How much does a sewing machine cost?

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The first sewing machine was invented by an Englishman in 1790, it started the journey to develop, evolve, and be more efficient with time. Today’s sewing industry is based on those efforts made by our ancestors.

There have been a lot of failures and history to come to this stage. The machines we see performing the job today are the outcome of the 1800s’ effort and toilsome inventions.

Motorized sewing machines were first introduced in the 1890s, and from then on, we have been in the advanced clothing and fabric era. There is this concern with the machine’s price since there are countless options to buy a sewing machine for personal use or industrial.

The sewing machine costs around $60-$100 for the manuals/mechanicals, starting at $249, or around with the electronics and automatic machines starting at $799.

The detailed discussion will give a clear idea if you are willing to buy a sewing machine on your own.

Sewing Machine

Manual sewing was time taking those days. As a result, clothing costs more than usual. But finally, with the invention of sewing machines, clothing became easier to afford, and a lot of designs were introduced in days past.

After the invention of electronic sewing machines in 1970 properly, they became more efficient and popular with the speed and accuracy in the garments sector.

After years, these machines are our hope to do the job of sewing smoothly.

Sewing machines come on budget and they are easy to afford these days with the availability. The revolution of sewing machines has made stitching accessible to remote people.  

Types of sewing machines

After the invention of an operating sewing machine, it took a while to improve the skill of the machine. Machines started being manufactured by companies with a couple of goals. Thus the classification aroused. The prime classifications of sewing machines are two types. They are,

  1. Domestic Sewing machines and
  2. Industrial Sewing machine

These machines are made in a variety of classes after their evolution. These are several types of sewing machines that would make a great deal for you.

Sewing machines are mostly found in these three standard types,

  • Mechanical sewing machines
  • Electronic sewing machines
  • Computerized sewing machines/automatic machines

All three kinds of machines are used to do the basic sewing task, and they perform very well with the expertise of the operator. Automatic machines are being used on a larger scale to produce more garments in industries.

Though, automatic machines are more likely to work with the software command. But the manual and electronic machines are manually operated.

Sewing machine cost

Sewing machines have a variety in pricing due to several classifications. You will be able to find a sewing machine spending only $50 or around. Again machines are costing more than $10,000!

Why this greater variation? They are mostly because of the classification of the machines. We have discussed the cost individually for all three types of them.

We also have given some ideas on brands and products you could ask for. You will find them all sequentially. So, do not skip until you find your desired information regarding your sewing machine. Both the industrial and domestic sewing machine prices are discussed in our article.  

Average cost

The average cost of a sewing machine depends on a few factors. Though, the average price runs between $700 to $1,500 including the electronic and the manual machines. Automatic machines start with a $5,000 price tag and around with an average cost of $9,500.

Besides that, the highest range for a sewing machine is $4,000, and the least of the machine price is $579 in the online market for electric sewing machines.

There is a table below that included the average price of sewing machines combined with both electronic and automatic machines.

BrandPrice (min-max)
Baby Lock$169-$11,999

Particular models have different price tags. The prices mentioned in the table above are the latest of the middle of 2022 and are taken from the official site of the vendors.

We suggest you check if there is any campaign or discount available in your local retailer shop or online. You may be able to get your hands on one of them at a cheaper rate than usual.

Electronic machine cost

Electronic machines are more likely to get cheaper these days. In the beginning, the electronic machines were highly-priced. There were only a few models to choose from. But, nowadays the price of electronic machines is getting down day by day.

The average cost of an electronic machine is $900. There is a comparison chart below to give a clearer idea. We have included the price of different brands with their average estimated cost of products.  

BrandAverage Price

Some of them may come at a lesser price point with discounts or coupons. And the price above is estimated with the average price per brand. This includes electronic sewing machines and machines combined with a quilting facility. 

Mechanical machine cost

Mechanical machines are found in less quantity due to the great availability of electronic ones in the USA. Once they were the only option to choose for.

Mechanical machines are the cheapest on the line. They are priced at $100 or a little more than that. You will find a mechanical sewing machine as low as $60 or around.

These machines are still popular in some other countries around the world being so cheap and offering great manual control over the machine with people’s expertise. The popular mechanical sewing machine manufacturers are Singer, butterfly, and some others.   

Automatic machine cost

Automatic sewing machines are operated with a computerized software-based algorithm. They are electronic machines with the advantage of software-based control panels. The average price of an automatic sewing machine is $9,500

The machines are highly-priced at $15,000+ and are also available at $1,499 for the least of the price. Since the automatic sewing machines are easy to operate and are more powerful, they are being on top of the fame.

Machines in the higher price category are operated through a software operation. Thus, they need extra payment for the software installation and the updates (occasionally). We included the price except for the programming bill.    

BrandAverage price
Baby Lock$8,999

Machine maintenance cost

Though manuals seem to have a lower maintenance cost, the electronic and automatic machines cut a fair amount if you do not care for the machine.

Starting with the parts of the machine, electronic machines are more expensive compared the manual ones. Thus, they cost you more than manual machines for maintenance.

Additionally, automatic machines cost more money for the software installation and update (occasionally). These are extra payments on maintenance if you can afford them.

The average yearly maintenance costs for sewing machines are estimated below.

Type of machineMaintenance cost (yearly)
Manual sewing machine$30
Electronic sewing machine$150
Automatic sewing machine$200-$500

The estimated maintenance cost is calculated regarding occasional friction and operating hazards including minor to medium cracks of the parts. Automatic and electronic machines can cost around $1,000 or more depending on the damage to your machine.

Repair cost

Machine repair costs and maintenance costs are not similar things to measure. After-damage servicing and repairing costs will ask for more money to spend. It is requested to take care of your machine, especially if you have an electric or automatic one.

Repairing would cost you around $100 to $200 for the minor issues faced in an automatic sewing machine. Facing severe damages or miss-alignment of your machine’s part would cost you several more hundred.

 The cheapest cost is $50 to fix an electric machine with power issues or minor breakdowns. An electronic machine repair needs a good amount of money for the parts replacement. It will cost you two or three times more than any manual sewing machine in certain scenarios.

The cheapest repair cost is allotted for the manual machines since they do not have mere things to crack or damage. Spending $10-$25 should be enough for medium to heavy repairing of the manual machines.

Sewing accessories

The machine requires some standard accessories to perform sewing aesthetically. The most useful ones are,

Sewing needles, pressure feet, serger feet, bobbins, foot controls, lead power cords, scissors, measuring tools, sewing notions, marking devices, sewing kits, adhesives, craft tools, mats, and some more to do it perfectly.

Basic parts and accessories come with the machine for the first time. You can upgrade the whole machine according to your preference with aftermarket parts and accessories.   

Used sewing machine price in the market

The aftermarket price of these machines is pretty decent. A good condition electric machine will cost you around $200 to $550. Where a new would cut your thousand bucks around.  

Several online sites and offline shops are selling used sewing and embroidery machines at the most affordable price. You can buy used ones from trusted sites like.

Check the parts and the quality of the machines and instructions given in the advertising.

How to make a good purchase of a sewing machine?

Buying your sewing machine in the right season can save your pocket to a greater extent. On occasion, manufacturers and retailers sell their products at discounts. You can avail of the discounts if it is available in your area.

Another ideal thing is to follow the buying hacks/key factors we have provided in the later section of the article. This would help you invest your money in the right item.  

Used machines can be a good deal too. Mostly they are sold for less than half of the manufacturing price. You can always check out the latest prices at your nearby sewing machine dealer or go check them online. 

Key factors to follow before buying a sewing machine

Investing in a sewing machine is not the cheapest part of the business. Either you are buying the machine for personal use or the for business purposes. In both cases, the investment requires fair utilization to get a fruitful outcome.

Certain things to follow before buying a sewing machine for yourself; these few basic ideas will help you find the proper investment for your project. 

  • Type of the machine
  • Stitching count
  • Speed
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Power

Selecting the perfect type of machine for you ask for the type of the machine first. Of three different types of sewing machines, you can choose the mechanical, electronic, or automatic. Choose the type of machine regarding your requirement.

The stitching count is another topic to consider. The more the stitching count per minute, the more powerful and expensive the machine is.

A machine that is included with a powerful motor (Electric) to give a faster stitching count is likely to cost you a bit more than any mechanical or handheld machine.

Material and weight are another two key factors that must be ensur4ed based on your requirements and choice. A full metal body machine will be heavier than usual and it is likely to last longer than the average quality build-up. With being metal built, the machine would be heavier than the conventional ones.

Finally, the power of a machine should be the topmost priority in this age of technology. A powerful machine will provide you with faster stitching and with the accurate operation it can produce more clothing for you.  

Cost analysis 

The question remains the same, the cost is mostly dependent on those key factors we have already mentioned above. The more advanced and powerful the machine is, the more expensive it becomes. 

As we have mentioned at top of the article, the startup of the sewing machine industry took a long time developing to these days’ machines. In those times, machines were undoubtedly the most expensive. But now with the advancement of technology, sewing machines are more affordable and offer numerous advancements to the industry.

These days spending around 100 bucks would bring you an operative sewing machine. Spending a couple of hundred more can afford you an electric one in your palm. We already have seen the highest and the lowest range of sewing machines. Considering the facts, it is clear that people are trying to have a powerful and fast working machine for their domestic or industrial purpose. Moreover, they are highly profitable if used commercially. Thus, spending on a sewing machine should make your money grow up or at least save the basic cost of your family garments.      

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