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How to apply for a job in Canada from Bangladesh?

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Dreaming to get a job in Canada as a Bangladeshi is something mesmerizing and challenging at the same time. Planning for it from the beginning of the bachelor’s degree will be extremely helpful to sort things out on time. However, one can decide to apply even after doing a job here for years.

In any of the cases, the applicants will have to meet all the requirements asked by individual companies. After getting the offer, they will also have to fulfill the requirement for the visa too. For more information on this topic, please have a look below and stuck with us till the end.

How to apply for a job in Canada from Bangladesh, is one of the common questions of many youngsters and adults. Well, one can simply apply online and participates in the interviews online using different meeting platforms.

Apply for a job in Canada from Bangladesh

The practice of migration from one country to another has been in the world for thousands of years. However, after the technological revolution, things get easier for human beings. For example, traveling now is much easier than a century or 50 thousand years before.

With the blessings of the amazing discoveries of modern technology, people now can reach their destination easily. A journey that can take days to complete is now possible in a few hours. Not only this, but people also now migrate to other countries for different purposes. Such as study and work.

It is the truth that not every country is resourceful in every way. Some of the countries are underdeveloped, some are developed, and some are highly developed. Every human wants to ensure a better life for their family That is why they make themselves skilled and try to move to a better place where they can earn handsomely So that their family lives a healthy and wealthy life having all the necessities or primary needs.

As for Bangladesh, it is a developed country with a huge mission and vision. After gaining independence from Pakistan in December 1971, it has developed a lot. However, because of a huge population of at least 166.3 million, the competition in the job market is huge.

Moreover, many giant tech companies and international companies do not have offices here. That is why people of this country choose to go to other countries for a job. One of their top choices in Canada. According to statistics, over 100,000 Bangladeshi lives in Canada for different purposes. Many of them directly get to go on a job visa, some of them were and are students, and few of them accompanied their husband, wife, or another family member.

Well, whatever the reason was but the number of people living in Canada from Bangladesh is huge. Moreover, Canada is extremely developed and better in every way than many countries like this one. so, it is not a wonder if any of them want to move there from here.

Most of the time Bangladesh students apply for a visa for a study permit and their numbers are the most. But people applying for a Job visa are not less. Hundreds of people get jobs in Canada from here. Even if they could not go there when they were students, they fulfilled their dream by getting a well-paid job.

Well, if you have a concern about whether you could get a job in Canada or not from a country like Bangladesh. We like to ensure you, if the person is skilled enough and capable of the job, the company will happily hire that person beyond borders.

Below, we will discuss in detail about applying for a job from Bangladesh in Canada.

How to apply for a job?

Normally, applying for a job in every country follows the same procedure. Though there are a few variations and changes, overall, everything will be almost similar. Mainly, developed countries like Canada, the USA, and more follow the same.

However, different countries have rules and regulations with different party ranges. If you are seeking a job in Canada from Bangladesh, we would like to give a soft reminder before you go any further, you will have to work hard to be skilled and capable of work.

When a developed country takes employees from other underdeveloped countries or economically devested countries, they look for extremely talented human resources. That is why only academic education is not enough for getting a job in Canada.

It is a must to remember, the qualifications and requirements for a job in there will be a lot different than here. Because the pay range will be so much more than this one, at least 500% more.

First of all, one will have to look for some authorized place online where one can search for a job. Luckily, Canadian has an official site for people seeking jobs at home and abroad. People will have to register for news and updates on the new job post.

Besides that, some other online platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and more will be helpful to search for employment. One will have to continue the process step by step. The first step will be searching for a job, after that, it is time to gain the skills or fulfill the requirements.

If you are still a student of bachelor and trying to get prepare for the future job market, you are doing great. First, find your area of interest which is related to your bachelor’s study and search for a job in that specific area.

If you are already a graduate, we are hoping that you have enough skill and knowledge to withstand the requirements of any job in the related field. After analyzing the area of interest, it is time to search for a job.

Most common types of employment areas

  1. Factory Workers
  2. Production Workers
  3. Nurses & Medical Staff
  4. Food Service Attendants
  5. Live-in caregivers
  6. Accounting clerks
  7. Human resources
  8. Line Workers
  9. Tech Companies; software developers, android developers, web developers, game developers, and so on.
  10. Teaching Assistance, and many more.

If your expertise matches those areas, it is a good thing that there will be many doors open.

I have already mentioned the online platform to find job posts. It is possible to filter by country, area, experience, and so on. Set filter and search. Once you get the advertisement, open a notepad or a notebook, and start taking notes of the requirements for every interested company and position.

You must note down the requirements and eligibility they are asking for. Match whether you have them or not. Always apply to those posts that match your expertise level. For example, a full-stack software developer job requirements will look like this,

Basic Job Requirements in Canada for Software Developers

  1. 3+ years of software application development experience.
  2. Domain knowledge and experience in software development on the Android system
  3. Experience in software design and development using object-oriented methodologies, data structures, and more.
  4. Proficiency in Java or C++ and python
  5. Experience with using and managing the agile software development process
  6. Strong evidence of career performance excellence
  7. High level of verbal and written communication skills in English or French; you may have to provide additional language certifications like IELTS of C1 level.
  8. High level of interpersonal skills.
  9. Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related degree

There is a requirement for a junior software developer in a mid-level tech company in Canada. These are all not possible to get within a year or two. That is why one will have to prepare for their bachelor’s life and it will be easier than.

However, people already working here in a good position and looking for a job in Canada, it will be easier for them to get a job. Because they already have years of experience which is another requirement of many Canadian companies.

If readers are concerned about how they are going to apply from here. Also, how they are going to attend the interviews. The good news is, everything can be done online. The applicant can simply go to the advertised website, there is always a clickable link to apply for the job.

Click on the provided link, fill up the form, answer the quandaries and submit your application. They will shortly connect you via email or phone call. Some of the companies only prefer dropping off CVs via email. In that case, the applicant will have to write a proper SOP and cover letter for the job.

In both cases, the interview will be online via any platform like ZOOM and Google Meet. Therefore, everything will be online-based and easier to process. No extra hassle and headache to take. There is no need to hire any expertise for that.

What to do after getting a Job offer from Canada?

Well, you have already crossed the hardest part of the process. Getting a job offer is not something easy but a hell of a hard job. After that, the process is easier. Since you are a Bangladeshi, you will have to apply for a work permit Visa in your local VFS global.

It is also an online process and you do not have to need to take help from any agencies. However, if you are feeling the need and do not have time, you can hire any expert body.

Well, applying for Visa for work in Canada also asks for some papers and needs to fulfill their requirements.

Requirements for Canadian Work Permit Visa,

  1. Proof of enough funds to support you and your family while in Canada.
  2. Proof of no criminal activity; a police clearance certificate as evidence.
  3. Ready to provide any documents asked by the Canadian governor.
  4. A valid passport with a validity of more than 6 months.
  5. Two passport-size photographs.
  6. Certificate of Educational Qualification.
  7. Documents of professional qualifications including work experience.
  8. Medical examinations need to do by registered hospitals.
  9. Employer-specific work permit
  10. Health and Travel insurance
  11. Meet eligibility conditions such as language skills, biometric data, and insurance

All of these are basic and mandatory requirements for getting a Visa. You must gather all the required documents before applying. After that, it is needed to do what the authority asks for such as taking a medical test and giving a biometric.

Depending on the situation, getting a work permit visa for Canada from Bangladesh can take two months or more based on the situation. That is all to do from applying after getting the offer. Once you get the visa, it is time to look for accommodation and book a flight ticket.

Many employers offer accommodation and flight ticket for their employee who comes from abroad. In that case, there is nothing to be concerned about but only packing the bags.

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