Sky Zone prices, near me and reviews: The largest trampoline park in the USA

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The trampoline sport is known for kids among people. But this is not about the ages; it is all about being a kid and having the best exercise sport and childhood experience for a person. The person who gets the best out of his age.

Sky Zone is known to be the largest trampoline park chain in the USA. It has spread globally. Today we will be delivering the pricing and other information about Sky Zone Park.

The average cost for a person at Sky Zone is between $25 to $40 on average depending on the location in America. Further information is discussed thoroughly in the rest of the article.

Let’s find out what more you can learn about the Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

Sky Zone the largest trampoline park visit

The beginning of the largest trampoline park

Sky Zone started its journey in 2004. The popular entrepreneur Rick Platt created the first one in the Las Vegas Valley. He wanted the trampoline to be used as a sport in his facility with professional athletes. It has been 18 years since the first set of trampoline arenas was introduced. The initial momentum was not so helpful for the giant project.

In 2004, Platt invested around USD 2 million to arrange the Sky Zone arena in Vegas and gather professional athletes. The idea did not work out at that very moment. After a while, the arena was open to the general public for $8 per person. It managed to earn a revenue of $412,000 in the first year.

After the establishment of the 2nd facility of Sky Zone in Missouri, both the facilities have had earned $16 million of revenue in 2011.

Now in 2022, Sky Zone has spread over 300 locations and it has become a global trampoline park. You will find a Sky Zone facility in any highly economical city of several countries aside from the USA. The company’s thriving economy shows us how faster it is spreading across the globe. The popularity of trampoline sports is increasing at a noticeable rate.   

Regular Pass Cost

Sky Zone NY can be our ideal location to track the ticket and pricing of the passes. We have searched for your convenience and found out the information based on people’s requirements. We have included the price per pass in the table below.

Pass titlePrice
All Day Pass$54.99 (general) $43.99 (child 3-4 years)
Standard Pass$29.99 (general) $24.99 (child 3-4 years)
Little Leapers  (90 minutes)$24.99 (standard)
Membership Reservation (120 minutes)$50.00

Membership Cost

Since Sky Zone is a global park chain these days, it has a franchise and offers several discounts and promotional offers to its members. Membership offers some advantages that non-members or non-participant misses out on. Here are the prices of passes for the members.

Membership TitlePrice
Basic membership$26.99/month
Elite membership$29.99/month $9.99/month (parent add-on)
Elite family membership$26.49/month

Annual Pass / Promotions

To play more and save more Sky Zone has several promotional offers and discounts. Purchasing any annual pass allows you to play at least 60 minutes a day; additionally, saves you a lot. There are five different annual pass packages offered at the retailer.

  1. Summer Pass
  2. 90-Day Pass
  3. 30-Day Pass
  4. Toddler Pass
  5. Little Leapers

Summer pass

The summer pass is a limited-time offer that can be availed while the supplies last. Summer pass offers you up to 60 minutes of gameplay a day. And this includes all vacations and holidays of the calendar year.

The pass redemption is available in-park only and during the park hour. One pass will allow only one person to enjoy the game which will be once a day. Pass is not valid for promotions and special programs.

90-Day Pass

The best deal promoted by Sky Zone is the 90-Day Pass; allows you 90 minutes of playtime at less than a dollar. The pass will be valid for 90 consecutive days after the first day of joining the park.

Pass is not valid for special promotions and discounts and can only be used during the open hour at Sky Zone. One pass is only valid for one person and one use per day.

30-Day Pass

The 30-Day Pass lets you enjoy the game daily for up to 90 minutes in the playing hour. You can jump through the whole month with a single pass. One pass is valid for one person and this does not feature additional discounts and promotional offers.

Pass is restricted for walk-ins only.

Toddler 5 Pass

Toddlers are discounted up to 25% of their pass. There are 5 sessions each and they can enjoy their jump, play, laughter and work off boundless energy for 60 minutes a day. Now a parent can bring their toddlers to Sky Zone without worrying about getting their kiddos hurt in anyways.

Passes are not valid for promotional offers and discounts. The subject depends on availability and capacity. 

Little Leapers

This Little Leapers program offers a good 10 sessions for toddlers below 5 years of age. There are plenty of spaces and they are taken care of with expert and caring hands. They can enjoy their 90 minutes with a number of activities helpful to their growth. Kids are offered snacks too!

The Little Leapers pass is similarly not valid for discounts, Open Jump, Glow, and other programs.

Annual Pass Price

Pass titlePrice
Summer Pass$59.99
Toddler 5 Pass$60.00
Little Leapers$90.00
90-Day Pass$79.99
30-Day Pass  $49.99

Programs hosted by Sky Zone

Sky Zone arranges a few programs and events that are meant to be consumer friendly on most. They are hosting these special events to provide the participant with a helpful event and a friendly touch of enjoyment. The latest are mentioned below. 

Private Play Experience

Private Play Experience will surely amaze you with the facilities provided within the packages. This event lets you enjoy the facility in a group with friends and family and also ensures the guidance of an expert group host.

The group host will proved sanitizers and make sure the probable spots are sanitized before you go for the jumping day. You will get your 60 minutes divided into 6 stations to enjoy all attractions, 10 minutes per station. A designated host will keep guidance under his/her expertise. The costs of events at Private Play Experience are given in the table below.

Package DetailsPrice
10 jumpers + Sky Sock (1 pair)$193
Extra jumpers (max 15 per group)+$20
Additional 40 minutes room rental (including 2 pizzas, pitcher of soda + host)$100
Additional jump time (per jumper)$9/30 minutes
$14/60 minutes


Sky Zone is different at night. It is slow and shining with lights, colors, and music. The sport becomes more fun at night. Here you can only enter with the waivers completed. Minors are not allowed without an adult. The updated rules at Sky Zone say every 4 minors (15 years or less) must have an adult with them. Without an adult, they will not be allowed to in the door. Ages 16 and up must show ID in check-ins.

Costs are similar to these,

Jump time of 120 minutes$26.99
Jump time of 90 minutes$21.99
Jump time (all day)$33.99
Sky Socks$3.99
Sky Zone Glow shirt (required)$6.99


In many of the facilities, SkyFit is arranged to take the sport in a habitual direction for people looking forward to changing their routine exercises. It is a one-hour class held inside the perimeter of the facility that helps you burn 1,000 calories in 60 minutes. An instructor will guide you with movements that will not just burn your calories but the active muscle and increase blood circulation.

SkyFit is $12 per class and is out of promotions and offers.

Sky Zone Membership Details

Enrollment fee$10$10$10$15
Activity time60-minute activity time daily2 Hour activity time dailyUnlimited activity time daily2 Hour activity time
ProgramsFreestyle Toddler TimeFreestyle Glow Toddler TimeFreestyle Glow Toddler TimeWednesday, Thursday, Friday 2-5 pm   *Not valid on school holidays*
Food and drink $1 Fountain Drink$1 Fountain Drink & 10% OFF everything else$1 Fountain Drink
Sky Socks  Free pair 
Party and camp discounts 10% OFF any party. 10% OFF Camp BookingIncludes Party Discount of 5 free friends with any party booked with a minimum of 10 total attendees    10% OFF Camp Booking 
Merchandise discounts Includes merchandise discount of 10% (not including sky socks. Glow Shirts or party supplies)Includes merchandise discount of 20% (not including sky socks. Glow Shirts or party supplies) 
Parent Add-On$5.99/Month$5.99/Month$5.99/Month$5.99/Month
Activity pass discount   $5 off any regular-priced activity pass
Sky Zone park
Sky Zone park

Opening and closing schedule

Sky Zone Trampoline Parks have different opening and closing times varying on the locations and facilities. In America, it has over 200 facilities in different locations. We have included some of them in the order you seek any of them.


1425 Market Blvd Ste 100-A, Roswell, GA 30076, United States

Opening and closing time

Monday11 AM–8 PM
Tuesday11 AM–8 PM
Wednesday11 AM–8 PM
Thursday11 AM–8 PM
Friday11 AM–9 PM
Saturday12–10 PM
Sunday1 PM–7 PM


25 US-22, Springfield, NJ 07081, United States

Opening and closing time

Monday12–8 PM
Tuesday12–8 PM
Wednesday12– 8 PM
Thursday12– 8 PM
Friday12– 9 PM
Saturday9.30 AM–9 PM
Sunday9.30 AM–8 PM


6217 Chittenden Rd, Boston Heights, OH 44236, United States

Opening and closing time

Monday11 AM–8 PM
Tuesday11 AM–8 PM
Wednesday11 AM–6 PM
Thursday11 AM–8 PM
Friday11 AM–10 PM
Saturday11 AM–10 PM
Sunday11 AM–7 PM


1025 Westminster Mall Suite 2086A, Westminster, CA 92683, United States

Opening and closing time

Monday11 AM–9 PM
Tuesday11 AM–10 PM
Wednesday11 AM–9 PM
Thursday11 AM–9 PM
Friday11 AM–10 PM
Saturday10 AM–10 PM
Sunday10 AM–9 PM


9490 Blue Grass Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19114, United States

Opening and closing time

Monday12–9 PM
Tuesday12–9 PM
Wednesday12–9 PM
Thursday12–9 PM
Friday12–8 PM
Saturday11 AM –11 PM
Sunday12 –9 PM


1201 American Pkwy, Columbia, MO 65202, United States

Opening and closing time

Monday12–7 PM
Wednesday12–7 PM
Thursday12–7 PM
Friday12–9 PM
Saturday11 AM–8 PM
Sunday12–7 PM


7440 Dean Martin Dr. Ste 201, Las Vegas, NV 89139, United States

Opening and closing time

Monday10 AM–9 PM
Tuesday12–9 PM
Wednesday10 AM–9 PM
Thursday12–9 PM
Friday10 AM–11 PM
Saturday10 AM–11 PM
Sunday10 AM–9 PM


87 Executive Dr, Aurora, IL 60504, United States

Opening and closing time

Monday12–8 PM
Tuesday12–8 PM
Wednesday12–8 PM
Thursday12–8 PM
Friday12–10 PM
Saturday11 AM–10 PM
Sunday12–8 PM


42550 Executive Dr, Canton, MI 48188, United States

Opening and closing time

Monday10 AM–9 PM
Tuesday10 AM–9 PM
Wednesday10 AM–9 PM
Thursday10 AM–9 PM
Friday10 AM–11 PM
Saturday10 AM–11 PM
Sunday11 AM–8.30 PM


4150 Kildeer Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46237, United States

Opening and closing time

Tuesday4–8 PM
Wednesday4–8 PM
Thursday4–8 PM
Friday12–9 PM
Saturday10 AM–9 PM
Sunday11 AM–8 PM


631 Gravois Rd, Fenton, MO 63026, United States

Opening and closing time

Monday10 AM–9 PM
Tuesday10 AM–9 PM
Wednesday10 AM–9 PM
Thursday10 AM–9 PM
Friday10 AM–11 PM
Saturday10 AM–11 PM
Sunday11 AM–8.30 PM

Sky Zone Waiver

Sky Zone Waiver is a contract that legalizes you as one of the Sky Zone jumpers and allows play anywhere at a Sky Zone court indoors. In any unusual situation, you can waive your right to maintain a lawsuit against SZRC based on any claim.

This is a must-to-do to enter the court for all participants and no participants. Participants must be 18 years or older than that to complete their waiver. For check-in, it is requested to come 30 minutes prior stated in the ticket. Toddlers and kids below 18 years need to be completed their waiver by parents or any legal guardian.   

Safety instructions by Sky Zone

Sky Zone encourages people to fun-ride the trip here without any troubleshooting. Therefore, it provides some safety measurements for people coming to enjoy their jumping. Since lack of awareness can get a person into real trouble, it is requested to follow the safety instructions.

  • Always jump within your ability
  • Never land on your head or neck
  • Always land in the center, away from pads and strings
  • Be aware of those around you
  • Never double bounce
  • Don’t sit or lie on the court
  • Never push, tackle, run, race, wrestle or engage in horseplay of any kind
  • Never touch any perimeter netting or top pads
  • No gainer, back-flips, or double flips into foam or airbags

Learn carefully of the given instructions above before you are set free. Be in control of your body at all times. Always land on two feet and try not to affect the other jumper’s bounce in any way. Pencil jumps and diving onto foams and airbags are also prohibited. When you are tired, exit the court. Be aware of all restrictions. You also visit Indianapolis Zoo for a great time pass with your friends and family.

Things to do at the park

  • Remove street shoes / wear Sky Socks
  • Empty your pockets entirely
  • Walk onto and off the courts
  • Master the fundamentals of single trampoline jumping before moving on to more advanced skills
  • Bend your knees to stop your bounce
  • Bounce in the center of the trampoline
  • Land on the closest trampoline when bouncing and flipping off trampoline side walls

Let your kids perform the most exciting game within the rules and safety. The guides will be right beside you to make sure you are all set to go. Let them know when you are feeling stiffness.

Sky Zone outside the USA

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is themed as a globally Indoor Active Entertainment Park chain. It is now in more than 300 locations around the world. Outside America, you will find a Sky Zone Trampoline Park in

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Columbia
  4. India
  5. Guatemala
  6. Kuwait
  7. Saudi Arabia
  8. United Arab Emirates

These specific countries feature the largest selection of active entertainment attractions in the industry of Sky Zone. You can expect to have similar operations in almost all the locations. In most countries, the Sky Zone area is taken on a larger form.  

Important link

Sky Zone website

Sky Zone FB

Sky Zone Instagram

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