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Mrbeast Burger Menu And Price: An Online Fast Food Restaurant

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MrBeast Burger is a dedicated online fast food restaurant that stood up to the expectations of its consumers. Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast is the founder of the restaurant, which is available in more than 1,000 locations right now.

Basically, it’s known for burgers and combo burger packs, where combo packs can cost up to $15. Meanwhile, the burgers including Chandler, Chris, and Karl deluxe won’t cost you more than $10. However, the add-ons to customize the items can add more than $0.50 to $2 to the total cost.

Meanwhile, sandwiches, cookies, and a choice of beverages are some other options available on their menu. Most combo packs offer you a choice of fries and beverages.

Let’s get down to know more details……

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When MrBeast Burger started their journey?

The founder of the MrBeast YouTube channel came up with an idea during the Covid-19 pandemic and decided to start an online-based food service or restaurant.

Then, on 19th December 2020, MrBeast Burger official started their journey of making delicious burgers with various add-ons. Jimmy Donaldson, the founder of this online restaurant made a partnership with Virtual Dining Concepts, LLC to give concrete shape to his ideas.

Meanwhile, they unveiled their first physical location one month before the official inauguration of their restaurant on 10th November 2020. That event was popular among the consumers because the owner, Jimmy Donaldson gave away money, free food, and tech products to his customers.

The customers had to stand in a line in Wilson, North Carolina to get these free rewards. However, these gatherings blocked the road for 20 miles, and at last, police had to interfere to make things normal for the sake of the pedestrians and other vehicles.

MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson uploaded the video of that day on his YouTube channel on 19th December and announced the opening of the restaurant. It opened in 300 locations in the USA on the same day.

However, it is available in more than 1,000 locations across, the USA, Canada, and the UK with plans of expanding this number. Meanwhile, the MrBeast Burger twitter channel was created on 12th August 2020.

Some crucial facts to know –

Starting the journey19th December 2020 in Wilson, North Carolina
FounderJimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast
Partnership withVirtual Dining Concepts, LLC
Service available In the USA, the UK, and Canada
Number of locationsMore than 1,000 locations
Food itemsBurgers, sandwiches, fries, cookies, and beverages.
Way of ordering foodVia MrBeast delivery app
App availabilityGoogle playstore& Apple app store
Official Twitter account12th August 2020
The announcementA portion of each order would be donated to charities
1 million burgers soldThree months after the opening
Announced a partnership with YouTuber Dream26th April 2021
Uploaded a video titled, “I make 100 people try this”18th March 2022
The first locations in the UKEarly May 2021
Reach 1,000 locations landmark11th September 2021

How did the idea come up?

One of the most common questions people have in their minds is when the idea of starting a virtual burger restaurant came into the mind of such a successful YouTuber.

Well, there are different but related answers from the related person on this particular subject.

The founder, Jimmy Donaldson said, “For forever” on his personal Twitter account regarding the issue of starting the online restaurant. Therefore, it gives no clear idea regarding the time he has been working on this.

Then, one of his YouTube channel managers, Reed Duchscher said that they have been working on the idea of setting up a virtual restaurant for over a year.

Another manager of the YouTube channel, Will Hyde said that their idea was in work for several months.

One of the interesting things about the burger items on their menu is that Chandler, Chris, and Karl are the names of three of Donaldson’s friends, whose names were used to name different types of burgers.

What are the combo packs?

MrBeast offers two combo packs, where one contains a customizable beast-style burger with add-ons, and the other one contains a chicken sandwich with add-ons. The price of these combo items ranges from $14 to $15.

Combo itemsPrice
Beast-style burger combo$14.49
Chicken sandwich combo$13.99

Meanwhile, if you wish to customize the combo pack, there will be an additional expenditure for it.

Customizable itemsExtra cost
Beast style burger (Triple)$2
Beast style fries$1.80
Extra beef patty$1.25
Add bacon$1
Extra cheese$0.75
Add lettuce$0.50
Add caramelized onions$0.50

What’s there in beast style burger combo?

The combo is a combination of a beast-style burger with a choice of double or triple burger, seasoned crinkle fries or beast-style French fries, and a choice of drinks including bottled water, Pepsi, diet Pepsi & sierra mist.

Let’s go through the nutritious value of these items first.

ItemAmount of calories
Beast style burger (Double)950 kcal
Seasoned crinkle fries250 kcal
Beast-style French fries510 kcal
Bottled water0 kcal

The double beast burger comes with a smashed crispy beef patty with house seasoning, American cheese, pickles, diced white onions, mayo, ketchup, and brown mustard on a toasted bun.

However, to customize the burger or the entire combo pack, you are always allowed to remove onions and cheese.

Meanwhile, the good thing is that MrBeast offers two burger types for the combo pack –

  • Beast style double burger
  • Beast-style triple burger.

However, the price will go up if you choose the triple one instead of the double one.

A similar kind of offer is applicable for the fries in this combo as well as the consumers can choose –

  • Seasoned crinkle fries
  • Or, beast-style fries.

Four drink types are available in the combo pack which leaves you an option to choose the preferred one.

  • Bottled water
  • Pepsi
  • Diet Pepsi
  • Sierra Mist.

What’s there in a chicken sandwich combo?

The sandwich combo comes with a choice of crispy chicken tender sandwich and Nashville hot chicken tender sandwich.

Also, you can choose between two fries that include seasoned crinkle fries and beast French fries.

The nutritious value of the items included in this sandwich combo –

ItemsAmount of calories
Crispy chicken tender sandwich860 kcal
Nashville hot chicken tender sandwich960 kcal
Seasoned crinkle fries240 kcal
Beast-style French fries510 kcal
Bottled water0 kcal

Therefore, the consumer can choose from the following two sandwich types for the sandwich combo.

  • Crisp chicken tender sandwich
  • Nashville hot chicken tender sandwich.

Meanwhile, they don’t offer to customize the sandwiches for this combo pack like the burger combo pack.

Mrbeast Burger with cost safety

Let’s talk about the burgers now

4 types of burgers are available on their menu, and three have customizable options. The price of these burgers varies from $8.50 to $10.50 excluding the customizable options.

One can add a variety of items in the applicable burgers in the list that includes ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, and caramelized onion.

ItemsPriceAmount of calories
Beast style burger$9.49950 kcal
Chandler style burger$9.49690 kcal
Chris style burger$10.49810 kcal
Karl’s Deluxe burger$8.49n/a

Can you customize the beast-style burger?

Yes, the beast-style burger is customizable as you can choose from double or triple-layer burgers.

Moreover, one can add an extra beef patty, extra cheese, bacon, lettuce, caramelized onions, and remove onions, and cheese for the purpose of customizing.

What is the customizable option available for Chandler style burgers?

Well, one can only remove the cheese from the burger but add quite a lot of items. However, this addition will impact the price as well.

Customizable itemsAdditional cost
Extra beef patty$1.25
Extra cheese$0.75
Add ketchup$0.25
Add mustard$0.25
Add mayo$0.25
Add lettuce$0.50
Add caramelized onion$0.50

However, the same add-ons are applicable for Chris style burgers as well. And the Karl’s deluxe burger doesn’t offer any add-ons or customization.

Try out the Impossible burgers

Impossible burger is a sub-category that falls under the main category of burgers on the menu. The items on the menu are on the expensive side as their price starts from $12.

However, it often feels like a combo package with customizable options except for Karl’s deluxe burger.

Impossible burgersPrice
Impossible beast style combo$17.99
Impossible beast style$12.99
Impossible chandler style$12.99
Impossible Chris style$13.99
Impossible Karl’s Deluxe$11.99

Impossible beast style combo –

It comes with a similar customizable option by adding extra cheese, bacon, lettuce, and caramelized onion. Also, removing onion and cheese is an option.

Moreover, add either crinkle fries or beast style fries in the combo pack. The combo also includes a choice of drinks including bottled water, Pepsi, diet Pepsi & sierra mist.

Impossible beast style –

To customize the burger, one can remove onion, and cheese and add extra cheese, bacon, lettuce, and caramelized onions.

Impossible chandler style –

The burger is served with plain American cheese on a toasted bun. However, the customizable ingredients are cheese, ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, and caramelized onion. Also, the consumer can remove the cheese.

Impossible Chris style –

The burger comes with two smashed crispy impossible patties with house seasoning, American cheese, bacon, and a topping of crinkle fries on a toasted bun. The add-ons are similar here except for removing the cheese.

Meanwhile, impossible Karl’s Deluxe is the only option here that doesn’t allow any customization.

How many sandwiches are available on their menu?

Among the three sandwiches, which one do you want to taste? Well, it completely depends on the consumer’s preference, but Karl’s grilled sandwich is on the lower side in terms of calories.

Also, it’s the cheapest option in terms of price as it costs less than $6, whereas the other two options cost up to $9.

Sandwich itemsPriceAmount of calories
Karl’s grilled sandwich$5.49320 kcal
Crispy chicken tender sandwich$8.99860 kcal
Nashville hot chicken tender sandwich$8.99960 kcal

Karl’s grilled sandwich –

It comes with 3 slices of American cheese griddled crisp on an American bun.

Crispy chicken tender sandwich –

The sandwich contains a crispy chicken with mayo, shredded lettuce, and pickles on a toasted bun.

Nashville hot chicken tender sandwich –

It contains the same ingredients as the crispy chicken with an exception of Nashville hot chicken instead of crispy chicken and adds ketchup to the item.

Complete the meal with sides, desserts, and beverages

The sides, desserts, and beverages are the options available in the combo packs starting from crinkle fries to chocolate cookies and bottled water.

Chocolate chip cookie is the cheapest one among the sides and desserts that cost no more than $3. However, beast-style fries are the most expensive one as it offers customization with add-ons and costs more than $6

Meanwhile, both beverages and bottled water cost the same amount of money to the consumer.

Sides and desserts

ItemsPriceAmount of calories
Crinkle fries$3.99240 kcal
Beast style fries$6.29510 kcal
Chocolate chip cookie$2.99360 kcal

Crinkle fries –

It’s available in two types, seasoned and unseasoned. However, the fries are seasoned with spicy red peppers, garlic, paprika, sugar, and a hint of lime.

Beast style fries –

The beast-style fries come loaded with American cheese, ketchup, mayo, mustard, pickles, and caramelized onions. However, an option to choose between seasoned and unseasoned ones is also available here.

Moreover, two add-ons can upgrade the taste of the item that includes chopped burgers and bacon.

Additional itemsAdditional cost
Chopped burger$1.25

The options beverages offer you

How does their food delivery work?

MrBeast is an online-based fast food restaurant and it’s a thing that is known to all as of now. But how actually all these orders and food delivery works that’s what many of our readers wanted to know.

There’s a mobile app “MrBeast Burger” through which the customers place their order for any burgers or sandwiches. The good thing is that the app is available on both Android and iOS.

Moreover, you can also use any third-party food delivery app like –

One more thing you need to know is that the food items are prepared in local restaurants. So, after you place an order, the nearest local restaurant will receive the order and place an estimated delivery time.

Thus, you can get your cherished food delivered to your doorstep within the estimated time.

Mrbeast Burger Menu And Price

For whom MrBeast Burger is ideal?

MrBeast burger is ideal for anyone, who is searching for food delivery real quick and relies mostly on online food orders than visiting physical restaurants.

Although you will see a lot of restaurants offering online order service, being a dedicated restaurant that only serves online is something else. The main items here are burgers and sandwiches with add-ons.

Therefore, anyone loving fast food more than anything else can easily trust MrBeast for the best service. Also, the add-ons give an opportunity to the consumers to find any preferable taste in their food.

Moreover, it offers combo meal packages that include burgers or sandwiches with add-ons, French fries, and a choice of beverages.

So, you don’t have to rush to the nearest restaurant to search for a meal during lunch and continue your remaining office hours; rather order any of the combo packs through their app.

Moreover, the items are ideal for any age of people. So, why anyone won’t love trying their burgers?

Consumers’ reaction after trying MrBeast burgers

The real idea of how good is their burger items and sandwiches can only be identified from the real-life experience of the consumers. Although it’s only an online restaurant, we were able to contact quite a good number of their consumers and heard from them about their experiences.

  • Rongier said, “I think, the add-ons for both single burgers and combo packs are something that you would definitely love to use. However, they could have given it for free.”
  • Nicolas wasn’t so much delighted with their service though as he said, “They must improve their service quality soon unless they will surely lose a huge number of customers. Also, they should pay attention to the food quality as well.”
  • Antonio said, “I love the thing that Donaldson has added three items on three of his friends’ names that includes Chandler, Chris, and Karl.”
  • David was that happy with dessert or drinks. He said, “Even though I can buy these canned beverages from outside, I would still like having a good number of options here from where I can choose from easily.”

All in all, people have mixed reactions regarding their food items and the services.

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