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How much does the UiPath certification cost? All about of UiPath

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Among all the trending and most wanted certifications in the job market, the automation engineering-based certificate Uipath is one of the best. Having this one will serve as proof of one mastery of Robotic Process Automation.

Getting preparation and applying for the exam will be a little expensive. Moreover, the exam will be pretty hard. That is why one needs proper utilization of resources and preparation to pass the exam by scoring 75%. For more information, have a look below.

Uipath Certification Cost will be around $250 to $600 including the course registration and fee for the exam. Registration for the UiRPA exam will cost $200 and the UiARD exam will cost $250. However, the overall expense will vary depending on the choice of platform or place of taking the training.

Uipath Certification cost

In this competitive world, it is extremely important to learn things that will keep you ahead and withstand this never-ending competition. Mainly, the situation is going modern and technology-based. A day will come when waking up from bad to going to sleep will be based on technology.

It is making our life easier by making things easier. We can now do so many difficult things easily with the blessing of it. Moreover, the impact of learning different methods, tools, software, and many things is important for the job market too.

the educational institute or your bachelor’s and master’s degrees will not teach you that. Depending on your job and according to the requirements of the task, you need to find out which knowledge and technology are going to help to boost your career.

Even many companies prefer hiring employees who have certification in different courses over others. If you are a programmer working as a problem solver of a company solving automation, robotics, working with AI, and machine learning, a popular certification Uipath will help you with your skill and career.

In case you have little idea or no idea about Uipath, it is an automation platform. To be specific it is a robotic automation platform. It will perform end-to-end high-scale automation for organization, education, or personal use.

It is software enabling the user to use it in a different way for their benefit. As I mentioned, it is mainly for automating the repetitive work we do in the office. For example, if you are a programmer, you use a loop in your code. This loop will perform lengthy and repetitive work.

For example, if someone asks you to give a sum of 0 to 999, it will take a hell of a time and the possibility of correctness will be low. In that case, the loop function will do that in less than a second with 100% accuracy. So, it is no wonder, using this or working on this will be complicated with zero knowledge.

That is why people take courses on this online or offline. After that, they participate in the professional certification exam. The certificate is proof that the person is well knowledgeable about the platform and can use it in the work.

Products of Uipath

This platform is developed by a Romanian entrepreneur back in 2005 with three products. Those are,

1. Uipath Studio; using different types of diagrams one can plan any automation processes visually. which is more convenient in case of understanding the overall scenario at a glimpse.

Figure: Uipath Studio
Figure: Uipath Studio

2. Uipath Robot; After designing the process in a diagram using the studio, the robot will take those steps and execute those without any interaction with humans. That is how the work become 100% accurate even if it is a huge mess.

3. Uipath Orchestrator; It is a web application to track all the work of the Uipath robot. It will deploy, schedule, monitor, and manage robots &all their processes. That means the user can directly track what is going on without staying in the dark about how everything works.

Figure: Uipath Orchestrator
Figure: Uipath Orchestrator

Courses and Certifications of Uipath

Based on these products there are two different courses to take offered by Uipath itself and other platforms like LinkedIn, Udemy, and so on. Those are,

1. UiPath Certified RPA Associate (UiRPA), it is to teach problem-solving, identifying processes, and creating straightforward automation solutions using UiPath platform tools. Mainly, it is the basic use of all the products; UiPath Studio, Orchestrator, and Robots.

Taking this course from different platforms will cost differently. Based on the organization the course will cost anywhere between $15 to $100.

2. UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer(UiARD); It is the advanced course of the software that will teach you the core of the operations. One will be able to do expertise level in designing and creating sophisticated RPA solutions.

Figure: Options of Uipath Certification exam
Figure: Options of Uipath Certification exam

Taking this course from different educational sites will cost $50 to $250 or even more in some cases. Moreover, some places offer offline classes which will be 3x more expensive than the online price.

Specifically, both of the course is based on RPA or Robotic process automation. It is a subset of Business Intelligence or Business process automation. Where one will be using different modeling, system, and more to make the analysis, decision, etc. technologically based.

RPA software uses Artificial Intelligence or AI for all operations. Using mathematical and logical operations, the algorithm is designed in such a way that it provides 100% accuracy in everything.

 The first one is the basics of RPA and the second one is the advanced development process of RPA. If one has zero knowledge of the work, they will have to take the first one first.

After completing that successfully, they can now move to the advanced level. Trying to start with the second one having no previous idea of the software and how its work will not be fruitful. The learners will find it extremely difficult to take.

After completing the course, now it is time to participate in the online exam on the official site of Uipath. One has to remember that no other organization both online and offline has the authority to provide the Uipath professional certificate.

One will have to pay around $200 to $250 to schedule the exam which will last for 120 minutes. The examiner has to log in to the examination portal on time and answer the questions. After the time end, they cannot submit their answers. So, it is quite a restricted process that requires punctuality.

Figure: Sign-in page for the exam
Figure: Sign-in page for the exam

If you are thinking you can easily pass it using the internet since it is going to be online, you are thinking wrong and making a big mistake. To pass the exam you must have to prepare for the exam.

It is required to take courses, and take help from online practice exams, books, and as many resources as you can. Overall, you need to have excellent skills in the software and you can easily pass the exam.

If we calculate the overall cost of getting the Uipath certification it will be around $250 to $600 based on different circumstances. Additional tax, different places for taking the course, and price set by Uipath will have an impact on the total expense.

What will one learn from the Uipath Training?

The course starts from the basic introduction and makes you capable of working independently with this software. At the end of the course, the participant can work with the automotive robot designing and executing all their plans. Specifically, they will learn,

  1. Basic Robotic Process Automation or RPA
  2. Expert Designing capabilities for an RPA solution
  3. Perfectly and accurately capturing and interpreting applications
  4. Automation of repeating office processes
  5. App Integration, Recording, and Scraping
  6. Data Manipulation & PDF Automation
  7. Exception handling and debugging, and so on.

Who will be benefited from the Uipath Certification?

The one reading has already gotten a proper idea of the course and the certifications. So, it will not be hard for them to know which profession will be highly benefited from both of the options.

However, if you are looking forward to increasing your salary and getting hired by a giant company, the certification of the UiARD is necessary. Specifically, the profession listed below will find it extremely helpful

  1. Business Intelligence Professionals
  2. Aspiring UiPath professionals
  3. Project Managers
  4. Operations Managers
  5. Business Analysts
  6. Software Developers
  7. RPA Developers
  8. Solution Developers
  9. Application Developers
  10. Solution Architects
  11. Technical Analysts
  12. Data Architects
  13. BPO Professionals

Is it worth taking Uipath training and the certificate?

Are you still concerned whether it is worth taking it and expenses that much money? I assure you that it will be one of the best decisions of yours that you have made to enhance your career on the positive road. It will help you reach the peak of success in your professional life.

Taking the course will get you to prepare and help you learn A to Z of the software. You will start with What is Uipath and end in working on different projects on this platform on your own. Then you will enter into the new world of RPA experts who works in giant marketplaces.

A successful RPA expert can earn up to $130000 annually. It can be more based on the company and the experience level of the person. If you start working in any of the professions, we mentioned in the question above, you can expect at least a 5% lower salary without Uipath certifications.

How much score is needed to pass the Uipath Certification exam?

The exam will continue for 120 minutes or 2 hours. In that time frame, one will have to answer 63 questions of different types. Such as multiple choice, drag, and drop, and simulation-based. To pass the exam one will have to score 75% in this time frame. The result will be published after 5 business days from the exam date.

Moreover, the validation of the certificate is a lifetime. But its value of it will fade away over time. Since the development of every software is ongoing and it is true of this one too. The developer is going to continue developing it adding more products and features over time. So, after a period, one should take the exam again if they think it was beneficial for them.

How do take prepare for the Uipath exam?

It is for sure that the question of the exam is not going to be easy and you cannot just pass it without strong preparation. Taking the courses is required as well as practicing as much as you can. For that, the applicant can follow the test practice of UiRPA and UiARD practice test. There are plenty of resources to take preparation for the exam. Moreover, there are many resources online which can be used to practice and take preparation.

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