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IN 2023 While a brand-new Catalytic converter is worth $500 to $3,500,  catalytic converter scraps are sellable from $15 to $1,000. 

Since 1975, it is mandatory to use catalytic converters for all Diesel and Gasoline-powered vehicles across the country.

A catalytic converter or CAT greatly reduces the emission of carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbon to nature by converting them into less harmful carbon dioxide and water.

For the last five years, the rise of scrap catalytic converter theft has raised suspicion among people.

Therefore, we are here to break down each and everything about catalytic converters that will arouse one’s interest-

A little history of Catalytic converter

Eugene Houdry, a popular French mechanical engineer has been given the credit for patenting the first catalytic converter.

It was later developed by many engineers. The first automotive catalytic converter came live in 1973. 

Since 1975, almost all vehicles across America started to have catalytic converters to comply with EPA.

Nowadays, it is illegal driving a diesel and gasoline-fueled vehicle without a CAT.

What is a catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter is a device that controls the emission of harmful gases through redox and reduction reactions.

The catalysts used in a catalytic converter are Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium.

These three precious metals work in succession to speed up the reactions that happen inside the chamber.

Types of a catalytic converter

Two-way and three-way are the two primary types of catalytic converters.

A two-way CAT will only control the emission of carbon monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbon (HC) through an Oxidation reaction.

Along with hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO), a three-way catalytic converter will control the emission of Nitric Oxide (NO) and Nitrogen dioxide (N02) as well.

How does a catalytic converter work?

Most catalytic converters of modern vehicles tend to have a three-way converter.

  • 2CO+O2 (Pt/Pd) =2CO2
  • Hydrocarbons+O2 (Pt/Pd) = H2O+CO2
  • 2NO+O2 (Pt/Rh) =2NO2

The major emissions in the engine exhausts are carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and oxides of nitrogen.

To generate these harmful gases into more tolerable substances, a catalytic converter follows two stages.

The first stage is known as the reduction stage, and the second stage is called the Oxidation stage.

In a two-way catalytic converter, there will be only an oxidation stage.

A standard three-way CAT will have both a reduction stage and an oxidation stage.

In the reduction stage, Platinum and Rhodium reduce the oxides of nitrogen into individual nitrogen and oxygen atoms.

  • C+2NO2=CO2+2NO
  • CO+NO = CO2 + N2
  • 2CO + NO2 = 2CO2 + N2
  • H2 + NO = H2O + N2

The nitrogen atoms then combine with other nitrogen atoms and leave through the exhaust pipes as less harmful nitrogen gases.

In the Oxidation stage, the previously released oxygen combines with carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon with the presence of Platinum and Palladium and produces water vapor and carbon dioxide.

  • C + O2= CO2
  • CO + O2 = CO2
  • Hydrocarbon + Oxygen = Carbon di-oxide + water vapor

Through these processes, CATs are helping greatly in keeping nature safe.

Theft of catalytic converter: why they are stolen?

What if I told you that a scrap catalytic converter is worth more than gold?

The presence of platinum, palladium, and Rhodium is the main reason why catalytic converters are being stolen frequently.

These three precious earth elements are recyclable and worth more than gold.

Metal name (quantity)Price
Platinum (1 ounce)$1,000
Palladium (1 ounce)$2,000

Typically, a catalytic converter contains 5 grams of platinum, 5 grams of palladium, and 2 grams of Rhodium.

If an ounce is equivalent to nearly 28 grams, 15 scrap catalytic converter units are worth more than $15,000.

Probably, a reseller will pay around $100 to $200 for a CAT scrap.

That is why catalytic converters are worth the most for scrap.

Signs of catalytic converter theft

Having located between the exhaust manifold and the tailpipe, a catalytic converter is always an easy target for the burglars.

Although an automobile can run without a CAT, the performance will never remain the same.

The first sign of a missing catalytic converter is a loud rumbling sound as soon as you ignite the engine.

The exhaust pipe may emit thick and stinky gases without a catalytic converter.

Some parts underneath the car may also be missing.

Most importantly, you will notice changes while driving without a converter.

How to prevent catalytic converter theft?

Despite being an easy target, preventing catalytic converter theft is always possible.

Most importantly, parking your vehicle in a crowded and well-lit area will keep the thieves away. 

Some people are even welding the parts with a carriage to prevent burgling.

Keeping your vehicle inside of a garage is probably the best way to prevent such incidents.

Let’s talk about catalytic converter prices.

The presence of platinum, palladium, and Rhodium is surely the primary reason why CAT scraps are worth the most.

But how much does a brand new catalytic converter cost?

Depending on the installation, a catalytic converter is either direct-fit or universal.

A direct-fit CAT is gettable for about $500 to $3,500.

A universal CAT is worth $350 to $2,500.

Catalytic converter scrap value

Getting the best value for the catalytic converter scrap depends on various factors. 

In general, each catalytic converter scrap is worth $9 to $1,000.

Large foreign Catalytic converter scraps are usually the most expensive, whereas aftermarket Cat scraps are the cheapest.

What are the factors that influence the price of the catalytic converter scrap?

The precious metals (Pt, Pd, Rh) found inside a CAT are the determiner of the price of the CAT scrap.

But there is no way one can determine how much metal will be found inside the converter.

From which automobile the converter comes from, aftermarket or original, and the condition of the Honeycomb are the three most noticeable factors that influence the price for the catalytic converter scrap.

Catalytic converter scrap prices chart

Catalytic converter scrap typePrice
Diesel Cat scrap$20-$600 each
Ford F350$80-$500
Ford Explorer$200-$350
Honda Civic$100-$350
Honda Accord$80-$280
n ta 99490$15-$150
bc34 5k282 da$18-$80
Ford Torpedo$180-$500
Chevy Blazer$50-$140
Jeep Cherokee$80-$350
Chevy Silverado$180-$350
Toyota Corolla$140-$350
GM catalytic converter scrap$150-$400
Toyota Prius$350-$500
Dodge RAM$200-$350

How much does diesel catalytic converter scrap worth?

Diesel catalytic converter scraps cost is not that expensive. Each Diesel Cat scrap is sellable from $20 to $600.

The price will vary according to the model that you have. 

Usually, Diesel automobiles with a large foreign CAT will be the most expensive.

These large foreign CAT scraps are sellable from $200 to $600.

However, smaller Diesel catalytic converter scraps are worth from $20 to $150 each.

BMW catalytic converter scrap price

If you have a BMW, you can expect to get over $400 from the catalytic converter installed on the vehicle.

BMW catalytic converter scraps are worth from $220 to $450 per unit.

Some of the specific models can even go over $500.

A deteriorated Cat should not mean that you are having a worthless metal underneath your car.

Sell it to a scrapper to load some bucks in your pocket.

How much does a Ford catalytic converter scrap cost?

Ford brings the most expensive catalytic converters to the market. A new ford catalytic converter is worth from $1,500 to $3,500.

Ford F250 has a catalytic converter that is worth $3,300 when new. A Ford F250 scraps catalytic converter is worth $350 to $650.

A Ford F350 Cat scrap will be worth $450 or more.

Ford Torpedo and Ford Explorer catalytic converter scrap will be worth from $180 to $350.

Ford Ferrari F430 is popular for having the most expensive catalytic converter.

A brand new Ford Ferrari F430 catalytic converter is worth $3,500.

Installing two of them will cost more than $7,500 including the labor cost.

Ferrari F430 catalytic converter scraps are worth over $500 each.

Honda catalytic converter scrap price

Most Honda catalytic converter scraps are sellable for $400 per unit.

Honda Civic Cat scraps are worth from $100 to $350 each.

Honda Accord Cat scraps are worth from $80 to $280 each.

Subaru catalytic converter scrap price

Subaru brings some of the most popular cars, SUVs, Crossovers, and Hybrids to the market. 

Depending on the type of Subaru vehicle you have, the Subaru catalytic converter scraps price will be from $180 to $450 each.

Most Subaru Hybrids Cat scraps tend to be expensive.

These catalytic converter scraps are worth around $300 and can go over $500.

Toyota Prius catalytic converter scraps worth

Toyota Prius is popular for having a good quantity of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. Therefore, the catalytic converter theft of this Toyota Prius seems to be high in recent days.

The Toyota Prius catalytic converter is $2,000 when new and more than $500 for the scrap unit.

Toyota corolla catalytic converter scrap price

Like Toyota Prius, Toyota Corolla Cat scraps are enough pricey as well.

With nearly 5 grams of platinum and palladium, the Toyota corolla Cat scraps are worth $140 to $350 each.

 A Toyota corolla catalytic converter will have around 2 grams of Rhodium.

Chevy catalytic converter scrap price

Chevy Silverado catalytic converter scraps are worth $180 to $350 per unit.

In that case, Chevy Blazer catalytic converter scraps are less expensive.

Per unit of Chevy Blazer catalytic converter scrap is worth $50 to $150.

GM catalytic converter scraps worth

Small GM catalytic converters tend to be sold at a mid-price range, whereas large GM Cats are expensive.

A small GM catalytic converter scrap is worth $120 to $180. 

A large GM catalytic converter scrap is worth $350 to $450.

Chrysler catalytic converter scraps worth

Chrysler minivans and sedans are two of the most popular productive vehicles of the present time.

A Chrysler minivan catalytic converter is worth $1200 to $1500 as new, whereas a Chrysler sedan Cat is worth $1,500 to $2,000.

Chrysler catalytic converter scrap is worth from $80 to $150.

Jeep Cat scrap price

Depending on the model of your jeep, the price of Jeep catalytic converter scrap will vary.

For example, each Jeep Cherokee catalytic converter scrap is worth from $80-$350.

The older jeep Cat scrap will be more expensive compared to the newer models.

Dodge RAM Catalytic converter scrap cost

If you have a Dodge RAM, you can expect to get $150 to $300 for the scrap catalytic converter of your Dodge Ram.

With nearly 10 grams of precious metals, Dodge RAM cat scraps have great value as well.

Mitsubishi catalytic converters scrap value.

Each Mitsubishi catalytic converters scrap is worth $40 to $250.

The price is determined depending on the Mitsubishi model and build year of the vehicle.

Smaller cat scraps are sellable for $100. For a larger Mitsubishi Cat scrap, anything more than $180 is expectable.

Mazda catalytic converter scrap price

Most of the Mazda vehicles include an expensive Cat.

The scrap value for the Mazda catalytic converter will be over $100.

The range for the price of Mazda catalytic converters scrap will be from $120 to $250.

RV catalytic converter scrap price

Recreational vehicles may look luxurious, but the scrap value for the RV catalytic converters is not that high.

RV catalytic converter scrap price will be from $25 to $55.

Some of the high-end RVs’ will have catalytic converters that are worth $300 or more for the scrap.

Motorcycle catalytic converter scrap worth

Modern motorcycles do have catalytic converters as well.

Motorcycle converters do not usually have a high quantity of platinum, palladium, and Rhodium.

As a result, they are not that expensive.

While a new motorcycle Cat is worth $200 to $250, each motorcycle catalytic converter scrap is sellable from $10 to $50.

After-market catalytic converters scrap worth.

After-market catalytic converters are the cheapest of their kind.

An aftermarket catalytic converter scrap is worth $9 to $15.

They usually have the least amount of precious metals inside of the Honeycomb.

Nissan catalytic converters scrap worth.

Nissan catalytic converters are worth from $220 to $350 each.

Nissan Crossovers and SUVs tend to have the most expensive converters. A new CAT on these vehicles is worth more than $1,200.

Catalytic converters on the Nissan cars and trucks will be over $1,000.

How to get the best value out of a catalytic converter scrap?

Well, replacing the old Cat with a new one can be a way to earn some profit.

Yes, you can get a good amount from the old scrap CAT that you have just removed from your vehicle.

These are the steps to follow to get the best value for the scrap Cat that you want to sell-

First of all: know the origin and build number.

Not all Cat scraps will provide you the same price. Some will be expensive, and some within $100. 

To get an optimal price quote, it is essential that you gather all the information regarding your vehicle.

The older the vehicle model, the higher the price quote for the scrap tends to be.

It is because older vehicles usually contain more platinum, palladium, and Rhodium than modern vehicles.

Second of all: is it an aftermarket Cat?

If you have previously replaced the Cat of your vehicle, you probably have an aftermarket Cat installed in your vehicle.

No matter in which vehicle you have installed the Cat, aftermarket products have the cheapest price for the scrap value.

In case you have the genuine manufacturer Cat still in your vehicle, you can expect to get a better price quote for the scrap converter.

In general, a genuine Cat scrap will generate 10 times more price than an aftermarket Cat scrap.

Most importantly: take care of the ceramic or metal foil

Out of ignorance, one may break the Honeycomb placed inside of a CAT.

Don’t do that. The Honeycomb or that ceramic or metal foil of the Cat is the most important part that determines the price quote for the scrap.

This part is the exact place that contains the precious metals.

Removing the Honeycomb out of the Cat will simply make it worthless.

If you want to get the best value for the catalytic converter scrap, keeping the Honeycomb in the exact place is one of the essential prerequisites.

Anyway, removing or cutting the exhaust pipe is completely okay when you are preparing the catalytic converter for the scrap.

How much does it cost to replace a catalytic converter?

Replacing a catalytic converter with a new one will cost more than $1,500 on average.

This replacement includes labor costs and the price of the new CAT.

If you have a luxurious vehicle, the cost to replace a CAT will go over $2,000.

A repair of the catalytic converter is possible for $300.

On most occasions, a little mending on the converter may make it fully functional again.