How much do Real Estate Agents Make Salary in the USA in 2023, will it be fluctuating?

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The profession of selling property in the USA is one of the oldest professions with proper paying rates. With a $23.24 average hourly state average, this will bring an estimate of $48,340 annually. However, the income of the persons in this sector will be highly subjective. It will extremely vary according to state, time, experience, and many more things.

Since the total income is on commission, it is hard to provide any fixed salary idea for this job. However, one can use the data illustrated below to put a clear picture of the overall scenario of Real Estate Agents Makes in the USA.

Though there is no law that any agencies should pay that particular percentage to their selling agent, the estimated average commission is 2% to 3%. Some of the agencies even provide a 1% commission from the profit. Among all the states, the agent can earn high in Hawaii, New York, California, and states where the house price is high.

Real Estate Agents Make Salary In USA

When one is thinking about buying a house where do they go? It is a simple question to answer, they go to the real estate who are solely responsible for buying and selling property for their clients. Some people hire them for buying a house or property and some people hire them for selling. To help those agencies on those particular work, there are field workers who are known as real estate agents or realtors.

They work in the field describing every detail of that particular property to the clients. They hear and analyze the needs of every particular client and then find a suitable match for them. After that, they discuss every detail of that house with the clients according to their needs. Here, they need to convince the client that this particular property is the best option for them. Well, it is a hell of a work to convince people of something.

Sadly, most of the agencies do not offer any fixed salary to their realtor. They will get money for their hard work once they successfully sell a house or a property. However, that amount is paid in percentages which are quite low sometimes. As a beginner, many real estate agents work more than 40 hours per week and once they get to sell something, they only get 2% of that which is quite low.

However, according to the U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS, there are 224,380 real estate agents in the survey of 2021. Moreover, they are supposed to make at least $32.1 hourly and $66,880 annually. If we get a percentile of the income range of this position, it will be

10th percentile25th percentileAverage75th percentile90th percentile

So, the lowest paid will be in the 10th percentile which will be around $28270 annually with an hourly rate of $13.59. The average will be $48340 annually and the highest percentile will be $102,170 with an hourly rate of $49.12 only.

Income Tax for real estate agents in the USA

The income of every real estate agent in the USA is based on commission. They earn by selling a house which is considered to be self-employment and they do not fall into employment by any organization. Since that person does not have any salary contract and the earnings are not fixed, the tax rate is extremely controversial. According to IRS, the self-employment tax will be 15.3% with so many rules and regulations. For the real estate agent, it is more controversial and requires a professional to solve for them. In some cases, they do not even have to pay any income taxes.

Income range of Realtors according to experience

It is a bitter truth that in real estate earning is quite hard in the first couple of years. They experienced pretty hardship to earn bucks and need to work so hard putting so much time, afford, and money. After that, they can make a solid place in the market place which comes with an income.

Years of ExperienceSalary Range
1 to 2 years$0 – $85,900
3 to 5 years$85,900 – $95,500
6 to 9 years$95,500 – $109,500
10+ years $109,500+ 

As we said, in the first couple of years, one can earn no money or even the estimated average. Sometimes, some of the agents earn six figures in their first year. It is so unpredictable to say for sure because it will depend on individuals’ luck, skills, and the circumstances of the specific area.

However, after one passes those crucial years, they can earn at least a figure which can go from 5 digit to 6 digit figure. Moreover, with experience of 10+ years, an agent working in real estate can earn $260 per hour or even more. After that much time, they get a fixed salary as well as a high commission. Because they already have created a strong foundation in the marketplace with tremendous success. So, we can say experience is a strong point that alters the overall income here.

Do the Relators in the USA get well paid?

This is a controversial question to answer because this will vary from area to area, agency to agency, and agent to agent. However, we can say that this is one of the lowest-paid jobs in the USA with unpredictability and the possibility of coming with no money in their pockets for months. Some of the relators do not even get a buck in the first couple of years since they could not sell any house. However once one overcomes that patch of life they will earn handsome money.

To get into such a position they will need to make a strong foundation in the market. That requires an hour of hard work in the field with a lot of other pressure. Overall, the income they earn in the US is not so good but bad.

How to become a real estate agent in the USA?

To become an active agent to earn from this job in real estate, a person has to go through certain things and earn certain qualifications. The government of the USA has already mentioned the process and the criteria that needed to be fulfilled to become a professional.

Education and Training

According to the guidelines, a person will be qualified even if he or she only has a high school diploma. However, they need to take some specific courses and complete those successfully to pass the license exam. However, some states may wave the course if that person has a college degree in real estate.

Since this industry is getting complex with complex rules, laws, technology, and many more every agency looks for candidates having at least a bachelor’s in this specific field. So, that they can adapt to the environment and can deal with the complex situation easily.

Besides, they need to get some real-life training in the field before they can earn. For that, they can work as an intern under someone professional and learn how to be a successful realtor.


Getting the license is a must for the agent to be in the market and selling or buying a house. To get the license they have to meet some specific requirements like they have to be at least 18 years old, having certifications in some specific real estate courses, and passing the license exam.

What type of skills and education are required to be an agent in real estate?

From the estimated hourly and yearly salary, we can assume that this job position does not require much education. According to job advertisements from a different agency, a person with a high school diploma can be an agent. However, he or she needs to attend a special class to become a real estate agent and pass an exam to get a license. Without that license, they will not get paid as well as the agencies will not hire them.

Along with the academic qualification, that specific position requires some other skills. Those skills are extremely important to build a proper place in this market.

1. Great Communication skills.

agent Communication skills

The agents will be contacting so many types of people in this field. Some may like to talk face to face. Some will prefer written communication like email or any other sources. That is why an agent needs to be an expert in every type of communication skill to deal with different types of clients. The required communication skills are,

  1. Verbal Communication skill
  2. Non-verbal communication skill
  3. Written communication skill
  4. Written communication skill
  5. Great listener

2. Knowledge about the locals

It is important to have proper knowledge about the locals and the neighbors to provide solid information to the clients. People wanting to buy a house will ask about the neighborhood of that specific house to be precise about their needs and availability.

3. Real State Knowledge

Another must skill and knowledge is the knowledge of the real estate market.  She or he will get that from the diploma they will have to take to get the license. Moreover, to be a successful one, they will have to learn it thoroughly and properly.

4. Marketing and Negotiation skills

The responsibility of an agent is not only overviewing or guiding the property. He or she will be dealing with the final price of the property. So, they need to have both marketing skills and negotiation skills.

5. Time management skills

In this job punctuality and time management skill is extremely important. Because that person will need to deal with many clients in a different location a day.

6. Ability to adapt new tools and technology

The world is changing so does the tools and technology we used in our business. Long before the use of email was not popular but it gained popularity. As with this, new technology and tools may come in the present or future. So, an agent needs to have the ability to conduct that knowledge easily.

These are the basic skills an agent needs to have to perform well in this job section and earn well. With all those skills and education he or she can build a proper place in the market within a couple of years or less. Now, let’s see how much they can earn with all those skills and education in the different States of America.

Income of Realtors in California

For selling houses and property California is one of the hotspots. Because this state has the most popular city like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and many more. Also, the demand for the house in the summer increases here highly. Also, the price of apartments and houses in this state is quite high. So, the agent can earn a handsome amount here. Specifically, according to the state average, this job holder will earn around $36.75 per hour and $76,440 annually on average. However, this is just an estimate and some of the agents may earn double or triple this.

Now, let’s consider the income of different cities in this state. Because different areas will have a different rate in property which will impact the earnings of a person.

CityAverage income
Beverly Hills$115, 000
Los Angeles$103,160
Santa Barbara $85,297
San Francisco $91,000
San Diego$94,000
San Jose$88,381
Santa Rosa$97,420

Among all the popular cities in California, a real estate agent can earn the maximum in Beverly Hills. Because the prices of the house here are extremely expensive because of the location and the view. Also, this is one of the most beautiful and hassle-free cities in California where many celebs are living. As we know already, the agent will get a commission percentage from the profit. So, if the house is sold at a high price then the commission will be high.

Specifically, the earnings of the agent in this city will be around $115, 000 or more. Moreover, another city of high income in Los Angeles with a yearly average range of $103,160. Moreover, the earnings in San Francisco, Sacramento, and some other cities will be close to six-figure. Some of the popular real state agency in California that offers a proper commission to their agents are,

Agency NameComposition rate
The Bienstock Group1% to 6%
Sam Realty Group with Compass1% to 6%
Corcoran Global Living1% to 10%
Robert and Dawn Morris2%
Christophe Choo>1%

These are some popular and highest-rated real state agencies. They offer good service to the clients and preferable commission to their agent. Depending on experience and performance, an agent can have 1% to more commission per property. Here Corcoran Global Living is known for offering a high percentage to their relators in California. Moreover, some of the real estate agents that one can trust and have the highest income are,

Real estate agent nameIncome
Christine Dosen$358700
Randy Waller$255890
Matt and Josh Altman$4.5 million
Melissa Goldstein Tucci$168700
Nick Abbadessa$105,134

All the names listed above are the top real estate agent from all over California. The special mention deserves two of the best agent Matt and Josh Altman. Both of them are brothers who work as an agent in Los Angeles and have a popularity for selling the highest property and having millions of earnings. Moreover, Christine Dosen is another name of the best agent in Ridgecrest, CA. she also owns an agency named Dozen real estate. Without the income of her company, she herself earns around $358700 annually as an agent.

Hawaii’s agent’s income in the real state sector

Among all the states in America, Hawaii is one of the states with the highest price of a house in both sale and rent. One can get a proper view of the living cost of one of the popular cities Honolulu. According to the state government survey, the supply of houses is low according to the demand, this is another reason for the high price of the house. Moreover, the estimated median value of a house is $1,386,483 here stated reported by CNBC. That makes it a hotspot to earn a lot for real estate agents. According to BLS, the minimum income of them in this state will be $52,610 annually. However, in Ohio and Honolulu, it will be a bit different because the average salary will be high here compared to other cities.

However, this range is highly dependable according to different areas of Hawaii. Because not every city in this state has a high percentage in living costs or house prices. However, the capital Honolulu has a high demand for a house with a high prices. Let’s see the percentage of commission for a different popular real state agency for their agent in this beautiful state.

Real estate agencyCommission
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Hawaii Realty5% to 6%
Coldwell Banker Realty5% to 6%
Coldwell Banker Island Properties2.5% to 3%
Corcoran pacific properties Kauai2% to 3%

The commission of an agent from the real estate agencies in Hawaii is almost close to each other. Some of the most popular agencies offer the same range of commissions and some of the not so popular companies offer commissions not more than 1% to 2%. Among them, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Hawaii Realty and Coldwell Banker Realty are quite popular. They offer a high range percentage of income and environment with other benefits to their realtors.

One may be wondering about the relators in this state who have tremendous popularity with the highest income. Well, we know the curiosity of our readers and find out some popular names with an estimated income.

Agent NameIncome
Mary Beddow$109,780
Scott Carvill$1 million
Tracy Allen$104,128
Anne Hogan Perry  $2 million
Susan Borochov$111,321

Above, we have illustrated the most popular and intellectual face of a real estate agent with a high income. They are popular for their high negotiation, convincing, punctuality, and friendliness. Also, they have a high rating from clients as well as in sealing properties. From the beginning of their career till now, they have sold billions worth of property. Therefore, one can guess the income of an agent in this specific field in that state from the beginning level to expertise.

Relators earning in Texas

People all over the world consider Texas as one of the most suitable and affordable states in the USA for living. However, for a few years, the house rate in Texas are increasing rapidly with living costs because of the popularity of the state. The supply of houses becoming low compared to the demand of people which is solely responsible for the rise in house prices.

According to the research of the Texas government, a single-family house’s median cost will be around $300,000 and it will be 60% to 70% more for a big-family house. According to Dr. Ali Anari, Research Economist, Texas A&M Real Estate Center, “Since 2000, the Texas land price index for single-family homes has increased by 122 percent, compared with 95 percent nationally”. Overall, the income of realtors has increased with the increasing house price. As stated in the US BLS, the median income of an agent in this sector will be $59,250 annually. However, this is extremely subjective which can be high or low. To justify the statement one can see the charges the popular agency will provide.

Real estate agencyCommission
HomesUSA.com3% to 6%
Austin Real Estate Experts2.71% or more
Coldwell Banker Realty3%
Ebby Halliday3%
ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate2.5% to 3% and a monthly fee

One of the biggest real state agencies in Texas is with billions of gross sales. Also, this organization has a vast number of realtors working hard to make it happens. To honor the hard work of their employees they offer 3% to 6% commission depending on the experience of the agent. Moreover, another popular agency in Texas is ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate. This one offer per sell commission as well as a monthly fixed salary with other benefits.

These are the most popular agencies in different cities of Texas with high sale rates as well as beneficiary rates to their field workers. Furthermore, we should get to know the best and most highly paid realtors in Texas to get a clear idea about the overall picture.

Agent NameIncome
Ben Caballero$500,000
Matt Menard$300,000
Ginger Weeks$170,000
Cherry Ruffino$95,000
Kelly Kelley$87,000

Mostly all the agencies in Texas provide 1 to 6 percent commission to the relators depending on experience. Also, the popularity and sales rate of the relators have a huge impact on the commission rate. Some of the popular relators with billions of sales charge more than 10%.

One of the biggest names in the real state in Texas is Ben Caballero who has a record income of around $500,000 per year. He is one of the most popular faces with a sale rate of more than a billion. Another popular name is Matt Menard. This person wined the ABJ’s annual Residential Real Estate Awards contest which take his name to another level. There are some other popular agents in this popular state of America who have lawfully made their place in this business and doing great by earning great.

Real Estate Agents Make  money USA
Real Estate Agents Make money USA infographic

The Scenario of the commission of agents working in New York real estate

Among one the highly expensive cities to live in New York is one of the names which also comes in the top world rank. We all know that 55% of the living cost is the house rent. So, we can say that the house rent, as well as house buying price, is high in NY. If we estimate an average cost, NYC which was the capital once is the most expensive one with an expensive house rate.

According to New York State, the average median house sale rate is $320,000. So, one can guess the income of realtors here compared to the house rate. Since this city is always young with busy working people, every day of the year is a season for selling houses. From one studio apartment to a big house for a big family, every type is in demand.

Clarifying the average earning of relators we will illustrate the commission offered by big agencies below. Moreover, no agencies will offer a percentage to the agent below 1%. Some of the experienced and popular people even get a lot more than this.

Real estate agencyCommission
Brown Harris Stevens3% to 6% with monthly salary to top agents and other benefits.
Compass3% or more
The Corcoran Group3%
Douglas Elliman3%
Sotheby’s International Realty3%

New York is one of the states with a huge number of agencies and picking the best one among them is hard. However, mentioning the name Brown Harris Stevens as the best real estate agent in New York or NYC will not be a bad decision. They are in this business for over 150 years of thousands of agents. Maintaining their popularity they also offer at least 3% of commission or even more. They also provide health benefits, vacation, and other benefits like a fixed salary to their top agents.

Almost every popular agency in different cities of New York will offer at least 3% of the commission of the profit to their agents. Some of them also offer other health, travel, and other benefits. Some of the best agents of all those best agencies are,

Agent NameAnnual income
Michael Kenduck$2 million or more
Geraldine Andolina$172,871
John Farrell$6,60,455
Chintan Trivedi$95,000
Deborah Rieders$87,000

Saying the annual income for different even the best real estate agent in different cities of NY is hard. However, the average income of a relator in NYC, Brooklyn, and popular cities like those will be greater than $80,000. The income will be too subjective here because of the frequent change in house price and their performance. However, the best realtor in NYC is considered to be Michael Kenduck who earns millions in this market.

Income earned by realtors in Massachusetts annually

In the New England region, Massachusetts is the most populated state with some famous cities like Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, and many more. Moreover, the living cost more clearly the housing is too expensive in this state. However, according to the government, the prices of house get significantly declined in the past few years. But in some of the cities like Boston, it gets increased in recent years by at least 18%. We can say this is one of the cities that have the highest price in housing and probability of earning much for the realtors.

According to a different website that is responsible for renting and selling houses, the median house price will be around $521,797 in this state. Moreover, now we can relate that the agents will earn handsome here. Let’s see the offerings of some of the popular agencies to their relators in Massachusetts State.

Real estate agencyCommission
FOCUS Real Estate2.27% to 3.29%
William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage, and Insurance3%
Doherty Properties2.5% to 3%
Fruh Realty, LLC2% to 3%
Jack Conway & CompanySalary, performance commission, and many more benefits.

The real estate market in Massachusetts is quite warm because of the high price of houses. However, the commission rate for the realtors in this state is almost like the other state. However, some of the agencies offer extra facilities to their agent.  Among all the agencies FOCUS Real Estate is considered to be the best agency for real estate and they offer quite a good commission to their workers.

One of the oldest companies namely Jack Conway & Company also offers other benefits with salary and performance commission. The agents in this state can choose any of the organizations to work which ensures a wonderful workplace and quality of work. We can see the estimated income of some of the best agents in Massachusetts State.

Agent NameAnnual income
Jason Saphire$252,987
Kyle Seyboth$182,800
Kim Covino$122,455
Julie Etter$101,000
Lynne Morey$97,000

Among all the realtors in this state, people considered Jason Saphirethe best among all. He is the founder as well as a broker of Entry Only real state company. Without the revenue, he earns at least $252,987 per year as an agent. Moreover, there are some other agents namely Kyle Seyboth, Kim Covino, Julie Etter, and Lynne Morey who are considered to be well earners and best relators of Massachusetts.

Earning a range of real estate agents in Washington DC

Washington DC formally known as the District of Columbia is the capital of the United State of America and the place where the white house is. Moreover, the living cost here is comparatively low including accommodation and everything. One can find more information on the Cost Of Living in Washington State including house rent and buying prices of different conditions. According to OFM Washington, the median price of a house for a family will be around $452,400. So, one can predict that the price is not too low to give fewer chances to the relators to earn less.

Moreover, the earnings in this city are tax-free, so they can earn a proper amount without paying the taxes even if the commission is low. Besides, the US government has estimated a median wage range or income range for this job in this state as $37.36  per hour and $77,710 annually. It is predicted that an experienced agent will not earn less than this. To justify that statement let’s know the commission’s offers by some popular agencies and the annual income of some best agents.

Agencies NameOffered benefits
Chic City Real Estate4% to 6%
Houwzer2.5% to 6%
McEnearney Associates5% or more
Washington Fine Properties4.96% to 6%
Nomadic Real EstateStarting from 1.3%

All the names mentioned above have got a 4.5+ rating on google user reviews by real persons. They have taken the service and rated their service according to their experience. Moreover, the agents working in those companies get an excellent work life balance with quality work palace, flexibility, good commissions, and other benefits. According to a user review, we can say that Chic City Real Estate is the best real state agency in Washington State which offers 4% to 6% of the profit from every house the agent sells. Moreover, the best agent with handsome income are,

Best Agent nameTheir annual income
Lorraine Rotanelli $3 million
Amy Leicht$6 million
Don Goethals$110,900
Michael Cannon$99,000
Kathy Dessimoz$89,000

In Washington State, finding a house is a matter of headache because of the high demand and low supply. So, the income of the agents mainly in Seattle is quite high. Among all the best realtors, we will like to mention one of the best agents from Seattle named Lorraine Rotanelli who earns at least $3 million per month. Another shining name in the history of real estate agents is Amy Leicht. She has 18 years of experience in this field with the highest annual income rate of more than $6 million in the Kennewick area.

New Jersey real estate agent’s annual income

New Jersey is one of the most beautiful States of the USA near the Atlantic Ocean which increases its beauty. With high benefits of living, education, and quality of life people prefer living in this state at a high rate which increases the house price as well as the income of the body related to this field including agents. According to NJ Government, the house price is increasing by 3% with a median rate of around $335,607. Following that price, the earnings of an agent can be calculated. Moreover, let’s see some of the best companies and their offerings to their best agents.

Terrie O’Connor Realtors4%
Turpin RealtorsStarting from 1.3%
Weichert RealtorsStarting from 2.5%
Your Town Realty4%
PRIME Real Estate Group4%

The commission of agents in this field is around 4% to 6% estimated by the New Jersey government. Moreover, Terrie O’Connor Realtors is considered to be the best agency or organization in New Jersey offering a 4% commission to their best agent with some other benefits. We have illustrated some highly rated agencies that people can trust. Also, they offer a suitable income and other benefits to their agents. One can guess the income after seeing the annual income of some of the best realtors in this state.

Ronnie  Glomb$119,627
David Beach$100,000
Alan Browne$130,000
Johnny Rojas$111,000
Mario Venancio$100,000

All of the mentioned relators are the best from different cities in New Jersey. Specifically, Ronnie Glombis considered to be the best agent in New Jersey with a yearly income of around $119,637 or more. He is popular for his professional yet friendly behavior with high skill in convincing and negotiation. All the other agents such as Alan Browne who has an annual income of $130,000 also well known among the house sellers and buyers.

Income range of Maryland agents in real estate

This state is situated in the mid-Atlantic region with beautiful forests, waterfalls, rivers, and whatnot. Moreover, other facilities like work, education, and quality of life are pretty good here which is why often people move to this state from any expensive state. The income of one of the common profession relators in this state is highly subjective and depends on season. Many expert agents may get an income of 6 digit figure in a year and next year it becomes 5 or 4. However, the state average for this profession is not set by law but it is expected that the professional does not get less than 3%. It is all about the negotiation between the agent and the agency.

Moreover, the BLS stated that the hourly income of this profession in Maryland should be $30.97 and $64,410 yearly on average. Still, it will highly depend on the offerings of the agency and the experience of the agent because the income will depend on the performance of every individual. Let’s see some examples of the best agent and best agencies.

Popular Agencies in MarylandTheir offered commissions
Keller Williams Realty3% or more
Lahaina REALTOR1% to 4.99%
Long & Foster2.5% to 3%
Precise Real Estate & Dev2% to 4%
Century 213% to 5%

Keller Williams Realty is one of the best brokerages in Columbia, Maryland. This organization has many wings all over the USA and in every city of every state, they are doing quite well. Because they offer quite a good commission along with other facilities, their agents work quite hard. Also, they hired the best of the relators offering good facilities. With annual sales of billions, they are the best real state agency in Maryland.

Moreover, the Lahaina realtor, long and foster, precise real estate and dev, and century 21 are doing pretty similar and good in this industry offering almost similar commission rates and benefits to their agents.

Agents in MarylandYearly income
Waldner Winters Team$154,000
Peggy Lyn Speicher$136,000
Creig Northrop$2 million
Beverly Langley$119,541 
Sean C. Brink$111,000

All the illustrated names above are the best realtors of Maryland with an annual income of millions. Among all, Creig Northrop is one of the best who founded the Long and Foster real estate organization and take it top 10 agencies in this state. Moreover, his annual income as a relator is around two million USD and sometimes more or less.

Besides, the Waldner Winters Team of the best agency is also doing quite well by selling properties of billions. One can get an idea of the total scenario by all the illustrated information here for Maryland. The commission rate here is almost similar to other but the selling percentage is not much which is why the agents earn a little low in this state. Still, the average income is higher than the national average.

Realtor’s median earning in Florida

The house price in Florida is comparatively affordable and this state has enough housing to offer to its people. Since the selling or buying rate of the house is the income rate of the agent, we can say the average will be a little low here. According to some authorized body, this profession in this specific state is supposed to make $100,618 per year. However, this is just an estimate which will highly change according to agencies and agents. Therefore getting knowledge about the offered commission of some best agencies and the annual income of some best agents may give a proper idea for this state.

Best Real estate agent in FloridaBenefits
Fair Trade Real Estate2.5% to 3%
Ready Real Estate2.5% to 3%
REALI2% to 3%
Douglas Elliman2.3% to 3%

Almost all the popular agencies in Florida offer 25 to 3% or even more to their agents. Depending on the performance and experience of the individual they also offer some other benefits which include health insurance, traveling once or twice a year, family vacation, festival bonus, and many more. Some of the most trusted and popular agents of this state are,

Ralph Harvey$133,800
Phil Rotondo$223,904
Missy Zecher$110,000
Paul Saperstein$100,000

They are the most common face in real estate for buying and selling property in Florida. Among all the best agent Ralph Harvey and Phil Rotondo are two of the person that earns the highest income. Including all the states we mentioned there are some other places where the real estate business is quite popular such as Georgia, Virginia, New Mexico, Idaho, and many more. All the real estate agents in the cities of those states can earn well. For that, they will require a license first. Let’s compare some of the best countries that offer the highest salaries to real estate agents.

Australia$6929535% High compared to the USA
Netherlands$5616014.9% High compared to the USA
Denmark$8190151.5% High compared to the USA
Canada$12506889.1% High compared to the USA
Germany$9007860.3% High compared to the USA
Hong Kong$5587814.6% High compared to the USA

According to the table above, the real estate market in Canada is burning in recent times with a chance of high income. Because of the unavailability and high price of the house, real estate agents earn high here compared to the USA and most other countries of the world. Also, the income in Germany, Denmark, and Australia is quite high. Comparatively, the annual income of the realtors in the USA is lower than in other developed countries. The main reason behind the scene is the availability of the house as well as the high price.

Besides, they need to build their foundation in that particular area by investing money, time, skills, afford, and whatnot. Once they were able to build an image in this industry their income of theirs will be high. However, if they failed to do so, no matter how many years they will be working, their earnings of theirs will be low.

For every place, this particular income will be highly subjective and circumstances based. One can earn low this year because of some changes in the environment, weather, or economy of the country. It is possible that they can yearn twice or more than their average. Since the income is based on commission, it will not be fixed but fluctuate which can change every week, every month, and every year.

 So, all the estimates we have illustrated above as the salary of different agents, it can change for any particular year in the lowest to highest range. However, all the agencies and agents mentioned in this article are highly popular with the high rating given by the clients themselves. Hopefully, the readers will be benefited from all those information to searing proper agents or become an agent in this industry. The beginning may feel hard but once one made a place they will enjoy working with a handsome income and other benefits offered by their agencies.

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