with a few demerits as well. It certainly helps and offers better deals though. Let’s take a look at the potential positives and drawbacks.


  • Possible Cost Savings: It’s frequently possible to purchase goods for less money than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).
  • Price Control: You can decide on your price and bargain for the best terms.
  • Authorized Retailers: Greentoe collaborates with reliable merchants to guarantee authentic goods and warranties.
  • Privacy: Your offers are kept confidential, safeguarding your data.


  • Offer Acceptance Is Not Guaranteed: There is no assurance that retailers will accept your offer.
  • Limited Product Range: Greentoe concentrates mainly on electronics and appliances.
  • Possible Delays: Shipping delays could result from the acceptance procedure.
  • Different Retailer Support: Different retailers may provide different levels of customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between Greentoe and other platforms?

Ans. In the case of other e-commerce websites, you must pay the price that is shown on the website. You can choose the price you want to pay with, ultimately getting a much better deal.

  • What products are available on Greentoe?

Ans. Right now, you can make offers on thousands of products. TVs, audio receivers, point-and-shoot cameras, DSLR cameras, photo lenses, musical instruments, home appliances, and baby products are the items they offer.

  • Are the products used?

Ans. They only sell market brand-new goods. Additionally, all of their products in the photography category are “USA” products and not “grey market” or “import” items. Take that into consideration when placing your offer.

  • Are the resellers’ manufacturers authorized?

Ans. Their network of retailers consists of well-known stores with a proven track record of providing excellent customer service. Additionally, they demand that their retailers be legitimate distributors of the goods they sell. That implies that you will be able to benefit from any manufacturer rebates that are offered on a product.

  • How long it takes an offer to get accepted?

Ans. You are free to choose how long you are willing to wait. How reasonable your offer is will determine how long it actually takes. Numerous of their retailers are set up to accept offers that are reasonably below the average online price right away.

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