ICEY TEK Cooler reviews in 2023: Your ultimate cooling box considered with yeti

What is the best option to keep your items chilled? Of course, a refrigerator is not a portable option.

Yes, a cooler or an ice box, that’s what they call it. These boxes are also known as ice chests. Ice boxes are designed to keep items cold or chilled. They are very useful for people who love outing very often. Today we are going to share ICEY TEK which is a very popular cooler supplier in the USA.

ICEY TEK has a long history that leads to the reputation they have achieved today. The quality and various usages of their products make them exceptional. Here we will deliver the history and commitment of the brand, and discuss product quality, usability, goals, and many more. Come with us and explore more about ICEY TEK, the cooler giant.

ICEY TEK Cooler review

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ICEY TEK: The History  

ICEY-TEK is a veteran-owned and operated company, and their cooler brand dates back to the late 1980s. The idea of a marketplace of coolers first hit three outdoor enthusiasts. They noticed the possibility of ice boxes that could be a good alternative to the fiberglass ice boxes.

For outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers who depend on keeping their supplies cold for extended periods, this concept of designing a robust roto-molded polyethylene icebox was a very much-needed one. With excellent retention and a strong build, those boxes became popular overnight.

This roto-molded polyethylene icebox, the ICEY-TEK cooler was first conceived in Australia by those three avid outdoorsmen. The beginning of the journey started with simple design and mechanism. The very first prototype was built with a Thai roto mold company at that time. The first model brought great success with good retention and great build quality. Over the years these boxes evolved and developed with quality and durability.

ICEY-TEK was one of the first brands to introduce long iceboxes, which were especially popular among fishermen, campers, and outfitters.

Today it is a multinational cooler supplier and established distributorships in various countries, including New Zealand, North America, the UAE, Hawaii, England, and Europe. However, the manufacturing continues in Thailand. Today ICEY-TEK is a 100% veteran-owned and operated company. It is the only original roto-molded cooler supplier in the USA.

ICEY TEK Cooler fishing

What are the uses of coolers?

Coolers are used for various purposes. They have been a great companion for outdoor men and people who need chilled items during camping or outings. Ice boxes are more useful than they appear. Here we have picked some very useful aspects of these cooling boxes.

  1. Picnics and Outdoor Activities: Popular options for outdoor events like picnics, camping vacations, beach outings, and other get-togethers are cooling boxes. You can enjoy snacks, drinks, and perishable food items cold, even in warm weather thanks to them.
  2. Tailgating: Before a game or event, sports fans frequently use cooling boxes to keep food and drinks cold while tailgating.
  3. Traveling: When traveling long distances or on road trips and there are no refrigeration options, a lot of people use cooling boxes to carry food and beverages like sandwiches and fruits.
  4. Fishing and Hunting: Hunters and fishermen use cooling boxes to preserve the freshness of their game meat by storing it at a low temperature.
  5. Catering and Events: To keep prepared meals, salads, and desserts at the proper temperature until they are served at events and parties, caterers commonly use cooling boxes.
  6. Medical Transport: Biological samples, vaccines, and temperature-sensitive medical supplies are transported in cooling boxes equipped with specialized cold packs or temperature control features to guarantee they stay within the required temperature range.
  7. Emergency Situations: Cooling boxes can keep perishable food, drinking water, and necessary medications cold and safe for a long time during power outages or emergencies.
  8. Retail and Food Delivery: Cooling boxes are frequently used by food delivery services to keep food orders cold during transportation, guaranteeing that clients receive their meals at the proper temperature.
  9. Sports and Recreation: During practices and competitions, sports enthusiasts and athletes utilize cooling boxes to maintain the temperature of beverages and electrolyte drinks.
  10. Hiking and Backpacking: For hikers and backpackers who wish to carry perishable goods and keep them cool during their outdoor adventures, cooling boxes that are lightweight and small are a good option.

source: ICEYTEKusa

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Innovative Features and Improvements  

The very first prototype of the cooler managed to do exactly what it was meant to. It was built with the basic requirements and delivered the service appropriately. In the 1980s this was the best alternative to the fiberglass boxes and more durable with build material. Fortunately, ICEY-TEK could evolve with time and elements along with technological advancement that makes their products hold the first position in the industry, even after a 5-year break in production.

Let’s find out how the brand made changes from the very first product till this day.

  • Butt Hinges and Locking Devices

The first ICEY-TEK coolers had simple and basic locking mechanisms and butt hinges. These components gave users a simple way to open and close their coolers. Over the next couple of years, they introduced a heavy-duty self-locking hinge mechanism that enhanced the possibilities of protecting and maintaining the coldness.

  • Lid Lifting Handle

The handle for lifting the lid was another early addition. A waterproof neoprene seal around the lid made it more capable of retention. Even with a full load, users found it easier to open and close the cooler’s lid. It enhanced the ICEY-TEK coolers’ overall convenience of use and performance as well.

  • Silicon Rubber Latches

Silicone rubber latches were introduced by ICEY-TEK in response to their recognition of the need for secure closure mechanisms. These latches are strong and create a tight seal, which improves the cooler’s capacity to keep low temperatures for extended periods.

  • Heavy-Duty Self-Locking Hinges

To enhance the robustness and efficiency of the cooler, ICEY-TEK included robust self-locking hinges. These hinges keep the cold inside by guaranteeing that the lid stays securely closed even after being subjected to rough outdoor use.

  • Waterproof Neoprene Seal

Because of ICEY-TEK’s dedication to providing better ice retention, a waterproof neoprene seal was created for the lid. By generating an airtight barrier that keeps warm air out and cold air in, this seal maximizes the amount of ice that can be retained.

ICEY-TEK image

Long Iceboxes

ICEY-TEK’s long coolers are meant for fishing. These boxes are specially made durable and available in extra-large sizes. They are also popular for fishing and spear-fishing, to place longer fish such as Mackeral, Kingfish, Jewfish, and other pelagics.

The robust and handy build makes them perfect to carry any place near the shoreline. These boxes can provide cooling for extra time. They are perfectly compatible with your mission. Even the smallest one can hold a reasonable-sized fish. They are available from 56L to up to 600L as the largest in the group.

The 160 and 260-liter mackerel ice boxes are ideal for boats in Australia’s northern regions and for Kingfish, Jewfish, and tuna in the country’s southern regions.

These boxes are also popular in camping for another reason, their length and less depth. People can spread over their food items and need not reach the bottom of the cooler.

Available Sizes and Models

 Long coolers are a part of the huge production of the ICEY-TEK. They sell cooling boxes in a bunch of sizes, colors, and models. Each box is used for a different purpose. They are on top of people’s choice lists for their versatile usage. Below we have given a brief introduction to the product line.

Original Premium Coolers

Premium coolers are a great addition that fulfills the regular necessities of a camper. ICEY-TEK provides high-quality coolers made for outdoor activities. They emphasize innovation and quality and are credited with creating the concept of premium coolers. With features like UV-resistant latches, marine-grade neoprene gaskets, and a sturdy polyurethane exterior, their coolers are tough and rotomolded, designed to last. They place a strong emphasis on dual draining systems ease of cleanup and temperature retention technology. These coolers are appropriate for a variety of outdoor pursuits, such as fishing and tailgating.

Coolers are available in 25 quart, 40 quart, 55 quart, 60 quart, 70 quart, 80 quart, 95 quart, 120 quart, 125 quart, 170 quart, 200 quart, 270 quart, 300 quart, 450 quart, 600 quart, and 680 quart.

Small to Mid-Size Coolers

For regular hiking and camping outdoors these cooling chests are the best options for families. They can hold items chilled for a longer period. You can pack your necessary things and carry them anywhere easily. 

A range of rotomolded ice coolers, with capacities varying from 25 to 100 quarts, are available from ICEY-TEK. The coolers are constructed from materials that are safe to use for food storage. The cooler’s interior is lined with a stain-resistant material. The cooler stays odor-free because the liner doesn’t absorb smells.

Small to mid-sized coolers are available in 25 quart, 40 quart, 55 quart, 60 quart, 70 quart, 80 quart, 95 quart, and 100 quart.

Large Coolers

Large coolers are the long iceboxes we already have discussed above. They are pretty good with extra items. And mostly have a great use while fishing.

However, these are the largest ice boxes by ICEY TEK and they provide boxes ranging from 120L to up to 1100L.

Commercial Coolers

They claim to offer the best coolers with decades of experience and a reputation for setting industry standards. NASA selected its commercial coolers for the transportation of equipment that requires precise temperature control.

Key features of their commercial coolers are,

  • Dual-Skin Temperature Retention TEKnologyTM: A system that maintains the contents’ coldness over time.
  • Marine-grade neoprene lid gaskets: Premium gaskets that support preservation of freshness and temperature.

Customer Reviews

Since the products are selling in several countries it is already a good call by consumers. A number of reviews are available online on several online platforms. People are mostly happy and satisfied all over the countries. We have taken a few to let you know how they expressed their experiences with these coolers.

There are a few ratings on Amazon on specific models. Users have mixed experiences and most of them rated 5 stars on ICEY TEK cooler. People using the coolers appropriately have had fine cooling experiences that last long. However, a few of them complained about the duration of cooling. We believe proper usage and maintenance are necessary for optimum performance. They were happy with the size being perfect as written on each model.

My experience and many reviews that indicate ICEY TEK coolers gained mass popularity over time. Most customers have given a 5-star rating.

Dale Blowes said earlier this October that his 40L box fulfilled his expectations on fishing and keeping other items chilled for more than 10 days. He was happy to get that and recommended it.

Anthony Box, a verified buyer rated his experience with a 4-star and said that the box took more ice to keep things cold.

Mark Baker rated his product 5 stars after finding the quality and design exceeding his expectations.

You will find hundreds of online ratings and reviews on Facebook, YouTube, and different reviewing websites and forums where customers share their experiences. We suggest to check the user experience of the customers.

International expansion

The fact that ICEY-TEK has expanded internationally is evidence of its popularity and success outside of its native Australia. As part of its expansion strategy, ICEY-TEK opened distributorships across multiple nations. Through these alliances, the company was able to enter regional markets and increase the accessibility of its coolers for customers worldwide. Here’s an overview of ICEY-TEK’s international expansion.

New Zealand: The opening of distributorships in New Zealand was one of the first moves in ICEY-TEK’s global expansion. By making this change, the company was able to reach a nearby market and introduce its goods to New Zealand’s outdoor enthusiasts.

North America: The entry of ICEY-TEK into the North American market was a noteworthy turning point. The brand entered a fiercely competitive market after ICEY-TEK coolers were introduced to North America, which includes the United States.

The UAE: By entering the Middle East and especially the United Arab Emirates (UAE), ICEY-TEK proved that it was dedicated to serving a wide range of geographical areas. Because of the warm climate in the Middle East, high-quality coolers are an invaluable asset for both businesses and residents.

Hawaii: Hawaii proved to be an ideal market for ICEY-TEK’s coolers because of its tropical weather and outdoor-loving culture. The brand provided dependable cooling solutions to both locals and tourists in Hawaii.

Europe: By entering the European market, which offers a variety of outdoor activities and climates, ICEY-TEK was able to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. The company’s coolers became well-liked by hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Is it good?

Excellent ice retention is a well-known feature of ICEY-TEK coolers. These coolers are appropriate for rough outdoor use because they are usually constructed with sturdy, durable materials. They provide coolers with a range of capacities and sizes.

With a long history of innovation, ICEY-TEK was a pioneer in the premium cooler market. Numerous consumers have expressed satisfaction with their products.

Besides reviews on the internet show customers are mostly happy with these coolers. Therefore, ICEY-TEK coolers can be considered as a good preference for cooling boxes.

The Absence and Return to the US Market

In the mid-2000s, ICEY-TEK was riding high on its success as a pioneer and market leader in the cooler industries. Private licensing and distribution agreements in 2006 caused ICEY TEK to sleep for nearly 5 years. For almost five years, consumers in the United States were unable to purchase ICEY-TEK coolers, even though they were the best-selling models in Australia, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The demise of ICEY-TEK did not bring an end to its story in the US. The brand triumphantly returned to the US market in 2011, albeit cautiously and gradually. The reintroduction of the ICEY-TEK brand was initiated by Stephen Holderness’s company, High-Performance Coolers LLC, signaling the start of the process.

In April 2019, ICEY-TEK achieved yet another noteworthy turning point in its journey. ICEY-TEK USA LLC was established as a fully veteran-owned business.

As the exclusive distributor of ICEY-TEK products in the USA, ICEY-TEK USA made sure that customers could easily obtain these outstanding coolers once more. The ICEY-TEK brand’s comeback to the US market was evidence of both its lasting legacy and the industry’s appreciation of its significance for high-end coolers.

ICEY-TEK Coolers VS Yeti Coolers

If you are onto cooling boxes, you might have heard the name of Yeti Coolers. They have been manufacturing coolers as well and are a reputed brand in the industry. Here we are about to learn the differences and similarities between the ICEY TEK cooling boxes and Yeti Cooling boxes side by side.

Ice retentionEstimated 7-10 daysEstimated 6-9 days
DurabilityRotomolded and durable to last for yearsRotomolded as well and serves a similar
Extra featuresNoneFeatures dividers to separate food items
Ease of useEasy to clean and maintain with an effective drainage systemRegular design language
CostICEY-TEK is cheaper and a better optionMore expensive

There is a detailed comparison blog that discusses the similarities and differences in a detailed way.

Cooler Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your cooling box increases longevity and good maintenance ensures a longer and better performance. Hence, we recommend the best take care of your boxes. Since coolers have a sensitive mechanism that requires proper usage, you must make sure of their daily use and cleanliness.

We have gathered a few ways that keep your cooler chilling for years and keep them in optimum performance. Take a look at the Dos and Don’ts.

Cleaning and Maintaining

  • Give the cooler a good shake to remove any loose dirt, crumbs, or debris.
  • Pour a solution of warm water and mild dish soap into the cooler. Scrub the interior well with a soft sponge or cloth. Observe areas with spills or stains more closely.
  • To get rid of any soap residue, completely rinse the cooler with clean, warm water after emptying the soapy water.
  • A solution of water and a mild disinfectant, like a solution of water and white vinegar, can be used to clean the cooler. Use this solution to clean the interior, and then give it another rinse with fresh water.
  • After cleaning and rinsing, allow the cooler to air dry completely with the lid open. Make sure there is no residual moisture left, as this can lead to mold growth.
  • When possible, replace loose ice with reusable ice substitutes or ice packs. This keeps the cooler from becoming messy with water from melting ice.
  • Chill food and beverages in your refrigerator before packing them into your cooler. This lowers the cooler’s workload and aids in temperature maintenance.
  • Arrange the items in the cooler so that the perishables are closest to the ice maker. To keep things organized and avoid cross-contamination, use separate containers or resealable bags.
  • Refrain from opening the cooler’s lid too often in order to preserve the temperature inside. Warm air enters and cold air exits with each opening.

Keep the Performance UP!

Now there’s more to keep your cooler as efficient as new. To enhance or keep the performance of your cooler over time, you can follow certain instructions. What are those?

  • Pre-Chill the Cooler: Pre-chill the cooler itself before adding items to it. Put it in the fridge or another cool spot for a few hours or overnight. A pre-chilled cooler will have a lower initial temperature and maintain a colder interior for an extended period.
  • Use Quality Insulation: Invest in a well-insulated cooler box. Temperature retention is typically better in coolers with walls made of thicker insulation. Look for models that have foam or other premium insulation materials.
  • Use Ice Packs or Gel Packs: Use reusable ice packs or gel packs instead of loose ice, which can melt and leave a soggy mess. These keep the cooler from getting too wet and also keep the contents colder.
  • Minimize Lid Opening: Warm air enters and cold air exits the cooler lid each time it is opened. Try to get everything you need in one trip and try not to open the cooler too often.
  • Maintain an Airtight Seal: Make sure the cooler’s lid closes tightly and correctly. To keep an airtight seal, inspect the gaskets and seals for any damage and replace them as needed.
  • Keep the Cooler Closed When Not in Use: To stop air from circulating inside, store it upright and with the lid firmly latching.
  • Use Insulated Bags: Use insulated bags or containers inside the cooler to keep items that don’t need to be as cold away from the coldest area.

ICEY TEK Donations

ICEY TEK has been an influencing helping hand to the veterans and their families. They have been providing a good amount to the non-profit organizations working for the veterans. According to them, as veterans and oath takers they are committed to continue serving veterans and their families even out of uniform.

Here we have given the names of the organizations currently working with ICEY TEK to complete their mission of helping those who fought once.

  • GA State Kayak Fishing
  • Michael Strange Foundation
  • SOX
  • Task Force Dagger
  • Bethel Bass Cats
  • KY Bass Team
  • Fuller Strong
  • SEA
  • CCA
  • FIRST Chance Foundation
  • Ray Feo
  • Navy SEALs Fund
  • Navy Sea Cadets
  • Luke’s Wings
  • Grunt Style Foundation
  • West Carroll Song Writers-Operation Save Haven
  • Combat for Compassion
  • Hunting for A Lifetime
  • Mason’s Voice
  • Carl Perkins Center for Prevention of Child Abuse
  • Tennessee 4H/FFA
  • Boots For Troops
  • Veterans Village
  • United By BBQ
  • Ojeda Foundation
  • Luke’s Wings
  • Cherry Hill NJ Police Department
  • Port Aransas Children’s Scholarships
  • Darryl Worley Foundation
  • San Antonio Rodeo Scholarship
  • Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame
  • Round Canopy Parachute Team
  • Country Barbeque Foundation
  • Changed by Nature Outdoors


  • Who is the founder of ICEY TEK?

Ans. The brand was originally conceived by 3 Australian outdoor lovers and now is a veteran-operated business brand.  

  • Where are the ICEY TEK coolers made from?

And. Coolers are still manufactured in Thailand though they have several branches in different countries.

  • What are the box sizes?

Ans. Coolers are available from 18L to 1100L.

  • Who first made rotomolded coolers?

Ans. Rotomolded coolers were the idea of the Ryan and Roy brothers. 

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