How much does Tableau certification cost? (Complete guidelines)

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It is always good to improve your knowledge alongside your academic study. Because a good job cannot be ensured by only the skills and understanding one gains during their study. If the person is thinking about a profession of data scientist, analyst, and something like that, they should and sometimes must take the Tableau certification.

However, this is not all free and the cost is not little but more than the average online course. Many platforms are offering Tableau tools subject to different names. Moreover, based on the place, the cost will vary.

Specifically answering the question, of how much Tableau certification costs, we will say it can be cheap as free and expensive as more than $1000. However, the official exam to get the certificate will need $100 to $800.

Tableau certification

Tableau certification cost

Before going to the topic, we are going to talk about, one needs to know what it is and how we can use that. Have you ever heard of Data Visualization? What about creating a bar chart for a set of data? Well, that is for a small range of data that we can put as input.

What will happen if you have to visualize billions and trillions of data in different manners? Will it be convenient to use Excel? Not only visualization, but one will also have to manipulate data in a data set for any purpose. All those actions are complicated and require a properly programmed platform which I lot more than just Excel.

So, tableau is a sort of tool or software by which one can manipulate and visualize big data. It is the most powerful and fastest-growing tool for such work. Many giant companies are using this platform for sensitive work for their organization.

Because of the correctness and ease of interaction with UI, it gained extreme popularity worldwide within a small period. It was founded back in 2003 by Chris Stolte, Pat Hanrahan, and Christian Chabot. They have developed this amazing software at Stanford for making the data more accessible to people by visualizing.

However, in 2019, Salesforce acquired this software’s all rights but the aim of this tool remains the same. However, it starts improving for more accurate results with cleanliness and a more understandable way. One can pass the question of what we can do with this. Well, three of the most exciting features are,

  1. Data Blending; is the process of blending data from different sources to create an actionable analytical dataset. It is highly used in business organizations to make different decisions.
  2. Real-timeline data analysis; is used to make real-time decisions by using mathematical reasoning on data. For example, measuring the present, past, and future scenarios of the share market.
  3. Collaboration of data; it is used to gather and share data from different sources to make an informed analysis of different situations.

All those actions do require not extreme academic knowledge you do not have to be an expert. It is the best thing about this platform which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. When the developer developed this software, their main focus was to make it available and useable for nontechnical bodies too.

However, one will have to know how to operate and do things here. To be honest, without proper guidelines you will be lost here because it is huge. For a beginner or toddler data visualization will not be easy to work in tableau.

That is why people take courses to learn different functions, operations, and how they can utilize this platform specifically their organization. You will find different videos on YouTube but those are not going to help you to learn from the basics to the core.

So, it will be wiser to get a course and learn from scratch. Another amazing thing about this course is the certificate, Tabular will provide a professional certificate. It is for the persons who have to take their official exam and pass.

This certificate will add nonreplaceable value to your CV as well as your career. Many companies prefer this certificate and hire people knowing that software. It will also help boost your monthly income.

Well, there are different product tabular that you can learn. Those are,

  1. Tableau Desktop
  2. Tableau Public
  3. Tableau Online
  4. Tableau Server
  5. Tableau Reader

Depending on where one will use this, it will be a different product one is using. However, in a course, the students will learn everything including all the products.

Sadly, this course is not free. Depending on a different platform, one will have to pay a different range of money. Some of the places offer low fees and some of them charge high ones. It is because of the popularity and expertise level of those online educational sites. For example, the cost of the tabular courses in the different platforms will be,

PlatformCourse NameCostSkills Level
QuickstartTableau Server Administration$1,695Intermediate
EdxData Representation and Visualization in TableauFree; $249 For CertificateIntermediate
UdacityData Visualization Nanodegree Program$399 Per MonthBeginner
UdemyTableau 20 Advanced Training: Master Tableau in Data Science$124.99Intermediate, Advanced
UdemyTableau 2020 Training for Data Science & Business Analytics$94.99Beginner
CourseraFundamentals Of Visualization with Tableau$49 Per MonthBeginner
CourseraData Visualization and Communication with Tableau$49 PerBeginner
LinkedinCreating Interactive Tableau Dashboards$44.99Intermediate
PluralsightManipulating Data in Tableau Desktop$29 PerBeginner
PluralsightBuild Your First Dashboard with Tableau$29 Per MonthBeginner
WhialabsTableau Fundamentals$19.95Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
UdacityData Visualization in TableauFreeBeginner
LinkedinTableau Essential TrainingFreeBeginner

All of the options in the mentioned table will be good to select to learn Tableau. One of the finest platforms is Coursera. This platform offers two courses for Only $49 per month. The good thing is the participant can offline for the lecture. Also, they can interact with the teacher and other mates through a communication line. However, they will not provide a professional certificate.

Another wonderful option is the edx. All the teacher here is from top-ranked universities such as Oxford on this platform. Moreover, the course is completely free to take. But one will have to pay a handsome fee if one wants to get a professional certificate. One will have to pay $249 for the certificate.

The most expensive option will be the QuickStart. The course’s name is Tableau Server Administration. Completing this one will need$1,695 which is insanely expensive. However, the teaching methods and wellness are unquestionable.

Udacity. This platform offers two courses, the basic one is free and the other one will cost $399 for an advanced one with a professional certificate. Among all of them, interested one can choose what they think is right.

A more convenient option is taking the course and learning the methods. After that seat for the official Tableau exam which is offered by the original organization. For that exam one will need to pay $100 to $800. In the case of rescheduling the exam date another $25 needed to be paid.

Moreover, there is no requirement for educational qualifications or any other proof. Applicants need to pay the fee get prepared for the exam by the provided guidelines and take the 120 minutes exam at a time. However, the title one will get after passing the exam will be validated for two years only.

As for the certification, this platform offers five different certificates for different work. One of them is for a business specialist, and some of them are for an IT specialist.

Desktop Specialist$100
Desktop Certified Associate$250
Desktop Certified Professional$600
Server Certified Associate$250
Server Certified Professional$800

Based on the need of individuals, they need to take the specific exam. Moreover, all of them do not have much of similarities in work. So, one will need to study individuals using different resources.

Is it worth taking Tableau certification?

Now and in the future, the worth of having a Tableau certification will not lose even a point. Because this is one of the trends and it will continue catching this position. Taking this one will improve a lot of the skills of a professional. Mainly, those who are working with data manipulation, visualization, and analysis will find it extremely helpful.

How has the Tableau certificate impacted the salary?

Only saying that the Tableau certification will boost your career is not appropriate. Any skill gained related to your work certificate from an authorized place will have a positive impact on your salary.  According to a study, the majority of people having certifications in different courses get a better career.

Therefore, it is proved that this one will also help boost your salary. If you are already skilled enough, many renowned companies will easily hire you accepting all the requirements and asking. So, it is always important to develop your knowledge and get a certificate to prove that.

What will one learn in Tableau courses?

If you have already read the article, it is no longer unknown that this tool is all about data. All the chaos is about working with data for different organizations and purposes. Specifically, one will learn things like

  1. creating reports, graphs, and charts in Tableau
  2. implementing clustering and forecasting with Tableau Desktop.
  3. Integration of the interactive Tableau dashboard with the R statistical program.
  4. Tableau Desktop’s architectural design.
  5. formatting and displaying data.
  6. Utilizing Data Connections to simplify and organize data
  7. Data source connection in Tableau Generated Filed, and so on.

Who should take the Tableau course?

There is no requirements or restriction for people wanting to learn these tools. Anyone can do so and use this in their professional life. However, it will not prove helpful in every profession mainly not related to data.

Specifically speaking, the people listed below will find it extremely helpful.

  1. Data Scientists
  2. Business Intelligence Professionals
  3. Testing Professionals
  4. Statisticians
  5. Business Analysts
  6. Project Managers
  7. Data Visualization Analysts
  8. Functional Experts
  9. Graduates

To pass any of the Tableau certification exams one will need to score 75%. Every exam will have 36 to 40 questions including theory and practical. For every theoretical question, one will get 1 and for practical, the mark is 3.

Sadly, there are only two attempts in this exam at a time. In any of the courses, the participant can participate two times. If they failed both times they will need to wait for further notice. Most of the time it took 4 months to be able to seat for another exam.

Luckily, there is no requirement for education or any other qualification for taking the exam. However, it will not be easy to pass. The applicant needs to study and take courses before registering for the exam. So, even if there is no qualification required, knowledge is a must.

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