I, Mahmuda Afreen the co-founder and senior author of Cost Safety. Contributes much to the finance and data analytical content, I am an expert in financial data analysis, calculating correlation among different data and entities to find out an exact living cost for a different region, and educational advising of different countries. Majoring in computer science and engineering, my focused area was research-based work of vast data including finance. During my bachelor’s study, I have done several types of research to find out different issues involved with salary and living costs scientifically. The chaos in people’s minds while moving to different cities to find better living quality inspired me to create something that will help people calculate their daily life against their salaries. So that they can analyze the proper scenario of living cost with the income of their expertise area before moving anywhere unconsciously. Since the USA BLS stated that they have a different range of salaries for different positions and expertise, people need to know that particular income will cover their monthly cost including accommodation which is a big part of the overall cost. Not only in the USA but every country in the world has that differentiation in salary and cost of living. I use different tools like tax calculator, SPSS, XL, Minitab, and many other statistical analysis tools to calculate the real data so that one can safely rely on my statistics. My claims will make more sense if one reads the findings I have written down below.

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4. Cost Of Living Comparison between Germany and Italy

Moreover, I have been working and researching to guide the students in their future plans for their higher studies. Doing post-graduation and Ph.D. is one of the most important phases of life that requires proper guidelines. One needs to think about many things such as the structure of the course, future opportunities, and the requirements of that particular university along with the living cost of that city and the tuition fees of that particular course. Choosing something without deep research, analysis, and planning will lead to an unsuccessful career as well as difficulties during the study period. To help the students to overcome such misery I research the best possible solution for different profiles advising different terms to the students. So, that they can wisely choose their university, subject, as well as city.

My love for collecting data from different sources and finding relations to establish a logical understanding leads me to a great career in content writing. Currently, I am studying Master in Data Science at Berliner Hochschule für Technik, Germany. Gaining experience in my expertise areas, I am helping many including international students personally to find their best match for study, job, and living. I have a great contribution to finding authentic data for our finance, living, and education topics by investigating different sources and terms and examining them with proper tools with the intention to help the users. With expertise, I look for the education, salary, and living cost subject of our resourceful website.

Mahmuda Afreen
Mahmuda Afreen author of costsafety.com