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Countless device monitoring/Spywares are available these days. But to trust one has become a nightmare. Some call for the cost-free applications that come with malware almost all the time. Therefore, paid monitoring services are considered to be the most reliable ones.

mSpy is one of the known monitoring apps in the market. it packs a lot of features at a reasonable price tag. Today we will be looking for the advantages and the usefulness of mSpy.

The plans and the cost are also included in our today’s article. Looking for more information on mSpy?


What is mSpy?

mSpy is a popular monitoring and security application. To keep an eye on the activities of your underage children and employees who seem to menace your business, mSpy offers you complete control over the person you want to keep a tab on.

Through the mSpy application, you now get the chance to monitor your kids’ online activity, text and call logs, and many more. You can get the information if any of your personnel seems menacing.

Like many other known and popular tracking apps, mSpy also offers you all the basic monitoring and tracking facilities.

Spyware and monitoring applications are not that easy to start with. You will find many out there requiring several permissions to take on. Many of them may not be compatible with the OS version of your device.


Here, the mSpy app gets a one-point-top featuring compatibility for both Android and iOS. That means the app can run on any Android device with an OS version of 4 or above.

Again, iOS gets the point with the huge compatibility of the app. On iOS, the app supports starting from iOS 7 to iOS 11+ 9 (iPad and iPhones).

Besides these, the app is available for both the root devices and the non-root. People not looking forward to jailbreaking their phone has the compatible version of the app with the tag of ‘no-jailbreak’. Surprisingly the no-jailbreak devices are getting a better deal with the plans.


mSpy comes with many features. mSpy is not only dealing with tracking messages and calls from other devices, but it ensures complete control over the targeted device.

Control and analyzing the internet usage of your children, it can be a great ally. It includes all the basic features that other known Spywares provide or claim to provide. all the features are mentioned below.

  • Manage and track calls
  • Track text messages
  • Read emails
  • Track GPS location
  • Track browse history and bookmarks
  • Monitor calendar activities and contacts
  • Control installed apps
  • View multimedia files
  • Read and track instant messages like Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Snapchat, Skype, i-messages, etc.

Subscription cost

The subscription fee is identical to its competitors. The cost is not too high. mSpy offers only two plans/packages for its clients. Subscription costs can be as low as $16 per month for the Premium Plan and $13 for Family Kit.

Premium Subscription

PlanSubscription fee
1 month$69.99
3 months$119.99
12 months$199.99

As you can see, the per month subscription cost for the premium package is $70. Once you head back to 3 or 12-month plans, you will find out a monthly cost as low as $16. Here we find the yearly package the most beneficial and cost-efficient.

3 months premium package also saves a lot. It will cost you monthly $39. The 12 monthly package that comes at $199.99 seems to be the most budget-friendly option.

Family Kit

PlanSubscription fee
6 months$359.97
12 months$479.97

Unlike the Premium plan, mSpy offer two packages for the Family Kit. Here, you will get a year and a 6-month package starting at $359.97 and $479.97 each.

Family Kit saves the most with more than one device in control. The 6-month plan costs around $19.99 per month and the yearly package costs $13.33 per month. So, the yearly package by Family Kit plan offers multiple upper hands including a lower cost tag and multiple device monitoring options. 

Additional Features

Additional features are offered with the latest update of the app. Also, the specific features of the no-jailbreak version of the app are praiseworthy.

mSpy advanced the control over the targeted phone or tablet and gives the access to perform certain changes remotely through the internet.

Like, along with monitoring and tracking calls it can restrict incoming calls. Besides location history tracking it also monitors the Geo-Fencing. With all these advantages, this app can send your information consisting the Wi-Fi network data and password. The app can also send you analyzing datasheet from the targeted device to your dashboard.

mSpy VS other Spywares cost

Looking at the features offered by mSpy, it is a duck soap to select the top of the competition. Other available monitoring apps like cocospy, eyeZy, uMobix, ClevGuard, etc. are one way or another downgraded by mSpy.  

Pricing is comparatively greater than the other twoLack of obvious price on the websiteOne device is allowed to monitor with one subscription
Packs the highest amount of features among the threeOffers all the basic featuresThe installation process is critical in iPhones
You will get a 100% refund following the refund policy by mSpyOne subscription provides only one device to monitorThe basic plan does not offer many features 

Can I use mSpy free of cost?

There is a huge possibility of data theft and stealing your valuable information including important passwords with malicious malware hidden with the spyware applications. It is strongly recommended not to fall into the trap of cost-free monitoring apps.

Often these apps start sending your information without letting you know. Some malware that is previously programmed in the app gets the key to aces your phone through the app’s internet connectivity.

Remember, a cost-free application can barely provide you spying/monitoring service. They intend to get access to your device first. so, we suggest avoiding these types of free-of-cost cell phone monitoring apps.

How to monitor the targeted device?

It takes a brief physical installation in the targeted device to start the monitoring. Once the app is installed on the device, you can simply log in to your dashboard with passwords on any device. Then go to the control panel. You will find the options to check the activity of the device.

You can also remote control the device to call, text, and do some other activities.

Since the app remains hidden from the app list, one can never find out with any notification popping up on the window.

One subscription allows only one device at a time to monitor. However, mSpy offers a unique option to change the target device multiple times with the subscription remaining. This allows you to spy on more than one device with a single subscription. Isn’t that a great option to have?


Of course, mSpy is a recommendable option to choose from for the vast number of monitoring apps. It is safe and reliable and the cost is considerable. Plans are budget-friendly.

The application installation and monitoring process are easier comparing others. Besides, the worldwide availability of the application and service makes it more dependable for such an important piece of job.

Overall features and the performance of the application and the interface is user friendly. Thus, it can be easily recommended for anyone to try once.

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