How much does Lil bubba curb machine price?

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Concrete curbing in the home or private place outside area is becoming more famous rather than other alternative styles such as; plastics and metal landscape edging. The price of buying one Lil bubba curb machine is about $4000 to $10000.

Moreover, people will find varieties of curb machines for doing borders in their gardens, filed and many areas. One can include additional equipment with the machine for increasing its overall performance of it. In general, it is able to dig at least 8 inches from the ground and make the border with at least 4 inches of thickness.  

However, very few individuals buy this in terms of use for personal terms. Most of the buyers purchase this for employing it commercially. Nevertheless, readers will have complete knowledge about its cost from every possible perspective along with the price of other model devices.

Lil bubba curb machine

What is a Lil bubba curb machine?

A Lil Bubba curb machine is a type of equipment used to create concrete curbs for landscaping and construction projects. It is named after the late cat Lil Bubba, who gained fame as an internet sensation.

The Lil Bubba curb machine is designed to streamline the process of creating concrete curbs by providing a fast, efficient, and consistent method for shaping and forming the curbs. It is typically used by landscapers, contractors, and other professionals who require high-quality, precision curbs for their projects.

The machine works by using a hydraulic system to press concrete through a mold, which shapes it into the desired curb profile. The operator can control the machine’s speed and pressure, allowing for adjustments to be made based on the specific requirements of the project.

Lil Bubba offers several different models of curb machines with various features and capabilities, including the ability to create different curb styles and colors. The machines are designed to be easy to operate and maintain, with minimal training required to use them effectively.

Different model prices of Lil bubba curb machine

The manufacturing company of curb machines doesn’t offer a single product under this category. Basically, they make their product line with three items. All of them have their own specifications. Moreover, buyers can implement them for commercial as well as personal purposes. In the next table, we mention the price of the three existing models of this.

Name of Lil bubba machinePrice range
Viper HD Curb Trencher$4100 to $4200
Hornet EP Curb Machine$8200 to $8400
SpitFire EPC Curb Machine$9400 to $9500

The price difference between them happened on account of making this equipment under different variants. Furthermore, the manufacturing company uses different kinds of engines for all three curb machines.

If we talk about the “SpitFire EPC”, the cost of this is the highest compared to other options. Moreover one can use it for making the concrete block commercially. It can be built with 14 inches of landscape edge with a custom design. They also provide 5HP Honda Engine in this which also makes it more powerful than others.

Hornet EP Curb Machine is a little bit similar to the last model of the above char. There also have less difference in price which is around $1200 to $1500. Therefore, Lil Bubba uses a different engine to operate this machine which name is a 4.5HP Kohler engine.

Last but not the least, the Viper HD Curb Trencher is very much famous for its digging ability. It can give satisfactory results while preparing land for the concrete border. Additionally, the price of this is also lowest than the other two models.

Lil bubba curb machines work

Price of other Lil bubba curb machines

For implementing a landscape curbing at home or commercially, people can buy the other equipment from this company. As we all know, the curb is not only need while doing all the tasks which are related to building borders. Therefore, one needs to prepare the land and clean the space for doing this.

That is why Lil bubba offers different types of machines to do all the related tasks very easily. The price range of them is around $3000 to $11000. In the following table, we mention the price of other equipment.

Name of the equipmentPrice
Hustler 4WD Power Barrow$3700 to $3800
E-Hustler 4WD Power Barrow$3750 to $3900
Sodcutter – Turf Cutter 4.0HP$3900 to $3400
Titan Pro Curb Mixer Steel$4300 to $4400
Titan Pro Curb Mixer Poly$5200 to $5300
Titan Pro MAX Hydraulic Mixer – Steel$10000 to $11000

One can assume the task of the machine by the names which are illustrated in the above table. All of them are made to do all the necessary tasks regarding building a concrete border. In most cases, people use them to build concrete edging for the roads and commercial spaces.

Subsequently, the last three machines of the above table are used for mixing the raw materials which are cement, sands, concrete and other hard materials. However, their prices of them are different because of using various construction materials and different power. In addition to that, the Lil bubba provides different quality raw materials and designs to have versatility in the work. So the thing is, one must choose the device according to its type or work.

Lil bubba curb machines with stones

Price of the whole set for Concrete landscape curbing

As we already know, this is not possible to do the whole task of making borders with only a curb machine. Therefore, the business people will face losses if they are not buying the full set of machines. Additionally, that will also reduce the rental cost. The cost of buying the total set of this is around $16000 to $73000.

Basically, the price of the packages mainly depends on the number of equipment. In general, Lil bubba charges around $7000 for offering over 30 items. But all of them are not equipment, some of the items are regarded as the additional items which make the work more lucrative to the customers. In the next table, we demonstrate the price of all the packages which are offered by the Lil bubba.

Package namePrice range
KickStart EP1$16000 to $17000
Artisan Stone Creations Package$24000 to $25000
JumpStart EP2$26000 to $27000
EdgeScape HD3$35000 to $36000
CurbScape HDX4$47000 to $48000
LandScape Pro 5$72000 to $73000

Most businessmen try to buy the LandScape Pro 5 which allows them to do all the tasks of landscape edging for a wide area within a short period. Additionally, it also assists to make more profits than other packages. The amount of profit of this is around $1000 per day on average.

Moreover, individuals will not get the optimum benefits if they are not buying all the essential tools with the package. Though the initial cost of this is comparatively high, people will find a great advantage in the long run.

How much does landscape edging cost?

This basically depends on the type of materials and area. Sometimes, the cost also varies due to the geographic location. The cost of building this is around $300 to $3500. The average cost of this is around $1200 to $1700.

The difference between the high and low-end costs is huge because of using various types of materials in the mixing. In general, per square foot of this is $2 to $5 for making the border with concrete or brick. The cost of labor and installation will also add to this. Therefore, the per square foot cost will rise to $40 if the individual uses stone and granite as the raw materials.

Where to buy the Lil bubba curb machine?

The best thing will be to place the order at their official website. Buyers will get the true price from there and also know the detailed information about the Lil bubba. Therefore, one can visit eBay to buy second-hand products of this. Furthermore, people can check these items at their nearby shops for reducing the shipping cost.

Cost Analysis

In this article, we discussed all the products of the Lil bubba curb machine which cost around $4000 to $10000. The buyers of this equipment belong to two different communities; professional and personal. But additional equipment and essential things will need to buy for making concrete borders commercially.

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