How much does a Runescape membership cost?

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This is a multiplayer online game that allows the gamer to create an artificial identity. The cost range of membership of runescape is around $10 to $100 for different durations. People buy this for accessing all the complex and exciting drills of this game.

Moreover, there are other key benefits that are provided by the pay-to-play feature. The game was introduced in the year 2001, and developers work on it continuously to update it for individuals. The membership price is also increased over the years because of inflation and other reasons.

In this article, we are going to describe the subscription cost for different months and payment methods. Additionally, we also illustrate the price of it for different stores and much more.


Runescape membership cost per month

One-month plan is widely popular among gamers. The current price of this is around $9 to $12. Individuals will get a discount on their payment if they use a specific card that is selected by an authority like; PayPal. However, the cost of one month’s subscription is not fixed. It might be changed due to adding new features as well as other reasons.

In addition to that, the cost of this is not the same in other countries. It actually varies on account of the transaction rate of money and the demands of the market. For instance, in Europe, one month’s subscription price is around €9 to €10. Additionally, UK people need to spend about £6 to £7 on this. In other words, the cost of runescape membership is not the same for different geographic locations.


Price history of one-month membership cost

The starting price range of it is for 30 days starts from $5 which was at the year 2002. Over the last years, this becomes doubled because of many-core reasons which can be considered as the regular process. Moreover, the subscriber numbers for this game are over 200 million which is literally huge if we compare it to other games.

For that reason, in the next table, we mention the cost range of 1 month for some past years. Definitely, this will provide an assumption about its previous cost.

YearPrice range
2003$4 to $5
2006$4 to $4.5
2009$4.5 to $5
2012$6 to $7
2015$7 to $8
2018$8 to $9
2021$10 to $11

This is obvious to have the low price at the developing stage and it has happened for runescape. At that time, the authority had to offer their plan at under $5 for capturing more customers. However, its monthly subscription of it is increased year by year.

Furthermore, a good number of new members are the major reasons to raise the price. The spot price of it is around $13 in the USA market which is very high if we compare it to the starting years of price history. So it will be benefitted for the people if they purchase the membership as soon as possible.

Cost of membership by different months

Some people are very addicted to playing games regularly for a long time. For that reason, buying one monthly subscription will be costly for them. The management of Runescape set their plans for three to twelve months for giving long-time service to the gamers. But, they charge a very competitive price which is not very much lower than the per-month subscription cost.

In the next table, we mention the average price range of this for various months.

DurationPrice range
3 months$28 to $30
6 months$55 to $60
12 months$98 to $100

All the cost ranges in the above table are updated and the authority has the right to change the price according to their policy. Therefore, there are no extra features are not added with the features except duration. Basically, kids and young age people are the main buyers of long-time membership because they like to play with the bot for enhancing their skills so that they can increase their performance while playing with other players.

Cost of RuneScape Premier Club

It is considered one of the lucrative deals for gamers. The cost of 1-year premier club membership is around $70 to $75, which is lower than the general subscription price. People don’t need to worry about its advantages because of its offering at a lower price. Moreover, individuals love all the things of this which actually carries great importance to the game.

To begin with, buyers will find 150000 treasury points which are very much essential to the game for unlocking new and exciting things. In addition to this point, several things are included with this which are also offered in the 12-month general membership card. Moreover, there also have the opportunity to receive monthly reward points and many more things.

Membership cost for different currencies

 We believe the popularity of this is games is scattered all over the world. And a person has the chance to buy a subscription from any part of the world on account of accepting many types of credit and debit cards. That is why it will be very much important for people to know about the cost in different currencies. Hopefully, that will help the individuals in many ways.

In the following table, we mention the price of subscriptions for some countries which have more subscribers.

Name of the country1 month6 months12 months
Australia16 AUD to 17 AUD80 AUD to 82 AUD120 AUD to 122 AUD
Canada14 CAD to 15 CAD71 CAD to 72 CAD114 CAD to 115 CAD
UK£ 9 to £ 10£ 44 to £ 45£ 60 to £ 61
Europe€ 10 to € 11€ 54 to € 55€ 70 to € 71

If we convert the above-mentioned price by USD, the price will be almost the same. Sometimes, the price changes due to fluctuating situation of the current market, and it is more likely to be stable. Moreover, in other countries individuals also have the opportunity to purchase the subscription using their ATM card. But one needs to follow some basic steps for this.

Cost of membership for different payment methods

In the USA, a person can pay the bill directly to retailers or via phone. However, these facilities are hardly available outside of America. Buyers use their credit or debit for making payments most of the time. Moreover, the management of Runescape offers discount deals in some of the familiar credit card companies so that they can attract more customers.

Therefore, there are many banks or financial institutions cards are available in the market. The authority of this is not offering their discount deals in all of them. That is why we find out some options in terms of making the payment with the card for the USA and other countries. We also narrate the cost of their subscription of them in the next table.

Name of the card1 month2 months3 months6 months12 months
PayPal$7 to $8$12 to $13$17 to $18$34 to $35$66 to $67
GiroPay (German)€6 to €7€12 to €13€17 to €18€32 to €33€58 to €59
Paysafe-card (United Kingdom, Mexico, and Europe)€7 to €8€15 to €16€21 to €22€28 to €30€87 to €88
Pre-pay cards$7 to $8N/A$22 to $23N/AN/A

Apart from these options, individuals have other ways to make payments. We mention them due to having low price than the regular range. Most importantly, all the cards might not be available in all countries on account of having different characteristics. Additionally, for buying the pre-cards people need to place their order at Walmart, Target, and many stores.

Individuals also have the opportunity for buying this in the UK. For that, they need to visit Gamestation, Sainsbury’s, and Boot. Moreover, subscribers of Mexico and other European countries can choose the Paysafe card for making their deals. They need an additional amount of money without using this card while buying the membership for different years.

Benefits of Membership

There are several advantages that are offered in the different plans of the membership. People will experience the game in a new way while purchasing the subscriptions. AT first, they will get more than 184 extra incredible quests, 11 formidable skills, and 38 awesome mini-games which are the most common things. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to explore the game base with a three times larger space. This also helps gamers to participate in a good number of different competitions.

Lifetime membership

In general, there has no option for buying a lifetime subscription from them. But, gamers have this opportunity if they become first in the competition. That actually motivates the participants as well. Some exceptions happened regarding lifetime membership for instance, a person was offered a lifetime subscription because he found a problem in the internal mechanism.

Price of 90 days CD key

Most PC gamers in the world like to buy the CD key for accessing all the features of a game. But there have no official stores to sell it. Buyers have the chance to purchase it at $10 to $28 from different stores. In the next table, we mention the price ranges for 90 days CD keys of different stores.

Name of the storePrice range
Eneba$11 to $12
Kinguin$18 to $19
GAMIVO$19 to $20
CJS-CDKeys$23 to $24
G2A$26 to $28

Requirements to play runescape on a PC

Basically, this is a desktop game and gamers need to have a broadband connection in their home. Otherwise, runescape will not play. Moreover, individuals can play the games on a laptop if the requirements are fulfilled. That is why in the following table, we illustrate this for two dimensions such as; minimum and maximum.

Name of the partsMinimum requirementMaximum requirement
Operating SystemWindows 7Windows 10
ProcessorIntel i3+ or AMD 2.4+ GHzIntel i3+ or AMD 2.4+ GHz
Ram4 GB4 GB
Storage200 MB200 MB
Graphics cardGeForce 400x or  Intel HD 4x or AMD Radeon 7xxx +GeForce 400x or Intel HD 4x or  AMD Radeon 7xxx +

If we look at the chart, it is evident that all the things are the same except the operating systems. Basically, the games can provide better performance while playing with the windows 10 operating system. One might use more storage to get the optimal performance from it.

Where to buy a membership?

Many alternative options are available for individuals in terms of purchasing subscription plans for a different duration. The best way will be to place the order at the official site of this game, which will be very much comprehensive for the gamers without any doubt. Additionally, people have the chance to purchase this by using different kinds of credit cards at official stores. Furthermore, one can buy this directly at their nearby game stores in the USA.

Cost Analysis

The number of subscribers of this game has been experiencing constant growth which is become possible due to updating the features on time. By reading through this article, people will get all the information about membership costs. The current price of a Runescape membership is about $10 t0 $100.

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