How much does half-price books pay for books?

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Books can be considered as one of the most valuable things in a person’s life. In general, half-price books pay 30 cents to 80 cents for buying single books from the seller. Moreover, people bring many types of publications to their stores of them.

Basically, the cost of the textbooks, novels and other categories is determined on the basis of edition. Generally speaking, first and latest editions get more price than others. This shop is very famous and old in the USA. And they open their branch in many parts of America. Most importantly, people receive cash while selling their books at their stores.

Apart from half-price books, there are other ways available in the market to sell pre-own books. Furthermore, one also has the opportunity to trade other things like; DVDs, CDS, Magazines, Blue rays and so on. By reading this article, individuals will not only know about the cost of buying second hand books but also its other products priced at half price books.

half-price books

Retail price of the book at half price books

Usually, they sell all their commodities by deducting 50% from the original price. Earlier we know about their business model. In general, the price of each book is around $3 to $5 at their stores. Subsequently, people will don’t find any kind of defect in the novels, textbooks and other products.

Moreover, their main ambition is to make 30% to 40% gross profit from a single deal. That is why people don’t get a handsome amount of money through selling pre-own books at their stores. Furthermore, it is not possible to narrate the retail price for every single book.

However, we have decided to provide the price range for some books with their original price. Additionally, we also mentioned the buying price of those books by the half price books. In the next table, all the price ranges are illustrated below.

Name of the bookOriginal priceRetail priceBuying prices from public
Nine Perfect Strangers$11 to $12$3 to $4$.6 to $.9
The Teeth of the Tiger$10 to $11$4 to $5$.7 to $1
Rainbow Six (Have different versions)$15 to $60$7 to $10$1 to $2
Swallows and Amazons$14 to $15$3 to $6$.6 to $1
Tom Clancy’s Duty and Honour$18 to $30$5 to $8$,8 to $1.5

For understanding and compare the price of books, we illustrate the cost of each item in three different dimensions. Hopefully, this will helps the individuals to know about the pricing of books. Moreover, there are also have many kinds of novel items in the market. We try to select the most common and best seller’s novels for making the comparison more useful to the sellers as well as the buyers.

Nevertheless, the price which is paid by the half price books is very lower than the original price. On the other hand, they are selling similar novels by adding a 300% to 400% margin. That is why they can produce more profit than any other retail store in the market.

Buying price comparison of half price books with other stores

At present, there are many online and offline stores available in the market. One should check their price before selling their book to half-price books. In general, the prices of all vendors are almost the same which is about $.50 to $2 due to having great competition in the market. People all over the USA will get second-hand book at a very competitive price in all the bookstores.

Furthermore, individuals also have the opportunity to sell their pre-own books directly to the buyers. But it is not perfect for dealing with a good number of books. For that reason, in the next table, we compare the buying price of second-hand books for many buyers so that people can make the best deal.

Name of the platformsPrice range
Half price books$.30 to $.80
abebooks$.50 to $1
eBay$.50 to $2 (12% on every sales)
Powell’s Books$2 to $3$1 to $2

We mention the average price range for all the platforms for selling used books. All the stores and sites which illustrate in the above table are very much famous and renewed in America as well as the global market. Moreover, there are also have other buying sites for buying and selling pre-own books for the people.

Therefore, if we look at the above table, it is evident that and Powell’s Books offer more than half price books. But they put some conditions regarding the price and other vital things of a book. Furthermore, individuals can get a good price by selling books on eBay as well. But one needs to consider other cost factors like; transportation, shipping and so on.

Estimate the price of books

HPB is one of the most profitable stores in the USA which have more than 60 outlets in 10 states. The policy of them is very simple in terms of collecting books from the people. First of all, they inspect the overall condition of all kinds of books. If everything is good like; the page, cover, and writer name, they offer only 8% to 10% price of the MRP price.

Nevertheless, this rate of paying individuals is low. But, it actually becomes profitable if people sell a good number of books at the time. Moreover, this deal also allows people to get rid of old and unnecessary books in their homes. Furthermore, one can expect more price if the condition of the book is new and have demand in the market.

Is it worth selling books at half price books?

Actually, it depends on the number of books and the distance from the store. If a person has 20 or more books, the estimated price will be around $10 to $12 at their stores. In this circumstance, one needs to think about the cost of their transportation. Otherwise, it will be pretty much hard for the people to make some bucks from the deal.

Therefore, the buyers will get other alternative options in the market. In addition to that, one can sell the advertising of the book by themselves on social media and buying platforms. But, in this case, individuals need to wait patiently.

Half price books pay their employee

Their annual sales turnover of them is around $17 million to 20 million dollars and they are capable of generating a good amount of profit each year. That is why all the outlets of HPB belong to them. In general, the average cost of per hour remuneration is about $15 to $16.

Furthermore, the wage range also varies due to having different designation people in the shops. Additionally, their figurehead body of them is good and they are comparatively better at managing people. In the next table, we demonstrate the price of wages under different positions.

Title of the jobRange of the wage (Per hour)
Bookseller$10 to $13
Supervisor$15 to $20
Assistant manager$15 to $25
Customs service$13 to $21
Traffic Coordinator$15 to $22

From the above table, one can notice that the per hour wage range is decent for the people. They also provide additional facilities to their employees so that the management can retain them for a long period in the stores.

The salary of an assistant manager is higher than other positions at the half price books. Moreover, the rate of wages is not the same for every outlet of this store. Basically, it mainly depends on the geographic location and many other crucial things like; living expenses and standards.

Best way to sell used books

In one word, the answer is Amazon. In this place, buyers will get so much traffic in their selling posts. Additionally, they can sell the new book with the proper price tag. On the other hand, individuals also have other options for buying pre-own books like eBay and Abebooks. But sellers need to pay a 10% commission for every sale.

Half price books pay for DVDs and CDS

The authority of half price books is doing their business by adding other kinds of products like DVDs and CDS. They also earn a significant portion of profit by selling this item. In general, the cost of gaming or movie DVDs and CDS is around $.50 to $4. Moreover, it basically depends on the popularity and types.

However, people will also get other platforms for selling second-hand DVDs of gaming and other things like Music Magpie, CeX, GameXchange and so on. One must compare the price of these items before selling them on the different platforms. Moreover, it will also help the individuals to get the best second hand price in the market.

How can I sell my old books?

There are many stores are available in the market to buy second hand books from people. One needs to search about it online for finding the buying platforms. However, there are many types of online and offline media are available in the market. Nevertheless, one must find out the best option for getting the highest price from the deals.

First of all, people need to arrange the book with the name of the author. Most of cases, the price of a second hand book is determined by its cover price. Additionally, there are some stores like Barnes and Noble that don’t buy pre-own books for which MRP is less than $10.

Cost Analysis

This is not always possible for people to store all the old books in their homes. In addition to that, it needs more space at home. For that reason business like half price books, and so on are doing their business with a high sales turnover. The price of one second hand book is around 30 cents to 80 cents at half price book deals.

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