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Hanger Clinic is a well-known provider of orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) services and products in the United States. Through tailored orthotic and prosthetic therapies, Hanger Clinic specializes in restoring mobility and independence to persons with limb loss or handicaps.

Hanger is a top national provider of goods and services that help individuals with disabilities or injuries improve or regain their physical capabilities. It is headquartered in Austin, Texas. This is one of the top-rated O&P service providers with a ton of positive Google reviews on the internet.

Today we will take a look at the leading O&P-providing clinic chain in the USA and take a tour of their services and actions towards patients who come to find a new meaning and hope in life.

Hanger Clinic Review

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History of Hanger Clinic

James Edward Hanger, a Confederate veteran who lost a limb in the Civil War, established Hanger Clinic in 1861. As the first amputee of the American Civil War, Hanger later created the first articulated prosthetic limb. Hanger Clinic is now a major provider of O&P services in the United States.

Hanger relocated the company’s headquarters to Washington, DC in 1906. In 1915, he traveled to Europe to assist amputees from World War I and to learn from European prosthetists’.

World War II demanded betterment in the prosthetics industry. Therefore the federal government started funding for research and development in this industry. At that time Hanger added orthotics and enlarged the area of operation throughout the USA and Europe.

After a greater advancement, Hanger decided to add the leading orthotics and prosthetics division of NovaCare and was enlarged into the biggest O&P service provider in the USA.

With 900 sites nationwide, Hanger develops specialized products, such as cutting-edge prostheses, braces, supports, cranial helmets, and other devices, to help you lead the best possible life.

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Why choose Hanger?

Choosing Hanger Clinic as your orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) provider may be a wise selection for a variety of reasons, but it ultimately relies on your unique needs and circumstances. Hanger stands out with its good reputation; delivers a strong commitment to ensure the peace of your mind. You will find the utmost care with passion. Here are a few reasons that might help you choose Hanger as your orthotic and prosthetic provider.

Expertise and Experience

Hanger Clinic has a distinguished history in the provision of O&P care that dates back to the Civil War. With more than a century of experience, they have amassed a wealth of knowledge and competence in offering specialized solutions for those with limb loss or limb impairment.

Comprehensive Care

A wide range of O&P services, such as prosthetic limbs, orthotic devices, rehabilitation, and continuous support, are provided by Hanger Clinic. Patients receive the treatment they require throughout their whole journey because of their holistic approach.

Innovation and Technology

Hanger Clinic is known for integrating the most recent innovations in O&P technology and materials. They try to equip patients with cutting-edge technologies that are pleasant, functional, and customized to their unique requirements.

Patient-Centered Approach

Hanger Clinic has a patient-centered approach to care, which means they prioritize each individual’s unique requirements and goals. They collaborate with patients to design personalized treatment plans and give continuing assistance to help patients accomplish their mobility and lifestyle goals.

Pediatric Services

Children with limb differences or orthopedic issues may greatly benefit from the specialist pediatric orthotic and prosthetic therapies provided by Hanger Clinic. They are aware of the particular requirements of pediatric patients and their families.

Insurance and Financial Assistance

Hanger Clinic can help patients navigate the complexity of insurance coverage and funding choices for O&P procedures. They collaborate with various insurance companies to make sure patients receive the care they require without unnecessarily high financial burdens.

Along with these, Hanger is well known for its wider network of clinics, community involvement, and mostly for the reputation and trust it has gained over the century.  

Services and Benefits Provided by Hanger Clinic

Currently, Hanger Clinic is working on Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Pediatrics with a few more ideas related the patient care. They are mentioned below.

Services for prosthetics:

  • Upper extremity (arms) and lower extremity (legs) customized prosthetic limbs.
  • Prosthetic fits, such as the creation of sockets.
  • Choosing and assembling prosthetic parts.
  • To improve walking and mobility, gait analysis and training are used.
  • Specified prosthetic device evaluation and fitting, such as for sports prostheses or myoelectric prostheses.

Services for orthotics:

  • Foot orthoses (orthotic insoles) and ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) are examples of custom orthotic devices for a range of musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Evaluations and fittings for orthotics, including measurements and molds.
  • Specialized orthotic device design and production for adults, children, and athletes.
  • Individuals with diseases like cerebral palsy, stroke, or orthopedic injuries may benefit from orthotic bracing and support.

Services for children’s orthotics and prosthetics:

  • Children with orthopedic disorders or different limbs require specialized care.
  • Orthotics and prosthetic limbs are made specifically for children.
  • Support for growing kids who need regular replacements and adjustments.

Treatment and Instruction:

  • For those who have recently gotten new prosthetic or orthotic devices, comprehensive rehabilitation services are available.
  • Gait training helps increase mobility and assist patients in adjusting to their new limbs.
  • Information and direction about maintaining and caring for technology.

Consultations and Assessments:

  • Initial consultations to evaluate patients’ needs and goals.
  • Assessment of the patient’s physical condition and functional requirements.
  • Collaborative treatment planning to determine the most suitable O&P solutions.

Follow-Up Care:

  • Regular check-ups to guarantee that prosthetic or orthotic devices fit and work properly.
  • Adjustments and alterations to account for alterations in the patient’s health or device preferences.

Public Relations and Community Support:

  • Participation in neighborhood gatherings and support groups to spread knowledge about limb loss and give people and their families resources.

Assistance with Insurance:

  • Assistance with processing insurance claims and comprehending insurance coverage for O&P services.
  • If required, assistance in researching financing possibilities.


With more than hundreds of Google reviews along with patient reviews, Hanger is the most popular among others. We have collected a few Google reviews that are recently added along with many patient and employee reviews.

Matthew Boucher said,” So happy I decided to come to Hanger. The entire team is amazing and really makes you feel at home. I’ve been to a few prosthetic offices in my lifetime thus far due to my lower extremities, and this location/office is amazing…” Learn here what more he said about Hanger Clinic at 9450 SW Barnes Rd #160, Portland, OR 97225, United States earlier.

Linda Mooney said,” I was referred to Hanger clinic 7 years ago really loved my leg braces. Definitely helped with stability..!” She expressed more about her experience.

Juliana Matt shared her joyful experience a couple of weeks ago about the employees and services at Hanger Clinic. She said,” Emma is incredible! Compassionate, knowledgeable, thorough, and kind. She clearly cares about her patients as individuals outside of their disabilities. She’s creative in her problem-solving and goes the extra mile for your comfort.” More was added to her statement.

Bill and Insurance Policy

InstaMed is a convenient and secure payment portal partnered with Hanger Clinic for an easier and smoother billing experience. You have the option to pay as a guest without making an account or to do so to enjoy extra features like payment history, e-statements, and automatic payments.

To send a payment over the phone, dial (844) 727-0735.

You can acquire financing through Care-Credit, a division of GE Money, which provides no-interest and low-interest payment plans based on your requirements and financial situation.

Call (844) 727-0735 if you have any concerns about the progress of a refund that has already been asked for. Refund requests are normally completed within 30 days.

You may get the best coverage permitted by your plan since Hanger Clinic is in-network with more than 2,500 insurance companies. The majority of Hanger Clinic’s orthotic and prosthetic services are covered by medical insurance. The amount depends on your insurance and the orthosis or prosthesis you are receiving, but some portion of the patient obligation must be paid out-of-pocket by the patient at the time the orthosis or prosthesis is delivered.

For more information on Hanger’s insurance policy visit their financial assistance at your local clinic or visit this page

Recent Events

With all due love and care Hanger Clinic does more than just provide prosthetics and orthotics devices. It cares about the patients and their suffering families. Not only empathy but it is the responsibility along with many more to ensure good care that addresses the Hanger Clinic as a family. Hence, Hanger arranges some impactful events routinely.

Recently Hanger has been hosting a couple of events. BAKA Bootcamp Kansas City 2023 is one of them which is going to be held in Kansas City on the 5th to 7th of October, 2023; and the 2023 Challenged Athletes Foundation Community Weekend from 20th to 22nd of October this year. More details are given below.

BAKA Bootcamp Kansas City 2023

The Bootcamp event is going to take place in 21c Museum Hotel Kansas City, 219 West 9th Street Kansas City, MO 64105, US, from October 3-8, 2023. At this moment no new reservation is being accepted for the event. But you can try having your reservation on a waiting list connecting them from here.

Activities and Topics Include:

  • Men’s and Women’s support groups
  • Navigating ramps, stairs, curbs, uneven terrain
  • Mobility training at the National WWI Museum and Memorial
  • Thursday night Roaring 20s Jazz Dinner
  • Adaptive driving
  • New technologies and specialized activity prosthetics
  • Strength training
  • Skincare products and tips
  • Phantom pain management

2023 Challenged Athletes Foundation Community Weekend

This Challenged Athletes Foundation Community Weekend is going to be held in Mission Bay, 3119 Mariners Way, San Diego, CA on 20-22nd October this year. Hanger collaborated with Toyota making this beautiful event happen with many surprises to come.

The main events for the participants are the following,

  • Running & Mobility Clinic
  • Pool Swim Clinic
  • Volleyball Clinic
  • Surfing Clinic
  • Wheelchair Tennis Clinic
  • Yoga by the Bay
  • Rock Wall
  • Stationary Fitness Cycling (Tour de Cove)
  • 5K Fun Walk
  • Triathlon Challenge
  • Food Trucks
  • Vendor/Sponsor Village

Hanger has planned out the participant options that will be carried out following the strategy given below.

  • 30th Annual San Diego Triathlon Challenge

1-mile swim, 35-mile bike, 10-mile run.

Full tri, swim, bike, run only, or select multiple segments. Individual and relay team options.

Registration fee: $100 for individual and each relay team participant.

Minimum fundraising: $500 Individual, $1,500 per relay team.

  • Tour de Cove

4.5 hour stationary cyclethon.                                           

Individual and 3-person relay team rides.

Registration fee: $100 for individual and each relay team participant.

Minimum fundraising: $500 Individual, $1,500 per relay team.

  • 5K Walk

5K walk at Mission Bay in San Diego for individuals.

Registration fee: $35 per individual (includes t-shirt and medal).

Minimum fundraising: None.

  • Virtual Participant

The activity of your choice, when and where you want.

Registration fee: $25

Minimum fundraising: None.

  • Challenged Athletes

Join any experience

Registration fee: $0

Minimum fundraising: None.

Participate in your adventure here. Keep in touch to get the latest updates on special events like this. 

Locations of your nearest Hanger Clinic

Close-to-home service is provided by more than 1,700 clinical providers in more than 900 sites nationwide. This is the largest O&P service provider for more than a century in the USA. Major cities and states have had their Hanger Clinic serving the people for a long time now.

We have included the locations state-wise providing the necessary links to connect to your local clinic. We believe you can find your desired Hanger Clinic in the fastest way here just by clicking the name of the state.

 Hanger Local Clinic Addresses 
Alabama AlaskaArizona
ConnecticutDelawareDistrict of Columbia
NevadaNew HampshireNew Jersey
New MexicoNew YorkNorth Carolina
North DakotaOhioOklahoma
OregonPennsylvaniaRhode Island
South CarolinaSouth DakotaTennessee
TexasUtahVirgin Island
VirginiaWashingtonWest Virginia

Career at Hanger Clinic 

Hanger is offering a major amount of job opportunities. Offering a good amount of skilled job opportunities they have been working to develop youths in their career.

A variety of career possibilities are available at Hanger including technicians, residents, sales, finance, and more. For easier access, we have included every job opportunity currently offered by Hanger (Check the availability of the post in your desired area of choice by sharing your location).

Orthotists and Prosthetists: These specialists are in charge of assessing patients, creating unique orthotic and prosthetic devices, and providing clinical care and fittings.

Patient Care Coordinators: Patient care coordinators conduct administrative chores, schedule patient appointments, and make sure the clinic runs well.

Certified orthotic and prosthetic technicians: Working closely with Orthotists and Prosthetists, technicians support the fabrication and upkeep of orthotic and prosthetic devices.

Rehabilitation Specialists: Patients may receive instruction and support from rehabilitation specialists to use orthotic or prosthetic devices efficiently.

Clinic managers: Clinic managers oversee daily operations, manage staff, and guarantee the effectiveness and observance of regulations by the clinic.

Billing and Insurance Specialists: Personnel in this position deal with billing, insurance claims, and money-related issues for clients and the clinic.

Customer service agents: Customer service agents help patients with questions, booking appointments, and other front-desk duties.

Administrative Staff: Administrative staff members can carry out a range of office jobs, such as data input, record keeping, and general administrative responsibilities.

Marketing and Outreach Specialists: These individuals may focus on marketing campaigns and community outreach efforts to raise awareness of the clinic’s services.

IT & Technical assistance: IT personnel provide technical assistance for clinic operations, such as maintaining computer systems and electronic health data.

To learn about the most recent job opportunities at Hanger Clinic visit the link given below and keep an eye routinely so as not to miss an opportunity.

  1. Clinicians
  2. Residents
  3. Technicians
  4. Medical Office Professionals    
  5. Supply Chain / Warehouse
  6. Information Technology
  7. Finance / Accounting
  8.  Sales / Marketing /Communications
  9. Others 

Contact Info

When looking for any type of inquiry or contacting the clinic becomes necessary Hanger Clinic has a unique approach connecting with their patients and assets. You get different ways to connect to the Hanger Clinic.

For general inquiries, you can always contact or text their National Contact Center at (877) 442-6437, and they will direct you accordingly. For recent information contact your local clinic from the mentioned above.

Request an appointment here and if you already have an appointment and want to reschedule or want any information you need to connect to your clinic.

For billing information and online payment Insta-Med is a convenient and secure payment portal. If you are willing to pay by phone or request information regarding your statement call (844) 727-0735.


  • How do I schedule an appointment?

Ans. To make, reschedule, or cancel an appointment, locate your neighborhood clinic and give them a call. Fill out this form instead if you’d prefer to request an appointment online.

  • Are there financial assistance options if I cannot afford my device?

Ans. Your local clinic staff might direct you to state or federal agencies that can help you. Locate your nearest clinic and contact them for more information.

  • Can I pay my bill online?

Ans. Hanger Clinic has partnered with InstaMed to offer a simple, safe payment portal. Without creating an account, you can pay as a guest user, or you can do so to access more features including payment history, e-statements, and automatic payments.

  • Does Hanger Clinic donate prosthetic and orthotic devices?

Ans. Hanger Clinic encourages you to reach out to the nearest clinic and check if there is any recommendation. Some organizations can assist you in locating equipment for individuals in need.

  • How do I submit a complaint?

Ans. Use the Complaint Form or dial 877-4HANGER (877-442-6437) for the National Contact Center (if you have any complaint with the services or devices). You will be notified once they get to know about your problem and try to fix them ASAP if there is any. 

  • How to fix the issues if I have any problem with my device?

Ans. Contact your local clinic to inform if you have any questions concerning the usage or operation of your current orthotic or prosthetic device. To evaluate the issue, a scheduled appointment could be needed.

  • Can I return a device?

Ans. All returns are processed through your local clinic. Please contact the Hanger Clinic where you acquired your equipment, and the local team will be able to assist you further and answer any concerns you have concerning your product’s return policies, limitations, timelines, and so on.

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