How much is RAM 1500 headlights bulb Size Guide?

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RAM 1500 headlights bulb size will be different for different trim years. Also, the size will vary according to the placement of the lights. If one is planning to replace the old headlights or dead ones, the first thing that is important to match is the size of them. It will be okay if one buys something brighter or little less bright than the previous one. however, one cannot change the size of the build.

It is because, of the pins of the bulb in the main body, that one have to match those size and pattern. Otherwise, the bulbs will not get attached to the system. Furthermore, one will have to read the information below to know more.

RAM 1500 headlights bulb

RAM 1500 headlights bulb size

In any car headlights is the most important exterior equipment. Because without those driving in the dark and fog will not be possible. Not only this, but headlights are also responsible for many security and safety of the passengers of the car.

Because of these lights drivers from far, away can guess the dimension of the car. Using that they can leave the place on the roads to safely pass the other car. That minimizes road accidents at a high rate. In the recent memes, manufacturers are using different technology in the headlights to make it more convenient.

However, the headlights are not forever, they have a limited lifetime. When there is a problem with any of the light owners need to replace it with a new one. they can change the kelvin value and beam of the headlights. But changing the size of the lights is not what they can. Moreover, the important thing to consider while replacing headlights is the size.

In every car, there is a defined type, number, and pattern of the plug to attach the headlights. This is also true for the Ram 1500 pickup trucks too. These amazing off-road vehicles use the most intense mechanism to provide excellent performance. at the time one replaces the headlights of these cars, they need to follow the size guidelines illustrated below.

Ram 1500 (not classic) headlights bulb size
RAM 1500 headlights bulb size

If one is confused about when they should change the headlights, it is pretty simple. Because when the lights start popping and have a lower beam, it is time to check the problem. When finally, they stopped giving lights, they are dead and needed replacement. In case one wants to replace the lights by themselves, it is quite simple. They just need to follow the steps illustrated below.  

Installing new headlights in Ram 1500-Pull the lever of the hood on the side of the driver and press the hood latch.
-Unscrew the first 12mm long 10mm hex-head screws and the next 6 inches one.
-Remove the third screw Pinch the rubber gasket’s bottom and pull it out from the headlight assembly.
-Pry up the clamping teeth and pull off the electronic connector to remove the headlight assembly.
-Now attached is the new headlit in its place. -Put everything back in its place as they were before carefully.
-Check the brightness and visibility of the new headlights.


Overall, every automotive owner needs to know their vehicle’s specific headlight size. If one is using the RAM 1500 pickup trucks then it will be different for different placement of the lights. Hopefully, they have got all the information on the RAM 1500 headlights bulb size from the above discussion.

It is not hard to find the size and exact headlights in the market. There are a lot of offline and online shops offering several options in that category. Therefore, one must choose a headlight that is legal in their state and maintain the size.


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