How much are scrap batteries cost?

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The price of scrap batteries is determined by the present amount of lead, cobalt, nickel, and other metals in the unit.

All these metals are recyclable and further usable in different applications.

The price of nickel, copper, and lead can vary from $0.50/lb to $3.50/lb respectively.

Therefore, the price of per ton scrap batteries will be from $70 to $300.

The price range of different metals found in batteries

Metal  namePrice
Copper$1.50-$3.50 per lb
Brass$1.50-$1.80 per lb
Iron$140-$200 per ton
Steel$150-$200 per ton
Aluminum$0.30-$0.80 per lb
Lead$0.50-$0.80 per lb

Generally, these are some of the common metals present in almost all battery types.

A high quantity of all these metals in a battery will raise the price of the unit.

Scrap automotive battery price

One may consider automotive batteries as Car batteries only. But the term is broader than that. Automotive batteries include a large number of vehicles, including modern cars.

Auto batteries are some of the largest battery units available in modern times.

Here is our estimation for the scrap value of auto batteries-

Automotive vehicle typeScrap battery price
Electric car$100-$250/unit
Compact car$8-$20
Larger trucks$30-$60/unit

Different types of scrap battery price

Battery typeScrap price
AGM battery$100-$180/ton
Nickel metal hydride$75-$180/ton
Deep cycle$90-$150/ton

Almost 90% of modern cars have lead-acid batteries.

The price of scrap car batteries will therefore depend on the price of lead.

In recent times, the price of lead in the international market seems to be fluctuating more than ever before.

The price of lead in the international market is around $0.50/lb.

Therefore, per ton of scrap car batteries will have a price of around $90 to $180.

Along with lead, lithium and AGM batteries also comprise a great share in modern cars. 

Single unit scrap car battery price

Battery typeScrap value
Average price$12-$50
Utility vehicles battery$10-$18
Larger vehicles battery$20-$50

Some car batteries are sellable unit-wise. In that case, each scrap car battery unit will get a price of around $12 to $50.

The price of a single unit car battery price will vary according to the condition of the battery.

Scrap batteries that come from golf carts, minivans, or the like utility vehicles will get a quote of around $10 to $18 on each unit.

Larger SUVs or compact cars that have bigger lead-acid batteries will get a quote of around $20 to $50 on each battery unit.

Electric battery scrap value

Electric battery typePrice
Mobile phone$0.45/lb.
Laptop/desktop$3-$5 per unit
Washing machine$8-$20 per unit
Refrigerator$5-$15 per unit
Air conditioner$8-$18 per unit
Charging fan$3-$8 per unit
Electric toys$0.30/lb.
Smaller electric devices$0.30-$0.50/lb.

Batteries found on the electric devices are recyclable as well.

Therefore, one will always get a quote from a scrapyard for any electric battery he has.

Electric devices like laptops, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, and charging fans tend to come with expensive batteries.

Scrap UPS battery price

UPS batteries are a great savior in emergencies. The good news is that you can always sell your derailed UPS battery to your nearby scrapyard.

Unlike smaller electric batteries, UPS batteries are sellable unit-wise even for the scrap.

For a single unit scrap UPS battery, it is possible to get a quote from $5 to $8 from a scrapyard.

UPS batteries are most often filled with lead-acid. Therefore, these batteries have a better value even for the scrap.

Scrap generator battery price

To get a relentless power supply, modern generators will have either single or multiple battery units.

These batteries are expensive even for scraps. Almost 95% of the metals and chemicals used in these batteries are recyclable.

Scrap generator batteries are worth from $150 to $280 each. 

Selling a pair of generator batteries in a scrap yard can bring revenue of more than $500.

Scrap storage and solar battery price

Most of the storage and solar batteries of modern times are lithium-ion based.

Therefore, the scrap value of these batteries will depend on the value of lithium in the market.

Lithium is expensive and a solar and storage battery contains a high amount of lithium in every unit.

As a result, single storage or solar battery will be worth over $100 on most occasions.

On average, the scrap value of storage and the solar backup battery will be from $80 to $250.

If the chemical properties inside of the battery remain intact, getting over $200 is always possible.

Home appliance scrap batteries worth

Home appliances like hair driers, trimmers, electric cookers, vacuum cleaners, and the like do have batteries.

The smaller size of these batteries does not allow them to sell unit-wise.

But these batteries are always sellable in any scrap yard.

One pound of scrap home appliance batteries will be worth more than $5. Some scrappers may be willing to give more than $5 if you bargain a little.

Are batteries recyclable?

Yes, all batteries are recyclable. Dumping wasted batteries is never an ideal decision.

The chemicals present in a battery can contaminate the ambiance. Recycling scrap batteries can be a great way to keep the environment pollution-free.

Many scrap yards will be nearby you to collect wasted batteries at a certain rate to recycle them for further usage.

Even you can take a scrap car battery to a nearby scrap yard to gain some extra profit out of your wasted battery.

How to get the best value from scrap batteries?

Usually larger batteries will bring more value than smaller batteries.

Therefore, to get the best value from scrap batteries, it is essential that you know the type of battery that you want to sell to the scrap yard.

A scrapper may ask an unreasonable price at any time.

Therefore, checking the prices in multiple scrap yards can be a good way to get the best value for your scrap batteries.

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