Average Neurosurgeon Salary in the USA, what will be the scenario in different states?

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Among every sector, the professionals in the medical sector of the USA get the maximum salary. As stated by the government, the hourly wage in the medical field is greater than in almost every profession. Specifically, Neurosurgeon specialized doctors get the highest salary with the highest average hourly pay.

Overall, the average wage of neurosurgeons will be at least 27% more than the national average per month. With more experience and skills, this difference will increase. Moreover, one will have to look for all the details below to know more about the Average Neurosurgeon Salary in the USA.

On average, the hourly rate of a Neurosurgeon will be $128.68. Moreover, the annual wage on average will be around $267,660. This is the starting salary of a Neurosurgeon with a monthly payment of almost $22000. However, this will increase and can reach a seven digits salary with proper experience and skills.

Neurosurgeon in usa

Average Neurosurgeon Salary in the USA

Before discussing or illustrating the salary range for a Neurosurgeon we have to know about the role of a neurosurgeon. Specifically, neurosurgeons are a special kind of doctor who will treat and diagnose the nerve system of the human body.

They are specialized in the neuro science of the medical sector which works with the human brain, spinal cord, and nerves.

According to The Mount Sinai Hospital, the specific responsibilities of a Neurosurgeon are,

1. Surgery of Brain and Cranial Tumors.

2. Surgery of Pediatric Cerebrovascular.

3. Surgery of Spine Disorders.

4. Surgery of the Nerve system.

5. Treatment for Stroke and Cerebrovascular.

6. Pain Management Treatment.

7. Neurocritical Care.

They can do surgery as well as they can treat their patients with medicines, meditations, and other methods that apply to the situation. Performing surgery on the brain or inside of the brain requires much knowledge, practice, skills, and experience that a person from the general field can never understand.

Some of the surgery of the history was so critical that it took tens of hours in a row for more than ten doctors to work together. So, one can imagine how much education and skills he or she will need.

The Highland Hospital stated that to be in OT to perform Neurosurgery a doctor will need years of education and experience. Specifically, that person will need.

1. Four years of pre-medical education at a Medical College or University.

2. Four years of medical school resulting in an M.D or D.O degree.

3. Internship of one year in general surgery.

4. Four to five years of experience in a neurosurgery residence program.

5. Need to specialize under any renowned neurosurgeon in a particular area.

6.  They have to continue with their education, doing research, conference, and publications, gaining more degrees and practicing as much as they can.

Because the more education, skills, and experience they will get the better they will become.

Now one can imagine the hard work a person needs to do to be a neurosurgeon and the hard work they need to do for their whole life. Becoming a neurosurgeon is an ongoing process of education and learning. So, the pay scale for this job needs to be as high as possible.

Respecting the hard work and the affords they made to save human life, the US government does pay them well with a fair wage rate. According to the U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS, the minimum average wage for a surgeon would be $294,520 annually. They also stated that the minimum wage rate for an entry-level neurosurgeon as

Employment Mean hourly wageMean annual wage Wage rise
7,120$ 128.68$267,6602.4 %

That means he or she will get at least $128.68 hourly and the mean annual wage will be around $267,660. This is an estimated national average. However, the wage will be different according to position and according to different states and cities.

Moreover, this position of employment will be one of the highest-paid professions among every profession in the USA. No one can pay a person holding this position less than $100 hourly even if that person has the lowest degree and experience.

The industry that pays the highest wage to Neurosurgeon in the USA

The government body of the USA also illustrated the minimum wage rate for different industrial areas of employment. As we know a doctor or a Neurosurgeon is a learner, a teacher, a doctor, and a surgeon, he or she has a bunch of responsibilities and work opportunities in a different sector.

Moreover, the average salary for those species is as is also seated by the government.

IndustryEmployment Hourly mean wageAnnual mean wage 
Offices of Physicians4,230$ 135.50$ 281,830
Specialty Hospitals140$ 119.93$ 249,450
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals2,350$ 119.60$ 248,770
Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools100$ 38.87$ 80,850

Specifically, the lowest wage will be in the education sector for the Surgeon. There they will teach the students or the resident under the advice or supervision of any specific organization or educational institution.

The minimum hourly rate for this specific area will be $38.87. The highest earning or wage they will get from the offices of Physicians or their chamber of theirs. Moreover, in any hospital and surgical hospital, the minimum annual wage they get will is $248,770.

As we already mentioned that the ultimate wage rate will depend on the experience and the States, we can now see the wage rate for the different states of the USA. The information will be sorted according to the highly paid and highest number of employees in a different state.

Neurosurgeon wage in New York

For employment and wage rates, New York State was marked as ranked 1st by the government. Because this state has 1,130 neurosurgeons employed with one of the highest average hourly wages of $123.78 and $257,470 annually.

This is the estimate for the surgeon with minimum experience or entry-level. With more degrees, skills, and experience the salary will increase. This is one of the most highly paid jobs in this state. One can validate this stamen from a good salary in New York City.

Let’s get the data for the best Neurosurgery hospital in New York City. This will help one find the best possible place for treatment, practice, get the guidance, and get a job.

Hospital NameLowAverageHigh
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital$558,000$651,800$761,300
Mount Sinai Hospital$525,600$698,100$883,350
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center$690000$783,349$1,709,000

Three of the hospital information stated above are the most popular neurosurgery specialized hospital. Also, these hospitals had placed among the ten best hospitals worldwide. As for the salary for their neurosurgeon, they pay an extremely handsome salary.

For example, the best hospital New York-Presbyterian Hospital paid 374% more than the national average. Also, New York is the 4th best city for the highest-paid job for neurosurgeons.

How much New Jersey offers?

New Jersey is the 3rd best city for neurosurgery specialized jobs. This state is also in the second position for holding the number of employees for that specific job. There is almost 540 position for that position with a fair wage rate which is more than New York.

The minimum hourly wage rate in New Jersey is $142.34 with a minimum yearly rate of $296,070. That means the residents of Neurosurgery can earn that much. If those surgeons have a little more experience, then they can earn more.

Therefore, they can lead an extremely luxurious life with that much salary in anywhere this state. Even in the most expensive State too. Let’s see some of the best-paid hospitals in this area of the USA for our hard worker’s surgeons.

Hospital NameLowAverageHigh
Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery at Saint Barnabas$570,000$690,800$810,300
JFK University Medical Center at Hackensack Meridian Health$555,600$748,100$933,350
Capital Health Medical Center-Hopewell$740000$843,349$1,909,000

Here, we can see that the salary range in New Jersey for the surgeon is higher than the New York. Because this city has more pay rate than the other one. as we can see that the surgeon in that specialized in that area can earn 7 digits of salary or even more early.

Wage scenerio in Arizona

As for the number of employment Arizona state placed in the third number. However, for the salary range for a Neurosurgeon, it is stated in the 5th number among the best 5 states for high salary for that position.

As the living cost here is too low, we can justify that pay rate. In this state 380, neurosurgeons will get employment. Moreover, the minimum hourly rate will be $50.87 and $105,800 annually. Let’s see some of the best hospitals in that area that pay the highest to their employees.

Hospital NameLowAverageHigh
Barrow Neurological Institute$1988,00$2272,90$2617,20
Mayo Clinic$155,600$238,634$899,496
Phoenix Children Hospital$159,785$248,700$408,106

Ranked 1st in the state borrow Neurological Institute is one of the best hospitals in this nation for Neurosurgery. In this hospital, the average salary will be at least 300% more than the national average. The lowest salary will be $1,988,000 here. That means a neurosurgeon with a minimum profile can earn that much here.

Montana, how much this state offers?

In the United State nation, Montana is the state that pays the highest to Neurosurgeons. The average pay rate for this state is almost 500% more than the national average. Also, this one has a total of 110 positions for the neurosurgeon officially.

Here, one can earn at least $147.4 5hourly and $306,690 annually. This is one of the most highly paid positions in the whole nation. The salary data from the most popular hospitals in this state will help to get a clearer view.

Hospital NameLowAverageHigh
Billings Clinic$583,003$691,800$961,300
Providence St. Patrick Hospital$593,003$721,800$1031,300
St. Vincent Healthcare-Billings$566,003$673,800$942,300

Billings Clinic is in the 2nd position for providing the best possible service in that specific area in Montana. This hospital will provide the lowest salary of $583,003 yearly.

However, the Providence St. Patrick Hospital, which is one of the best nationwide, this one have the highest salary range of $1031,300 per year. Overall, we can say that this state will offer more than 500% compared to the national average.

Neurosuergon salary in Delaware

The lowest number of neurosurgeon employees is in Delaware state. But this state pays the second highest wage to their doctors specifically neurosurgeons. That means even if the opportunities are low here, the pay rate scale is high.

Specifically, there is only 70 specialized position and the average hourly pay rate is $144.73 with an annual rate of $301,040.

Now, we will see the salary data of some of the renowned neurosurgery specialized hospitals in this state. This data will help to understand the range clearly.

Hospital NameLowAverageHigh
Delaware best hospital for neurosurgery$506,401$672,601$1,013,425
Christiana Care Hospitals$500,003$521,800$731,300
Bayhealth Kent General Hospital$305,000$473,800$542,300

In this state, the pay scale is also high for the neurosurgeon almost similar to Montana. However, the opportunities here for neurosurgeons are low.

Overall, the states of the USA will pay a high wage to the neurosurgeon. From the most popular state to the least popular, everywhere they will get a high wage. It is because this position is one of the jobs that gets a fat salary estimated by the government.

Specifically, a neurosurgeon will make at least $22,305 per month. This is just the starting salary of a Neurosurgeon and it continues to grow. With more experience, skills, and degrees the salary can reach 6 digits per month.

With that amount, they can live a healthy and wealthy life anywhere in the country. For more information on living costs and compare with the salary, one can also compare it with Living costs in Washington state which is one of the favorite places to live.

If one is wondering about the salary range of this novel and hardworking position in other countries, the data below will help them decide or know.

First of all, for neurosurgeons, the USA is considered to be the country that offers a suitable salary. However, some other countries offer high salaries to their surgeons specializing in Neurologists.

Average Neurosurgeon Salary in the USA

Neurosurgeon Salary in USA Vs other countries

The average Neurosurgeon Salary in the USA is $267,660
SwitzerlandCHF 475’423 or $4,99,298.74-60.4%
NorwayKR3671197 or $504344.16-61.3%
Japan¥45,375,821 or $340646.54-24.8%
Australia$616,108 or $430570.16-46.8%
Denmark2.677.288 kr. or $367802.26-31.1%

One may have a feeling wonder to know the salary of the best neurosurgeons in the USA in different areas of the country. Well, it is a blessing that the USA has the best neurosurgeons and the number is not low. Let’s see the name and the close amount they earn.

Best Neurosurgeon in the USA and their salary

Neurosurgeons nameMinimum income
Dr. Philip E. Stieg$650,800
Dr. Eric H. Elowitz$631,800
Dr. Michael G. Kaplitt$666,800
Dr. ChetanBettegowda$671,800
Dr. Henry Brem$688,800
Dr. KiarashShahlaie$599,800
Dr. James J. Evans$570,800
Dr. Michael A Morone$621,800
Dr. Orrin Devinsky$567,800
Dr. Aviva Bojko$671,800

As we can see, the neurosurgeon with the best title or great experience will earn millions per year. It’s not like the fixed income they will earn but just an estimate. Because with every surgery they will earn more. Some of them have a private clinic where they can earn other millions.

According to the information above the table, most developed countries offer the highest pay scale to their neurosurgeons. Because it is one of the critical jobs to do in the medical field. Years of hard work and sleepless night is the result of this position. People work their hearts out to be neurosurgeons so that wage is an honorary scale for them.

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