Jersey Mike’s Subs Price (A Complete Menu Of Hot And Cold Subs)

When a 17-year young boy bought Jersey Mike’s Subs shop, who thought it would produce one of the most delicious submarines in the USA right now?

Talking about submarines, they have two basic types that includes hot and cold subs, where the price varies from $12 to $14. However, the subs combo meals can cost you up to $20, which includes grinders, chips, soda, and bottled water. Meanwhile, the dessert items won’t cost more than $5.

Chipotle chicken cheese steak, buffalo chicken cheese steak, Tuna fish, and Cancro special are some of the most popular submarines here. The Grinders are available in mini, regular, giant, and Sub in a tub sizes, where the calories vary a lot.

Jersey Mike’s Subs

Now let’s dive deep into menu and price……

The journey of Jersey Mike’s Submarines begins.

The story of Jersey Mike’s Subs begins in 1956. But the noteworthy incident in their history is when a 17-year-old boy bought the company. He is also the CEO of the franchise right now.

Yes, we’re talking about Peter Cancro, the current CEO and founder of the franchise. When he bought the franchise, he was only a school-going boy.

He gathered $125,000 in just three days with the help of one of his high school football match coaches, who were a banker too. Although he never thought of this vast success that he has right now.

More than 2,200 stores are available all over the USA. However, it only serves in a few locations in Canada outside the USA.

If we dive a bit deep into the history again, we can see that Jersey Mike’s Submarines is the predecessor of the company founded in 1956.

Peter Cancro, the ambitious boy took a part-time job there at the age of 14, and in 1975, he along with the high school coach bought the company. Cancro’s mother’s influence was noteworthy in that case.

Meanwhile, Cancro started franchising the company in 1987, and by now, it’s available all around the USA.

Jersey Mike’s Submarines history at a glance –

FoundedIn 1956, in Point Pleasant, New Jersey
FounderPeter Cancro, a 17-year-old boy
Cancro buying the shopIn 1975
Started franchisingIn 1987
PredecessorJersey Mike’s Submarines
HeadquartersManasquan, New Jersey
Present CEOPeter Cancro
Number of locations (The USA)More than 2,200
Number of locations (Outside the USA)Only serves in Ontario, Canada
Crossed the 1,000 locations landmarkIn 2015
The training centerLocated on Trenton avenue

What are the items of the hot sub available there?

Both meaty and meatless grinder items are available in the hot sandwich category, where the price starts from $12 and can up to more than $14.

Basically, the meatless item comes with portabella mushroom, which makes it healthy and more delicious. However, the chipotle cheese steak contains the highest amount of calories among all these submarines.

The following chart shows the number of calories and cost of regular-sized hot subs.

ItemCost (Regular)Calories (Regular)
#16 Mike’s chicken Philly$12.69710 Cal
#17 Mike’s Famous Philly$12.69710 Cal
#26 Bacon ranch chicken cheese steak$13.29860 Cal
#31 California chicken cheese steak$13.29900 Cal
#42 Chipotle chicken cheese steak$12.69920 Cal
#43 Chipotle cheese steak$12.69990 Cal
#44 Buffalo chicken cheese steak$13.29890 Cal
#55 Big kahuna chicken cheese steak$13.35700 Cal
#56 Big kahuna cheese steak$13.35770 Cal
#64 Grilled portabella mushroom & Swiss$12.75610 Cal
#65 Portabella chicken cheese steak$14.65690 Cal
#66 Portabella cheese steak$14.65750 Cal

Mike’s chicken Phillycontains grilled tender chicken, white bread, red or green pepper strips, grilled onion, and white American cheese.

Mike’s famous Phillycontains grilled tender steak, white bread, red or green pepper strips, grilled onion, and white American cheese.

Bacon ranch chicken cheese steak has grilled chicken covered with white American cheese, lettuce, tomato, Applewood smoked bacon, white bread, and topped with ranch dressing.

California chicken cheese steak comes with a freshly grilled chicken that has a covering of lettuce, mayo, tomatoes, white American cheese, and of course white bread.

Chipotle chicken cheese steak has freshly grilled chicken with red or green pepper strips, grilled onions, white American cheese, white bread, and spicy chipotle mayo.

Chipotle cheese steak comes with a freshly grilled steak, white bread, white American cheese, grilled onions, red or green pepper strips, and lastly, the spicy chipotle mayo.

Buffalo chicken cheese steak is delicious because of the mixture of Frank’s red hot sauce with freshly cut lettuce, tomatoes, blue cheese dressing, and white American cheese.

Big kahuna chicken cheese steak is crafted with tender chicken and white bread that comes with mushrooms, red or green pepper strips, jalapenos peppers, grilled onion, and extra white American cheese.

Big kahuna cheese steak comes with a tender beef steak and white bread with a combination of mushrooms, red or green pepper strips, jalapenos peppers, grilled onions, and extra white American cheese.

Grilled portabella mushroom and Swiss is a meatless hot submarine that comes with grilled, fresh portabella mushroom, green bell pepper, grilled onion, and Swiss cheese.

Portabella chicken cheese steak is grilled with tender chicken, fresh portabella mushrooms, red or green pepper strips, grilled onion, and melted white American cheese.

Portabella cheese steak comes with a tender steak, portabella mushroom, red or green pepper strips, grilled onions, and melted white American cheese.

Jersey Mike’s Subs menu prices

How big is a giant sub?

You may have already noticed that the above chart only shows the nutritive value or calories and the cost of the regular hot grinders. However, Jersey Mike’s have basically three submarine sizes including the giant size.

According to our survey report of many of their stores, it’s clear that the giant sandwiches are the largest ones available there. Moreover, this one’s 15 inches compared to the regular 7 inches one.

The smallest one is the mini-size submarine that measures only 5 inches.

  • The giant submarine is 15 inches long
  • The regular one is 7 inches long
  • The mini-sub is 5 inches long.

Meanwhile, two more types are available for these grinders including wrap and bowl or sub or sub in a tub.

Basically, the wrap grinder is similar one as the regular grinder but comes in two parts.

However, when a mini or regular submarine is served in a bowl, it’s called a sub in a tub.

What’s the variation in the number of calories?

One major aspect that varies due to the size is the calories. Basically, four categories are there depending on the calorie calculation.

  • Regular
  • Giant
  • Wrap
  • Sub in a tub

So, let’s consider the regular-size submarine as a unit and calculate the number of calories available in the other sizes.

Sub sizeAmount of calories
WrapA bit more than 1x
Sub in a tubA bit more than ½x

The amount of calories in a regular sub is exactly half of the calories available in a giant submarine. However, the wrap grinder has the almost identical amount of calories as a regular torpedo.

Still, wrap one comes with an additional 30 to 40 calories. The least amount of calories is available in sub in a tub one, which is a bit more than the calories found in a wrap sub.

Knowing about the cold subs and their price

Starting from nearly 13 bucks, the cost of regular-sized cold submarines available on the menu can go up to $14. The club sub, the original Italian, and the Cancro special are some of the expensive options.

However, it’s hard to find any perfect torpedo in this category for health-conscious people as all of these are high in calories.

The following chart can provide a lot more clarity.

ItemCost (Regular)Calories (Regular)
#1 BLT$12.89770 Cal
#2 Jersey shore’s favorite$12.69800 Cal
#3 Ham and provolone$12.69790 Cal
#4 The number four$12.89780 Cal
#5 The super sub$12.89810 Cal
#6 Roast beef and provolone$12.95870 Cal
#7 Turkey and provolone$12.89790 Cal
#8 Club sub$13.701,140 Cal
#9 Club supreme$13.651,150 Cal
#10 Tuna fish$12.701,030 Cal
#11 Stickball special$12.95860 Cal
#12 Cancro special$13.70920 Cal
#13 The original Italian$13.70920 Cal
#14 The veggie$12.70920 Cal

BLT is quite an old addition to Jersey Mike’s menu that comes with shredded iceberg lettuce, Applewood smoked bacon, nicely ripened tomatoes, and mayo that is freshly grilled inside a white bread.

Jersey shore’s favorite is a fan-favorite submarine that has provolone cheese, ham, cappacuolo, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, olive oil blend, salt, red wine vinegar, and oregano.

Ham and provolone grinder have a richly flavorful combination of all-American ham and provolone cheese. It also has lettuce, onion, tomatoes, olive oil blend, salt, red wine vinegar, and oregano.

The number four is crafted with provolone cheese, the prosciuttini, cappacuolo, and the other toppings are similar to the ham and provolone sub.

The super sub is layered with provolone cheese, prosciuttini, cappacuolo, ham, and the other common topping ingredients.

Roast beef and provolone have white bread with roasted beef stacked on top of the nicely sliced provolone cheese with the other ingredients being in the same quantity.

Turkey and provolone are one of their most popular submarines that contain 99% fat-free, fresh turkey breast with provolone cheese that has zero additives. The other ingredients are similar to the previous ones.

Club sub comes with antibiotic-free turkey, Applewood smoked bacon, provolone cheese, ham, and mayo topping.

Club supreme has a top round roasted beef, antibiotic-free turkey, freshly grilled Applewood smoked bacon, and mouthwatering flavored mayo with Swiss cheese.

Tuna fish comes with freshly chopped celery, mayo, and a dash of pepper combined to make the protein-packed tuna salad. The good news is that it’s made in front of the eyesight.

Stickball special is similar to the Jersey shore’s favorite with just one dissimilarity as it contains salami instead of cappacuolo. However, all the other ingredients are identical.

Cancro special has a combination of provolone cheese, pepperoni, and roasted beef. However, the recipe was requested by a Pepsi delivery man back in 1974, and later on, impressed by its taste, Peter Cancro gave the sandwich his family name and included it in the main menu.

The original Italian is a truly Jersey-style Italian submarine that contains pepperoni, cappacuolo, ham, provolone cheese, prosciuttini, and salami.

The veggie one comes with white bread nthat contains provolone cheese, Swiss cheese, and green bell pepper that provides a crunchy taste. Other ingredients like sliced onions, shredded lettuce, and ripened tomatoes are also included here.

What sizes are available for cold subs?

Basically, the cold torpedoes come in six sizes that makes difference in the number of calories available in a particular item. Starting with the shortest one, which is the mini-sub, and the largest one is the 2-foot one.

The six sizes are –

  • Mini
  • Regular
  • Wrap
  • Sub in a tub
  • Giant
  • 2 foot

Coming into the size measurement, mini-subs are no more than 5 inches long. On the other hand, regular ones are 7 inches long which is identical to the wrap subs.

As you all know that wrap grinder is another version of regular ones that come in two parts. Meanwhile, a sub in a tub comes in a bowl, but the amount is nearly 2/3 of a regular one.

On the other hand, the giant one is a larger one until the 2-foot one comes into play. Giant cold submarines are 14 to 15 inches, whereas 2-foot ones are 24 inches long.

However, the number of calories available in the items depending on the sizes varies in the same way as the hot submarines.

Note: The 2-foot size may not be available for each cold sub. And you should contact them to get the nutritional information of that particular item.

You can try out the meals as well

The meals available here are basically combo packs of regular hot or cold subs with chips, water, or soda. So, the price of these combo meal packs can be as high as $20.

Meanwhile, adding bottled water instead of soda in the meal means the nutritive value of the food is on the right track.

The following table is to show the combo price and amount of calories.

#7 with chips and soda$19.171280 Cal
#7 with chips and water$19.031030 Cal
#13 with chips and  soda$19.981410 Cal
#13 with chips and water$19.841160 Cal
#17 with chips and soda$17.971200 Cal
#17 with chips and water$18.83950 Cal

If you breakdown down the cost, it’ll be a lot easier for anyone to understand which item costs what. In all these combo meals, one common item is Chips and you will get bottled water or soda as drinks.

The price and amount of calories for the inclusions in the meals –

Additional itemsPriceAmount of calories
Chips$2.49240 Cal
A bottled water$3.650 Cal
Soda$3.79250 Cal

These additional items make the total cost of a particular meal and you can enjoy any of that.

Is there any kids’ meal available?

Don’t worry for your kids as Jersey Mike’s brings special kids’ meal options for the children. The only condition is that the kids must age below 8 years.

Kids’ meal itemsPrice
Kids’ drink (12 oz.) + 1 regular cookie + 1 any sub$5.59
Bottled water (20 oz.) + 1 regular cookie + 1 any sub$4.45

From the nutritive point of view, the kids’ items are nutritious as none of these items contains a high amount of calories. To be more specific, the number of calories range from 150 Cal to 250 Cal for cookie, sub, and drink item.

What about the catering items?

One more type you are going to find here in Jersey Mike’s is the subs combo or other combos known as the caterings. After the visits to their several stores, we found a good number of caterings.

  • Subs by the box with 12 cold subs
  • Subs by the bag with mini, regular, wrap, and giant subs
  • Boxed lunch with regular or mini cold subs, chips, cookies, and soda
  • Chips and drinks combo including bottled water as well
  • Fresh baked cookies or brownies tray.

Add sides, drinks, and dessert items to the menu.

To make the meal more delicious, you must add some dessert to the main menu for sure. Jersey Mike’s decided this for their consumers and tried to offer something within $5.

However, amount of the calories won’t hurt your health consciousness in case you are one. Moreover, these few items in the list are also available as combo packs.

Item name PriceAmount of calories
Chips$2.49240 Cal
Fountain drink$3.39280 Cal
Bottled water$3.650 Cal
Soda bottle$3.79250 Cal
Stubborn soda$3.79150 Cal
Cookie$1.90180 Cal
Brownie$4.15500 Cal
Bubly$4.900 Cal
Pure leaf tea$3.89150 Cal

The opening and closing times of Jersey Mike’s Subs

On average, the opening and closing time in most of the stores is 10 AM and 9 PM respectively. However, variety is available in some stores including opening, and closing times on regular days and Sundays.

In Florida, some stores open at 7 or 8 in the morning. However, the opening time on Sunday is delayed for an hour compared to the other days or some stores may not do it.

For example, if a store opens at 8 AM on other days of the week, it may open at 9 AM on Sunday. Meanwhile, these stores also close an hour before on Sundays.

Moreover, you can also find stores in Georgia that open at 10 in the morning on Sundays and closes as early as 6 in the evening.

 AverageOther schedules 
Opening time10 AM7/ 8/ 9 AM
Closing time9 PM6/ 7/ 8/ 9 PM

Another important thing most of the consumers want to know is whether the store remains open during holidays or not. The answer is both yes and no.

Except for two holidays, all the stores remain open throughout the all other days of the year. However, you can expect to have reduced or modified working hours in those holidays.

For example, it may open one or two hours late and close in the same way as well. Meanwhile, the two days when the stores remain closed are –

  • Thanksgiving day
  • Christmas day.

And they will have a different working hour schedule during Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve.

Stores near me

The following locations only represent the stores available in some popular states including New Jersey, New York, California, etc. However, it helps one understand the average opening and closing times of the other stores as well.

LocationsOpening timeClosing time
2081 south college street suite A, Auburn, AL 36832-598210 AM10 PM
7808 baker Blvd, Baker, CA 92309-923010 AM9 PM
19179 Bear valley road Ste. 8, Apple Valley, CA 92308-272410 AM9 PM
5324 Wadsworth Blvd Suite F, Arvada, CO 80002-371310 AM9 PM
851 S. State Rd. 434 Suite 1020, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714-481210 AM8 PM 7 PM (Sunday)
227 Sandy Spring Place NE Suite 102, Atlanta, GA 30328-591810 AM8 PM 6 PM (Sunday)
2948 Kirk Road Suite 102, Aurora, IL 60502-601010 AM9 PM
8100 Transit Rd Suite 300, Amherst, NY 14221-420010 AM9 PM
1341 Parkwood Road suite 103, Asheville, NC 28806-870310 AM9 PM
500 Main street Suite 106, Belmar, NJ 07719-217510 AM9 PM
5005 S. Cooper Street Suite 171, Arlington, TX, 76017-860010 AM9 PM

Jersey Mike’s Subs vs. Subway Subs: A fair comparison

If you ask anyone about the best sub in the USA, the majority will choose Jersey Mike’s Subs. But Subway Subs may create a bit of confusion sometimes as many consumers want to know which one is the better.

We won’t rank one up than the other one; rather just show a fair comparison between these two restaurants.

Jersey Mike’s SubsSubway Subs
The subs are comparatively pricierCheaper compared to JM Subs
Tuna fish for $11.70 Tuna fish for $9.60 
Veggie sandwich for $10.40Veggie delight sandwich for $7.60
Bacon ranch chicken cheese steak for $12.05Chicken & bacon ranch sandwich for $10
Remains on top position in the list in terms of tasteParticular items are quite tasty
Quality is up to the markQuality is not always satisfactory

Therefore, you can decide which one of these two Sub restaurants provides the better subs that are high in quality and taste.

Can anyone get the mobile app?

Why can’t anyone get the mobile app as it’s available on both android and iOS? The only thing the consumer needs to do is to download the app and install it on the phone.

After installing the app, create a MyMike account and enjoy the facilities of the app.

  • It makes ordering something on the go possible
  • Easy to locate the closest store
  • The opportunity to customize the order
  • Track the proceeding of the ordered food
  • See the estimated time to receive the food
  • Collect, view, and spend the shore points.

Moreover, the user can also check the nutritional facts of a particular item just by updating the account settings and providing a few pieces of information.

In that case, one must download the mobile to have a better experience.

Is there any promo code available?

Well, yes, Jersey Mike’s Subs have promo code offers through mobile app orders or other ways. However, the most popular way to avail of the promo code offer is by ordering food through the mobile app.

By this, you can get up to 25% off on any order depending on the restaurant location. Also, getting 1% to 5% off in particular orders is quite a common thing.

So, are you interested to avail of the offer and enjoy the best subs in town?

Are consumers happy with their service?

If our report says that a maximum of the consumers are happy with their service, you know what it means. Therefore, our motive is to get the real-life experience from the consumers coming out of different stores and share these here.

  • Hilton told us, “I’ve come to New Jersey almost after a year and can’t resist myself from trying the best subs in the town for many years. I tried Mike’s famous Philly and Tuna fish, where both were undoubtedly delicious.”
  • Jennifer said, “To be honest, I think, they should include some more items in the meal combos. But there’s no complaint about the taste because it’s as always top-class.”
  • We asked Aaron about the mobile app and its service. He replied, “I’m pretty much happy to have such an easy app to operate. I can conveniently find the nearest location and order whatever food I need.”
  • Edward said, “I do think, there’s a bit of lack in terms of the availability of drinks and desserts. But no worries for me, because I’m a sub lover and can’t find a better option than Jersey Mike’s Subs.”
  • Davis told us, “I’m always delighted visiting any of their stores as the service is always satisfactory so as the subs’ tastes.”

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