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Reading is a passion for me. That introduced some online platforms in the recent past. Kindle, Audible, and Scribd are some of them that people might have heard about.

Since I have had the taste of some of these online reading platforms, I started thinking about letting readers know how good they are. Today I am about to share the Scribd thoroughly discussing the latest price of its subscription and everything good and snag about it.

I would like to share the latest cost at a glance at the first place of the article. The monthly subscription fee is $8.99 in Scribd, meaning this is the cheapest of its line.

Let’s start from the beginning. A good reader would not skip any of its parts to know Scribd openly.

About Scribd

Scribd started its journey in 2007 being the first open online publishing site in the world. This broadened the world of new thoughts and knowledge. People could share information at their fingertips and could gather knowledge from others too.

In 2013, Scribd started the subscription of the site and started the journey of sharing knowledge with the least value one could spend for. 2014 was the year Scribd embraced audiobooks into its reading subscription.

Before surpassing the milestone of 1 million subscribers in 2019 Scribd had evolved with some more features for its subscribers. In 2015 Sheet Music was included offering subscribers access to the world’s top composer’s compositions. And in 2016, leading journals were added as a part of the evolution of Scribd.

After hitting the 1,000,000 subscribers milestone, Scribd has never looked back and kept making its clients contented with an endless world of knowledge.

Why is Scribd the best option?

There are a couple of more platforms out there as popular as Scribd. But what sets it apart from others?

See, the cost is primarily the principal reason that changes the fact of the fame. But, again, it is offering millions of books and hundreds and thousands of magazines and audiobooks that are included in only one subscription.

Additional discounts and offers put the Scribd in a strong position to recommend. I prefer this platform for my reading hunger. The reasons I‘ll tell you at the enclosure. But let me ensure you, Scribd is surely on top of the list for any book lover just like me.


As I have a great thirst for numerous titles, I look for the greatest preservation of books that could support me with limitless items. Scribd at least made me say, I am stunned!

I made the most out of it for the very first time. The one subscription offers way more than you could ask for. It features,

  • Books
  • Audiobooks
  • Magazines
  • Podcasts
  • Sheet Music
  • Documents

You can enjoy limitless trusted documents, journals, magazines from the most popular newspapers, millions of books, podcasts, and many more with a single subscription to the platform.

I find it most useful in my research. Authentic information and necessary podcasts related to your project, everything you will find here at the lowest price.

Scribd Subscription Cost

Scribd requires a monthly subscription to offer you all the features. Subscription cost is also in the most favorable half of your budget.

The subscription started in 2013 as I have mentioned earlier, long after that, Scribd deducted the value per subscription. There has been the advantage of a free trial for one month! Yes, for a whole lot of months, you get to choose whether the subscription is worth it r not.

Below the subscription cost for the service is discussed broadly.

Monthly charge

Up until 2021, the subscription cost was $9.99/month. Scribd now offers a monthly subscription on a more comfortable budget. The subscription cost is reduced to $8.99/month. Isn’t that a kick-up point for the advanced online library.

Looking at other reading platforms’ subscription fees, it provides the cheapest and most affordable price tag for the money. 

Besides, the features offered by Scribd undoubtedly beat other platforms at this price. Moreover, where most of them ask for additional fees for purchasing different features at different times, Scribd offers all in one package.

 Yearly cost

I did not find any information on yearly subscription fees or costs on the vendor’s website. Though, it can be estimated through a little calculation with cost per month.

Estimating the annual cost it stands somewhere around $120 with the previous subscription cost per month for Scribd. The latest price would do a little less to the annual coasting of your reading habit. With an $8.99/month subscription fee the latest annual cost will be around $108.  

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can do it. Scribd supports you with any difficulties with the subscription or if you no longer wish to continue.

A refund is available that must be claimed within 30 days of the subscription. To claim a refund, you must follow the refund policy by Scribd.

Canceling the subscription is easy. Go to your ‘Account’ in the app, go to ‘Subscription’ and tap the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option to get rid of it. You are simply done with it.

A matter of joy that you will be able to keep the document and keep in touch with Scribd’s latest articles and books added to the homepage.

Does Scribd offer offline documents and files?

I also have made some offline savings and downloaded them in the app. You can store your important documents and journals or the book you want to read by in the offline store.

Even if you are out of subscription, you will still be able to get the files at your fingertip. Audiobooks, sheet music, and podcasts are also available for offline storage.

Scribd VS Audible

Audible, a well-known online reading platform by Amazon that is of course enriched with more information, books, sheets, journals, magazines, and so on. Here I am all about to speak up about the factors that could distinguish the two platforms.

Comparatively less amount of collection of books and other similar stuff than AudibleHuge collection of journals, books, documents, podcasts, and other reading stuff
A bit low in audio quality with audio filesBetter audio quality on podcasts and audiobooks
Cheaper in comparison with AudibleOffers messy purchase plans at a higher price
Offers a monthly subscription that requires no additional chargesYearly subscription cancellations and refunds can be costly

We all know how capable Audible is with its sources. Therefore, it takes more pricing. Compared with the collection, Audible is richer than Scribd. It has a better and larger collection, a world of knowledge to say. On the other hand, Scribd is called the ‘Netflix’ of books with its near similar capacity of collection.

Another thing I did find superior on the Audible is the audio quality of the podcast and audiobooks. People who love to listen more instead of looking at the letter for the time would prefer Audible for its better quality audio system.

Cost analysis

As I said, now I am going to tell you why this Scribd is the one that I prefer the most. The first time I purchased the subscription, it cost me only $4.99/per month. Yes, it is right. Since I purchased the student subscription pack, it was the cheapest of my time.

Again, the present value of Scribd is competitive, and it offers you some additional features like 30 days refund, easy cancellation, and an offline storing option for its clients.

Spending $9 per month is surely the cleverest saving than spending on books from stores. The price of a single book can be the price of your entire world of curiosity. The Scribd app is available on both android and iOS.   

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